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Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Proverbs 1:8   (NIV)

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV)


Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.  The commandments, “Do not commit adultery,” “Do not murder,” “Do not steal,” “Do not covet,” and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Romans 13:8-10  (NIV)


Other Social Issues

Oct 2015 - Sep 2016

(09/29/2016) First Child Dies After Belgium Approves Measure Allowing Doctors to Euthanize Children.  Sad.

(09/20/2016) University of Iowa Approves Social Justice Degree Program.  Oh goodie.  Yet another major that benefits neither the degree recipient nor society in general.  But it does help keep a handful of people with their own useless degrees in well-paying jobs.

(09/15/2016) The ‘Wrong Track’ Numbers That Are Beyond Politics.  "Wrong track" wins 66% to 27% for "right track."  I've never considered this question to be simply political or economic in nature, but cultural.  In any case, the numbers are not good.  Here is more: WaPo/ABC poll: America is in retreat and life is getting worse. 

(09/15/2016) Well, That Didn’t Take Long!  The writer is referring to his son's first HS American History assignment being to read Howard Zinn (see our review of Zinn's US History book here).  Suffice it to say, Zinn is a left-wing crackpot.  The writer's son may well resist Zinn's crazy hatred for America, but not all his classmates will.

(09/12/2016) Hillary: People Will Write PhD Theses About Sexism Against Me For Years.  Fellow evangelicals, there is a lesson to be learned here.  Do not be like Clinton and play the victim.  Yes, the First Amendment is being eroded and one of the primary targets seems to be conservative Christians.  Rather than just grumble about the sorry state of affairs, use this as inspiration to do something!  Our Christian Response page has some suggestions.

(09/06/2016) Conservative Values Lead to Happiness.  How true.  This article only references religion in passing, but I would argue that serious Christians and Jews are more likely to be happy than others.  Where do these "conservative values" come from?

(09/04/2016) Gonorrhea and Other STIs Are Becoming More And More Untreatable.  The article mentions the importance of "safe sex" but doesn't bother to mention the safest sex of all, which is biblical.  God really does know best.  I wish more people would wise up to this simple fact.

(08/30/2016) School found accuser's claims 'meritless,' still punishes the accused.  This is what we have come to - punishing the innocent.  Bringing false claims is what should be punished.  Reward bad behavior, you get more of it.  When you have a grudge against someone and can make them suffer by bringing false charges against them and suffering no consequences yourself, do you not think that more people will take advantage of this?

(08/29/2016) The Feds to Regulate Homeless Shelters.  Am I getting paranoid?  It just seems to me that the government uses tactics like this to drive out competition and force reliance on government services.  Not that all regulation is bad, but all regulation does add cost and those added costs are going to make the product or service more expensive, less available, or both.  The private sector has something called "cost-benefit analysis."  The government tends to eschew this since the government officials involved know better than the rest of us and don't need no stinkin' analysis.

(08/21/2016) Gold Medal Mom Kerri Walsh Jennings Says She’s “Born to Have Babies” and Twitter Users Can’t Handle It.  In a very fundamental sense, progressives do not believe in freedom and liberty.  Everyone needs to toe the progressive line.  Of course, it isn't just freedom and liberty that progressives do not believe in.  They don't believe in biology either.

(08/20/2016) Of Course Physical Strength Is Important to Masculinity.  And not just to the concept of masculinity, but because there is a real need for physical strength in many situations.  The average woman is simply not as strong as the average man.  Women bring other strengths to the table. 


(08/20/2016) PC out. EC in.  "EC" stands for "emotionally correct."  As they say, if the Left did not have double-standards they would have no standards at all. 

(08/20/2016) Assisted suicide initiative makes Colorado ballot.  We also have single-payer, state run health care on the ballot.  If that passes, we will have to give serious consideration to moving elsewhere.  Sigh.  After the disaster of Obamacare it is hard to believe we would approve such a measure, but it made the ballot.


(08/20/2016) Feminist Magazine: Bill Clinton’s Rapes Don’t Make Him an “Evil Man.”  Apparently back in the 70's, rape was perfectly OK; just an alpha male kind of thing.  I'm all for forgiveness, I am not for excuses.

(08/19/2016) And the Darwin Award Goes To…  I know pretty much anything is believable these days.  In this particular case, some liberals want to tax people extra for having kids.  Why?  Global warming, of course.

(08/10/2016) Cosmopolitan Magazine Says Bill and Hillary Clinton are “Good Marriage Role Models.”  Just one of many reasons not to read Cosmopolitan.  One could make a far, far better case for the Obamas than the Clintons.  But then Obama isn't running for president again and Hillary Clinton is.

(08/09/2016) Salon Flips Out Over Reports Describing Women Olympians as Wives and Mothers.  After all, being a wife or mother is so degrading.  /sarc

(08/05/2016) Woman accused of sex with teen 'blames school.'  Of course!  Why would anyone take responsibility for their own actions these days?  We are all victims!

(08/03/2016) Mothers and Their Babies.  I'll bet you didn't know all this stuff.  I guess it isn't important since according to the progressives, biological differences between the sexes are meaningless - nothing but a social construct.

(07/31/2016) The Fatherless Effect.  Of course, most of these kids aren't "fatherless," they just have a father who chooses to be absent or mostly absent from their lives.  This is one of those issues where almost everyone knows the truth, but PC forbids talking about it.

(07/30/2016) Nursing home fined for keeping patient alive!  This is in Belgium.  Note that the government has a big incentive to kill babies and the elderly - it can save them money. 

(07/28/2016) Whither Social Conservatism?  Food for thought.  We as social conservatives have been too acquiescent in the downward spiral of our culture.  Most of the problems facing our country today are the direct result of this downward spiral.  And while the culture wars need to be fought on all fronts, not just the political one, far too many of us haven't been fighting on the political front or any other front.  Hmm.  This begs for a blog post.  I'll see what I can do.

(07/26/2016) Now even breasts become part of political debate.  Breast-feeding may be natural, but we shouldn't refer to as it as such since to do so would reinforce the notion of biologically determined roles for men and women (and whatever).  This from "the party of science."

(07/25/2016) Planned Parenthood VP Embarrassed Her Daughters’ 12-Year-Old Friends by Pushing Sex.  I guess this just demonstrates the sort of people who run PP - busy bodies who think they need to tell other people how to run their lives.  I keep having to remind myself that it is Christians who are imposing their values on others.  /sarc.

(07/25/2016) Why Grit Matters More Than Talent.  Interesting read (about a new book).  It really just boils down to the work ethic.  God gives us all talents, some greater and some lesser.  But anyone can work hard.  If everyone who claims victimhood would put some serious effort into actually working, we'd find that actual victims are few and far between.

(07/24/2016) New Study PROVES Children Do Better with Heterosexual Parents!  I posted a different article on this study earlier.  It is amazing that what used to be seen as so obviously true - and it is obvious - should now be doubted by so many, thanks to what can only be called propaganda. 

(07/19/2016) The Muslims Aren’t the Only Ones with a Fervent Ideology.  Unfortunately, it isn't Christians that are particularly fervent, it is the Left and the "ruling class.".

(07/16/2016) We Have a ‘War on Cops’ because of the War on the Family.  We really need to counterattack.  The family is worth not merely saving, but strengthening.  But for years we have been doing the opposite.

(07/10/2016) The Law Is Dying because Morality Is Dying.  Some very serious food for thought, I strongly encourage you to read this.  And don't think for a minute that Christians have their act together when it comes to morality.  Check out the results of a Barna survey included in the article.  We have bought into the world.  I fear we no longer fear God.

(07/07/2016) Multiculturalism: A Failed Concept.  A Walter Williams (who is always worth reading) column.

(06/26/2016)  Gallup: Euthanasia Now Accepted by 69% of Americans.  This is progress?  In nations where euthanasia is legal (and where the government is paying the bills), many patients are 'euthanized' with neither their nor their families consent.  Saves money, after all.

(06/18/2016)  Social Worker Goes Beyond Rogue to Prevent Parents from Homeschooling.  The whole story is actually worse.

(05/18/2015)   DOJ: Children Do Not Need—and Have No Right to--Mothers.  Nowadays I feel like I am editing The Onion.

(05/05/2016)  Fight rages for falsely accused homeschool mom.  Some social workers are petty tyrants.  Too bad the effects of their tyranny are not petty.

(05/03/2016)  Small Acts of Cowardice Are Destroying Our Culture.  I would describe it thusly: we social conservatives do not speak up enough because we are afraid of being called a bigot or because we are too polite or a combination thereof.

(04/30/2016)  A Liberal Magazine Just Spilled the Beans about K-12 Education.  Interesting.  We seem to be mostly living our lives while the progressives are actually doing stuff that we don't even hear about - certainly not until it seems too late.

(04/14/2016)  Taxpayers Are Paying Over Half a Million Dollars For This Ridiculous Study.  Are women engineers targeted for microaggressions by male engineers?  But remember, there is no waste in government programs.  Nancy Pelosi told us so.

(04/12/2016)  Study: Persistent marijuana users experience downward socioeconomic mobility.  Seriously, is anyone surprised?

(04/05/2016)  Fury erupts as government rips girl, 6, from parents.  This has to do with the fact that she has 1.6% Indian blood.

(04/04/2016)  5 Sure Signs that America Has Gone Mad.  There are probably many more.

(03/04/2016)  Seattle Allows Man to Lounge Naked in Front of Little Girls, Charlotte Next?  The "slippery slope" is very real.  Is it too late to restore some sanity to this, the greatest country on God's green earth?

(02/20/2016)  The Failure of Multiculturalism - a Cal Thomas column.  Suffice it to say that not all cultures are equally valid and good.  Can anyone make the case that they are?  And yet this is the dominant mode of thinking among our elites.

(01/18/2016)  4th Circuit says FBI can hold women to lesser standards.  The courts always seem to rule 'equality' when convenient and 'inequality' when convenient.

(01/13/2016)  Marine Corps Ordered to Make Boot Camp Coed, Remove 'Man' from Titles.  Are we going to be able to undo any of this nonsense?  I certainly hope so.

(01/05/2015)  Marines Fight Back against America's Enemy: the PC Command.  Men have a huge advantage over women in combat.  Yet in the name of political correctness we are willing to put women in a position where not only are they at a severe disadvantage with their lives on the line, but they put their male compatriots at greater risk as well.


(01/01/2016)   Pew: Huge surge in single parent homes, 26% now vs. 9% in 1960.  Read the article.  It is much worse than the headline appears.  Yet we have many who not only claim that the destruction of the family is no big deal, but actively promote that destruction.


(12/25/2015)   Christmas: A Very Merry Progressive Whatever?  Aren't you grateful that we have something truly worth celebrating which includes the greatest gift ever given?

(12/24/2015)  The World's Greatest Gift Meets Humanity's Most Desperate Need.  


(12/02/2015)  Homeschool boy in government custody 7 years.  This is in Sweden.  There was a time when I would have thought such a thing to be impossible.  No longer, though perhaps there is more to this story.

(12/02/2015)   GREAT…Boy Scouts is folding even more under ATTACKS by Liberal Lobby’s! GUESS what’s next?  Girls in California are demanding to be allowed to join Boy Scouts.  Sigh, I had perhaps the best experiences of my childhood in Boy Scouts and learned all sorts of useful things.  I'm skeptical that the experience would be the same today.

(11/23/2015)   Naughty or Nice List from the American Family Association.  Ratings of retailers on how they market Christmas.  This list provides information to consider when doing your Christmas shopping.  The site contains contact information for all the listed retailers. 

(11/12/2015)   The Death of the American Welfare State.  At the very least, the welfare state is not sustainable.  And it is a very fair question to ask just how much the welfare state has contributed to the general decline in American society.  The decline of the work ethic, fatherless kids and illegitimate babies, abortion, the decline of personal responsibility, replacing God with government, the list goes on.

(10/29/2015)   Guess What? You’re Not Actually A Hero.  Stop confusing bravery with actions that merely confirm your worldview.  If you take an action in this country and are immediately proclaimed as a 'hero', you are no hero.  It is pretty clear that if a gay athlete wants to reinvigorate their career and get lots of favorable publicity, all they need to do is to 'come out.'  But just because the MSM leans strongly Left, we on the right need to avoid declaring as heroic actions that pale by comparison with what Christians in many other countries are going through.

(10/28/2015)   The Selfish 'Charity' of Liberals.  Being in favor of big government programs is not the same as charity.  And when you are giving your own money, you are much more likely to make sure that it is serving the purpose you intend.

(10/10/2015)   Welfare Does Not Equal Charity.  I've observed this for years.  Many think that voting to spend other people's money relieves them of any obligation to spend their own.  It should be of no surprise that conservatives are more generous than liberals when it comes to donating their time and money to charity.

(10/06/2015)   How To Know The Difference Between Multiculturalism And Assimilation.  Historically, people came to America because they wanted to become Americans - that is, to embrace the values that made this country great.  That is assimilation. 


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