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Apr-Jun 2015

(06/27/2015)  With all the Confederate flag controversy over the last few days, consider the following.  When Erasing Symbols of Slavery, Don't Forget the Democratic Party and Data Proves that Slavery has Little to do with the Current Plight of African-Americans.


(06/23/2015)   The Creepy Consequences of Oppression Chic.  God made us - male and female, black, white, yellow, brown, red and everything in between.  We should accept who and what we are.  Period.


(06/23/2015)   Federal Government: Abstinence, Monogamy ‘Most Reliable’ in Protecting Against STDs.  Better late than never, but this is an obvious truth that should have been forcefully promoted from day 1.  But this is good news and they report that the benefits go far beyond jsut protecting against STDs.  So some applause is in order.


(06/20/2015)  Government Takes Child and Charges Parents with Felony because Son was Playing in the Yard Unsupervised!  Had today's 'rules' been in place when I was a child, my parents and those of all my friends would have had to spend their entire lives in prison.


(06/15/2015)   Christians Need To Stop Playing The Self-Flagellation Game.  True, true.  It is mostly liberal Christians who play this game in order to attack conservative Christians.


(06/14/2015)  To Help Black Children We Need to Help Black Families.  Other children and hence families need help as well, but the problem is far bigger in the black community than elsewhere, and as a result people refuse to address the problem for fear of being called 'racist'.


(06/13/2015)  Protests over Fox's new 'Lucifer' series.  If you want to sign a petition, there are two available at the link.


(06/12/2015)  Playing the Long Game in the Culture Wars.  Interesting article on how demographics favor evangelicals.


(06/12/2015)  Note to Bruce Jenner: Your Sex is a Gift from God Not a Personal Choice.  


(06/06/2015)  School District Cancels Condom Giveaway to 6th Graders After Community Uproar.  Simply mindboggling.


(06/02/2015)  Why America is Moving Left.  (on social issues).


(05/29/2015)  Power from The King for The Kingdom.  No one can say that we are doing nothing, but we have to do more.


(05/27/2015)  College professor writes book proclaiming that 'Christian America' is an invention of Corporations.  You can't make this stuff up.  The author of the book shows a remarkable lack of knowledge about the Christian faith, yet manages to write an entire book on the subject.


(05/26/2015)  Column by Thomas Sowell on poverty.  Anyone want to start a 'discussion' about this?


(05/22/2015)  Too good to check: 5 stories receiving a great deal of attention before being shown to be false.  These stories were just so good that there was no reason to bother checking them out.  Needless to say, all these stories had to do with supporting the 'narrative' of America being a racist, homophobic society.  And these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Most 'hate crimes' committed on campus these days are hoaxes.


(05/21/2015)  What We Can Learn From Feminism’s Victorian Revival.  What we can learn is that there is a lot of good in 'Victorian' values and standards, not that the good is what is driving today's feminism.  This article is definitely worth taking the time to read.


(05/21/2015)  Social Justice - The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...  'Social justice' - how can anyone not be in favor of 'social justice'?  Simply because it is not what it seems.


(05/18/2015)  Competing Belief Systems.  Are all 'belief systems' equally valid?  As Christians, the answer must be a resounding NO.


(05/18/2015)  Good article on 'The Culture War'.  Folks, this is a battle we must engage in and not shy away from.  It is one of the motivations for creating this website.  Read it.  If you have any good ideas for what we as Christians can do, use the contact form.


(05/18/2015)  More on Christians helping the poor.  The original article that claimed churches put more resources into fighting abortion and SSM than helping the poor is getting a lot of pushback.


(05/17/2015)  More on where churches are putting their resources.  The evidence is that they put far more into helping the poor than doing battle on social issues.  From the NY Times, no less.


(05/15/2015)  President Obama insults Christians, apparently out of ignorance.  (Claims Christians devote few resources to helping the poor, focusing rather on abortion and same sex marriage).  Many denominations are opposed to abortion and SSM, but far more resources are devoted to helping the poor.  I would also add that abortion and SSM are battles that must be fought now, or those battles will forever be lost.  Fighting poverty is a battle that will always be fought and never be won.  Here is the article referenced in the article above, which goes into much greater detail.   Update (05/16/2015)  Here is some more on the subject.  Suffice it to say that an awful lot of peo[ple, including 'experts', let their biases get in the way of facts.


(05/14/2015)  Why Conservative Churches Are Still Growing:  a column by Michael Brown.  That is good news, but are we doing enough?  At the moment, we are definitely losing the culture wars.  And are we bringing more people to Christ beyond normal population growth?  Update: Here is more on the subject.


(05/13/2015)  Catholic students say that Catholic Cardinal Dolan should not be commencement speaker because he is 'homophobic'.  Sounds bad enough, but Le Moyne College is not only Catholic, but Jesuit.


(05/12/2015)  How much do you know about the college you are sending your child to?  Smith College president believes that motherhood is just a 'cultural invention'.


(05/12/2015)  Is Christianity in decline in the US?  Some comments on the Pew Religious Landscape survey.  More here.


(05/11/2015)  Schools being strong-armed into including 'gender identity' in their non-discrimination policies.  Or else.


(05/11/2015)  Former gays discriminated against.  I thought people weren't supposed to be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation.


(05/10/2105)  It looks like our high school kids will be encouraged to learn how horrible the United States is rather than how great.  There is a lot of info here with some links, but I'm not sure what action we can take.  Any ideas?  Let me know or add a comment to the new 'discussion' page.


(05/10/2015)  Is Evangelism Going Out of Style?  This is an old but interesting article from the Barna Group, an evangelically oriented research and polling group.


(05/08/2015)  Arkansas homeschooling family forced to send children to public school.  And worse.


(05/07/2015)  How could we have a National Day of Prayer without it being attacked?


(05/07/2015)  In Defense of Extremism.  This article harkens back to Barry Goldwater's famous quote: "I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."  This got me thinking that 'extremism' can be good and moderation can be bad.  Something to think about in the Christian context.


(05/07/2015)  The Decline of American Society.  This article is more specifically about the politicization of the IRS, but it is a yet another example of the decline of character - the decline in honesty, corruption among our public 'servants', etc.


(05/06/2015)  Several interesting articles at National Review Online.  This one is on how to destroy your evangelical church.  Another article is on the importance of culture when it comes to poverty.  Finally, here is an article on helping cities become more prosperous.  Key quote: "Politicians, as I have long argued, do not know what the word “investment” means. The point of investment is to increase the value of something".


(05/05/2015)  Professor thinks reading to your children at bedtime gives them an unfair advantage over other children.  The solution is to do less of it - bedtime stories should be restricted (seriously).  You cannot make this stuff up.  It appears people actually get paid to come up these 'problems' and 'solutions'.


(05/02/2015)  House votes down DC pro-abortion 'anti-discrimination' law.  The news is sometimes good.


(05/02/2015)  Star Parker defending traditional marriage.  Visit her website here.


04/29/2015) Marco Rubio's Position on Same Sex Marriage.


04/29/2015) Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage.


(04/28/2015) An opinion column on just who hates who when it comes to same sex marriage.


04/27/2015) GoFundMe has now shut down the fundraising for Arlene's Flowers, which is one of our action items.  Some more action might be in order.


04/27/2015) Freedom of Conscience Wins a Round.  Good news, for once.


04/24/2015) Traditional teachings on marriage rooted in pursuit of happiness, not animus.


(04/24/2015) Deep Seated Religious Beliefs have to be Changed for Abortion - Hillary Clinton.  Update: More on this here and hereUpdate: (04/28/2015) More here.


(04/23/2015) Public Policy and Religious Liberty.  Gov. Jindal has some thoughts.


(04/23/2015) Cultural Conservatives Have Barely Begun to Fight.  This article may begin to explain why the Unshackled Life Group created this website.


(4/21/2015) - A lesbian's daughter speaks out.  It is not all hunky-dory in the LGTB world.


(4/18/2015)  Assisted suicide in California.  Interesting article.


4/18/2015) It is time for pro-lifers to go on the offense.


(4/18/2015) The Hysterical Hate for Ryan T Anderson.  Attacks on a prominent defender of traditional marriage.


(4/17/2015) Cruz and Santorum on same sex marriage.


(4/6/2015) Colorado Double Standard. Colorado bakeries may refuse to bake 'anti-gay' cakes (ones with Bible verses), but not gay wedding cakes.

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