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Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

Other News of Interest

Jul-Sep 2017

(09/30/2017) Why America isn't catching single-payer fever.  Probably because wherever there is socialized medicine there is rationing and long waiting times.  The USA has the best health care in the world and it is a shame that a certain political party (and a half) is trying to destroy it.  Rest assured, under single-payer the "elites" won't get stuck playing by the same rules a everyone else.

(09/30/2017) Chicago had 14,000 more votes than voters in 2016 general election.  This article is a month old, but not any less relevant.  Good thing to know that, according to Democrats, there is no voter fraud.  They sure are devotees of the "big lie."

(09/28/2017) Elderly socialist with 3 homes criticizes family that employs millions and saves consumers money.  We are, of course, referring to Bernie Sanders bashing the Walton family.

(09/26/2017) Chelsea Manning's latest claim: Not a traitor.  To be fair, for progressives, you can only be a traitor to the progressive cause, not to your country.

(09/23/2017) The Department of Education has failed in its mission to educate children.  I have a real problem with public education as it is currently constituted.  Question: as evangelicals, do the public schools reinforce the values you are teaching your children, or do you have to "undo" some of what they are taught? Just asking.  On a related topic: School choice is crucial for African-American students' success.  Well, not just African-Americans.

(09/23/2017) The Southern Baptist Convention Steps Up to the Disaster Relief Plate — Again.  My wife is one of those trained volunteers and recently returned from a two-week stint in Houston.  Not only are the SBC disaster workers volunteers, but they pay for their training and pay their expenses.    Money donated goes primarily for equipment and operational expenses.  

(09/20/2017) 6 Key Takeaways From Trump’s Big UN Speech.  My reaction?  It's about time!  It is about time that the "leader of the free world" start talking like the leader of the free world.  Bravo!

(09/18/2017) VA only filling half of its medical appointments while veterans wait for weeks.  I have on good authority that VA doctors are only "allowed" to see a limited number of patients per day, far fewer that doctors in private practice.  You would think they would get rid of any restrictions and to try to work down the backlog, but apparently you would be wrong.  Are these the people you want running the health care system for all Americans?  You and your family, in particular?  As an aside, do you want to know how to save money and give veterans better care?  Just purchase health insurance for them in the health insurance market and drop the who VA health care system altogether.

(09/18/2017) CNN host Anthony Bourdain says he would poison Trump if he had to cook for him.  Well, just keep in mind that this just doesn't compare to all the people wishing and / or threatening death upon President Obama.  That's right, it didn't happen at all under Obama.  But never forget: Love Trumps Hate.  I agree.  It is just that the haters are the ones who were carrying those signs.

(09/16/2017) Associated Press Says: Don't Cut Taxes!  Since Trump was elected has the AP produced a single story that didn't manage to criticize Trump or conservative policies?  Just asking.

(09/16/2017) Action Taken on Teacher Who Booted Kids for Trump Slogan.  It is unclear just what the "action" was.  In any case I am not a fan of people losing their jobs over what they say.  But she took action on the job and there should be some consequences.  

(09/15/2017) Harvard revokes Chelsea Manning fellowship invitation after criticism.  The original invitation was just a standard tactic of university Leftists - dole out paid positions to favored, but totally unqualified individuals.  Pays them lots of money for very little work.

(09/13/2017) Statue of Christopher Columbus Vandalized in New York’s Central Park.  I guess we shouldn't be surprised.  Some may not have noticed, but long before we had "fake news" we had a lot of fake history being taught in out schools.

(09/10/2017) 16,000 Utility Technicians From 30 States and Canada Already Stationed in Florida to Help Bring Power Back After Irma.  If all our utilities were run by government, would they do as effective job of restoring power after a natural disaster?  Just asking.

(09/10/2017) Leftists rejoicing in Hurricane Harvey parallel psychotic fanaticism of witch-burning.  It is sad that there are a lot of people in America that rejoice in bad news - and even death - if they think it benefits their side politically.  While both sides can be prone to this, it does seem to manifest itself more on the Left.  Note that some have differing attitudes depending on whether they are affected: FL Man Makes Sick Harvey Statement, But Look What He Posted as Irma Is Miles Away.  I will also note, as my wife is in Houston with her Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief team, that Christians are far more likely to provide assistance after disasters than progressives.  Progressives don't feel they need to since they voted for a government that is supposed to take care of all that stuff.

(09/10/2017) Arizona Legislator Wants To Literally Unmask Violent Protesters.  I thought it was already illegal in many states to wear a mask in public.  I guess Arizona is not one of them.  

(09/09/2017) Maher: ‘Socialism Is Not Such a Bad Idea When You’re Standing in Toxic Floodwater.’  I'm straining my mind trying to see how this makes sense.  Is Maher trying to claim that big government would have planned, built and arranged everything so as to minimize any problems?  The track record of government programs and planning suggest the opposite conclusion.

(09/09/2017) Book By Hillary Clinton’s Pastor To Be Pulled For Plagiarism.  I didn't realize there was plagiarism in the book, but I did rather think that comparing Hillary and her election loss to the death and resurrection of Christ was a bit over the top.

(09/08/2017) Good Lord! AP Now Calling Illegal Aliens "Undocumented Citizens."  They are not "undocumented," they are illegal.  And they most definitely are not citizens.  The fake news problem continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

(09/08/2017) Fake Picture of Obama “Helping” Flood Victims Goes Viral.  The problem of fake news is not just a news media problem, it is a social media one as well.  False stories or images are views by large numbers.  The correction, if any, is viewed by very few.  

(09/06/2017) Modern Family’ Producer to Christians Who Oppose DACA Amnesty: ‘F**k You.’  I suppose that we should wear this as a badge of honor.  DACA is, of course, an unconstitutional usurpation of power by the executive, basically overriding and making new federal law which only Congress has the power to do.  I find that the Left treats the Constitution, the same way they treat the Bible: both are "interpreted" based on whatever the Left desires, rather than on what they clearly state.

(09/06/2017) Ohio VFW Post Sends Perfect Message to Anthem-Kneeling NFL Team.  The problem is not the exercise of the First Amendment, the problem is that the players are doing it on "company time."  When NFL games are broadcast, all the players are mot merely representing themselves.  They are representing both the NFL and the owners who are paying them.

(09/06/2017) Why So Many Leftists Are Genuinely Delusional.  While the author does engage in some hyperbole, he is mostly spot on.  A reminder to us all: “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Don't let the "narratives" of the world distract you from God's truth, which applies today more than ever.

(09/05/2017) Canada demands U.S. end right-to-work laws as part of NAFTA renegotiation.  Any "free trade" agreement need be no longer than one or two sentences.  NAFTA, whatever its title, has little or nothing to do with genuine free trade.

(09/05/2017) After Experiencing British And U.S. Health Care, This Family Says Single-Payer Is Abominable.  Sadly, no matter how often the disaster that is socialized medicine is pointed out, just like socialism, it rises from the dead.  Why?  Because those on the Left keep saying "We'll do it right, this time."  No, they won't.  By its very nature, single-payer contains all the wrong incentives, and it is incentives that motivates people - providers and patients alike.

(09/05/2017) Phoenix Became Sanctuary City After Meeting with 'Antifa.'  Emails show police chief implemented plan of ACLU offshoot People Power.  Why, exactly, is our side not showing its muscle like this?

(09/05/2017) De Blasio Considers Removal Of Columbus Statue In Manhattan.  Those on the Left have been trashing Columbus for years.  If the results weren't so tragic, it would be amusing how they judge historical figures, not just by today's standards, but by today's progressive standards.  And they have a goal - to cram their worldview down everyone else's throat.  Resist!

(09/03/2017) ‘Fire Him!’ MSNBC Reporter Attacked for Saying Something Nice About ‘Trump the Grandpa’ at Houston Relief Center.  There are certain rules you must follow on the Left.  Never say anything good about anyone on the Right and never say anything bad about anyone on the Left.  This reporter broke the first rule and Jessica Chastain broke the second: Jessica Chastain posts teary apology video after sharing article on [GASP!] alt-left violence.  

(09/02/2017) FUMBLE! WaPo perspective tries to ruin college football by injecting ‘safe space’ politics.  They tweet that college football gives conservatives "safe spaces."  Apparently, for the Post, their tweeters have not recovered any of the critical thinking skills they lost in college.

(09/02/2017) What about monuments that honor Nazi-lovers?  Because those on the Left are not suffering massive cognitive dissonance, I have to assume their critical thinking skills are non-existent.

(08/31/2017) Back to School: Teachers Reenact Destruction of Confederate Monument.  Question: would you trust any of these "teachers" to teach history to your child?

(08/30/2017) Yes, We Must Talk About Politico’s Awful, Smug Insult To Texans And Faith.  This involves a cartoon, which is wrong on so many fronts that it isn't even worth trying to list them.

(08/30/2017) Social Justice Fail: Record-Low Ratings for MTV’s Joyless Video Music Awards.  Good.

(08/30/2017) Linda Sarsour is soliciting donations for a liberal political group masquerading as a Harvey relief fund.  They even call it "Hurricane Relief Fund."  What do they plan to do with the funds?  Community activism in the wake of the storm.  There are two kinds of looters in the aftermath of a disaster.  There are the looters that steal from homes and stores, and then there is this kind.  Here is moreUpdate: Linda Sarsour assigns blame for backlash over political fundraising disguised as Harvey relief, and it’s PATHETIC.  Basically, she says it is the fault of the alt-right.

(08/29/2017) Message From Hurricane Harvey: Americans Helping Each Other.  This is one of the reasons why I love America.  We do this better than anyone else, and maybe Texans just a wee bit better than that.

(08/26/2017) Hate Group Hits the Jackpot.  We are again talking about the SPLC here.

(08/24/2017) Unicorns, yetis, Loch Ness Monster: Liberal university does something never seen.  A Rutgers professor fired for threats of violence against whites, not for his ridiculous course on Beyoncé.  I find the total triviality of many college courses to be a threat to our nation.  Not only are they causing students to regress in their critical thinking skills, but the taxpayer is helping to pay for it (at Rutgers, at least).

(08/22/2017) We’d Like A Word With Your Woke 8 Year Old If That’s Okay.  This is a response to those people claiming things like their child has a has trouble sleeping at night for fear of Trump, or that their child fears a new holocaust because Trump!  Two points.  First, if their child really thinks these things, it is because their parents put those thoughts in their head.  Second, young kids are not founts of wisdom.  Period.

(08/22/2017) Vandals Are Destroying Monuments Because They’ve Been Taught To Hate America.  I cannot disagree.

(08/22/2017) Hillary Clinton's Longtime Pastor Reveals She Wants to Preach.  Actually, her pastor says she wants to be in a position of "spiritual leadership."  Like most politicians, she's been "preaching" for years.  Forgive me if I don't take her pastor's views too seriously: Hillary Clinton’s Pastor Compared Her 2016 Election Loss to Jesus’s Death.  

(08/22/2017) Freedom Foundation sues Seattle over controversial new income tax.  This is a 2.25% income tax on the "rich" in order to give it to the "poor."  But that isn't the problem.  The problem is that the tax violates state law on multiple counts.  The larger problem is that many on the Left believe that violating the law is fine if the cause is just and it is too much trouble to try changing the law.

(08/20/2017) IT staffers may have compromised sensitive data to foreign intelligence.  Indeed, they may have.  And it may have been deliberate, not carelessness.

(08/20/2017) Vt. community health centers awarded grants.  Read down and you will see that one of the Obamacare architects. Dr. Jonathan Gruber, was fired after a fraudulent billing probe.  One often wonders whether someone's support for a program is based on honest convictions, or how they stand to gain financially from the program.  I wish more reporters would consider this.

(08/17/2017) Connecticut Homeowners Receive Hate Mail For Flying American Flags.  The author gets carried away with statements like Connecticut "is now largely overrun with nothing but Communists and Communist sympathizers," and as far as I can tell, there was only one person sending hate mail.  It is still pretty sad.

(08/06/2017) 'Barack Obama Day' Is Now an Illinois Holiday.  This is not as bad as it sounds.  This is not a "close for work" holiday, and they also have a holiday for Ronald Reagan, among others.

(08/06/2017) Boston: RMV Employees Arrested For Creating False IDs for Illegals. Most of the illegals had been “previously deported,” some registered to vote.  Repeat after me: there is no voter fraud, there is no voter fraud.

(08/01/2017) Smug College Kid Shut Down After Professor Hits Him With a Truth Cruise Missile.  This has to do with Socialism vs. Capitalism. 

(07/25/2017) 6 facts climate change alarmists desperately avoid.  "Climate change," the artist formerly known as "global warming," is about politics, not about science.  Until the alarmists start advocating improving out land-based temperature monitoring (as opposed to "adjusting" the data), I cannot take their "science" seriously.

(07/25/2017) Western Values are Superior.  The idea of the sacredness of the individual is rare in human history -- and worth defending.  A Walter Williams column.  Western values are still largely biblically based.  But that is changing, and not for the better.

(07/25/2017) The left's maniacal war on common sense.  The Left imagines a world as they wish it were rather than as it is.  What is sad is that years ago, what they wished the world to be was not all that absurd.  Today it is.

(07/25/2017) City of Utica 'Gone' Because of Refugee Flood.  More specifically, Muslim refugee flood.  

(07/23/2017) Applebee’s Franchise Owner Forced To Cut 1,000 Jobs After New York’s Minimum Wage Hike.  The effects of raising the minimum wage is well known, but some consider having people lose their jobs is less important than being able to virtue signal.

(07/22/2017) Study: Nearly Half of Liberals Feel Disdain for Trump Supporters, Conservatives Far More Tolerant.  This has been true for years.  Liberals imagine conservatives to be something they are not - simply deplorable people.  How can one tolerate such people?

(07/20/2017) Man Builds $500 Staircase in Park, Irks City Willing to Spend $65K Instead.  The bids for building an 8 step stair were actually $65-150K.  While this is in Toronto, it tells you everything you need to know about government stewardship of the taxes they have been entrusted with.

(07/20/2017) Rock Royalty Booed Over Anti-Trump Video During New Orleans Gig.  Celebrities really need to keep politics out of their performances and focus on what they do best.

(07/20/2017) Mizzou Admin Who Bullied Student Reporter Might Get Fired.  Enrollment has plummeted.  When university administrations allow the crazies to run the campus, this is what should happen.  Will they learn a lesson from this?  Probably not.  Otherwise intelligent people are very good at rationalizing - nothing is their fault, others are to blame.

(07/19/2017) Study: Liberal-to-conservative faculty ratio in academia will blow your mind.  This article is several months old and we may have even posted it here before.  But it is worth a look.  Be aware of the ideological environment you are sending your kids to if they go to college.

(07/17/2017) Think Tank: Reconsider Caring For Your Kids Because Money Matters Most.  Having kids involves financial sacrifice?  Who knew?  All I can say is that we, as a society, have our priorities all screwed up.  Could it have to do with officially turning away from God, beginning with banning prayer from the public schools back in the 60's?  

(07/17/2017) College Students Support Socialism Even Though They Can’t Explain What It Is.  Colleges seem far more intent on indoctrination rather than education, so this is hardly surprising.

(07/17/2017) California Requires Solar Panels on All Homes and Windmills on All Farms.  As far as I can tell, this is just in a proposed bill, though it will probably pass.  This is part of California Democrat's push to have 100% renewable electricity by 2045.  I strongly advise California companies and rational citizens to leave asap.

(07/17/2017) Colleges Giving Degrees in ... Social Justice!  It other words, a degree in progressive activism.  What is pathetic is not so much that universities are doing this - they are chock full of progressive activists, after all - but that people are willing to pay high tuition to "learn" stuff they could learn for free.

(07/11/2017) Exclusive Test Data: Many Colleges Fail to Improve Critical-Thinking Skills.  "Results of a standardized measure of reasoning ability show many students fail to improve over four years—even at some flagship schools, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of nonpublic results."  Well, you can't successfully indoctrinate people if you teach them critical thinking skills.  Most of this article is behind the WSJ paywall.

(07/11/2017) CNN’s Ratings Collapse as “Mistakes” Continue to Pile Up.  I'm trying very hard to feel sorry for CNN, the pioneer in cable news.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I'm overjoyed that their ratings are in the tank.  When they decide to clean up their act rather than double-down, I might spare some sympathy for them.  The fundamental problem is that many, probably most, reporters don't look at their job as informing people so they can make wise decisions.  They consider their job to be persuading people to their point of view.  Read any national news story and see if it is straight news or a thinly disguised editorial.  

(07/09/2017) Victor Davis Hanson: Will California Ever Thrive Again?  Actually, California could thrive again relatively easily.  But they won't, because it would involve following the red state model.  I am afraid that they are going to keep digging.

(07/08/2017) Charlie Gard’s U.K. Hospital Applies for New Court Hearing Citing ‘Fresh Evidence’ for Treatment.  This is good news, but one thing should be noted.  New treatments are primarily being developed in the USA, not in single-payer socialist health care countries.  Such a system in the USA will stifle innovation and impact healthcare worldwide, not just in America.

(07/04/2017) Shaun King shares a heartfelt message to celebrate July 4th.  Not everyone has warm, fuzzy feelings about Independence Day.

(07/02/2017) California Dems kill plan to forensically audit Janet Napolitano's $175-million scandal at the University of California.  Democrats do an excellent job looking after their own, even when they are crooks.  We Christians don't do such a good job standing up for our fellow Christians, even when those Christians are merely standing up for their - and our - Christian beliefs.

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