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Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

Other News of Interest

Oct '17-Mar '18

(03/30/2018) State to Force Homeschoolers to Submit to Warrantless Home Inspections, Trampling Rights.  Not good.

(03/29/2018) It’s Time To Teach The Bible In Public Schools.  I believe it is time to get rid of the public schools and have a universal voucher system.  Many public schools are literally indoctrinating our kids.  Environmentalism, the LGBT agenda, moral relativism, it all adds up.  Conservatives believe that parents (even liberal ones) should be able to determine what kind of school their children attend.  Liberals do not believe conservative parents should have that choice because they will not make the correct choice (from the liberal's perspective).  Remind me again just who it is that wants to impose their values and their will on others.

(03/28/2018) Open-borders Advocates Quote The Bible To Justify Their Agenda.  Progressives love to cite the Bible when convenient and ignore it otherwise.  In doing so, they rarely place their selective verses in context.  Rather, they take verses totally out of context.  Oh well.

(03/26/2018) Obama “Guidance” On School Discipline To Be Revoked.  That would be the "guidance"that declared if a district suspended blacks at a higher rate than whites, the Feds would come after them. 

(03/26/2018) Conservative Students Who Want to Teach May Not ‘Qualify.’  Those with views too steeped in 'whiteness' may not make the cut, according to two UNC Charlotte professors.  The progressives keep marching forward and we keep giving ground.

(02/24/2018) Seattle Resident Mistakes Norwegian Flag For Confederate Flag.  While it is pretty dumb not to recognize the difference, I find it even more shocking that people think it is necessary to report the existence of a Confederate flag.

(02/20/2018) New Legislation Will Force State to Use ‘100 Percent Clean Energy’ by 2035.  This is Maryland, and the legislation has not yet passed.  Naturally there is no consideration of whether it is even possible, nor of the cost and who will have to pay.  But there is a lot of back patting  and feel-gooding. 

(02/20/2018) Sports Writer Thinks Norway’s Success at Winter Olympics is Due to Its Nationalized Healthcare, Friendliness.  Sportswriters need to stick to sports.  They only embarrass themselves when they pontificate on politics.  There are a lot of countries with nationalized healthcare.  Why aren't they all doing as well as Norway?

(02/19/2018) Illegal immigrant stabs man who asked him to stop urinating at a bus stop, police say.  The real problem here is that police can't be bothered with people who pee in public, and some cities have even made it legal to do so.  So what happens?  You get more of it.  And where are the public health scolds?  Being "woke" means turning a blind eye to some inconvenient truths.

(02/15/2018) How Jesus Would Deal With Liberals.  This is a followup to Why Liberals Cant Listen linked to previously.

(02/14/2018) How Media Bias Actually Works: A Case Study.  Some of the bias is totally blatant and some of the reporting is totally false.  However, most of the bias in reporting is more subtle, as this case study shows.

(02/14/2018) Parent Revolt: Oregon School Board Cancels Valentine's Day after Tossing out Thanksgiving, Christmas.  Pushback against progressives imposing their views is beginning, not just in education, but elsewhere.  Don't stay on the sidelines.  Progressives have been having their way for years because they are willing to impose their views and the rest of us have been reluctant to fight back.  

(02/13/2018) Liberals and Conservatives Are Unhappy for Different Reasons.  Interesting, and it fits in with liberal / conservatives differences in moral views. 

(02/12/2018) North Korean Defector Slams Dictator’s Sister: ‘South Korean People Hate Kim Yo Jong And Her Visit.’  The MSM's glorification, and that is what it is, of North Korea at the Olympics tells you exactly why you should pay no attention whatsoever to what the MSM has to say.  

(02/11/2018) Why Liberals Can’t Listen.  Well, if a liberal is truly willing to listen and understand, they become an ex-liberal.  I can personally attest to this.  But follow the link and see for yourself.  In a nutshell, liberals moral views are out of balance, while conservatives are in balance.  And while conservatives understand how liberals think, liberals do not understand how conservatives think. 

(02/04/2018) Journalism is Dead.  It certainly is.  Journalism has been taken over by the Left.  As with everything that the Left takes over, the focus changes from the original mandate, in this case, reporting the news, to pushing progressive politics.  Most MSM organizations have yet to report on the actual contents of the memo and its implications, preferring instead to simply parrot the Democrat party line.

(01/31/2018) Trump Restores the "We."  You mean he said "We" a lot rather than "I?"  Good.

(01/27/2018) #METOO Feminist Shields Refugee Lover Who Abused Daughter, 12.  'I was afraid he would be sent back to Afghanistan.'  This is Sweden, but I seem to see similar behavior in the good old USA.  Hmm.   

(01/15/2018) Associated Press: People Don't Trust the Media, but We Can't Figure Out Why.  How convenient, because the AP is fighting hard for the position of number one purveyor of fake news.  They imply that the problem is Trump.

(01/13/2018) MSNBC Deletes Incorrect Tweet About Ambassador To Panama.  The MSM is basically worthless, and I am not the only one who thinks so:  Congratulations US Liberal Mainstream Media!… You Are Now Considered More Biased than Pravda.  To be fair, the US media does better than Greece, but that is about all.

(01/05/2018) Halftime Performers Nearly Get Booed Off the Field After Attempting to Trash Trump.  The Stanford Marching Band, along with lots of other college students, think they have something worth telling the rest of the country.  They don't.

(01/05/2018) Oops! Scientific retraction a major blow to evolution theory.  There are actually many, many flaws with the theory of evolution and the origin of life.  Most of the arguments in favor rely on appeal to authority, rather than addressing the obvious flaws in the theory.

(01/03/2018) NBC star Debra Messing praises 13-year-old son's national anthem protest.  Not that her son is likely to be able to give any coherent reason for protesting.  But is it not sad how many are teaching their children to hate their country?  And based on what, exactly?

(01/03/2018) Catastrophe and the “Climate Change” Culprit.  Jerry Brown calls "climate change disasters" the "new normal."  We were told that economic growth under Obama of well under 3% was the "new normal" as well.  It turns out to have been wrong.  Any time you hear the expression "new normal" used, it is just another example of someone avoiding responsibility, passing the buck, and claiming victimhood.

(12/27/2017) Southern Poverty Law Center's 'Hate Tracker' Monitors Twitter Mentions of 'Christmas.'  The SPLC itself should qualify as a "hate group," and yet for much of the MSM, it is their go to source for defining hate groups.

(12/27/2017) Seattle to Landlords: We'll Pick Tenants for You.  For many, there is an insatiable desire for the government to have more and more control over everyone's lives.

(12/22/2017) Haley's Moment: "We Will Remember."  If the United States is to be the "leader of the free world" it is time we started acting like it.  Now we have a UN ambassador that does just that.  Bravo.  And bravo to the Trump administration for moving our foreign policy in a direction that put a priority on America and not on global warming, LGBT rights and "woke" globalism.

(12/22/2017) Former Obama Staffer Ben Rhodes Dreams of Ryan, McConnell, Pence Obituaries.  Good thing that those on the Left are so tolerant.  Who knows what they might be dreaming of otherwise. 

(12/22/2017) Trump’s ticket to survival: Ban all the words.  This is a Dana Milbank column based on the totally fake news that the Trump administration banned the use of certain words by the CDC.  Read it at your peril.  Will Milbank ever issue a retraction or apology?  Unlikely.  Most of the Left in the MSM (that is, most of the MSM) subscribes to the Dan Rather concept of "fake but accurate."  In other words, if it is false but conforms to the Left's perception of how things are, then that is good enough to publish without apology.

(12/19/2017) How husbands and wives figure in the latest government scandal revelations.  Nepotism and conflict of interest is rampant.  And a huge amount of it is embedded in the civil service, where we are supposed to be protected from this kind of stuff.  I favor going back to the spoils system, where all bureaucrats in the executive branch (and elsewhere) can be fired with or without cause.  the swamp would drain in a hurry and could never get so swampy again.

(12/17/2017) ‘Civil Discourse’ Is Easy: Just Agree With Liberal Profs.  This has been around for quite a while.  Whenever we are encouraged to have a "dialog" or a "conversation," it means for conservatives to publicly say they agree with the Left.  To actually defend conservative, or dare I say, biblical positions qualifies as being hateful, bigoted and tearing the country apart.

(12/11/2017) We’re the Type of Americans They Want to Go Away.  This article comes very close to expressing my own thoughts.  You might feel the same.

(12/11/2017) NFL Anthem protests: the market speaks.  Suffice it to say that tickets for NFL games can be had for as low as $3.00.  One does have to question the business savvy of the owners.  Maybe their business smarts go out the window when it comes to football.

(12/06/2017) How is Equality Baked into Our Constitution?  Good article.

(12/06/2017) Stray Strzok Thoughts.  My summary?  There is a major, major, major scandal that the Democrats, the MSM and many in the DOJ, FBI and elsewhere are desperate to cover up.  Pray that they do not succeed.

(12/04/2017) NFL owners' 'social justice' bribe spectacularly fails.  The NFL can do whatever it wants.  I do hope that the government quits subsidizing them, however.  Note that the "protests" are not over: These NFL Players Protested the National Anthem in Week 13.  

(12/03/2017) Have Sodom and Gomorrah Been Found?  Interesting.

(11/30/3017) NFL’s attempt at unprecedented bribery has anthem protesters turning on each other.  If the NFL can afford $100 million for SJW stuff, you'd think they could afford to hire full time refs who actually knew what they were doing. 

(11/28/2017) Lawmaker Attacks Homeschooling as 'Child Abuse.'  Sheesh.

(11/28/2017) School to Students: Have a Very Quran Christmas.  Nothing like adding passages from the Quran to a Christmas program.  I have a question.  Do Christians need to learn to tolerate Islam more or do Muslims need to learn to tolerate Christians more?  Just askin'. 

(11/27/2017) Learning from David Cassidy’s Last Words.  The words apparently were "So much wasted time."  How much of our lives are we wasting?

(11/26/2017) The Statement of Chemistry on the Origin of Life.  It isn't good for the evolutionists.  Neither are a lot of other things - but they are conveniently ignored.  After all, the starting point for evolutionists is that there is no god or creator or designer, hence, something like evolution must have happened.  I have a couple questions.  In all of recorded history, has there ever been an instance in human or animal life of a positive, beneficial mutation?  Can DNA add information over time?  The answer to both these questions is "no."

(11/26/2017) Teen Vogue Writer: Not ‘Concerned’ About ‘Innocent Men Losing Their Jobs over False Sexual Assault Allegations.’  This is typical of the Left, though not of all individuals on the Left.  Destroying people's lives in the furtherance of their agenda?  No big deal.  Relying on lies and falsehoods to further their narrative?  Not a problem, since they know they are right.

(11/25/2017) Betsy DeVos Calls for a ‘Major Shift’ in Focus.  That is, the focus of middle school and high school should not all be on getting into college.  College isn't for everybody and there are a lot more careers out there that so not require a college degree.

(11/24/2017) Once-reputable Newsweek compares President Trump to Charles Manson.  I'm not sure the headline is entirely fair.  It has been a long, long time since Newsweek was reputable.

(11/23/2017) Why the Left Hates Thanksgiving.  The fundamental problem is that the Left wants to turn everything into a political issue.  Anything and everything is to be used to advance the progressive agenda.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, is sacred anymore.

(11/22/2017) Deniers of the Reality of Liberal Bias.  It is possible to rationalize pretty much anything, though conservatives might imagine it pretty much impossible to rationalize an unbiased or even conservative MSM.  Fear not!  There are some journalists and academics who are up to the task!

(11/17/2017) Cowards in the Academic Trenches.  I think the rot in academia goes far, far deeper than the title implies.  I have no clue what to do about it because most of academia is complicit.

(11/15/2017) Trump Nominates Hobby Lobby Attorney Who Fought Obama Abortion Mandate for Appeals Court.  More good news!

(11/13/2017) Michael Medved tells the real story of the Pilgrims.  Apparently, some in Americans want to add Thanksgiving to the long list of crimes they attribute to America.  And as the article also points out, the Pilgrims first tried "socialism," where everyone worked together and shared together.  It didn't work.  It still doesn't work, and for the same reasons.  Check the article; there are several good videos.

(11/13/2017) Colin Kaepernick GQ's 'Citizen of the Year'; Pro-Sharia Linda Sarsour Also Makes List.  Somehow, I rather thought it would be nice for a "citizen of the year" to actually like their country.

(11/11/2017) Pope Francis Wants People to Put Down the Cell Phones During Mass.  Pope Francis and I actually agree on something!

(11/11/2017) PICTURES: Britain Remembers War Dead and Veterans on Armistice Day.  99 years ago today, WWI ended.

(11/06/2017) What's Going on in Saudi Arabia?  Good question.  But the direction that Saudi Arabia goes is going to have a major impact on the ME and the world as a whole.  Let us pray that they move in a positive direction.

(11/03/2017) Scientists Baffled: Universe Shouldn't Exist.  New measurements confirm cosmos should have self-destructed if Big Bang true.  That's funny, I'm not baffled at all.

(11/03/2017) Thoughts From the Ammo Line.  Ammo Grrrll is on fire again.  She is more into common sense thoughts about the current world scene rather than humor these days, because there is so much common sense missing from our experts and elites.

(11/02/2017) Bergdahl Says Taliban Treated Him Better Than US.  I'm not persuaded I believe him, though given his actions there is no reason for the US to treat him well.

(10/30/2017) Marion Barry to get his own statue in Washington, DC.  Really?

(10/29/2017) George Washington's Church Says Plaque Honoring First President Must Come Down.  The church also has a sign that says "Everybody Welcome - no exceptions."  Well, everybody but George Washington (and Robert E Lee), I guess.  

(10/27/2017) Thoughts From the Ammo Line.  This is a really, really insightful one concerning former President Obama.

(10/19/2017) ‘Take a knee’ reaches city council level.  Is anyone surprised?  People seek affirmation from people who think like them, and some people really don't like their country and (wrongly) think it is a cesspit of racism.  Which is pretty funny since all the buildup for this newly racist America must have occurred under Obama - but none of these people noticed it then.

(10/19/2017) Even ‘diversity educators’ can’t take the snowflakes complaining about ‘microaggressions.’  But what useful purpose does a "diversity educator" serve?  What do they do besides encourage victimhood, identity politics and the Peter Pan syndrome.

(10/14/2017) Boycott: What Big Bang Theory Writers Just Said About Jesus Will Make You Sick.  I found it to be annoying, but by today's standards pretty tame.  Given all the much worse stuff, I think I'd find something else to boycott.  OF course, if you need an excuse to watch less TV, why not?  

(10/10/2017) Countering Kersten.  I think I've previously linked to an article about the decline in the Edina (Minnesota) public schools.  It interests me because my wife graduated from Edina High back in 1974.  Suffice it to say that the school system has reoriented itself to focus more on teaching racial identity politics rather than academics.  Test scores and school rankings indicate that Edina schools have suffered a sharp decline in academic results. There are two things I want to point out.  First, that the academic decline is serious, but even worse is that the school are literally indoctrinating the kids and admitting to doing so.  And they are using your money to indoctrinate kids in values you totally disagree with.  I think lawsuits are in order.  Second, look at how "defenders" of Edina are defending it.  Not by addressing the issues, that is for sure.  They are just providing a splendid display of the standard tactics of the Left.

(10/09/2017) Menendez and Murphy: A Tale of Two Transgressors.  Suffice it to say that conservatives hold conservative office holders to a fairly high standard - Murphy (who committed no crime) immediately announced his resignation.  Liberals hold liberal office holders to no standards at all, unless there is a significant potential for losing power if they don't - Menendez (who almost certainly committed crimes) is still in office and is not being pressured by his party to resign.  But that isn't the real problem.  The real problem is the news coverage, which has an impact and allows Democrats to do what they do.  To put it simply, the two parties (and progressivism vs conservatism) are held to entirely different standards when it comes to news coverage.

(10/07/2017) Mob Rule Week in Higher Education.  Many years ago, as a Presbyterian Elder, one of our jobs was interviewing people who were joining the church.  The most common refrain was "I grew up Christian, but left the faith in college, only to return after getting married and having kids."  The anti-Christian aspect of college has only gotten worse - far worse. 

(10/04/2017) CBS vice president who threw away her career is very sorry about it.  Not surprising.  Lesson: before posting, tweeting, whatever, ponder before you hit the button.

(10/04/2017) Liberal Teacher Tweets About Vegas Massacre: ‘Pray Only Trumptards Died.’  I thought "Love Trumps Hate," but I guess I was wrong.  Sadly, while the Left is doing everything in its power to divide the country with their identity politics, with the cooperation of the MSM they are pushing the meme that Trump is the one being divisive.

(10/02/2017) Puerto Rico Enters the 'Great American Victim Derby.'  Poor response to disasters is primarily an affair of local governments.  So why does the media take seriously their spending their time on efforts to kick the blame upstairs rather than actually spending their time responding to the disaster?  In part, I suppose, because the media wants a big,  overweening federal government that is responsible for everything 

(10/02/2017) I won't be linking to articles on the Las Vegas shooting today.  There are too many and the info is in a constant state of flux.  Until we know more, most commentary is irrelevant. 

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