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Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.  Matthew 22:21b (KJV)

Other News of Interest

Apr-Dec 2018

(12/31/2018) Black Lawmakers’ Charity Didn’t Give Out A Single Scholarship, Top Pols Hide Financials.  But why pick on blacks?  The Clinton Foundations raked in millions and most of it went to the people running it.  Charitable scams are, alas, not uncommon.

(12/26/2018) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Twists Christmas Story to Make Jesus an Immigration Talking Point.  Well, to be fair, some Democrats do this every Christmas.  Now it is that Mary and Joseph were refugees.  Before it was that they were homeless. 

(12/26/2018) Bernie Sanders Spent $300,000 On Private Jets – In One Month Alone.  Not surprising.  All dedicated socialists and communists think they belong to the "elite," and believe they deserve to live high on the hog as a reward for preaching the "gospel."

(12/22/2018) Clemson prof wonders, 'Would human extinction be a tragedy?'  When you believe that humans are just another animal, I suppose you can wonder about things like this.

(12/21/2018) Tech giants ignore ultimatum from 60 million-strong group.  The tech giants are very responsive to small, progressive activist groups.  Conservative groups?  Not so much.

(12/16/2018) Study Says These Are the Greediest, Most Sin-Filled Cities in America.  Somewhat interesting, but not all that useful.

(12/15/2018) The Nation slams capitalism’s ‘too few pleasures, too many burdens.’  Yet more insanity.  I guess that among the burdens is actually working for a living.

(12/14/2018) NBC News Misquotes Sen. Bill Cassidy, Creates False Narrative.  And yet they complain when we complain about fake news.  

(12/14/2018) Here’s The Problem With PolitiFact’s ‘Lie Of The Year’.  I actually think there are more problems than the article mentions, but it - and the comments - make interesting reading.

(12/14/2018) Comey Continues to Display His Lack of Credibility.  The topic may not grab you, but it is a Victor Davis Hanson article, which makes it worth reading.

(12/13/2018) My Name Is Bosch And I’m A Recovered Muslim.  Very good read.

(12/12/2018) The DCNF Asked Paris Climate Accord Backers If They’d Support Banning Private Jets. Most Didn’t Respond.  Well, it certainly is a lot easier to talk big than to actually do anything.  And they do enjoy their perks, don't they?  Note that while we withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords, we have actually reduced CO2 emissions more than any of the signatories, almost all of whom have increased their emissions.

(12/10/2018) Students Want to Remove the Name of Clarence Thomas From Building, but Can’t Say Why.  Whatever the education establishment may say, they are not teaching our kids how to think.  Except, perhaps, groupthink.

(12/10/2018) Refugee Women and Children Water-Cannoned to Death Near US Border.  Well, this was some time ago, and the perp was Cuba, not the USA. 

(12/08/2018) CNN Is Fake News: Sr. Int’l Reporter Thinks Horribly Photoshopped Pic Is Real, Publishes.  The problem is that many in the MSM have an agenda.  Confirmation bias is strong. 

(12/04/2018) Census Bureau Data: 63% of non-citizens are on welfare.  Isn't it interesting that the Democrats are working like mad to prevent the 2020 census from asking whether people are citizens or not.  Should congressional apportionment be based on citizens?  The Democrats think not.

(11/19/2018) The Ultimate Fake News.  Two thirds of Democrats actually believe that the Russians probably altered the vote count in the 2016 election.  There is not a single shred of evidence that this is the case.  So why do 2/3 of Democrats believe it?  Because the Dems have been pushing this meme ever since Hillary lost and the MSM has actively cooperated.  In essence, we have a state-run media with the "state" being the Democrat party.

(11/03/2018) Sarah Lawrence Prof pens Op-Ed about lack of intellectual diversity, social justice warriors want him driven off campus.  And remember that according to them, we are the intolerant ones!

(11/02/2018) Fake News Threatens Our National Health and Wealth.  This article specifically mentions John James running for Senate in Michigan.  It is late, but you can still donate

(11/02/2018) Judges: Parents Must Pay Their Adult Children’s Bills.  This is in Europe.  But we are heading in the same direction.  We are encouraging kids to remain kids for longer and longer, avoiding the responsibilities of adulthood.  Sad.

(10/26/2018) California Ranks as Poorest State, One of the Worst for Income Inequality.  Now "poorest" means after adjusting for cost of living.  That seems a sensible thing to do.  California is the future of America if the Democrats get their way.  Note that there is not a single socialist, communist or totalitarian country in history where the ruling class doesn't live high on the hog compared to everyone else.

(10/26/2018) Obama claims more credit for Trump boom, saying it was because he raised taxes.  Despite all the claims to the contrary in the MSM, Obama has never displayed symptoms of having a very high IQ.  He does, however, show strong evidence of a massive ego.  And why not?  He has been so enabled for most of his live.

(10/26/2018) AP Caves, Changes Headline About Migrant Caravan After Leftist Outrage.  It seems that almost everyone caves to "leftist outrage" these days, in part because many of those caving are at least somewhat leftist themselves.  However, we need to fight back.  Remember this: Students at Savannah College of Art and Design Want Clarence Thomas’ Name Removed from Building?  I heard yesterday (I'll add a link if I can find it) that a counter-petition to keep Justice Thomas's name on the building has gathered 10 times as many signatures as the one to remove his name.

(10/24/2018) The Opportunity Costs of Socialism.  Suffice it to say that socialism has never delivered on its promises, except to the ruling class, perhaps.

(10/23/2018) Prager's 'American Trinity': Three Values Have Led to America's Greatness.  Read the article and watch the video.  Hint: all three are emblazoned on our coins!

(10/14/2018) Conservative Christians Unwelcome at the University of Oklahoma.  Mostly true.

(10/13/2018) Evil In the Air That We Breathe: New Book Explains the Dangers of Scientism.  This is a good read.  It is dangerous to think that faith/religion and science/reason are in conflict.  Today's atheists (and others) would have you believe that they are.

(10/12/2018) American Music Awards ratings plunge 29 percent with politically charged show.  The Left politicizes everything they touch and as a result they destroy it.  News, academia, entertainment, science, religion, sex, you name it, the Left has politicized and ruined.

(10/08/2018) ‘We’re Coming For You’: Illiberal Left Goes Bananas Over Kavanaugh.  We are living in dangerous times.  I am grateful that some things are moving in the right direction, but I am very concerned that at some point the violent Left is going to push too far.  These people already think they are the rational, reasonable ones.  I can only pray that God changes their hearts and that we have genuine revival in America.  But remember - revival does not occur with non-believers, it occurs in the church.  We have to start by cleaning up our own house.

(10/07/2018) Top 10 UNHINGED Lefty responses to Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  They are pretty vulgar and over the top.  In the end, a majority supported Kavanaugh, but you can get a pretty good idea what the Left thinks about their fellow countrymen from these tweets.  Of course, my contempt for the Left is having a hard time keeping up with their behavior, so I suppose I am not one to talk.

(10/07/2018) Catholic University Dean Makes Tweet Doubting Kavanaugh Accuser, School Immediately Does This in Response. He was suspended and his tweet was about Swetnick - the one who accused Kavanaugh of "gang rape."

(10/02/2018) NYT Reporter Is Yale Lawyer Who Denounced Kavanaugh Before Reporting On Him.  Well, I emphasize since probably all NY Times reports oppose Kavanaugh.

(10/01/2018) Mother Arrested for Punishing 15-Yr-Old Daughter by Taking Cell Phone Away.  She was actually hauled off to jail, though the charges were later dropped. 

(09/28/2018) AP puts last nail in their credibility coffin with this ‘report’ on Ford vs. Kavanaugh.  Wow.  I stopped reading stories with the AP byline some time ago because of their bias.  But this one takes the cake.

(09/24/2018) Character Assassins in the Fake News Media.  The sleaze is getting worse and worse, and almost all of it is coming from the Democrats and their Leftist allies in the media and elsewhere.  I hate to be so partisan, but the Democrats deserve no votes from anybody who considers themselves to be a decent human being.

(09/22/2018) For the Neo-Socialists, Ignorance Is Bliss.  True, but the underlying problem is that most socialists and communists are persuaded that they are going to end up among the ruling elite.  Some don't even need to wait until they are officially ruling.  Just consider: 'Socialist' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wears $3,500 Outfit For Photo Shoot With Construction Workers

(09/20/2018) 'Inside Edition' crew gets robbed while reporting on San Francisco Bay Area crime.  This is kind of funny, but it is very sad just how far SF has descended.  Poop in the streets and cars smashed into constantly with almost no arrests.  Yet the people keep electing Democrats who have a proven track record of failure for decades. 

(09/07/2018) Academic Cowardice Reaches a New Low.  There is good reason to be suspicious of anything that comes out of academia these days.  This is a case of suppression of truth, but assigning truth to that which is not true is also a problem.  Progressives are doing a great job of destroying academia - and science.

(09/07/2018) CT School Board Chairman Resigns After Vote to Recite Pledge of Allegiance.  Sigh.

(08/30/2018) Professor Who Worked On Common Core Tests: Math Education Needs To Downplay ‘Objects, Truth, And Knowledge.’  The MSM has lost all credibility.  Academia is working hard to catch up.As unbelievable as it may seem, the people who come up with this gibberish actually consider themselves to be elite.  I can't do justice to this article in a synopsis.  Read it and weep.

(08/29/2018) Stunning! Senior Facebook Engineer Admits “We Tear Down Posters Welcoming Trump Supporters.”  This is hardly surprising.  If you are a seeker of truth, don't go to social media, go to The Bible.  But you already knew that.

(08/28/2018) A is for Activist?  Suffice it to say, our education system is not in good shape.

(08/28/2018) Leftist judge tells new citizens they can 'take a knee.'  Why does the Left hate their own country so much? 

(08/25/2018) Palestinian fury as Trump admin cuts $200 million in aid.  It is a start.

(08/25/2018) Venezuela's filthy-rich oil-looting elites about to get their comeuppance.  They haven't merely looted the oil industry, they also have destroyed it.  If people were saints, socialism might work.  People are not, never will be, and socialism will never work.

(08/25/2018) Unhinged Leftist and Stalker Arrested for Threatening to Blow Up Conservative Conference.  Remember how Tea Partiers were always reported to be "on the verge of violence?"  Yet the Left is always "mostly peaceful," no matter how much violence they commit.  Some things never change.

(08/20/2018) There May Be a Scientific Reason Why SJWs Are So Whiny.  Well, perhaps we should say that whinyness begets even more whinyness.

(08/05/2018) The following two articles are in response to a California councilman explaining why the council needs to ban plastic straws by saying, “Unfortunately, common sense is just not common. We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”  This is the progressive impulse: People are too dumb to do the right thing on their own, so we experts need to make them do it.  Note that the typical councilman and legislator does not believe that Christian beliefs are common sense.  Here are the articles: No Straw Man Here: The Mask Slips in Santa Barbara and Kevin Boss: Control yourselves, city council

(07/30/2018) Portland, Ore., to clean up 'disgusting' Occupy ICE camp, calling it biohazard.  Tea Partiers and other conservative groups always clean up after themselves.  Those on the Left do not.  Does this not say something very important about the character and the values of each group?  Which is better for America, those that take responsibility or those that expect others to clean up after them?  Just asking.

(07/28/2018) San Fran wants to ban free lunch perk at companies.  The restaurant business is suffering, so ....  I keep asking this question: who most wants to force you to behave in certain ways, the Right or the Left?

(07/25/2018) Can We Trust Experts?  Short answer is "no," though it really depends.  In general, I would trust my doctor, my auto mechanic and certain others.  But then, their livelihood and reputation depend of being right.  However, "experts" in academia and other areas where they pay no price for being wrong, are wrong as often as not.  Funny thing about that.  What is sad is that our MSM typically goes to those "experts" who have been proven wrong over and over.  Their criteria has nothing to do with the expert's track record and everything to do with pushing the preferred narrative.

As an aside, there were experts who predicted the fall of the USSR, and others who said that the USSR was just as strong and stable as the USA and that it would never collapse.  After the collapse, which experts did the MSM go to to explain the collapse?  Why the ones who said it would not collapse, of course.

(07/24/2018) AP’s outrage-inducing headline about woman’s deportation missing a few details.  The headline is that a woman is ashamed that she voted for Trump after her daughter-in-law is deported.  What you discover 24 paragraphs later (how many would read that far?) is that the deportation proceeding began under Obama.  I have stopped reading AP stories altogether.  They simply cannot be trusted.  Definitely ignore their headlines.

(07/23/2018) Getting the Lead Out at the NY Times.  This is actually referencing a very good article from the NY Times.  The main takeaway - which should have been obvious for decades - is that pretty much every single environmental "scare" turns out to have been a false alarm.  In this case, it was the "poisoned" water supply in Flint, Michigan.

(07/17/2018) Doc Says He Was Fired for Attacking Trump, Hospital Replies: No You Just Suck.  Anti-Trump, pro-Trump, who cares?  I am always suspicious when someone claims they were fired over anything that isn't job related.  No one likes to admit they were fired for good reason, so it is comforting to shift the blame to others.  Comforting, but not useful.  Far too many blame getting fired or getting poor job reviews on things other than their performance - race, sex, politics, religion, whatever.  As a result, rather than seek to improve their performance, they go around with a chip on their shoulder and actually perform worse.  The cult of victimhood is growing strong and it is a very bad thing.

(06/24/2018) Amazon Employees Say ICE Contract Is Like Assisting Hitler With The Holocaust.  I am really getting tired of these outlandish "comparisons."  Do these people have a clue what the Holocaust was like?  Obviously not.  They also conveniently forget that Stalin and Mao polished off far more people than Hitler ever did.  What don't they use the purges or the Great Leap Forward for their comparisons?

(06/13/2018) In Venezuela, the End Is Near.  What a basket case!  This is a human disaster of almost unbelievable magnitude and the MSM is largely ignoring it.  Why?  Because it makes socialism look bad.

(06/12/2018) Trump Loosens Gulliver’s Ropes.  Strong American leadership puts the world in shock.  I am a little uncertain how a group of Christians can make the case - and they are trying to - that for President Trump to put America first is somehow heretical to Christian teaching.  In any case, America is the leader of the free world and a weak America puts much of the world at risk.  I would argue that a strong America is better, not just for Americans, but for all other freedom loving countries.  But such an argument doesn't easily translate into feelings of moral superiority. 

(06/07/2018) Amazon turns over policing of its charity program to SPLC.  Good Lord!  The SPLC is probably the most well-funded hate group in the entire country, and Amazon is going to let them veto participants in their charity program.  Well, it looks like I should be going to Walmart for online shopping, even though Amazon hasn't vetoed FBCBF (my church).  Yet.

(05/31/2018) When your DNA research pokes holes in Darwin.  While it doesn't support the young earth model, this is just another big, big hole in the evolutionary model. And it isn't the first.  Far too many are more committed to Darwinism than to actual science.

(05/31/2018) The Carnivores of Civil Liberties.  This is a good article by Victor Davis Hanson. 

(05/28/2018) Portland Bar Hosted ‘Reparations Happy Hour’.  The insanity continues.

(05/28/2018) Real Conservatives Refuse To Kneel Before Their Liberal Overlords.  Real Christians stand up for Christ, as well.  Do not let progressive attacks on Christianity go unanswered.  Christianity is being attacked, in large part, because the attackers fear no consequences whatsoever.  Disabuse them of that notion.

(05/27/2018) Why We’re Forgetting How to Observe Memorial Day.  Here in Colorado Springs it is hard to forget what Memorial Day is all about.  In other parts of the country, perhaps it is just another day off and the start of the summer season.

(05/22/2018) Dem Candidate: Life Better Under British Crown, Asks ‘What Was the Point of the Revolution.’  When I was a kid, we were taught in school to love our country and to always try to make it better, because that was the kind of country we were.  It seems that kids are more likely to be taught to hate America these days.  This is just another example of the results of a broken education system.

(05/19/2018) In US evangelical capital, a new progressiveness and differing views on Israel.  Apparently we evangelicals in Colorado Springs are becoming more progressive.  According to the Guardian.  That is news to me.

(05/17/2018) NY Daily News takes Trump’s MS-13 ‘animals’ comment out of context for front page.  I think it is a fair question: can the MSM be trusted to report honestly anything regarding President Trump?  Here is more: Fake News story about Trump calling all immigrants “animals” is why people hate the media.

(05/15/2018) Finland Forced to Shut Down Universal Income Program after Social Experiment Fails.  We we learn from this? Will anyone learn from this?  Probably not.  But it is an obvious and universal truth that when you dole out money and get nothing in return, more and more people will game the system and it will always cost far more than anticipated.  And this doesn't even factor in the negative social aspect.

(05/12/2018) Explaining Why Liberals Are So Desperate To Find Things to Be Offended About.  Because it is so much easier to be offended.  No logic is required.

(05/11/2018) ‘Sexuality Expert’ Says Babies Should ‘Give Consent’ to Diaper Changes.  I keep thinking we have reached peak idiocy.  Apparently not.  Einstein had something to say on the subject - there is a limit to genius, but no limit to stupidity.  He was right. I'm sure there are some genuine experts out there, but apparently they are heavily outnumbered by "experts."  But is that story any more idiotic than this one?  Man Arrested For Having A Potato Peeler

(05/10/2018) The study you won’t be hearing about: No impact on groundwater from fracking.  Of course not.  It doesn't fit the narrative.  Bear in mind that the most effective thing the MSM does is not pushing fake news, though they certainly do that.  It is suppressing real news.

(05/10/2018) Noam Chomsky Says Christians and Republicans are the Real Threats to the World.  He would, but then, he has always said this kind of stuff.  It is sad when someone who is truly as expert in one field (linguistics) decides to spend most of their time feigning expertise in other areas.

(05/10/2018) Hallie Jackson: Trump Greeting Hostages Was A ‘Staged Production.’  Of course, the Obama administration never "staged" anything.  At least, the MSM never so informed us.  Question: if you were "staging" an event, wouldn't you schedule it for some time other than the wee hours of the morning?  Just askin'.

(05/09/2018) Columbia University: ‘God Hates Guns, Loves Gay Porn.’  Even in my agnostic days, I would have been hesitate to risk my soul by saying things like that.

(05/09/2018) The White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative Levels the Playing Field.  I would be happy for religious organizations to not get government funding if it were not for the fact that secular organizations and organizations hostile to Christianity receive plenty of government money for doing that which many religious organizations are better equipped to do.

(05/09/2018) Vatican Newspaper Under Pope Francis Praises Karl Marx the Founder of Communism.  I am so grateful that I do not find myself in the position of defending the Pope and his advisors.  While not Catholic, I have always very much admired all the popes of my lifetime - until now.

(05/07/2018) 5 Reasons The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Hate-Mongering Scam.  What astonishes me is that if there were an equivalent organization on the right, they would have been driven out of business decades ago.  But the SPLC continues to receive many millions and has blind support from the MSM.

(05/07/2018) New York Times reports on right wing conspiracies – then issues an epic correction.  They provided one example of a right-wing conspiracy in their article.  Sadly for them, the "conspiracy" cited is absolutely true.  At least they did do a correction, but it would have only taken a few seconds of checking to find their example was wrong but apparently the reporter was so convinced it was correct, he or she didn't feel the need to check.  And this is the problem with the media.  They know all sort of thing that ain't so and it goes into their reporting without it even occurring to them that they should check it out.

(05/05/2018) It’s not just what Netanyahu said; it’s what Israel did.  I am so grateful that we now have an administration that strongly supports Israel. 

(05/05/2018) Study Confirms “Green” Hypocrisy.  A year long study divided subjects into three categories: climate change advocates, climate change skeptics, and in between.  The advocates demanded government programs and intervention, the skeptics opposed them.  But when it came to their personal lives, the skeptics live a "greener" lifestyle than do the advocates.  Does this not tell you everything you need to know about the Left?  They advocate all sorts of "good" stuff, but are unwilling to make any personal sacrifice unless everyone is forced to by government programs.  And in advocating those programs, they pat themselves on the back and consider themselves to be morally superior to those that actually make personal sacrifices on their own dime and on their own initiative.  Studies have always shown that conservatives give more money to charity, donate more time, donate more blood, etc.  This is just more confirmation.

(05/02/2018) Anarchists Riot and Trash Cities Across the Globe on May Day.  We don't approve of anarchists, but they have a lot of intimidating power because we - Western countries - let them get away with so much without significant consequences.

(04/30/2018) The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is Everything Wrong with the Media.  The problem with the MSM is that they think very highly of themselves and they consider their primary job to be getting everyone else (or at least a majority) to think like them.  Keeping the masses well informed so the masses can come to an informed opinion on their own is very far down their list of priorities.

(04/30/2018) Saudi Crown Prince: Palestinians Should Accept Peace Offer Or Shut Up.  Can anyone dispute that the "world" seems to be getting better since Trump became president?  This in spite of all the caterwauling that Trump was going to get us into nuclear war.

(04/28/2018) Thomas Sowell's Last Word?  I've always been a fan of his.

(04/27/2018) War on Science.  It turns out that the war being waged on science does not come from the Right, it comes from the Left.  Many of us conservatives have been saying this for some time, but this is from a former NY Times science reporter.  Which begs the question: would he dare say this if he still worked for the Times?

(04/26/2018) So Much Fake News, So Little Time. How to decide if it's true.  we've always had a certain amount of fake news, but what is remarkable today is how much stuff is published when the publisher knows the news is fake and doesn't even care when they are called out on it.

(04/24/2018) When Christian Conservatives Are Compared to the 9/11 Terrorists.  One thing is perfectly clear.  The Left almost never defends their positions when challenged - they simply attack the challenger.  Here is another example: The New York Times Best-Seller List: My Response to the Times' Response.  This is from Dennis Prager, whose Rational Bible: Exodus is on everyone else's best seller list, but somehow not the NY Times.  Rather that address any of the evidence presented, they simply disparage Prager.

(04/24/2018) Entitlement Rogues: Alive and Well on America's Campuses.  This shouldn't be surprising given that a number of prominent Democrats have come out in favor or Medicare for all, free college for all, and reparations for slavery.

(04/21/2018) Since I have been meditating at lot recently on how God is a God who honors truth, this little column, along the comments, resonates with me: “I’m Not Politically Incorrect. You’re Just Brainwashed and Stupid.”

(04/19/2018) Fed-Up Rev. Graham Lays Into Jimmy Kimmel.  Kimmel was mocking the First Lady's accent.  Rev. must be all wrong.  After all, the progressive ones are the tolerant ones and Love Trumps Hate, they keep reminding us.

(04/15/2018) Polar Opposite: NY Times Outraged by Climate ‘Denialists’ Pointing Out Polar Bear Population Increase.  God honors truth, and there is a whole lot of lying going on these days.  What is worse, a great many people - including the NY Times - believe that deceit and falsehood in pursuit of their agenda is fully justified.

(04/12/2018) “Historians” “Discover” Queen Elizabeth Is Related To Muhammad.  Even if they were correct, the proper response is "so what?"  I have no respect for people, "historians" in this case - who misuse their "expertise" to push an agenda.

(04/05/2018) Dinesh D’Souza Just Posted a Brutal Soros Interview on the Holocaust.  People on the Left are unhappy.

(04/05/2018) What If The Media Covered The War On Poverty Like It Did Vietnam?  We'd have surrendered years ago.  In a sense, we should have.  Prior to the start of the "War on Poverty," the poverty rate had been declining steadily for years.  Since, it has remained fairly flat for 50 years.  Total failure and we have thrown many trillions of dollars into that failure.  The media didn't need to cover it like Vietnam - in a sense they have, namely dishonestly.  If they had covered it honestly, we may have saved trillions and reduced poverty and many other social pathologies that have resulted from the "war on poverty."

(04/03/2018) School dist. ‘justifies’ Islamic terrorist group teaching kids.  Yes, they justify and say that parents have no standing to complain.  This, my friends, is the direction that the "government of the people, by the people and for the people" has been taking for years.  And we have been complicit.

(04/02/2018) What I Saw At A College Administrators’ Conference Will Make You Laugh And Cry.  There are still some good colleges out there, but be warned: there are not very many.  Be very, very careful where you send your kid to college - if you are paying, you should have the final word.  And please encourage them to major in something useful.

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