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for you are a people holy to the LORD your God.  Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the LORD has chosen you to be his treasured possession. 

Deuteronomy 14:2 (NIV)


He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant he made with Abraham, the oath he swore to Isaac.  He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as an everlasting covenant: “To you I will give the land of Canaan l  as the portion you will inherit.” 

Psalms 105:8-11 (NIV)


Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.  For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many."

Matthew 24:4-5  (NIV)

Christians about to be beheaded

Stoning in Somalia

Homosexual executed by throwing off building

A pretty harsh indictment of Islam.

Islam and Israel

Jan-Sep 2017

(09/19/2017) Montemayor's Mysteries.  This has to do with a specific example of the media covering up for Islam.  This is not an isolated example.  How many terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims and the media (and often the police) declare the motive to be "unclear?"  

(09/06/2017) Twitter Flags Saying 'Islam Is NOT a Religion of Peace' as Possible 'Hateful Conduct.'  The truth may hurt, but it is never "hateful."  What is hateful is attacking others with lies and deceit.

(09/05/2017) Shooting the Messenger in Sweden.  When a Norwegian cabinet minister told the truth about Sweden, the Swedish elite sprung into action.  Needless to say, speaking the truth about Islam and Muslim immigration to the West is risky business.

(09/05/2017) Canadian Muslim Website Publishes Article Defending ‘Medical Benefits’ of Female Circumcision.  One needs to treat Muslim "science" with some skepticism.  How about this - "Scientific and specialized studies have shown that men’s minds are more perfect than those of women, and reality and experience bear witness to that."  (from Quora).  Muslim science is subordinate to Islam. 

(09/01/2017) Federal Court Dismisses Entire Justice Department Mosque Case.  Good news!  This concerns the case where a pastor was going to be forced to testify as to his views on Islam.

(09/01/2017) Swedish Man Charged for Eating Bacon in Front of Muslim Women.  As good as bacon tastes, this man probably acted in poor taste.  But would you care to live in a country where this kind of thing is a crime?

(08/31/2017) Justice Department Forces Christian Pastor to Testify on Islam Views.  No one should be forced to testify about their views on any subject whatsoever, unless they are a direct party in a lawsuit or criminal case, and even there, I'm not sure they should be required to.  "Hate crime" legislation opened the doors to thought crimes and now we are requiring people to testify under oath as to their thoughts.  Well, there is a new sheriff in town, and perhaps this will be fixed and some heads will roll in the DOJ.

(08/25/2017) Pictures Show What Middle East Was Like Before Radical Islam.  Interesting.  I don't know if this applies to the entire ME, but Iran, Egypt and others were very much Western, not many years ago.  

(08/22/2017) Can you believe this?  British Lawmaker: Sexually Abused Girls by Muslim Gangs Need to “Shut Their Mouths” for “Sake of Diversity”.  

(08/22/2017) Overreach: PayPal Bans Jihad Watch, Then Backs Down.  There is a very important lesson here - we have to fight back.  That is the only reason that PayPal did back down.  Corporations and others will often fold to the Left on the basis of a single letter or complaint.  If we don't fight, we are doomed to lose.

(08/21/2017) Franklin Graham: ‘Politicians Should Stop Saying Islam Is a Religion of Peace.’  I agree.  I suppose they thought that saying so would make Islam more peaceful.  Unfortunately, Islamists take their marching orders from the Quran, not Western politicians.

(08/17/2017) Now Western Media Face Wrath of Islamic Blasphemy Laws.  Well, the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) wants this to happen.  I am sure that some in the MSM will play along.  

(08/17/2017) U.S. Town Bans Residents From Criticizing Mosque.  The headline is misleading.  Residents are forbidden from mentioning Muslims or Islam at a public meeting concerning the building of a mosque.  Pretty obvious violation of the First Amendment. 

(08/02/2017) ISIS Militants Attempt To Flee Mosul By Dressing Up As Women.  I rather thought these guys wanted to be martyrs.  I guess I was wrong.

(07/31/2017) What Happens When an Imam Calls for Killing Jews?  This is in California, so it is not some far away place.  Answer: the MSM does its best to totally ignore it, or at least paper it over.

(07/26/2017) Ex-Obama adviser roots for more ISIS slaughtering of Christians.  It isn't like this person is some obscure staffer.  Question (and I really do not know the answer): If having a very well known history of racism would keep an individual from being employed by the government, under what circumstances should a Muslim be prohibited from being so employed?

(07/23/2017) Case study: Biased curriculum on Israel and Islam in a Massachusetts school system.  This article goes into a lot of detail.  This study involves material that is clearly anti-Israel propaganda.  It is important to recognize that this is only one area where indoctrination is going on in our schools.  When I was a kid, you might make the case that there was indoctrination going on in our schools.  But it was pro-America, neither Left nor Right.  Today this stuff leans heavily progressive, even anti-American.

(07/23/2017) A Hill to Die on.  We are talking the Temple Mount.

(07/23/2017) Restaurant Ordered Shut for Serving Christians During Ramadan.  This is Jordan, which is fairly moderate as far as Islam goes. 

(07/20/2017) 80 Years Ago, Hilaire Belloc Predicted Radical Islam’s Re-Emergence Because Of Secularization.  If the Christian church will not step in and address the issues of the day, then something else will.  Secularization and Islamization seem quite willing to step up.

(07/18/2017) Unable To Confront The Migrant Crisis, Europe Is Committing Suicide.  Not only is this true, but we still have many apologists who are pretending otherwise in the face of overwhelming evidence.  It reminds me of the German feminist who was raped by a Muslim migrant and didn't report the rape for a long time because she didn't want her case to be used to oppose Muslim immigration.  Sad.  And what a coincidence: ‘Shocking’ Violence Against Police as Riots, ‘Migration Background’ Sexual Assaults Grip German Summer Festival

(07/14/2017) Cop: Fears Of Being Accused Of Islamophobia Led to Shelving Muslim Child Sex Ring Investigations By Police.  This is England.  Thankfully, we do not make a noticeable problem in this area.  Let us keep it this way.

(07/09/2017) Merkel’s Migrants Form Sharia Police To Patrol Streets Of Berlin!  Given that just over 50% of American Muslims would like to live under Sharia, this is not a good sign.  

(06/24/2017) When Evangelicals Become Useful Idiots for Islamism.  I don't think this problem is widespread.  I will say that the whole concept of "interfaith dialog" with Islam is nonsense.  If we believe the Bible, Muslims are doomed.  We should be trying to convert them and the only sensible dialog is dialog aimed to that end.  Somewhat related: Pro-life Catholics angered over 'all faiths' edict.  

(06/13/2017) Gay Activist: Orlando ‘Forged a Lasting Partnership’ Between Muslims, LGBTs Against Trump.  When I see things like this, it makes me wonder why I bother trying to alert homosexuals to the fact that their biggest threat is from Islam, not evangelicals.

(06/13/2017) ISIS Burns 19 Yazidi Girls to Death in Cages for Refusing Sex Slavery.  Don't count on an American feminist march.  Sigh.

(06/12/2017) Sharia UK: Two Arrested for Burning Qur'ans.  Thanks God for our First Amendment, but there are many who don't want it to apply in cases like this.

(06/10/2017) ‘Queer Black Muslim’ Advocates For ‘Safe Spaces’ For Muslims Only.  The mind boggles, though it is just another progressive being eviscerated by Tucker Carlson.

(06/02/2017) Sweden: High School Girls Called ‘Racist’ After Complaining about Sexual Assault by Migrants.  When you base your worldview on lies, you have to keep on lying to support it - even when the innocent are hurt (or worse) in the process.

(05/30/2017) A 'Muslim girls only prom' is a very bad idea.  We have safe spaces, approved self-segregation, micro-aggressions, cultural appropriation and more.  Every single one of these is a form of discrimination against others - the others generally, but not uniquely, traditionalists and conservatives.  The old American idea of the "melting pot" has been discarded by our "betters," the elites.  There used to be a sense of what it meant to be an American that was accepted by both Right and Left.  No longer.

(05/29/2017) CNN’s W. Kamau Bell: Islam Part of America’s Founding.  They just make stuff up in order to make history (and current events) conform to the way they think it should have been.  And we used to laugh at the USSR for their airbrushing of photos and rewriting of history.  Some among us are doing exactly the same thing today.

(05/29/2017) Islam on Track to Overtake Christianity as World’s No. 1 Religion.  Interesting.  But this forecast is for some considerable time in the future.  Much can happen in the meantime, and God may have something to say on the topic as well.  As Christians, we should not be seeking accommodation with Islam, but rather we should be trying to bring Muslims to Christ.

(05/29/2017) Shia vs. Sunni: The Schism Western Politicians Don’t Understand and Won’t Discuss.  An excellent summary.  Suffice it to say that whatever differences Catholics and Baptists, for example, may have, they pale in comparison to that between Sunni and Shia (Shite). 

(05/21/2017) Can the hijab be a symbol of feminism? No, but the news media won’t stop trying to make the sale.  If the hijab, why not the burka?  For more, see our page on Women Under Islam

(05/18/2017) The Liberals’ Misguided Love Affair With Islam.  This is something I simply have a hard time understanding - or rather, I simply don't understand it at all.

(05/16/2017) Are Western Apologists for Islam Today’s ‘Useful Idiots’?  Yes.  The key is that all the peaceful sounding text from the Quran has been abrogated by subsequent text, so it simply doesn't apply.

(05/12/2017) Vox Voxplains Radical Islam As No Threat To Americans Or The West.  Vox declared that they weren't going to just report the news, they were going to "explain" the news.  Their explanations are guaranteed to support the progressive narrative, no matter how much rationalizing they have to do.

(05/12/2017) Muslims 'Chill' Airline Security With Rash of Lawsuits.  Carriers, law enforcement have reason to be concerned in wake of 9/11.  Not good.

(05/11/2017) Nonie Darwish's "Wholly Different."  Half her life in Egypt, half her life in the U.S. -- an insider's insights on Islam and the West.  A book review and a bit more.  

(05/09/2017) Will We Ever Learn?  A Cal Thomas column.  Short version: when Abbas says that Palestinians are raising their children  their children in a culture of peace, you know not to believe anything he (or any other Islamic leader) says.

(05/05/2017) Establishment Media Hides Trump’s New Policy to Stop ‘Genital Mutilation’ of American Girls.  Of course!  It doesn't fit the narrative.

(04/29/2017) Can Islam ever be reformed?  I am skeptical.  The Quran simply does not give much backing to the "moderates," should they actually exist.

(04/29/2017) President of Austria: ‘The day will come that we must ask all women to wear a headscarf.’  I thought the headline was hyperbole, but it isn't.  Apparently, Austria must conform to their Muslim immigrants rather than vice versa.

(04/27/2017) Pakistani Girl Kidnapped and Sold into Sex Slavery is Found and Returned Home Where She Is Honor-Killed By Brother for Being Whore.  Horrible, horrible story.

(04/26/2017) United Nations Puts World-Renowned Women-Abuser On Women’s Rights Panel.  More evidence that the UN is a farce.  Bear in mind that a fair number of "enlightened" nations had to have voted for this.

(04/19/2017) “Moderate” Western Muslims Defend Spousal Abuse and Form Sharia “Defense Force” to Police Community.  Perhaps "moderate" Muslims aren't as moderate as the MSM makes them out to be.

(04/18/2017) Crazed Muslim Immigrant Barges into Christian Conference, Starts Cursing, Then Shows Off Weapons Cache in Car.  Apparently, he was not charged with anything.

(04/18/2017) Detroit – Muslim Doctor Arrested For Performing Genital Mutilation Procedure on 7 Year Old Girls.  But hey, it is just a cultural and religious thing, so ....

(04/14/2017) PBS: 'Learning' to Love Suicide Bombers?  This begs the question: why are so many beneficiaries of Western Culture so determined to destroy it?

(04/13/2017) Churches Close, Mosques Open, and Western Civilization is Oozing Away.  In London, some 500 churches have closed and nearly 500 mosques have opened.  Secularism is not a weapon that can defeat Islam.  Only Christianity can defeat Islam.  Yet Western "elites" seem more focused on defeating Christianity.


(04/11/2017) Marvel Withdraws Comic Containing Hidden Jihad References.  So why didn't they catch this stuff pre-publication?   Of course, it was a Muslim artist that did this, which begs the question: can Muslim employees be trusted?  Most, probably, but ....


(04/07/2017) A 1,389 Year-Old ‘Phobia’?  Why history is one of the best antidotes to Muslim apologetics.  Good read.


(03/31/2017) Moms Declare Holy War After School Teaches Islam 'True Faith."  And so they should.  This is probably happening a lot more than we realize.


(03/31/2017) Montana on the verge of a law that can pass constitutional muster prohibiting courts from applying sharia.  They don't mention Sharia, only "foreign law."  And "foreign" is just fine.  Nothing should be law in this country unless it goes through the standard process for passing laws.  What in the world could be controversial about that?


(03/29/2017) Islamic Projection: Why Muslims Hate Infidels.  Accusing non-Muslims of doing to Muslims what Islam commands Muslims do to others.  I suppose that progressives and Muslims really do have something in common - projection.


(03/29/2017) Here’s the epic email suspended Christian sent his Muslim professor to challenge her flawed lessons.  We have sunk pretty low, and one of the most serious ways is that we hold various groups to lower standards than everybody else. 


(03/28/2017) Political Islam Is Today’s Anti-American ‘Long March Through the Institutions.’  This article is by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who I greatly admire.  And I agree with most of what she writes.  However, I do not believe that Islam is reform-able.  It is the radicals that have the holy texts of Islam on their side, not the moderates.  The only way that the moderates can come out on top is to accept the early Muhammed and reject the later Muhammed.  Not going to happen.


(03/21/2017) Teen Vogue adds anti-Israel advocacy to its arsenal of hard-Left positions.  Given that the MSM, our education system and the entertainment industry are constantly pushing the progressive agenda, it is important that parents (and grandparents) take the time to counter that agenda.  Far too many of us do nothing.


(03/20/2017) The Ugly News at St. Thomas.  Why is it that the MSM instinctively attributed anti-Semitism after Trump's election to Trump rather than to Islam and the Left when it actually comes from?


(03/17/2017) Death and Destruction for Christmas.  Another holiday season of carnage for Middle East Christians.  Yet almost all "refugees" we are importing are Muslim.  Does anyone see a problem with this?


(03/17/2017) Christianity and Judaism Create Terrorism No Less Than Islam?  So says Egypt’s top imam, who also bemoans the world’s “double standards” and “Islamophobia.”  No doubt because we make them do it. 


(03/13/2017) Another Axe on Islam's Crazy Train.  Our governments are lying and out of their mind.  Blame these acts on anything but Islam. 


(02/28/2017) The Terrorist Leader of the "Women's Strike."  From helping to kill Israeli students to advocating militant resistance in the streets of the U.S.A.  So the last women's march features a speaker who spent considerable time in prison for kidnapping, rape and murder (crimes for which she has never apologized) and the latest "women's" event features a Palestinian terrorist.  Sheesh.


(02/25/2017) How is Mass Islamic Immigration Working Out in Europe?  Not well.  This is simply more evidence that those that belong to the "reality-based party" see the world as they wish it were, rather than as it is.


(02/24/2017) The Return of Blasphemy Laws?  In Denmark, mind you, and only if you blaspheme against Islam. 


(02/22/2017) Multiculturalism Run Amuck at Georgetown: What’s Wrong with Slavery and Rape?  Apparently it is OK to defend them, if you a Muslim.  The MSM would be all over this if a Christian were to do the same.  Of course, a Christian would never defend slavery and rape.


(02/21/2017) Nikki Haley Puts UN Anti-Israelism in Crosshairs.  New ambassador makes clear change has arrived.  Good, good, good.


(02/21/2017) 'Allahu Akbar' Becomes a Rallying Call as Leftists Join Forces With Radical Muslims to Fight Trump All Across America.  I'm not sure that this approach is going to advance their cause in a positive manner.


(02/16/2017) Trump to American Muslims: Embrace Christianity, Pay Jizya, or Die.  An honest Muslim wonders what if the shoe was on the other foot.  The question: what if America treated Muslims as Muslim countries treat Christians?  We never would, of course, and that is because of Western Civilization, something that progressives and globalists seem to want to toss out in the trash.


(02/15/2017) Georgetown Islamic Studies Professor Defends Muslim Slavery.  Muslim slavery, after all, is far, far better than all other forms of slavery.  I'm pretty sure this professor is a convert to Islam.  In any case, Islam does, in fact, condone slavery which is just another reason that Islam is totally incompatible with Western civilization.


(02/15/2017) Trump, Netanyahu to Reset US-Israeli Relations After Strained 8 Years.  Bravo.


(02/14/2017) America Snoozing: Europe is waking up. When will blue-state U.S.A.?  Good question.  It is truly remarkable that we can see before our very eyes the effects of mass Muslim immigration in Europe, yet half our country wants to go down the same path. 


(02/11/2017) Analyze This.  This is more on the story about the Muslim bothers who were IT specialists for Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.  The MSM seems to be totally ignoring this story, presumably because it makes both Democrats and Muslims look bad - a twofer in the wrong direction.


(02/08/2017) A Muslim Brotherhood Security Breach in Congress.  There’s a national security risk swamp to drain.  This is serious stuff.  Needless to say, the MSM is being pretty quiet about it.  After all, it involves Democrats and Muslims.  Sigh, I wish I could be less partisan, but sadly the Democrats - who favor abortion, restrictions on the First Amendment, socialism, only a "living" version of the Constitution, and more - give me no reason to.  Update: SHOCK: Dem Staffers Still Working House IT Jobs While Under Criminal Investigation


(02/07/2017) Democrats Think Muslims Worse Off Here Than Christians Are In Muslim World.  This sort of ignorance is hard to explain, other than that the MSM is a lousy job.  Though perhaps misinforming people is their intention.


(02/04/2017) 'Christian' Activists Head to Mosques to Resist Trump.  'Love your neighbor as yourself – pray to support Muslims.'  I might believe they were actual Christians if they were actively trying to convert Muslims to Christianity at the same time.  Which leads me to believe that either they don't believe Jesus when he said "No one comes to the Father except through me," or they don't care if all Muslims are doomed to Hell.  I'm betting on the former.


(02/01/2017) If We Don't Let Muslims Into America, They'll Kill Us!  


(01/30/2017) BECAUSE TRUMP! ‘Journalist’ salivates over Quebec mosque shooting, can’t wait to blame ‘right-wing extremists.’  Actually, they aren't waiting, they are already doing it.  When those on the Right commit violence it is because of right-wing rhetoric.  When those on the Left commit violence, they were made to do it by right-wing rhetoric. 


(01/23/2017) Trump’s History-Changing Vow to Eradicate ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism.’  It isn't just about bombing them into submission.  It is, dare I say, about converting Muslims to Christianity.  We all (Christians) have a part to play in this.


(01/23/2017) An Instant Thaw of U.S.-Israeli Relations.  Good.  And not just Israel, but Britain as well.  When it comes to foreign policy, nothing is more important than knowing who your friends are and treating them as such.


(01/19/2017) Concerned About Anti-Israel Bias, Republicans Introduce Another Bill Targeting U.N. Funding.  Should we cut off funding altogether, limit it or make it conditional?  I don't know, though the first would be the most satisfying.  What I would really like is to boot the UN out of the US. 


(01/14/2017) Another Fake Hate Crime Via CAIR.  Is anyone surprised when a well-publicized "hate crime" turns out to be a hoax.  Maybe, maybe not, especially when the hoax aspect gets less publicity than the original.  The problem is, liberal reporters buy into the notion that we are a nation full of "deplorables," so these fake crimes are 100% believable to them.  Shouldn't they be rejoicing that our country and our citizens are not as bad as they imagine?  Apparently not.


(01/13/2017) Obama's Betrayal of Israel.  Is anyone surprised?  This article spells it out.  It is probably worse than you thought.


(01/12/2017) Religion Of Peace: Muslims Toss Gay Off Building to Start Off New Year.  


(01/11/2017) Koran Verse Denying Jesus Was Son of God Sung in Scottish Cathedral.  


(01/06/2017) The Great Hajib Cover-up.  Has there been one documented hate crime since the election?  Probably not, if we are talking hate crimes committed by Trump supporters.  Of course, the SPLC and many in the MSM consider writing "Trump MAGA" to be a hate crime, so ....


(01/05/2017) Why the Anti-Israel Sentiment?  Yet another great read from Victor Davis Hanson.


(01/05/2017) HILARIOUS: BBC’s ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ Ruthlessly Mocks Islamic Sexism (Video).  It really is funny.  Of course, the usual suspects are complaining.


(01/03/2017) French Mayor Goes on Trial for Saying 91%-Muslim School Is A ‘Problem’ For His City.  We haven't sunk so low.  Yet.  But as you can see Public Schools Teaching Kids That Terrorism Is Christianity’s Fault!  The headline exaggerates, but only a little.


(01/02/2017) Do American corporations believe that Islamist themed ads will sell more products?  I suspect they are more concerned with getting good PR in the elitist press.




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