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for you are a people holy to the LORD your God.  Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the LORD has chosen you to be his treasured possession. 

Deuteronomy 14:2 (NIV)


He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant he made with Abraham, the oath he swore to Isaac.  He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as an everlasting covenant: “To you I will give the land of Canaan l  as the portion you will inherit.” 

Psalms 105:8-11 (NIV)


Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.  For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many."

Matthew 24:4-5  (NIV)

Islam and Israel

Oct-Dec 2016



(12/28/2016) Michael Oren Explains.  This has to do with the administration's treachery regarding Israel.  Here is much more: Obama's "Shameful Betrayal" of Israel


(12/26/2016) Justice Department sues to force mosques on small towns.  I am unsure exactly what the Trump administration is going to be like, but I sincerely doubt that the DOJ is going to continue policies like this.


(12/24/2016) Krauthammer’s Take: Abstention on Anti-Israel Vote a Disgrace: ‘U.S. Joined the Jackals at the U.N.’  The lack of a veto by the USA benefits us how?  The fact is, that Obama behaving like a petulant child is harming not only Israel and the USA, but the Democrat party.  I'm not too upset about the last, and it is possible that in the long run some good could come of it all - exiting the UN would be nice.


(12/24/2016) German defense minister enrages Saudi Arabia during visit.  What did she do?  She wore Western attire and did not don a hajib (headscarf).  Bravo.


(12/23/2016) ‘Most despicable act yet’: US abstains from vote on U.N. anti-Israel resolution; Update: Paul Ryan condemns.  It is despicable - Obama has stabbed Israel in the back even though he knew the Trump administration would never have done the same.


(12/16/2016) J Street Freaks Out Over Trump's Excellent Pick for Ambassador to Israel.  This is very good news.  I have never seen such angst over cabinet and other picks by a new administration, nor have I seen such good picks.  It definitely looks like we are NOT going to have "more of the same."


(12/12/2016) The Ugly Truth About Muslim Grievances.  Another great column by Raymond Ibrahim.


(12/05/2016) Muslim Migrants Burn Own Housing Over Lack of Chocolate.  To be fair, it wasn't just chocolate.  Nutella and gummibears were also involved. 


(11/29/2016) Muslim Leader in US: “Islam is not here to Integrate. Islam is here to Dominate.”  Apparently he didn't get the message to pretend to be moderate.


(11/16/2016) Oberlin College fires Prof. Joy Karega after anti-Semitic Facebook posts.  Anti-Semitic is an understatement.  This woman borders in insane.  And while I applaud Oberlin for their action, there are far too many professors such as her roaming the halls of academia.  And Joy Karega might well be offered an academic position elsewhere.  We shall see.

(11/04/2016) NYT whines: Donald Trump stalking Muslim kids in their dreams.  No comment necessary.

(11/01/2016) HuffPo: Muhammad Was ‘History’s First Feminist.’  Check out our page on Women Under Islam.  Many Islamic websites make claims such as this.  Such claims are total nonsense.  American progressives and liberals are making a very big mistake.  Is their hatred of Western Civilization so great that they ally themselves with those that hate everything they stand for?  Sadly, the answer is yes.

(10/25/2016) Family of ISIS bomber who hanged himself seeks compensation, sues German government.  Brother of the Islamic Terrorist questions police version, says “suicide is forbidden in Islam.”  Right.  I've seen Muslims quoted that Muslims are forbidden to lie about their faith as well.  What is remarkable is how much credence the media is willing to give "family members," who couldn't possibly be offering up anything but an objective opinion /sarc.

(10/21/2016) Islam's Will to Power.  An Interview with Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim.  Ibrahim is always worth reading.

(10/19/2016) Next Dutch Prime Minister Front-Runner Vows to Ban Qur’an, Close All Mosques.  That would be Geert Wilders.  He hasn't been elected yet, but he might just be the most outspoken "anti-Islamic" politician in Europe.  If elected, it could start a domino effect.  Keep an eye on this one.

(10/17/2016) Tragic: Over last 16 Years France Razed 33 Churches, Built More Than 1,000 Mosques.  France is not unique in this regard.  It seems strange, but perhaps we should be sending our missionaries to the "civilized" countries of Europe rather than the less civilized parts of the globe.


(10/14/2016) The United Nations Is Run By A Bunch Of Depraved Totalitarians, Villainous Barbarians, And Anti-Semitic Scum.  Nothing we didn't already know.  So why are we members?

(10/13/2016) UNESCO determines that Jews have no connection to the Temple Mount.  The UN is totally worthless.  I would suggest that the USA leave the UN, boot them out of New York, and set up a separate organization of free democracies.  The only catch is, I'm not sure our government believes in free democracies anymore.

(10/08/2016) The Disinformation Campaign of Islam.  Food for thought: ask yourself now many times you have heard "Islam is a religion of peace" from non-Muslim liberals and then consider how few times you have heard it from actual Muslims.


(10/05/2016) Slew of ANTI-SEMITIC Posters Appear on UC Berkeley Campus.  Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activity seems to be big on campuses these days.

(10/05/2016) Massachusetts Judge Forces American Christian Woman To Go To Mosque And Study Islam: "You Have To Respect People Of The Muslim Faith."   

(10/04/2016) Marine Corps Dad Banned from Daughter’s High School Graduation had Complained when School Taught her how to Convert to Islam!  One problem with stories like this is that you only hear one side.  Is it really possible that a school district would use two history texts with one including Islamic texts which students are forbidden to take home?  I find it hard to believe, and yet who knows these days.  The government seems determined to promote Islam as the religion of peace while knowing that most citizens don't buy it.

(10/03/2016) After Chelsea Bombing, NYC Launches Efforts To Silence ‘Negative Rhetoric’ About Islam.  

(10/02/2016) Hijabi women furious Americans don't smile at them on airplanes.  How tragic.  I guess the way the many Muslim women are treated by fellow Muslims is not much of a problem compared to this indignity.


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