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for you are a people holy to the LORD your God.  Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the LORD has chosen you to be his treasured possession. 

Deuteronomy 14:2 (NIV)


He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant he made with Abraham, the oath he swore to Isaac.  He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as an everlasting covenant: “To you I will give the land of Canaan l  as the portion you will inherit.” 

Psalms 105:8-11 (NIV)


Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.  For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many."

Matthew 24:4-5  (NIV)

Christians about to be beheaded

Stoning in Somalia

Homosexual executed by throwing off building

A pretty harsh indictment of Islam.

Islam and Israel

Oct '17-Dec '18

(12/31/2018) Muslim Doctor Fired From Ohio Clinic After Claiming She Will Purposely Give Jewish Patients Wrong Medication.  Hmm.  And what would have happened had she not declared her intentions?  And does this not give Jews (and others) reason to avoid Muslim medical personnel?


(12/20/2018) As Lefties continue their assault on Tucker Carlson, Conservatives notice something infuriating about Women’s March and their sponsors. Is anyone surprised?  The Left is all about silencing the Right.  The Right makes no effort to return the favor.  Nor should we.  But we cannot allow the Left to succeed in silencing us.

(11/29/2018) Muslim rapes teen girl, acquitted due to 'cultural norms.'  This is in France.  I love immigrants who want to adapt and become Americans.  But we should never allow such "cultural norms" such as this into the country.  More generally, immigrants should adapt to America, not the other way around.  And alas, right now we have a lot of advocates for the "other way around," beginning with coming to America illegally, but hardly ending there.

(09/13/2018) Linda Sarsour Condemns "Humanizing" Israelis.  She is a darling of the Left.  I generally understand Leftist thinking since I used to be on the Left.  But the only explanation I have for their embrace of radical Islamists and Palestinian activists is that they all hate America.  The Left has reached the point where those on the Left who act like decent human beings are attacked by their fellows and thrown out of the "fellowship."  Evidence?  We Must Destroy Norm Macdonald for Refusing to Join Our Outrage Mob.  Sad.

(08/26/2018) World’s Biggest Muslim Country Scrambles After School Dresses Kids as Terrorists.  This is what they are teaching their kids.  They are scrambling, not because they think it wrong, but because it makes them look bad.

(08/21/2018) The Muslims are Bringing Their Culture with Them - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.  This is Paris and it is not a pretty picture. 

(08/15/2018) New Mexico Judge Accuses Prosecutors of Anti-Muslim Bias in Her Decision to Release Dangerous Jihadists Running Islamic Terror Camp.  So the judge thinks that the only reason to keep these folks in custody is anti-Muslim bias.  The fact that they were starving and abusing kids, training them for terrorist acts, and actually killed one of them - those are all irrelevant.  Sheesh, we have an awful lot of lousy judges.  Why are almost all of them on the Left and appointed by Democrats?  In fairness, I believe that this particular judge was elected, but then, so are the Democrats that appoint such judges. 

(08/13/2018) The Wahhaj Family Compound And Their Dem-Connected Father.  How much do you know about this story?  Anything?  None of the MSM articles I have read on this story even mention the Islam connection, much less any connection to the Democrats.  Hardly surprising.  The prime purpose of the MSM is to protect the Democrats and destroy conservatives.  Just look at their (non) coverage of Diane Feinstein employing a Chinese spy for 20 years and then claiming it is no big deal.

(08/13/2018) Canada Mosque Loses Charitable Status Over Speakers Endorsing Suicide Bombing, Murdering Homosexuals.  Gee, doesn't that "punishment" seem a little mild?  But it is better than nothing, I suppose.

(08/07/2018) REPORT: Soldiers Who Criticize Army’s Pro-Islam, Politically Correct Recruitment Videos Face Disciplinary Action.  This is the UK.  Lenin said that the Capitalists would sell the Communists the rope they would use to hang us.  At least we would be making them do the work.  Now the West is actually working hard to destroy the West.  The bad guys really aren't even having to do the heavy lifting.  America truly is the last, best hope for the West - and mankind.  We aren't doing such a great job ourselves and we need to pray that God will revive us again and set us on the right track.

(08/05/2018) Egyptian Immigrant After Molesting 13 Women: I Didn’t Know It Was Wrong.  I've heard this excuse many times.  Why do so many Muslims think like this?  Yet progressives claim that all cultures and value systems are equally valid.  Well, without God ....

(08/04/2018) Denmark Bans the Niqab, and Media Reacts Exactly as Expected.  You would think that even Leftists and feminists would recognize that Islam is a far greater threat to them than Christianity.  But as I keep saying, their primary goal is power and they see Christians as a bigger obstacle than Muslims - in fact, they see Muslims as helping them (re)gain power.  Note that both the niqab and the burka (also banned) cover the face.  Covering the ears and hair (hijab ) is still OK.

(07/23/2018) Stanford Student Vows to “Physically Fight Zionists on Campus.”  I keep asking myself: who are the "tolerant" ones?  The MSM has been telling us for years that the progressives are the tolerant ones.  They are incorrect - lying is a better word. 

(07/12/2018) How Islam Apologists Like John Esposito Dupe Americans About Sharia.  i have a hard time understanding just what Islam's apologists are thinking.  They have to know that they are misrepresenting things.  Do they just hate the West that much?

(06/01/2018) Maine: House Democrats Vote To Allow Female Genital Mutilation.  Sheesh.

(06/01/2018) Islam’s Impact on the West’s Identity.  Is there anything good that can be said about Islam?  I'm not speaking of individual Muslims, I am speaking of Islam itself.  I sincerely doubt that Islam can or will ever be reformed.  Containing it might be the best option, but for the most part, the West has determined to open the doors and die as a result.  Islam can be countered by Christianity.  It cannot be countered by progressive politics.

(05/31/2018) Islam Is Incompatible with Liberty.  It certainly is.  This article links to a book by Dennis Prager that looked so good that I ordered it.  But beware of the comments for the article.  They are full of outrageous Jew-bashing - possibly primarily by a single person posting under various names and "liking" his own posts.  But there are a lot of disgusting comments.

(05/27/2018) Why Does the Islamic World Lag Behind?  Suffice it to say that there are many reasons, almost all related to Islam itself.

(05/23/2018) Raymond Ibrahim on Muslim Persecution of Christians.  This continues to be a topic that our MSM does not care to cover.  And. dare I say it, that American Christians do not seem to be very concerned about.

(05/22/2018) West Virginia Middle School Instructs Children To Write Out Their Submission To Allah.  In Arabic.  The justification?  It is just an exercise in calligraphy.

(05/20/2018) Michigan Governor's Race: 'I Love Muslims,' Says Republican; 'Muslims Hate You,' Says Dem.  Perhaps the Dem was being more honest.  I can't say that I know any Muslims well on a personal level.  But I can say with confidence that I do not care for Islam in the slightest.  And the Dem candidate's honesty is just one of many reasons.

(05/20/2018) The Origin of Islam's Daily Prayers.  Islam declares their five daily required prayers to be unique among religions, but they stole the idea from elsewhere.  Islam has always struck me as a man-constructed "religion" designed primarily to power and control. 

(05/17/2018) The First Pro-Israel Administration.  Well, maybe not the first.  But definitely a vast, vast improvement over the previous administration.  And an improvement, perhaps not so vast, over some previous administrations.  A simple rule of life that most "diplomats" have managed to suppress is this: when people commit outrages and the response is weak and wishy-washy, they will continue to commit outrages.  Bullies only back down when someone stands up to them. 

(05/17/2018) MEMRI: Gaza “Return March” clips.  The blatant anti-Israel bias is so extreme that I can't even trust the MSM to produce an article where I hope to glean some bits of truth out of the rubbish they put out.  I almost think their anti-Israel bias is greater than their anti-Trump bias, though that is a very high bar to hurdle.  Here is more: Right on Cue, the World Condemns Israel

(05/15/2018) Germany: Students at Heidelberg University Reject ‘Antisemitic’ BDS Movement.  That is better than a lot of American universities are doing.

(05/14/2018) A Great Day In Jerusalem.  Indeed.

(05/14/2018) Peace Possible Because of 'a Strong America Recognizing the Truth.'  Jerusalem has been Israel's capital for a long time. Pretending otherwise serves no useful purpose - at least, not for those who honor truth, and that includes God.Making decisions based on anything other than truth will always have bad results, in the short and / or the long run.

(05/05/2018) “Peaceful Palestinian protesters” set fire to gas pipeline supplying fuel to Gaza.  Most of the bad things happening in the world today are based on, justified by, enabled by and excused by lies.  Recently I started thinking about how important truth is to God - and for us.  I keep thinking about Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Brick complaining about mendacity.  Well, he was right.  It is everywhere and it is damaging everything it touches.

(04/27/2018) Sold-Out Play Depicts Jesus Raping a Muslim Woman.  This is in Czechoslovakia.  This is the direction Europe is still going.   I keep thinking that they can't help but change directions given the disaster that is so plainly occurring.  Apparently not. 

(04/24/2018) “May Allah Destroy Your Houses and Burn You All!”  The terrifying lives of Christians under Islam.  There are plenty of lessons to be learned.  But Satan has done a great job of blinding people to the truth.  Especially in Europe, but more and more here in America, as well.

(04/10/2018) New York Times Writer Attacks Pompeo and Bolton for Opposing Jihad.  One of the biggest problems in America today is our casual acceptance of nonsense such as this.  We say, what else can we expect?  We may expect i, but that doesn't mean we should accept it.

(03/29/2018) Parents burned teen daughter with hot oil, beat her with broomsticks for refusing arranged marriage.  16 years old.

(03/23/2018) Holy Cross to drop knight mascot because of Christian violence during Crusades.  I am curious. we have bent over backwards to accommodate the "sensitivities" of Muslims in America and elsewhere.  What, exactly, have we gotten in return?  What we have gotten is contempt for acting like - and being - a "weak horse."  But why shouldn't Holy Cross do this?  The fact is, we Christians just sit back and give no push-back at all.  We truly are the weak horse.

(03/19/2018) Boston: Simmons College Warns That Saying “God Bless You” Is “Islamophobic.”  Ten years ago, I thought American culture had spiraled down just about as far as it could go.  We've not only kept up our pace, we've accelerated. 

(03/01/2018) Death to "Filthy Demonic" Christians.  A month in the lives of Christians under Islam.  Worse than difficult, and we aren't doing much about it, in part because our government is in a much better position to do something than we as individual Christians.  The Trump administration is definitely moving in the right direction, but there is a long way to go.

(02/24/2018) Texas: Plano Councilman Pressured to Resign Over Facebook Post Calling for Banning of Islam from Schools.  It is bad enough that some think think it OK to teach Islam when Christianity and Judaism cannot be taught, but to gin up outrage and demand resignations takes the cake.  And yet there are many - including many non-Muslims - who go along to demonstrate their "wokeness," or something.

(02/22/2018) Sick: Muslim Cleric Claims Allah Brought Jews Back to Israel for Total Annihilation.  OK, not all Muslims are like this.  But can you find a single Christian pastor or Jewish rabbi that preaches such hatred (and no, Westboro Baptist does not count - they aren't Christians).  And the Muslim cleric is just one of many.

(02/16/2018) German Activist Has Her Eyes Opened About Muslim Refugees.  What is tragic is that what she now sees is clear to everyone.  It takes a refusal to see what is obvious to see anything else.  Clearly, many in the West have a desire to commit suicide, all because they have persuaded themselves that Western Civilization and Western values are bad.  I am glad that some on the Left, like this woman, are honest enough to see the truth.  How many will join her before it is too late?

(01/01/2018) Outrage After Reuters Uses Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Photo For Report On ‘Ten Dead’ In Iran Protests.  Yes, Reuters did use a photo of Netanyahu to accompany their story about those killed in Iranian protests.  Is Reuters biased?  Of course.  Just as the AP is ( A Finger in the Dike Holding Back the Fake News ).  There is a long list of false stories in the MSM that have been unfavorable to Trump or conservatives or Israel.  Can anyone find a false story in the MSM that was favorable?  Answer: No.

(12/25/2017) If It's Christmas, It Must Be Time for Jesus in the Qur'an.  Islam claims not only, Jesus, but Moses, Abraham, etc.   They are all "prophets."  But Jesus is nothing more than that, and the Bible is "valid" only where it agrees with the Qur'an, which isn't much.  Don't be fooled by this annual tradition of Islam claiming Jesus.

(12/09/2017) President Trump's Jerusalem Move Deals a Blow to Terror.  We won’t let Islamic terrorists decide where we put our embassies.  Exactly.  When you appease terrorists, you get more terror.  Is this not obvious?

(12/06/2017) The Case for Islamophobia.  The case is strong.  If we do not fear Islam - and not merely "radical Islam" - then we are blind and our fate is pretty much sealed.

(12/06/2017) U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel, Palestinian Days of Rage to follow.  Standard operating procedure.

(12/06/2017) Feinstein Urges Trump Not to Change Jerusalem Policy, Six Months After Voting for Him to Do So.  Is this not typical of many politicians?  Take a public stand on an issue that you think has no chance of coming to fruition, and when it does, reveal that you public stance was just a lie.  The GOP is totally guilty as well (McCain, Murkowski), voting to repeal Obamacare and speaking against it when they knew it would not be repealed and then changing their vote when it mattered.  Is it any wonder that people are disgusted with politicians?

(11/30/2017) Linda Sarsour says she's not anti-Semitic, blames Jews for spreading the idea around.  Why do people hate the media?  Well, there are many reasons, but one surely has to be that if you have progressive credentials, they let you get away with total nonsense.  Linda Sarsour is just one of many examples.

(11/30/3017) Is Political Islam Worse than Nazi or Communist Totalitarianism? Ask St. John Paul II.  Long, medium and short answers: yes. 

(11/12/2017) Egyptian Lawyer: Raping Women Who Expose Legs in Ripped Jeans is a Man’s ‘National Duty.’  I've always thought that Islam was a man-made "religion" designed for power and control, and to control women (and others) for the benefit of the patriarchy.  I've never seen anything to make me change my mind.

(10/31/2017) Calling the Cops in Europe? Don't Bother.  Why? Read the article.  Suffice it to say that there are many in America who are refusing the learn any lessons based on what is happening in Europe.  I guess that isn't surprising given that many Europeans aren't learning any lessons either.

(10/28/2017) Ohio: Muslim Dad Honor Murdered His Daughter Because She Was Dating A Non-Muslim, “If She Doesn’t Respect Me, Then She’ll Respect This.”  Do you ever get the feeling that the MSM doesn't want to cover this stuff because they think that us rubes will get the "wrong" idea?

(10/09/2017) Migrants Threaten Swedish Migration Board Employees with Rape, Violence.  Europe made its bed and now has to sleep in it.  You would think that all of our politicians would learn a lesson from this, but you would be wrong.


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