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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. First Amendment to the US Constitution


Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:31b-32 (NIV)

There are some in this country that would be happy to forbid praying in public.  Yet what better example of people using their first amendment rights than this?

That said, 'Saying Grace' recently set at auction record for a Norman Rockwell painting at $46M.

First Amendment

Oct-Dec 2015


(12/27/2015)   Police Told to Change Their Behavior!  Don't read your Bible during lunch.  And this is in Texas!

(12/27/2015)   Poll: Keep Christmas, increase religion in schools.  So why exactly do we let a relatively small minority dictate to the rest of us?  At the very least we need to stand up and make ourselves heard

(12/27/2015)  Preacher convicted of quoting Bible, now high court jumps in.  This is in the UK and a higher court reversed a lower court's decision.  But remember that there are a lot of people right here in the USA that would be happy ban portions of the Bible as 'hate speech.'


(12/25/2015)  Liberal Racist Professor Wants You to Say This Asinine Phrase Rather than “Merry Christmas” to be Inclusive.  This article is a bit snarky, but given the idiocy going on in our colleges today it seems well-deserved. 

(12/24/2015)   Military warned over Bible-verse court-martial.  Good.

(12/23/2015)  United Nations' OIC Head: Free Speech that Criticizes Islam is Totally Unacceptable!  This is just another of the many reasons Islam is incompatible with our Constitution. 

(12/23/2015)  Censorship is OK When Liberals Call For It.  Certainly our 'elites' thnk so.


(12/22/2015)   LGBT Group Calls on Government to Address ‘Disturbing Trend’ on Religious College Campuses.  Well, I have certainly noticed some 'disturbing trends' but they probably don't overlap with these.

(12/22/2015)  Nativity Scene Replaced with Atheist Display at Nebraska Capitol. 

(12/22/2015)  Parents at Kentucky school pushback against political correctness.  The school may have banned religion from "Charlie Brown's Christmas" but that did not prevent some in the audience from reciting from Luke.  Friends, we need more pushback like this.

(12/17/2015)  High School Official Interrupts Conservative in Middle Of His Speech After He ‘Crosses the Line.’  Apparently saying that the free market can lift anybody out of poverty if they’re able to manage their money is 'crossing a line.'

(12/15/2015)   The spreading virus: Oberlin edition: UPDATE (Is this for real?)   There was a time when you sent your kids off to college and after 4 years they came home adults.  There was a time when those that were disadvantaged worked hard to overcome their disadvantages.  Today it seems that people are fighting for the right to claim to be disadvantaged, and demanding favors and freebies from others to compensate for their disadvantages.  And squelching free speech, of course.

(12/14/2015)  Yanked off the air: Coke ad too 'offensive.'  I guess the notion that white people can help others or that others might need help is beyond the pale.  This is being categorized as First Amendment because it relates to the heckler's veto and the ability for a handful of people (or just one) to censor speech.

(12/12/2015)  Atheists Get School Nativity Scene Performance Banned.  Is anyone surprised by this?  The question is, what are we going to do about it?  Ideas, anyone?


(12/01/2015)   Harvard Plans Divisive Anti-America Conference.  Of course, they don't call it that, but that is what it boils down to.


(12/01/2015)  A Translation of the Obama Administration's Letter to America's Universities.  Of course, there is a little hyperbole involved.  I have heard over and over again that 'diversity' is good (no studies to back that assertion up, however) but at American colleges and universities diversity apparently only applies to the color of your skin and has nothing to do with views and opinions. 

(11/30/2015)   Policing Culture at the University of Washington.  Apparently 'appropriating' things from another culture is bad, bad, bad. 

(11/23/2015)   Lord’s Prayer Banned As Offensive.  In Great Britain.  Note that this story is definitely legitimate.  Here is more

(11/22/2015)   Could Jesus Crack Campus Speech Codes?  The answer is obviously no.

(11/21/2015)   Maine's Attorney General Using Civil Rights Law to Silence Christians.  Always ask yourself: who exactly is it that is using the power of government to force their beliefs on everyone else?  Hint: it is not Christians and conservatives.

(11/21/2015)   40% of millennials want the government to be able to restrict 'offensive' speech.  It isn't just the freedom of religion portion of the First Amendment that is under attack.  It is pretty clear that revisionist history of the United States and its founding has had an effect.  The younger generations don't know many facts about our history, much of what they know just isn't so, and they seem to have no grasp of what makes America great - after all, they don't think America is great.   We have a president who doesn't think we should lead or win and who doesn't see us as any more exceptional than any other country.

(11/20/2015)   University of Minnesota Students Reject 9/11 Remembrance as Islamophobic!  Remember that your tax dollars are paying for these institutions. 

(11/19/2015)   When 'Civility' Really Means 'Political Correctness.'  This falls into the same category as celebrities claiming their first amendment rights are being violated when others exercise their first amendment rights by disagreeing with the celebrity.  In other words, it is uncivil to disagree with liberals and progressives.

(11/17/2015)   Federal Usurping Bureaucrats Find ‘Superhighway’ Around 4th, 5th Amendments.  It isn't just the first and second amendments under attack.  Do politicians and bureaucrats even understand the meaning of 'public servant' and 'we the people?'


(11/16/2015)  Black student group vows bloodshed over Constitution.  'White America' told nation 'will get the bullet.'  It also appears that black activists are demanding segregation - not that they think of it this way.  And then there is this: Mizzou student VP: First Amendment creates ‘hostile and unsafe learning environment.’  As they say, you can't make this stuff up.  To end on a positive note, there is someone out there with some good sense: Protests Cost Missouri a Top Football Recruit – “Their Campus Is Out of Control”


(11/13/2015)  School Official Gets in Trouble for Advocating White Genocide.  Perhaps a little hyperbole was involved, but this is Britain where she can go to jail over this.  I don't approve of such talk but thank God we (still) have a First Amendment.


(11/13/2015)   Speaking of the First Amendment, 27% or Democrats (and 11% of Republicans) believe people should be prosecuted for questioning "global warming."  Clearly our public schools are doing a terrible job teaching our children about America, its founding and its government.

(11/13/2015)  Freedom Can’t Coexist With Campus Political Correctness. It’s impossible for people and society to govern themselves if their rights are subject to other people’s feelings.


(11/12/2015)   The First Amendment Is Dying.  Most of us are probably aware of this, but this article provides a good summary of the latest news on this front, and it isn't good - especially at colleges.


(11/09/2015)   When 'Civility' Really Means 'Political Correctness.'  Just like 'fairness' means 'hang on to your wallet.'

(11/09/2015)   Is the media biased?  Of course it is.

(11/07/2015)   University cuts Pledge of Allegiance from Veterans Day chapel because it makes some ‘uncomfortable.’    If the Pledge makes someone feel uncomfortable they should consider relocating.


(11/06/2015)   Here is a feel-good story you should enjoy.  Note that the fans at the play-off foortball game did the sort of thing that we should be doing at every opportunity.  We have an action related to this.

(11/05/2015)   The praying football coach is getting some more support.  Sen. Lankford: School District Cannot Constitutionally Stop Coach From Praying on Field.  Remember that there are actions that we can take as well.

(10/30/2015)  Judges: Cops can't boot Christians because Muslims violent.  This ruling is long overdue, or perhaps I should say it never should have been necessary.

(10/30/2015)   Kostiken should be Imprisoned, not Just Impeached.  Given that he clearly lied to and withheld information from Congress, this is certainly true.  But the bigger problem is that the IRS is using the power of government to suppress the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  Just a single example: what business is it of the IRS to be request the content of prayers of groups applying for tax-exempt status?

(10/30/2015)   Bremerton’s praying football coach placed on leave.  Perhaps it is time for parents and other fans to go out on the field after games and pray, whether there is a praying coach or not.  And perhaps the prayer venues should be expanded beyond football games to graduations, city council meeting and more.  They can try to silence 'public officials', but 'We the People' can only be silenced if we choose to be silent.  Anyone willing to write a blog post on the subject?  I've added an action, but a little more inspiration would be valuable.  Update:  Here is a more detailed commentary.

(10/29/2015)   Wisconsin's shame: How free is free speech in America?  If you are not familiar with the 'John Doe' case in Wisconsin, this is a necessary read.  And unless there are serious consequences for the prosecutors involved, then this sort of thing is likely to continue. 

(10/28/2015)   Watch What Happens When Actress Takes Stand Supporting Right to Pray in Public on ‘The View’.  Did I already post this?  If so, it is worth watching again.


(10/27/2015)   How Wesleyan’s Attempt To Stamp Out Words Inflames Them.  In a nutshell, the student government reduced funding of the student newspaper because it printed a mildly conservative column.  The Left's objective is to silence all opposition.


(10/27/2015)  HS football coach will sue school district for refusing to allow him to pray after games.  Bravo!  We have been passive for far too long.  It is time to fight back.

(10/27/2015)  Frontiers in political correctness: 'Hard worker' now insensitive to slaves, working mothers.  I know that the American belief in the work ethic has been in decline over the years, but to have people actively fighting it is just shameful.

(10/25/2015)   We certainly mustn't make anyone feel uncomfortable.  Causes of discomfort include reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and statues of Thomas Jefferson.  Yet many feel uncomfortable when they see women parading around dressed like sluts, but I am skeptical that any colleges are likely to do anything about that - fundamental rights, after all.

(10/23/2015)   Obama’s Department of Justice clears Lois Lerner and everyone else.  Did anyone actually think that the 'Justice' Department would seek to punish anyone in the IRS for targeting Tea Party groups?  Cynicism about our government is fully justified and no run-of-the-mill politician is likely to be able to do anything about it.  Here is more:  One Banana Short of a Republic.   Apparently stomping on people's first amendment rights is A-OK.

(10/18/2015)   High School Football Coach Defies Order to Halt Postgame Prayers.  Bravo.

(10/08/2015)   100,000 students bring Bibles to classrooms.  This is the sort of action we need to push for and support a lot more than we do.  Bravo. 

(10/07/2015)   Fired for Sharing His Faith!  Apparently his views made at least one co-worker 'uncomfortable'.  The fact is, the Christian faith should make all of us uncomfortable since the Christian faith makes foolish 'the wisdom of the world'.

(10/03/2015)  VIDEO: Liberals Pushing To BAN People from Talking About Religion in Public.  I'm not sure what is worse.  That people actually believe this, or that they pay so little attention that they will sign anything.  As a nation, for decades we have been doing a terrible job teaching about the founding and the principles of our nation.


(10/02/2015)   Obama Makes Clear that Some People have More Equal Rights than Others.  You will never guess who has more rights and who has less.  Gay rights take precednece over religious rights.

(10/02/2015)  FFRF Once Again Threatens But the Citizens of Hawkins TX Refuse to Concede.  This has to do with a sign that says "Jesus welcomes you to Hawkins."  When it comes to the first amendment, we should all be fighting and not conceding.


(10/01/2015)   White Teacher Suspended for Using Racial Slur in Example about Racism and Derogatory Terms.  I am just wondering where the right to never be offended came from. 

(10/01/2015)   ACLU targeting Louisiana school over educator's 'God Bless You' greeting.  If all public employees are somehow forbidden to say or do anything of a religious nature on the job, then perhaps it is time to minimize the number of public employees.  Replacing the public school system with a voucher system would be a good start.

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