“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:25-28 (NIV)


Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.

Proverbs 4:14-15   (NIV)


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20  (NIV)

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(10/15/2020) We Have Forgotten God.  Have we forgotten?  Many have never known him, others deliberately ignore him.  But the end result is the same - a nation in deep, deep trouble.

(10/15/2020) CNN Claims Biden Didn’t Call Trump’s China Travel Restrictions ‘Xenophobic.’ Here’s The Tweet Where He Did Exactly That.  Our so-called news media has been contributing mightily to the Biden campaign and they have been doing it by doing exactly what they proclaim they are not - pushing fake news.  The Washington Post just claimed Biden didn't pressure the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor when Biden is on video bragging about doing just that.  I'm a big believer in the First Amendment, but libel laws really need to be extended to the news (and social) media, at least to some degree.  Social media should be exempt as a "common carrier" if they do not censor.  But they do censor and they are doing so madly to help Biden as the election approaches.  The news media is not a common carrier, is responsible for their content, and should be subject to libel.  Nick Sandman has only been successful (so far) because he was not a "public figure" when the MSM slandered him.  So why should it be okay to slander public figures?

(10/15/2020) Man demands parents choose between Trump signs in their yard and seeing their grandkids. It spectacularly backfires — and now he's sorry.  Well, he made up to his dad and that is all to the good. But it is a major problem that those on the Left are far more likely to sever relationships over politics than those on the Right.  And just who are the ones who constantly proclaim their on tolerance while attacking the supposed intolerance of the other?

(10/15/2020) Parents React to Virginia’s Sex Textline for Teens.  Besides the obvious, this is another example of the state driving a wedge between kids and their parents; yet another effort to diminish the family and increase the power and authority of the state. 

(09/29/2020) Joe Biden Claims 6,000 Military Members Dead From COVID. The Real Number Is 7.  I present this as an example of what is very common.  A significant portion of our country accepts lies that support their narrative (Trump is bad) because they believe that their narrative is of far greater value than the truth.  This attitude can only lead to disaster.  The only good "narrative" is one that can be confirmed by facts, truth and reality.

(09/29/2020) Mail-In Fraud Update #72,346,598: Queens Voters Receiving Military Absentee Ballots.  The problem isn't necessarily fraud, it could be mere incompetence.  But the consequences are the same: how can we have any confidence in the election results given what we have seen regarding vote by mail.  However, ballot harvesting is fraud and we see evidence of a lot of that, as well.  And people have received multiple ballots.  Honest people vote just once, the dishonest vote multiple times.  Do we want our elections decided by dishonest people?  The whole thing is a farce!

(09/26/2020) Amy Coney Barrett and Who We Are as a Nation.  Good news. May she be approved, and quickly.

(09/25/2020) Permission for Pastors to Preach About Politics.  This is an excellent article.  Sadly, most pastors avoid politics, even though they have a huge impact on our lives and lives of those around us.  And the Constitution says absolutely nothing about "separation of church and state," nor does the Bible.  However, under the Constitution, no theocracy could be established, either, despite claims from the Left that that is what we on the Right want do do. 

(09/25/2020) We Can’t Make America Great Without God.  Agreed.

(09/24/2020) Politics Is Destroying Your Soul.  A woman has decided to become a Satanist in order to prevent America from becoming a theocracy - or something. I find it remarkable how many things the Left fears the Right is going to do when I, a card carrying member of the Right, know not a single person who wishes to do what they claim.

(09/23/2020) Biden Voters Reportedly Attack Home of Trump Supporters in Minnesota.  Arson, three vehicles and garage destroyed.  They had a large Trump sign in their yard, and the firefighters observed "Biden 2020"  freshly spray painted on the garage.  This is what we are dealing with, and anyone who thinks it will all go away if Biden is elected is no student of history. 

(09/23/2020) US Mail Found in Ditch in Rural Wisconsin — Included Absentee Ballots.  No matter how the election goes, can anyone have any confidence at all in the results if a significant portion of the country is voting by mail? But the Democrats are clearly expecting that any problems, including fraud, will work in their favor.  Note that you will almost never see stories such as this in the MSM.  I wonder why?

(09/23/2020) Iowa State prof forbids students to disagree with BLM, abortion. University takes action.  Note that this is an English class and the students are not to disagree with her concerning abortion, same sex marriage and Black Lives Matter.  Of course, the "action" just amounts to modifying the syllabus and lecturing the professor about the First Amendment.

(09/23/2020)  Am I imagining a change in children’s books?  I don't think so.  I think that children's books have become much more politically correct.  They often promote things that just are not so, such as women (and girls) can do anything a man (or boy) can do, and probably better.  That is pretty benign compared to some of the stuff.  The Left has been indoctrinating our kids, often without our even being aware.  I hope and pray that the China virus restrictions cause many, many more people to homeschool their kids.  There are positive signs that this is happening.

(09/23/2020) WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany: CNN’s ‘Don Lemon Said the Quiet Part Out Loud.’  And what was that?  That Democrats should blow up the entire system.  Isn't that exactly what they are encouraging right now?

(09/23/2020) Our “Non-Partisan” Media At Work.  Trump has yet to appoint anyone to replace Justice Ginsburg, but the media is already hard at work attacking and trying to discredit potential replacements.  Especially Amy Coney Barrett, as she is considered the most likely choice.  How?  Simply by quoting "critics" and making a big deal of it.  Why no articles quoting supporters?  Because that doesn't fit the narrative.  Funny how the Democrats are hard at work taking away First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights, and they scream that conservative judges are the ones who are going to take away your rights.  What rights would those be?  Abortion?  For men to use the women's bathroom?  To riot, burn and commit mayhem in the name of "peaceful" protests?  Just askin'.

(09/23/2020) Looting a powerful tool to bring about real, lasting change in society, California D.A. says.  In other words, looting is perfectly OK if you "needed" the stuff, or depending on various other circumstances.

(09/22/2020) Carlson: Democrats Know ‘Talk About Ginsburg’s Dying Wish Is Ridiculous and Insulting to All of Us and Our Country.'  There is a lot more in the article and that "more" should frighten you much more than Ginsburg's "dying wish." 

(09/20/2020) Jim Caviezel Rebukes Christian Fence-Sitters in Inspired Interview.  And so we should be rebuked.

(09/11/2020) How to Explain Christians’ Support for Trump? ‘Former Evangelical’ Philosopher Says ‘Trump’s B***h’ Covers It.  The reason evangelicals support Trump is very simple.  The reason all sorts of non-evangelicals feel compelled to explain our support is also very simple.  It is another opportunity to trash evangelicals while displaying their total ignorance and and total willingness to lie and slander those who stand in the way of their destruction and taking over of our country.


(09/11/2020) D.C. Police Arrest Pro-Lifers for Chalking but Ignore BLM Spray-Painter.  Sadly, this kind of stuff is not surprising.  The question is, are we just going to sit back and let things get worse and worse?

(09/07/2020) BYU student starts petition to bring back 'Christ-centered education.'  Well, they are probably talking Mormonism, but practically, that is better than secularism.  And perhaps some students at supposedly Christian colleges and universities could start doing the same.  It would be wonderful if a lot more Christians became activists.  And really, are we not called to do so, albeit in a constructive manner rather than the destructive tactics of the Left?

(09/05/2020) Study Shows that More than 90% of Cases Tested COVID-Positive Are Wrongly Diagnosed!  Gee, so our cases are vastly exaggerated.  What a shock.  Yet we are continually told we are facing disaster, not because of deaths - they are down - but because of new cases. 

(09/05/2020) Did Jesus Teach the Separation of Faith and Politics? No!  Our biblical worldview absolutely, positively should inform our political views.  Period.

(09/05/2020) First the bad news: Obscene federal ‘diversity training’ scam prospers — even under Trump.  Now the good news: Trump Deserves Re-Election For This Alone (banning federal funds to be used to indoctrinate federal employees in critical race theory and other 'diversity' scams).  For decades, the Left has used federal taxes to fund all sort of left-wing training, indoctrination, promotion and propaganda.  And just look at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to say nothing of our public schools.  It is about time we fought back. 

(09/05/2020) “They’re Gonna Want to Hunt – Eradicate Their Opponents.” – Victor Davis Hanson On America’s Future If Democrats Win in 2020.  Two things make me believe this prediction. First, it is VDH, and second, they are already trying to do it.

(09/03/2020) Prominent Democrats openly call for violence, riots, and uprisings.  They are all on video doing this, but you can be certain that the MSM downplays or ignores all such evidence.  After all, the narrative is now that Trump is the cause of all the violence. 

(09/03/2020) McFarland knocks liberal drift of Christianity Today.  Apparently the same is true for Wheaton College.

(09/03/2020) If you thought BLM was stoking a race war, wait until you hear Biden’s speech.  The Left will be happy to destroy our nation if it helps them regain power.  In fact, both are their goals: regain power and destroy the nation.  Then they hope to rebuild America in their own image.  One catch: destroying is a lot easier than building.  When they destroy, they are also destroying the builders.

(09/03/2020) Coming Soon to Our Nation’s Capital: A Comprehensive Purge.  We laughed and sneered when the Soviets re-wrote history to suit their latest "narrative."  And now we have a major movement in the United States to do exactly what we used to think was insanely absurd.

(09/02/2020) Critical Race Theory and the war on standards.  Good article, especially if you don't know the history of CRT.  Note that if whites do that which is necessary to succeed, it is white privilege.  If blacks fail to do what is necessary to succeed, it is because of racism.  How can the problems in the black community ever be addressed if this is the premise?  They cannot.  In fact, they can only get worse.

(09/01/2020)  Cops Charge Senator, 13 Others, With Felonies in Confederate Memorial Vandalism.  Bravo.  I don't care what your proclaimed motive, tearing down statues is a crime.  Meanwhile, in Portland the DA has been mostly refusing to bring charges against rioters.  No wonder they have a problem.

(09/01/2020) Biden: The Violent Riots Will Continue Unless You Vote Democrat.  That pretty much states the Democrat position, though they now realize that they have to pretend to be in favor of law and order.

(08/31/2020) LA County Loses Court Battle with Grace Community Church — So County Sends Eviction Notice to the Church on Sunday.  Yep.  LA loses in court, so they punish Grace by "evicting" them from a county owned parking lot that the church has leased for over 40 years.  The key is this: LA cares not a whit for the rule of law.  The courts have repeatedly ruled against them.  LA refused to accept this. Do you want people with that attitude having power over you?

(08/31/2020) ‘In Defense of Looting’ Author Says the Value of Small Businesses Is a 'Right-Wing Myth.'  It cannot be overemphasized: for the Left, narratives based on lies and deceit "trump" facts and reality.  And when decisions and policies are based on lies and deceit, they are invariably bad.

(08/31/2020) Voters condemn Trump for racist comments — then learn Biden actually made those comments.  But aren't so learning, they still plan to vote for Biden.  They have already made up their minds that Trump is a racist and Biden is not.  Why, all sensible people knows this to be true!!  All contrary evidence, no matter how overwhelming, is to be ignored.  This is the great danger to ourselves, to our country, to the world.  Many a narrative is built and promoted based on lies, deceit, misrepresentations, out of context quotes and more.  And once accepted by the gullible, they can be extremely difficult to dislodge.  Note that no one claimed that Trump was a racist until he decided to run for president as a Republican.  Why?  Because there was (and is) no such evidence.  But the endlessly repeated narrative is now that he is a racist, white supremacist.  The actual evidence is quite to the contrary.  Why do so many buy into it when they never would have done so prior to 2016?  Because an assumption in their worldview is that Republicans are racists.  As soon as Trump declared himself a Republican, that for which there is no evidence became blindingly obvious to those for whom truth and reality are no longer of value.

(08/30/2020) CNN’s Don Lemon says 'cultist' Trump supporters need to be ‘deprogrammed’ before voting​.  I would argue rather that Biden supporters need to understand the difference between narratives and reality and to come down on the side of truth and reality.  I'm not holding my breath, but some may be doing just that.

(08/30/2020) Meet the Democrats’ Newest Strategist.  In short, looting is a good thing.  To bad she didn't come out with her book before the Democrats realized that looting an rioting is going to hurt them at the ballot box.

(08/29/2020) “It’s a Good Life” — the left is narcissism in action.  That is an accurate assessment.

(08/29/2020) A Tyranny Perpetual and Universal?   I suppose we might find out if Trump loses.  I pray it doesn't come to that, but if we elect Biden, we probably deserve it.

(08/29/2020) President Trump Offers a Choice Between Loving and Destroying America.  That pretty much sums it up.  The Democrats are offering the same choice, but won't admit what side they are on.

(08/29/2020) The Homicide of the Truth.  Truth is certainly taking a big hit right now.

(08/29/2020) Why Biblical Truth is Especially Relevant for Modern Culture.  It isn't just biblical truth that is important (but largely ignored), but simple facts.  How many lies are running around now, posing as truth?  Police targeting blacks is one of the biggies.  To be blunt, Satan is hard at work and using the Democrats to start a race war.  The 2020 election is critical.

(08/28/2020) Juvenile detention officer suspended for 'racist' post about fatal shooting of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant: 'Should've ducked.'  

(08/28/2020) Do You Know What Evil Is?  There has been a trend in recent decades to avoid talking about sin and to avoid talking about evil.  Or we trivialize evil.  The Left does this a lot, calling pretty much everyone who disagrees with them evil.  But there is a lot of genuine evil going on and we would do well to recognize it for what it is.

(08/27/2020) MacArthur's argument stands: 'Church is essential.'  The founders certainly thought so.

(08/26/2020) The BLM Mob Doesn’t Just Want You To Raise Your Fist, It Wants To Rule You.  What I find most disturbing is the fact that almost all the diners raised their fists in solidarity.  If you want to make a valid comparison to Nazi Germany, this behavior qualifies 100%.

(08/26/2020)  Believers still backing Trump … and here's why.  Start with the fact that Democrats are either hostile to Christianity or see it primarily as a tool to promote their political agenda.  If that isn't enough, there is plenty more.

(08/25/2020) 30 Good Things President Trump Has Done for America.  This is written by a theologian that my wife and I have a lot of respect for.

(08/22/2020) God? Who’s That?  This article is, of course, referring to the Democrat Party.

(08/22/2020) Trump and the Christian Voter

(08/22/2020) Texas School District Caught Teaching Children the Police are Just Like the KKK and Slave Owners.  No wonder some of our public schools and teachers don't want parents to know what is going on in the classroom!

(08/22/2020) MORE FRAUD: Arizona Counts Any Death Within 60 Days of Positive COVID Test As COVID Death.  When you base your policies on lies, you will have bad policies.  Question: how many deaths have occurred in the US from the virus?  Answer: we don't know, but we can be sure is is a lot less than has been reported.  And given that we are over-reporting deaths and that our hospitals and ICUs have never been strained, and that all sorts of people are suffering health-related issues by putting off doctor visits, our "policies" are clearly bad.  And even when we aren't putting it off, the system is.  I jsut got results from a scan - hernia.  When can I see the doctor to determine a course of treatment?  October.  Usually it is a matter of days, now it is a matter of months.  There is no "higher  truth" associated with over-reporting deaths.  It is, in fact, extremely harmful to the country and to individuals.  But there is political and financial gain to be had.

(08/21/2020) If Your School District Pulls What One Tennessee District Did, Know Your Rights.  Gee, why sould a school district want parents to sign a paper agreeing not to watch their kid's virtual classroom?  They claim it s to protect privacy, but any sensible person knows they don't want parents to know all the social justoce BS being taught.

(08/21/2020) Calif. COVID Bullies Tried to Slap Pastor John MacArthur With Contempt. It Backfired.  Suffice it to say that many / most Democrats in office do not consider worship to be essential, unlike abortions, marijuana, gambling and the like.

(08/20/2020) Rev. Graham to Lead Prayer March on Washington: We'll 'Pray That God Will Intervene, Save this Nation.'  One of the few regrets I have about moving from NJ to Colorado is the greater difficulty of attending events like this.

(08/20/2020) FNC’s Carlson Highlights Parts of the DNC That Democrats Don’t Want You to See.  No, they don't.  And with good reason.  But we need to know what they really think. You won't like it.

(08/20/2020) Should America Be Guided by ‘Narratives’ or Truth?  Alas, while the answer is obvious, a huge portion of our country, possibly a majority, feel otherwise.  I say "feel" rather than "think" for good reason. 

(08/20/2020) Schools in Vermont District Ordered to Fly Black Lives Matter Flags

(08/20/2020) A Dallas judge is forcing a man to pay for his son's 'sex transition.'  Mom wants it, he doesn't, it doesn't look like the son wants it, either.  And the cost is substantial.  This judge needs to be removed.

(08/19/2020) Presbyterian Church Posts Racism Against White People: ‘White People Get to Settle and Colonize, Take and Own and Sell Human Lives.’  Specifically, this is a PCUSA church, which doesn't surprise me at all.  I suppose it woudn't matter to them to point out that plenty of non-white people have done all those things and some are still doing it today!

(08/19/2020) Progressives' Empathy Hypocrisy.  I cannot help but associate the Democrats with the Pharisee praying in the temple, proclaiming how good he was, especially compared to the rubes.  Except the Pharisee ws probably a lot better than the Democrats.  At least he probably did some of the good deeds he proclaimed. He had some good deeds, even if he heart was way out of whack and his motivations were all wrong.  The Democrats' heart is in the wrong place, their motivations are wrong, their good deeds are minimal to non-existance, but they surely think they are better than everyone else.

(08/19/2020) Where Black Lives Matter Rioters Learned To Call Looting ‘Reparations’.  Our schools and media may do a terrible job teaching good values and critical thinking skills, but the ability to self-justify is stronger than ever.

(08/18/2020) Everything the Left Touches It Ruins. Now Add Science.  That is because the politicize everything.

(08/18/2020) Michelle Obama Has a Raging Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  She isn't the only one, of course.  But I get a little annoyed when these people make all kinds of negative assertions about Trump and back then up either with nohing at all or with lies.  Trump is in over his head and doesn't know what he is doing?  Back it up!  You can't.  You and your ilk and your enablers in the media simply think that continual repition will make it true.  Or at least sucker enough people. 

(08/16/2020) Our Revolting Media in Two Headlines.  To be fair, it is just the Washington Post (so far).

(08/16/2020) Major Development In Durham Probe Ignored During CNN, MSNBC Primetime Coverage.  Of course.  They do not seee their job as informing the public.  Their job is to influence the public.  In a progressive direction.

(08/15/2020) What Is Truth?  Well, it isn't the answer that many want to hear, but Christ came to be a witness to the truth. 

(08/15/2020) Christians beware of left's attack on Western values.  Indeed, it isn't just the future of America that is at stake this election, it is Western Civilization. 

(08/15/2020) Heartbreak: Judge Puts James Younger Under Mother's Control, Ordering Father to Pay for Counseling.  Understand this.  The mother wants to transition the child to female, the father does not.  The judge orders that the mother gets her way but the father has to pay for it!  Talk about injustice!  Our judges have far, far too much power.  And we have far, far too many judges that rule on the basis of their own feeling and values, having nothing to do with the actual law.  Solomons are in short supply.

(08/15/2020) Mainstream media's silence on the horrific murder of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant sparks Twitter hashtag #SayHisName.  How do we get the false notion that blacks are disproportionately targeted by police, and that "hate" crimes are committed by whites against blacks but not vice versa?  Simply by suppressing all stories that provide evidence contrary to the false narrative.  Of major news organs, only Fox News has covered this story.  None of the other networks, none of the major newspapers.

(08/14/2020) Math Professor: The '2+2=4 Trope ... Reeks of White Supremacist Patriarchy.'  Academia should actually punish people for nonsense like this.  They should not have a job teaching our kids and youth and literally corrupting them with nonsense like this.  Instead, they are taken seriously by people who should know better and rewarded with high paying jobs.  Out culture has a lot of problems.  This is a big one.

(08/14/2020) John MacArthur Sues Newsom for Banning Church While Encouraging Protests.  We need to do more of this.  The virus may be making freedom of religion violations more obvious, but they are nothing new and have been going on for some considerable time.

(08/13/2020) I can’t figure out why Biden picked Kamala.  Good article, but I doubt it was Biden who picked her.

(08/13/2020) Why does government regulate showers?  Because it gives bureaucrats something to do to justify their existence (and high paying jobs).  Where water supplies are problematic, simply charge more and people will decide for themselves whether to pay more or use less.  But it isn't the progressive (or Democrat or bureaucratic) way to let people decide for themselves.

(08/13/2020) CA pastor goes there: Dems want church doors locked.  I am going to put this as tactfully as I can.  Those on the Left - and the Democrat Party qualifies as Left - prioritize politics over everything else.  This means that no matter what field we are talking about, those on the Left will let their politics dictate their beliefs and actions.  Whatever benefits them politically and ideologically, they will say and do.  Period.  The California pastor is simply saying what is objectively true. 

(08/11/2020) Teacher Worries Virtual Classrooms Will Let 'Conservative' Parents Hear Them Brainwashing Their Kids About 'Gender/Sexuality.'  I pray that as a result of the virus, far, far more parents decide to home school their kids.

(08/11/2020) 5 Things to Know About Biden's VP Pick, Kamala Harris.  To be fair, there are a lot of other things we should all know, as well.  And we can be sure the MSM is not going to tell us about them.   Update:  If you can believe it: The New York Times describes VP pick Kamala Harris as ‘a pragmatic moderate.’ 

(08/10/2020) Faith Leaders Protest Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Order Barring In-Person Worship.  Some are fighting back, but not nearly enough.  I hope this "resistance" grows.

(08/10/2020) Feminist Says Joe Biden Supports Killing Babies in Abortions Because He’s “Deeply Compassionate.” 

(08/10/2020)  City of Angels threatening darkness for churches

(08/09/2020) Netflix’s ‘Cursed’ Portrays Christianity One Way; This Tale Portrays It Another.  The author makes a good point.  We Christians (me, too!) are doing a lot of complaining nowadays, and to be fair, there is a lot worth complaining about.  But what positive things are we doing?  Should we just be griping about all the bad going on, or should we be trying to do some positive good in response?  The answer is obvious.

(08/09/2020) 'Spiritual Health Is Essential': Godspeak Church Defies Restraining Order, No Police in Sight.  This is in California.  I am so grateful that we can meet in person again.  In all the most populated areas of California, that is an act of civil disobedience.

(08/09/2020) 10 Key Takeaways from ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ Gathering in Las Vegas.  This is more really good stuff.  The question is really not whether evangelicals should support Trump  We do.  A recent survey had Trump's evangelical support at 94%, though that is probably high.  The real question should be,  what are we supporters going to do?  The time for silence is past.  If committed Christians won't speak up against the moral decay in our country and in favor of revival and a turning back to God, who is going to?  This article ends with a story of a father taking his young daughter to a holocaust museum.  Afterwards, she asked "Daddy, why didn't somebody do something?"  Don't let that question be asked of us.

(08/08/2020) Letter to an Anti-Trump Christian Friend.  Why do well over 80% of evangelicals support President Trump? This letter explains it more clearly than most of us are capable of doing for ourselves.  It is long, but well worth reading.  The real question is, how can any evangelicals support the Democrats (from Biden on down the line) given the policies they are advocating and the behavior (the "cancel culture," violent "protests") they are condoning?

(08/08/2020) ‘Give Me Liberty. Or Don’t. Whatever.’  The author is not on the side of "whatever."

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