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Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Proverbs 1:8   (NIV)

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV)


Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.  The commandments, “Do not commit adultery,” “Do not murder,” “Do not steal,” “Do not covet,” and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Romans 13:8-10  (NIV)


Other Social Issues

Jan - Sep 2019

(09/28/2019) Marriage on the Rock or Marriage on the Rocks.  The rock, of course, is Jesus Christ.

(09/17/2019) Woke History Is Making Big Inroads in America's High Schools.  This is bad for our kids and bad for the country.  Isn't it remarkable how willing the Left is to cram their views down the throats of our children, with no accountability whatsoever.

(09/15/2019) God Takes a Beating on Television.  It is probably worse than you think.

(09/12/2019) Trump-backing Antonio Sabato backs Best Buddies after charity comes under fire for honoring his volunteer work.  So Trump supporters are not welcome to do volunteer work?  Interesting, since conservatives and (genuine) Christians are much more likely to donate their time and money to charity than LGBTQ activists and liberals, in general.

(09/11/2019) Beto O'Rourke Threatens to Reorder All of American Society, Force Americans Out of Their Homes.  The headline exaggerates a little, and I post this not so much to bash Beto as to simply emphasize that the Left wants to control more and more and more of your lives.  We rubes simply cannot be trusted, the free market cannot be trusted, only progressive "experts" can be trusted.

(09/06/2019) Castro (the presidential candidate) Wants 'Structural Change' to Keep Conservative Ideas Out of Schools.  We must teach about how bad climate change is and how good it is to be LBGTQ, and we must keep conservative and Christian ideas out of the schools.  Well, they are already succeeding in doing this to a significant degree, but for the Left, it isn't nearly enough.  Why is it that conservatives would be happy if our public schools would just teach basic academics and nothing more, while the Left wants to use (and is using) our schools to indoctrinate our kids in progressivism?

(09/03/2019) TDS-Suffering Liberal Now Triggered by ANY Red Baseball Cap.  And she thinks that she is the "normal" one.  As an aside, I wore my MAGA hat every day for almost two weeks in Southern California with no problems.  It is possible I traumatized someone, though.

(09/01/2019) Fathers, Tell Your Sons To Emulate J.D. Vance.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, a WP writer declares him to be a white nationalist.  When I was a kid many years ago, parents, teachers, even politicians, reporters and TV shows encouraged values that would help us as individuals and contribute to society, as well.  Now the "values" and behaviors that are promoted and encouraged are destructive, both for individuals and the country at large.

(08/28/2019) Last 2 decades of God-less education blamed for eroding values.  This article is referencing a survey and compares results to those of 20 years ago. But it has been going on for far more than two decades. 

(08/28/2019) Beto O’Rourke Supporters Boo Man for Urging America to Return to God.   Beto didn't join them but he disagreed with the man.  The is an opportunity for my favorite quote ever: "Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them; either by the Word of God or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible or by the bayonet." - Robert Winthrop

(08/26/2019) Younger Americans much less likely to say that patriotism, religion, and having children are “very important.”  I am curious as to what they think actually is important, and how long they'll be able to hang on to them.  Eventually they will discover that what they thought important wasn't important at all - hopefully before it is to late.

(08/09/2019) Angel Mom Suspended By Twitter For Posting About Criminal Illegal Aliens.  Truth is not important any more.  Truth that makes the Left (that is, Democrats) look bad must be suppressed.  And that is exactly what is happening nowadays.  Note for sane people: we cannot deal with the problems of today if we hide the truth.

(08/07/2019) You kick God out of the culture, this is what you get.  You sure do.

(08/07/2019) When False Gods Ring Hollow.  There are a lot of false gods out there.  We, as a nation, as communities, as families and as individuals, would be so much better off if we focused on God almighty, the only one that counts.

(08/07/2019) Mental illness and mass murder.  Most mass shooters are mentally ill, and virtually every single one comes from a broken home.  But these are issues that don't poll well for Democrats, so the entire media / entertainment / academia complex wants to put the entire focus on guns.  They aren't interested in actually making things better.  This tells you everything you need to know about them.

(08/07/2019) GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin: Staffers’ Homes and Cars Targeted With “Death Camps for Trump Supporters” Fliers.  Actual violence and the threat of violence in America is coming primarily from the Left.  But check out the MSM and our politicians - virtually the only people called upon to denounce violence are Trump supporters.  Shucks, when the Left causes or threatens violence, the MSM makes excuses and covers for them.  We are heading into dangerous times. 

(08/05/2019) Brian Stelter is brought to his knees after trying to ridicule Mitch McConnell over offering prayers in the wake of the weekend shootings.  I have a simple question.  What does more good for victims of a shooting and their families?  Offering up prayers or screeching about gun control?  Just asking.

(07/30/2019) HUD Secretary Ben Carson Lists 3 Ways to 'Reduce the Likelihood of Poverty.'  Nothing new here: finish high school, get married, don't have kids until marriage.  He should have included, get a job, any job, and work hard at it.  The problem is not that these facts aren't known, the problem is that government programs generally encourage the exact opposite.  You get financial rewards from Uncle Sam for not doing those things!

(07/30/2019) Trump Speaks the Politically Incorrect Truth.  There are many genuine truths that need to be said.  Over and over.  One is that blacks are by far the greatest victims of crime and it behooves all law abiding blacks - a majority of blacks - to work with police to make their neighborhoods safer.

(07/26/2019) Assault on Western Civilization.  And where is the assault focused at this point?  On Christianity.  And we are not putting up much of a fight.

(07/26/2019) The Cultural Left Goes Berserk.  Among other things, we have a Jesuit magazine defending communism.  Question: do Jesuits even qualify as Christian? I'll let the Catholics sort that out, but ....

(07/24/2019) Anti-Trump Crafters: A Decade-Long Unraveling.  This is old news, but I may not have linked to it before.  Suffice it to say that progressives are not tolerant - though they demand everyone else to be, and they hate - though they demand everyone else to "love."

(07/12/2019) Tucker Carlson Has A Point About The Dangers Of Immigration.  "We’re not very good at instilling American values in immigrants because we’re not very good about instilling them among the native-born."  When I was a kid, we were taught American values in school, and we were taught that America was the greatest country in the world (it was and still is!!), that we were fortunate to have been born in America (we were all natives), and that we had a obligation to work hard for ourselves, for our families, and for our country.  What is taught today in our schools?  Many teach that we should be ashamed and embarrassed to be Americans.

(07/12/2019) Ladies of The View Turn on AOC and the Other ‘Justice Democrats.’  Of course!  AOC played the race card against fellow Democrats.  The race card should only be played against Republicans!  It is actually pretty funny to see people who continually play the race card complaining about AOC playing that card.

(07/10/2019) Adulterers: The New Protected Sexual Minority.  Sigh.  Progressives flock to the social sciences and impose their will.  And Christians that go into the social sciences risk getting booted out for believing in biblical values (it has happened).  This is not good.

(07/06/2019) America, Our Great Nation, Was Built on Faith.  Yes, it was.

(07/05/2019) Why Is It Okay to Show Off Ignorance About God?  Of course, it wouldn't be annoying if they weren't so confident that we are the ignorant ones. 

(07/04/2019) Remembering America’s Christian Roots.  The Left has been pretty successful in their efforts to remove Christianity and its impact on America from our history books. 

(07/04/2019) The eternal meaning of Independence Day.  PowerLine posts this every year.  It is a speech by Lincoln, and he describes better than anyone what it means to be an American - a real American.  Here is a close number two.

(07/04/2019) Terrific! Philly Flag Store Sells 1,000 Betsy Ross Flags a Day after Nike and Colin Kaepernick Sh*t On America.  Bravo.

(07/02/2019) Gallup: Pride in being an American reaches modern low — thanks to rock-bottom numbers from Democrats.  Even though Republicans did not like the Obama administration, they remained proud of their country.  Democrats have never been as proud of the USA as Republicans, but the gap today has never been greater.  76% of Republicans are "extremely proud," only 22% of Democrats.  That says a lot.

(07/02/2019) Why Nike’s Capitulation To Kaepernick Matters.  Yes, it does matter.  And if this kind of thing keeps up, America is doomed.  I never imagined that the USA could go the way of Rome and other great powers of the past, but the evidence is now strong that we can and we will unless those who love our country act to prevent it.

(07/02/2019) Corporate America Tilts Left.  And why is this happening?  Because we are choosing to do nothing to prevent it.

(07/02/2019) Commanders to Marines: Get well spiritually.  I believe that most of our country's problems would be solved - or at least alleviated - if we, as a whole, got well spiritually.


(07/02/2019) Charlottesville, Virginia will no longer celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday.  In other words, let us first write off all those who helped establish the greatest country on earth.  Then it will be easier to change the country into just another also-ran, or worse.

(06/29/2019) America Needs a True Family-First Movement.  This is an excellent article.   Quote: The nation needs virtuous wives and mothers, not wage slaves and managers. This probably means you rethink sending your daughters to college, where life is light on learning and heavy on hooking up.

(06/12/2019) US Women’s Soccer Player Ignored The National Anthem As An ‘F-You’ To Trump.  She is playing on the USA national team.  If she had an integrity, she would refuse to play.  But hey, integrity that actually costs something is no longer "in." Posturing to the acclaim of your buddies seems to be the in thing, now.

(06/11/2019) Now That YouTube Bans Everything But Twerking Drag Kids, The Right Needs More Than Just Yelling ‘Stop.’  We believe in truth, God's truth, and yet we don't fight as hard as progressives whose "truth" changes continually.

(06/11/2019) Harvard Study Reveals Religious Upbringing Better for Kids’ Health, Well-Being.  To be honest, this surprises me.  That is, that they would release a study that has a result that is contrary to progressive dogma.

(06/10/2019) Left normalizes Hitler.  Every GOP president from Reagan on has been called "Hitler."  So I guess Hitler wasn't so bad, after all.

(06/10/2019) Don’t start NONE! Brianna Wu tries picking a fight with Matt Walsh and just GUESS how that goes (assist from Dan Crenshaw!).  Another Leftie tries to tell Christians what it means to be a Christian.  Apparently, being a Christian is nothing more than fighting for "social justice."  Little things like sin, redemption and salvation aren't on the agenda.

(06/09/2019) Substitute teacher says she was fired for criticizing high school students' absolutely awful grammar.  i am always a little skeptical when anyone who was fired makes a claim like this.  Sadly, I am a lot less skeptical today than I used to be.  After all, we have people seriously claiming that it is racist to expect students to show up on time for class.

(06/04/2019) Why a Former CEO Says Capitalism, Not Socialism, Encourages Morality.  I would also say that you can see from this interview why Christianity is much more compatible with Capitalism than with Socialism.  The very fact that the Socialists (Democrats) in America are trying to suppress biblical Christianity should make this obvious.

(06/01/2019) I'll take bias and censorship for cancer prayers, Alex...  Alex Trebek give prayers some credit for his rather miraculous cancer partial remission. NBC cuts out that part.  As petty as it seems, this kind of censorship does have an impact.

(06/01/2019) CBS News presents a ‘solution for childhood obesity’ (Hint: Cheerleaders for socialism will LOVE it).  Heed the warning: do not have anything in your mouth when you read this"solution."

(05/28/2019) American Conservatives Should Cheer Up, Because They’re Winning.  I'll go so far as to say that we are doing better than a lot of people think.  But we must do better - a lot better.  But I believe that the best thing we can do to combat evil in the world today is to evangelize, pray for personal revival, and for revival in our church, in the church at large, and in our nation.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything else - we should still make our voices heard in the public square and vote.

(05/27/2019) Mike Pence Arlington Memorial Day Charge: Strive to Be Worthy of Freedom They Won.  Most of us are not worthy.  But we try.  The problem is that we have a significant portion of our nation that doesn't even care.  Or worse.

(05/25/2019) Illegal Immigrant Graduates Celebrated at Harvard with ‘UndocuGraduation’ Ceremony.  Over 80 colleges and universities now have black-only graduation ceremonies.  It seems that one of the primary objectives of our "elites" is to divide us rather than bring us together.

(05/19/2019) Fran Lebowitz: 'We Should Turn Trump Over to the Saudis' Who Killed Khashoggi.  As is typically the case, when a progressive says something very nasty or very stupid, they are always "misunderstood."  Lebowitz was not misunderstood.  She was crystal clear.

(05/13/2019) Chips Ahoy! Posts Video Of Drag Queen To Celebrate Mother’s Day.  I really don't get why so many companies are so intent on offending a significant portion of the population.

(04/28/2019) Universities now requiring loyalty oaths taken to ‘diversity.’  Competence has taken a back seat to diversity.  Remember the FIU pedestrian overpass collapse?  When completed, there was much trumpeting about the fact that it was designed by a "diverse" group of engineering students.  It collapsed days after opening, killing six.  The cause?  Poor design.  Diversity for the sake of diversity is not a good thing.  Well, diversity of opinions probably is a good thing.  Diversity of appearance combined with group-think is definitely a very bad thing.

(04/28/2019) Trump: ‘Faith and Family, Not Government and Bureaucracy, Are the Center of American Life.’  I don't know how long Trump has held these views, but I believe he holds them now. 

(04/28/2019) And then they came for the Christians and the white people.  This is already happening, probably to a much greater degree than you imagine.  It is especially bad in academia, but the entire "diversity" industry is anti-white and anti-Christian / pro-Islam.  You tend not to hear much about it because the MSM doesn't care to publicize it.  How about this: Trinity College Professor: “Whiteness Is Terrorism” 

(04/27/2019) The Boy Scouts scandal is shocking, but not surprising.  Some of my best childhood memories are from Boy Scouts, but I wouldn't encourage kids to join today.

(04/20/2019) “God Bless America” singer Kate Smith target of new social justice crusade.  If one is going to judge history by today's "standards," then a good place to start would be the Democrat Party's history of racism - racism that extends most definitely into today.

(04/20/2019) Appeasement in the Academy.  We all know that there is a War on Christianity.  And since Christianity is the foundation for Western Civilization, there is a War on Western Civilization, as well. That war is largely being fought in academia, and Western Civilization is losing.   Almost everything good we enjoy today came from Christian inspired Western Civ, yet the unfounded claim is that Western Civ is the cause of everything bad.  A little hint: pretty much everything bad comes from our fallen nature.  Western Civ - and the US Constitution - work hard to channel said nature in more positive directions. Here is something about Christianity and Western Civ: How Jesus of Nazareth Transformed the World: Charity, Education, and the Arts

(04/11/2019) Why Calling America ‘Great’ Triggers the Left.  Simple.  They not only don't think we are better than other countries, they positively think we are worse than many.

(04/06/2019) Why Are Young Americans So Miserable?  If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say because they have yet to find Jesus Christ and a faith community.

(04/06/2019) Are Democrats Pushing Sharia Law?  Hyperbole?  Maybe, maybe not.  But there is no question that they are passing and promoting policies that prefer Islam over Christianity.

(04/02/2019) Students Love Socialism, Until They’re Asked to Share Their GPA.  I worked hard for my GPA!  The problem is that many of our students are taught that the amount we earn has little to do with how hard we work, and everything to do with race, sex, family of birth and other things that are beyond our control.  A far cry from when I was a kid and was taught that we could just go as far in life as we wanted - and made the effort.

(04/02/2019) How the Left Keeps Me Religious.  I don't know if I need the Left in order to be religious, but their battle against the Bible and what it stands for and calls for does reinforce just how much we need that which they are battling against.

(04/01/2019) 'Seattle Is Dying' because Liberalism Is Killing It.  Most of the dying cities in America have been run by Democrats for decades.  Yet the voters in those cities continue to re-elect the very party that has turned their cities into such hellholes.  One reason is that hour long specials like the one mentioned in the article refuse to assign blame to those who are to blame.  Not making things "political" means refusing to assign responsibility to the responsible party.  There is never reluctance to blame the GOP, but when the Dems are at fault, "let's avoid playing politics."

(04/01/2019) Democrats, the Media, and the Big Lie.  There is much more to the "big lie" than the obvious.  I hate to use the overused Hitler comparison, but the Democrat party is following the Big Lie playbook pretty closely.

(03/16/2019) Liberal Analyst: White Democrats Have a God Problem.  Is anyone surprised?


(03/16/2019) How to Avoid Despair at Our Crumbling Culture.  It isn't easy.  We have a political party that is moving closer to full-fledged endorsement of infanticide.  And endorsing the notion that an individual should be considered to be whatever sex they decide they want to be - and treated as such, whether by law, in sports, by doctors, teachers, everyone!  That is hardly all, and the insanity has rapidly been getting worse and worse.  But we have to bear in mind one thing.  We have a not-so-secret weapon that the other side does not have: the Lord God Almighty, for whom nothing is impossible.

(03/16/2019) My Thoughts And Prayers.  Good article.

(03/14/2019) The Left Calls for Civility While Delivering the Opposite.  I'm all for civility.  I even try to practice it.  But there is no reason for those on the right to take the lead.  We are not the problem.  When the Left stops calling all Trump supporters racists, bigots, white supremacists, fascists and the like - and condemning others that do likewise - only then will I take them seriously.  Oh, and stop shouting down and otherwise preventing conservatives from speaking on campus.  Yes, we have a civility problem when it comes to public discourse, and 90% of the problem comes from the Left.

(03/04/2018) 7 Reasons Conservatives Are Losing the Culture Wars.  It isn't that I disagree with the reasons, but the biggest reason is that we on the Right have simply not been fighting.  Most of the battlegrounds listed in the article have simply been abandoned by us.

(03/03/2019) The Demise of Moral Relativism – and Its Consequences.  I'm not sure that moral relativism is on the decline, although it certainly is incoherent as a guiding philosophy.  I just pray that we - and all that claim the Western heritage - get back to our roots, those roots being primarily biblical in nature.

(03/02/2019) Your Next Defining Moment Will Be Sooner Than You Think.  Be prepared.

(03/01/2019) Children Don’t Need ‘Day Care For All,’ They Need Their Mothers.  It is hard to believe that people can disagree with this, yet here we are.

(03/01/2019) After Nearly Going to Jail for Shoplifting, This Football Player Now Advocates Criminal Justice Reform.  The important thing is that he first turned his life around.

(03/01/2019) Perverted: Liberal Pastor Melts Down Girls’ Purity Rings To Create Highly Offensive Sculpture.  Sigh.

(02/19/2019) Prominent Actress Steps Away from Hollywood Norms, Issues Powerful Statement About God.  Well, prominent may be an exaggeration, but she isn't an unknown, either.

(02/18/2019) Giddy and Grieved Over the Jussie Smollett Hoax.  Good summary.

(02/09/2019) 3 Disturbing Cultural Trends Youth Pastors Need to Address.  To be fair, it isn't only youth pastors that need to be addressing these trends.

(02/08/2019) Lawsuit? Gov't Says Pastor Who Believes 'More Outdated Parts of the Bible' Can't Foster Kids.  This is Canada.  Apparently, if you believe in the Bible, you can't foster kids. 

(02/08/2019) Why Liberals Don’t Call Out Democrat Hate.  This article covers the bases.  But it is very, very sad that those that pronounce "Love Trumps Hate" are among the most hateful people in the country.

(02/08/2019) The New ‘Scouts BSA’ Troops Aren’t Going Co-ed After All.  True?  If so, maybe there is still some merit in Scouts.

(02/03/2019) University director resigns after backlash for encouraging Chinese students to speak English.  It is bad enough that people get criticized for being sensible, but losing your job seems to becoming standard practice nowadays.

(02/02/2019) The World Council of Churches and Jew-Hate.  I wish the WCC would just dry up and  blow away.  Given enough time, that is a distinct possibility.  On the American side, all its support comes from declining denominations.

(02/01/2019) MSNBC Host Says ‘Disgusting’ Trump Should Be ‘Impeached for Having No Soul.’  My goodness, does anyone on the Left have any notion that their worldview is full of inconsistencies and contradictions and extreme disconnections with reality?  Jesus said “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  for good reason.  Progressives are slave to a worldview that is about as far from the truth as is possible.  Case in point: we are not to judge.  Actually, progressives are free to judge, those who are not progressives must not judge.

(01/28/2019) The Left is Off Its Rocker, But a Rock Classic Points to Hope.  Good article.  "Don't you know it's going to be alright," in case you are wondering.

(01/25/2019) NYT Reporter Fishing for Christian School Horror Stories to #ExposeChristianSchools.  I could probably write a horror story on pretty much any kind of institution if I went seeking such stories.  We know the kind of article that will be the result of this.  In the old days, the reporter would at least have pretended to be working on a balanced story.  Apparently, having been called out, this reporter is now pretending to be doing exactly that.  But his bias has already been exposed.

(01/23/2019) Calling family 'family' sparks meltdown for Google workers.  'It's offensive, inappropriate, homophobic and wrong.'  This is why the Left is getting its way in the culture wars.  They are always on the offensive, ready to take offense and to make demands because they are offended.  While I am glad we do not do the same, the problem is that we let them get their way.

(01/20/2019) Covington Catholic Boys.  If you haven't heard this story, suffice it to say that an edited video and false testimony from a left-wing Indian activist created a big story that slandered the boys.  All sorts of media - including conservative media - attacked the boys; they were doxxed, threats made, disavowed by their school and threatened with expulsion.  And guess what?  The activist lied and the full video presents an entirely different picture. 

(01/18/2019) Why Gillette's lunge to political correctness will bomb.  It probably will, but it is still part of the constant pressure to move the needle in the progressive direction.  They aren't going to stop trying, even if this particular instance fails.

(01/17/2019) ‘Disrespectful’: Google Employees Melt Down Over The Word ‘Family.’  Unbelievable.  And yet these clowns are shifting culture in their direction with little resistance from the rest of us.  Take note: if this is how Google employees think, imagine what they are doing with their search engine and other software.

(01/17/2019) Safety Third.  As a society, we have been going overboard in protecting our kids from all sorts of "dangers," both real and imagined.  Possibly as a result, we have created a new generation that wants to be protected from any ideas that they don't already agree with.  Free speech is now a rarity on college campuses, with indoctrination the order of the day.  Critical thinking is actively discouraged because to think critically, you have to look at issues from more than one side.  Apparently few want to do this nowadays.  Immature, cowardly, ignoramuses are running our schools and colleges and if this does not change, we are in deep, deep trouble.

(01/14/2019) We the Press.  An op-ed that admits, unintentionally, that the MSM sees its job to be that of defeating Trump in 2020, a task they failed to accomplish in 2016.  More broadly, the press sees its job today as directing the citizenry rather then merely informing them.  Of course, this has been going on for quite some time, and while pretty obvious in the political realm, their greatest successes have been in the cultural realm.  They have long been hard at work pushing religion - religion that has not already been secularized - off to the side and out of sight.  They have succeeded in trashing traditional Christian values and promoting their antithesis.  And for the most part, we have been passive in response.

(01/03/2019) Nationalism Is America’s Comeback Kid.  One can only hope.  It certainly is not among our self-proclaimed "elites."

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