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Jan '19-Sep '19

(09/27/2019) Christians, Stop Saying ‘We Don’t Ask Questions Here’ — It’s Unbiblical!  Is this really a problem?  I've never heard such a thing at church, or even remotely hinted at.  I don't think I've heard any Christian anywhere say such a thing.  We do go to the Bible to seek answers to our questions, however.

(09/27/2019) Pope Francis Endorses Essay Trashing U.S. Conservative Christians.  More specifically, it trashes evangelicals, and much of it is based on evangelicals not supporting progressive politics, "climate change" and the like.  I've always considered Catholics to be brothers and sisters in Christ, but Pope Francis is making it harder and harder. 

(09/22/2019) New book on Church: News of our death has been greatly exaggerated.  This is probably true, but it won't stay true unless we work a lot harder on discipleship and evangelism.

(09/20/2019) Killing the Unborn, Confessing to Plants.  This is Union Theological Seminary, which has been off the deep end for decades and decades.

(09/19/2019) The Biblical town of Emmaus, which is linked to Jesus’ resurrection and the Ark of the Covenant, may have been found.  The comments for any article that mentions the Bible are always interesting.  Why do so many who do not believe in the Bible, and have clearly not read much of it, feel the need to pontificate on why it can't be true?  Trying to assure themselves?

(09/17/2019) CNN Proposes You Keep Your ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Yourself.  Atheists might be offended. 

(09/15/2019) The Left Hopes to Destroy Christianity by Changing It.  I don't think that is their only tactic, but it is certainly part of their strategy, Mayor Pete being front and center on this.

(09/12/2019) How the Dead Sea Scrolls Confirm the Gospels

(09/11/2019) Episcopal Church in U.S. shrinking over same-sex marriage.  Well, the Episcopal church has been shrinking for years because it has abandoned biblical truth.  SSM is just one of many factors.  Fellow Christians, if your church does not preach the Bible and Christ, find a church that does and leave your old one behind.

(09/11/2019) Jeffress: When love is called hate … End Times are near.  For a great many, holding to biblical values is "hate."  It is rather sad that those on the Left that preach against "hate" are practicing it themselves.  Just like "racist" in the political sphere, labeling Christians as "haters" is simply posturing to avoid any kind of discussion - discussions where progressives may find themselves lacking when it comes to making a case for their views.

(09/09/2019) The breathtaking arrogance of Pete Buttigieg.  His arrogance includes his notion of Christianity, and that is included in the article. 

(09/07/2019) Progressive 'Christian' Pete Buttigieg Doesn't Seem to Understand His Own 'Faith.'  As far as I can tell, his view is that Jesus merely set a good example for us to follow.  And it doesn't even seem he is all that clear on the example Jesus set.

(09/06/2019) Benny Hinn: 'I'm done with it.'  Apparently he has seen the light and is dropping his prosperity gospel shtick. I pray he means it and I pray it sticks.

(09/05/2019) He Put Christianity On Trial in Connecticut. And He Lost.  I didn't know about this.  It is pretty interesting.

(09/05/2019) Mayor Pete Says Not Acting on Climate Is 'a Kind of Sin.'  Should a conservative candidate talk about sin like this, there would be considerable push back from the media.  As it is, progressives are free to misuse the Bible and religion in any manner they desire.

(08/30/2019) Democratic Party Passes Resolution Against Christianity.  Well, not explicitly, but as a practical matter, yes they did.

(08/10/2019) A theory on slippery slope from faith to liberal bliss.  Chesterton said: “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”  A slight adjustment is required for those that have left the faith: faith was tried and found too difficult and culturally unpopular, so it is abandoned to an easier life with lots of public acclaim.  But we are at great risk when we move our focus from Scripture to the World.

(08/10/2019) Seminary leader reaches peak wokeness: 'I am a racist.'  This sort of pandering to the social justice warriors is not a good thing.  Far too many pastors and teachers are letting culture dictate to them rather than Scripture.  We have enough sins to confess and ask forgiveness for - we don't need to make up false ones.

(08/10/2019) Christian Missions Change Course: Reconverting the West.  I've been pondering on this myself.  I don't think we should ignore the Third World, but we have plenty of Lost right here at home, and some of them are sitting in the pews.

(08/07/2019) Deliver Us, O Lord, For Evil is Everywhere.  We should be praying for revival every day.

(08/07/2019) It’s the Morality, Stupid.  Indeed, it is.

(07/31/2019) Joshua Harris and the Dangers of Young Celebrity Christianity.  I know almost nothing about this guy, but I know that there are plenty of Christian "leaders" who are in it for the money, not for Christ.  There is no reason to think that there can't be young ones who are more interested in the money and the status than anything else.  What bothers me is how many people are willing to raise others up to celebrity status and throw lots of money their way.  There are "pastors," TV, radio and otherwise, who spend as much time begging for money as they do preaching the gospel - which may even be a false gospel.  Why do so many fall for it?

(07/25/2019) College Student Embarrassed Of Her Faith Just Enough For Her Friends.  This is a Babylon Bee satire, but isn't there a lot of truth in it?  Quite a few Christians really do water down their biblical beliefs in order to win acceptance from skeptics and non-believers.

(07/25/2019) Was Jesus a Socialist?  No.  Watch the video.  I never really thought about it, but Jesus looks more like a free market capitalist than a socialist.

(07/13/2019) We Believe Christianity is Truth. That’s What Make Us Troublemakers.  This article nails it.

(07/10/2019) The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity.  Actually, there is no crisis.  This is the opinion of a non-evangelical, Trump-hater who is very annoyed that Trump's support among evangelicals is so high.  It is just another effort by a progressive to try to chip away at Trump's support.

(07/10/2019) Study shows most churchgoers don't read Bible daily.  Well, it isn't as bad as it seems.  Shucks, I can't honestly say I read the Bible daily.  I try to, but I occasionally miss a day.

(07/07/2019) Christian Faith Has Been Essential Component of America’s Greatness, Exceptionalism.  Yes, it has.

(06/29/2019) Newly Consecrated Gay Bishop Declares God Is A Woman.  Well, he referred to God as "she."  This is the Episcopal Church and helps explain why their American membership continues to plummet.

(06/29/2019) Let’s Be an Answer to Jesus’ Prayer.  I love this quote: If you want your prayers answered, seek to be an answer to someone else’s prayer!

(06/13/2019) The Left Loves Religion – As Long As It’s Not In Their Way.  I'd put it a little differently.  The Left loves religion where they have recreated God in their own image.  I have a serious question: can one be a Christian if they deny the clear teachings of the Bible?  If one does not accept the Bible as God's Word, can one truly accept the gospel?  I suppose it is possible, but it is hard for me to imagine.  Or believe.  To most progressive politicians and activists, Christianity is nothing but a tool to be used to further the progressive agenda.  Quoted and misquoted when useful; ignored, otherwise.

(06/13/2019) The Unexpected Answer to Islam: Evangelize!  We are talking Europe, here.  And while I agree, there is a bigger problem.  It isn't just the Muslims in Europe that need to be evangelized, it is most of the rest of the population as well.  The fact is, we should be sending evangelists and missionaries to Europe, and not just because of the large Muslim population.  That said, it is a lot safer to evangelize Muslims in Europe that in the ME, and converted Muslims may influence Muslims in their home country.

(06/09/2019) The War on the Cross.  Christians being attacked and killed for wearing a cross is almost commonplace in parts of the world. 

(06/08/2019) Decoding Our Culture, Discovering Our Mission: New Book Charts Clear Course. This book is about Christian apologetics, in the cultural context.

(06/01/2019) Dangerous New Trend: Governments Defining Christian Doctrine.  It is nothing new for non-Christians to be telling Christians what Christian doctrine is.

(06/01/2019) 'Progressive' church adds psychic to church staff.  Well, the good news is that as denominations go more progressive, they are losing membership.  I pray that those who leave go to a church that preaches the Bible and don't abandon church altogether. I know that heresy is not a popular term any more, but heresy is what quite a few churches are preaching.

(06/01/2019) Atheist Aims Ridicule at ‘Pompous’ Evangelicals, Misses, Hits Self Instead.  I've found that most people who attack evangelicals know very little about either evangelicals or the Bible. 

(05/26/2019) Christianity is Europe’s Only Hope.  And America's, as well.

(05/26/2019) 'Deep Spiritual Crisis': Scandinavian Women Expose the West’s Root Problems.  Good article.

(05/25/2019) Are American Pastors Still Asleep In The Light?  Part of the problem is that quite a few pastors do not take the Bible very seriously.

(05/17/2019) Pete Buttigieg: Christianity Has Extremist Factions, Just like Islam.  The problem is that Mayor Pete seems to think that the extremists are the ones who take the Bible seriously.

(05/17/2019) Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Conservative Christians, Botches Scripture.  As is typical for progressives, she KNOWS that we want to impose a right-wing theocracy and is upset that we won't admit it. 

(05/16/2019) Study: 42 million Americans look to Bible for answers.  Could be better, but could be worse.

(05/14/2019) Would the ‘Equality Act’ Outlaw Christianity?  Not explicitly.  It would merely make it illegal to try to live according to clear biblical teaching.

(05/14/2019) Vice President Pence Delivers Commencement Address at Liberty University, Tells Graduates to ‘Be Prepared for Religious Persecution.’  We are already seeing it, primarily through the courts, including "administrative" courts.  This is why it is so important to have a president who will appoint conservatives to the courts - and those judges can help rein in the administrative judges.  Key quote from Pence's address: "you’re going to be asked not just to tolerate things that violate your faith; you’re going to be asked to endorse them."

(05/13/2019) Foresight and Intelligence Design: An Evening With Scientist and Christian Marcos Eberlin.  Newton said "He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God; but he who really thinks has to believe in God."  Half-hearted thinkers believe evolution explains life, those who really think see the impossibility that evolution can do so. 

(05/11/2019) I Was Born Again This Way.  Good article.  It addresses the false and destructive notion that whatever our tendencies and desires, God made us that way so everything is just fine.

(05/11/2019) Spiritual Leaders Agree: The Church Isn’t Ready for What We’re Facing Today.  Sadly, we are almost certainly going to face situations where responding with gentleness and respect might not do the trick.  But at the same time, we cannot let ourselves be tricked into responding any other way.  So....

(05/09/2019) Why the Left Mocks the Bible. The article is short and worth reading.  Short version: because the Bible is totally at odds with the progressive agenda.

(05/07/2019) It’s Nice to Be Nice But It Isn’t Enough.  Interesting article.  Did you know that homosexual Christians apparently prefer traditional Christian churches over "welcoming" ones by over a 2 to 1 margin?  Related to and linked to from the preceding article: No, Christianity Doesn’t Need To Endorse Homosexuality To Grow. 

(05/07/2019) John Adams and Alexander Solzhenitsyn Were Right.  This article is definitely worth reading.  Regarding government and biblical faith, here as a favorite quote of mine, which seems rather unknown, but very much true: Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them; either by the Word of God or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible or by the bayonet. - Robert Winthrop (Speaker of the House 1847-1849)

(04/28/2019) Liberal Media Tries to Remake Christianity In Its Own Image. Ain't it the truth.

(04/26/2019) Flat-Earth Christianity.  This has to do with "Christians" who don't believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus - hey, you don't need to believe that, they say.  Paul had something to say on the subject.

(04/20/2019) The Resurrection Answers 3 Big Questions.  And they matter.  More than anything.

(04/16/2019) Mayor Pete and the Crackup of Christianity.  Mayor Pete is working hard to stay in the news.  His is a sad commentary on the state of Christianity today, at least, as far as the Episcopalians go.  He specifically says that his views were based on what he heard preached.  He made no reference to the Bible.

(04/15/2019) The Vigilante From South Bend.  I really don't think you can sink much lower than blaming God for your own sinfulness.  And yet, here we are with Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  And that is only part of the problem.  Here is more: Pete Buttigieg’s Creator Wrote the Bible He Doesn’t Listen To. 

(04/13/2019) When Christian Colleges Teach Students to Fear, Not to Think.  Sadly, many Christians are so fearful of speaking biblical truth for fear of upsetting someone, that they are actually modifying their notion of truth so that it no longer conforms to the Bible, but rather to culture.  Consider 1 Peter 3:15-16: "but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame."  The top priority is to uphold biblical truth, doing it with gentleness and respect.  We are not to subvert biblical truth in the name of "gentleness and respect." 

(04/13/2019) Franklin Graham reminds Buttigieg who determines sin.  Buttigieg seems to think that his sin isn't sin because God made him that way.  But the Bible makes clear that we - every last one of us - tend to do that which we should not, and not do that which we should.  We are all sinners, but as Christians, we should at least be trying to do that which we should and not do that which we should not.  Buttigieg doesn't want to not do that which he should not, so he conveniently blames that aspect of his sinful nature on God, absolving himself from all responsibility.  I'd have a lot more respect for the guy if he admitted his sin and said he simply did not have the strength to resist it.  I might add that when it comes to some other issues, Buttigieg refers to what is being taught in his church rather than what the Bible actually says.  This is one big reason why individuals and entire congregations are leaving the Episcopal church - much of what is being taught is not biblical.

(04/13/2019) After 12 Years Of Quarterly Church Attendance, Parents Shocked By Daughter's Lack Of Faith.  Okay, so it is the Babylon Bee.  It really isn't far off the mark.

(04/12/2019) Apparently Joaquin Phoenix didn’t like the biblical version of Jesus healing a blind man so he just changed it in his new film.  Well, there are an awful lot of people who figure they are smarter than God, so why not override what God has to tell us?

(04/06/2019) How to Answer Atheists Who Try ‘Persuasion by Mockery.’  Mockery seems to be the favored approach by atheists these days.  The very people that claim to be driven by pure reason rarely bother to try to make a rational argument.

(04/03/2019) Christians Die, Media Mum.  It doesn't support the narrative, so ....

(04/03/2019) Pete Buttigieg Takes Potshot at Mike Pence’s Faith.  He claims Pence canot be a sincere Christian because he associates with Donald Trump.

(04/01/2019) New York Times Casts Suspicion on Mike Pompeo's Faith With 'Rapture' Click-Bait.  Non-Christians and cultural/casual Christians really don't know beans about Christian theology.  But they lecture us on it anyway.

(03/27/2019) UK Selectively Quotes Violent Bible Passages to Deny Iranian Christian Asylum.  Should we be surprised?  Probably not.  Should we go "ho-hum" and do nothing?  Definitely not.  We are seeing more of this kind of stuff right here in the USA. 

(03/23/2019) Commentary: Democratic Christians undermine the faith by using it as a political weapon.  Progressives politicize everything they touch, and that includes Christianity.  For them, Christianity is nothing but a tool to use for promoting the progressive agenda.

(03/22/2019) David Horowitz Unveils The Left's Dark Agenda.  The agenda? Destroy Christianity as a force in America.  This has been going on a long time, though it is more obvious today.  Just one tiny example - in a 1986 survey of 60 texts used in the public schools, 87% presented the Pilgrims without reference to their religion.  Thanksgiving?  They gave "thanks," but without reference to who they were thanking - God.  There is much, much more in this article and in the book this article references which looks so good I just bought it for my Kindle.  Not only has this war against Christianity been going on for a long time, but, as in the above example, most of it has been occurring below our radar and as a result, we have been oblivious to it. 

(03/19/2019) Oxford Mathematician Explains Why He’s A Follower Of Jesus.  The video is about ten minutes long and well worth watching.  The notion that "science" is in conflict with faith is a false one.  Scientists can conduct experiments and make observations.  Sometimes conclusions can be drawn.  Often, "conclusions" go far, far beyond what experiments, observations and data can actually back up.  But those "conclusions" are labeled "science" when they should not be.  Consider the following, very good, definition of science: "Science is a systematic enterprise that creates, builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Contemporary science is typically subdivided into the natural sciences which study the material world, the social sciences which study people and societies, and the formal sciences like mathematics."  The key word is "testable."  Today much of what is labeled "science" is not science at all.  Evolution?  Global warming?  The whole realm of science has been is becoming more and more driven by ideology and politics rather than the objective seeking of truth.

(03/19/2019) Google Vs. God’s Word.  Suffice it to say, if God's Word offends Google employees, God's Word loses.

(03/09/2019) God’s Ways and Our Ways.  I won't spoil it.  I will just say that it is very informative and thought-provoking.  And it may give you a new perspective on fascism in 2019.

(03/01/2019) Did African Methodists Save Their Denomination or Perpetuate Its Bigotry? The UMC is the largest remaining mainline denomination.  A split is almost certain. 

(02/20/2019) Michael W. Smith Believes The Church is Uniting as Never Before.  I pray that he is correct.

(02/17/2019) The Slow-Moving Crisis of Comfortable Christianity — The Damage It Does, and How You Can Help.  Unless I missed it, the author doesn't mention "cheap grace," but that is a component of "comfortable Christianity."

(02/08/2019) Nearly Half of Millennial Christians Believe Evangelism Is 'Wrong.'  Should the title read "Millennials Claiming to be Christian?"  The Bible is very explicit about many things and evangelism is near the top of the list.

(01/22/2019) Rep. Dan Crenshaw notices something in common among this week’s media blunders.  For starters, 3 of the 4 were explicitly anti-Christian.  Second, they weren't really blunders in the sense that if others hadn't called the MSM out on them, the MSM most assuredly would have kept silent.

(01/21/2019) Lady Gaga: Mike Pence ‘The Worst Representation of What It Means to Be a Christian.’  Lady Gaga claims to be a Christian.  I'm not persuaded, and in any case, I don't think I am going to take here advice concerning what it means to be a Christian. 

(01/19/2019) Why Do Christians Close Their Eyes When the World’s On the Attack?  Good question.  Read the article.

(01/19/2019) Christian Pastor Jacqui Lewis: ‘Our Common Enemy Is White Supremacy, Transphobia, Sexism.’  I think Christian needs to be in quotes.  She also says there is more than one path to God.

(01/18/2019) It’s Open War on Christianity.  Biblical Christianity is the primary remaining obstacle to the progressive agenda.  It must be destroyed.  And the Left is working hard to do just that.  We need to fight back.  While politics is definitely important, spreading the gospel is much more important.  Fight the bad news with the good news!

(01/18/2019) Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu Accuses Pence Of ‘Cloaking Your Hate’ In Christianity.  In other words, he is saying the Bible tells us to hate.  Nope!  Rep. Lieu might consider taking a good look at the Bible, rather than preaching hate and intolerance himself.

(01/18/2019) How Dare Karen Pence be Christian!  Make no mistake, the Left is working very hard at chasing Christians out of the public square and far too many of us are letting them do it.

(01/03/2019) Ex-SBC president: Dems a 'godless' religion, not a party.  He is naturally under fire for saying this.  It probably is a little unfair, but the fact is that many on the Left have replaced religion with politics and pursue their political ends with greater fervor than most Christians do their faith.  And possibly most Democrats that claim to be Christian let their politics guide their biblical interpretation rather than vice versa.  Given what many Democrats say about evangelicals with little or no push-back, I cannot muster any outrage over calling the Democrats a "godless religion."

(01/02/2019) Theresa May’s Anti-Christian Regime.  I'm not sure we are doing all that much better.

(01/01/2019) National Poll Shows Democrats Vastly Favor Muslims Over Christians.  The headline is a tad misleading since this only has to do with whether an employer should provide a prayer space.  A more interesting question would be: Which would you prefer as a next door neighbor, a devout Christian or a devout Muslim?

(01/01/2019) 5 Hopes for America in 2019.  They are good ones.  And what is the most important one? "In an age when many are tempted to trade in their doctrine for an easier relationship with the secular world, what the world needs more than ever is a faithful Church. We need pastors who teach the Scriptures as they are — not as some might like them to be. And we need people of faith to live out that faith, come what may, in a world that is hungry for authenticity and in desperate need of Truth."  May it be so.  Make it happen.

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