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For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Romans 1:16 (ESV)


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Good Person Test

(revised and updated: 01/17/2024)

The Good Person Test is a little gimmicky and yet it can be very effective for a large population of people.  Why?  Because many, many people - including people who consider themselves to be Christians - believe that if a person is "basically good," then they will go to heaven.  Individuals who think this way consider themselves, on the whole, to be basically good.  Hence, they really don't have to worry about going to heaven.

As you have no doubt guessed, the Good Person Test - and there are a number of variations - is guaranteed to show that we are not as good as we think we are and we certainly are not "good" enough to get into heaven. 


Important Note (if you are going to use the Good Person Test).  Based on reading comments associated with videos and articles on the Good Person Test, people absolutely, positively do not like being told they are not good.  This point cannot be over-emphasized.  But the issue is not whether we are "basically good" by human standards, but whether we are good by God's standards.  So when someone says that just telling an occasional lie does not make them a "liar," or that occasionally snitching something that isn't theirs doesn't make them a "thief," just remind them that they are thinking in human terms, but the issue is how a holy and perfect and just God looks at it.

The Good Person Test was first created by Ray Comfort's Living Waters Ministry.  There a many on-line versions as well as videos.  But it can also be presented without any such aids.  Some links for all of these follow.

In doing my research, I found some articles about how atheists have "debunked" the Good Person Test.  I suppose they have if you consider debunking to mean declaring yourself to be good based on your own standards, rather than God's standards.  But their efforts just emphasize our all too human desire to consider ourselves to be "good."  People may be comforted by the notion that they are basically good and hence will go to heaven, but this notion is keeping millions of people away from actual salvation, which requires accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Without being certain as to why just being good isn't good enough to get into heaven, you can't do a good job presenting the Good Person Test.  So here are some links to help disabuse one of the notion that being "basically good" is all that is needed to get to heaven.

"Are You a Good Person?"  This video is from the creators of The Good Person Test, and the cartoon character is given the test and also learns the good news.  I was surprised at the relative volume of dislikes this video received.  I can only concluded that people do not like being told they are not as good as they think they are.  I think the video is great.

Take The Good Person Test online.  I should note that most people that take the test online are looking for affirmation that they are good people.  So rather than having the test serve its purpose, they will shut down before even getting to the good news part.  So while you might direct someone to an online test, make sure you are with them when they take it so you can address any issues, concerns and objections that might come up.  

  • The Good Person Test - This version of the test asks question one at a time, and addressing each question immediately.

  • Quick 8-Question Test - With this version, you answer all the questions first and then see a response.  The overall response is good - possibly worth printing out to keep - but it doesn't respond specifically to the answers actually given.

  • The Good Person Test - Heaven or Hell? - This is my favorite online version.  It provides more options for answering the test questions and specifically addresses each possible answer.

Of course, the test doesn't need to be taken online  Here are some links that will help you give The Good Person Test yourself.  

  • The Good Person Test - This article focuses on explanation rather than a "test."  In fact, the question part is very brief and to the point, as no honest person can answer "no" to any of the questions, much less all of them.

  • How to Give The Good Test - Not only does this provide the "how," it also provides a nice pdf you can download and / or print.  It also provides links to additional, related articles.

If you like your videos short, this is not for you, being 22+ minutes.  But it does a great job describing what The Good Person Test is all about and the gospel message associated with it.

Like the cartoon video elsewhere, and unlike the "how to" video above, this video is a straight presentation of the Good Person Test.  The notes for the cartoon version apply here as well.

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We all like to think that we are basically good.

If we judge how "good" we are by comparing to others, we will never run out of examples of people we are "better" than.

Memory Verse Cards 

A wide variety of verses can be used with the Good Person Test.  Our regular set of Evangelism cards should do the trick.   As always, you can download the following Word document(s), print two-sided, flip on long edge.  If your printer can handle card stock, use it.

Memory Verse Cards - Evangelism (ESV)

Memory Verse Cards - Evangelism (NASB)

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