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This website is intended to provide information and suggest actions for Christians (and others) who are concerned with the direction of our country - and the world.  For more specifics, visit our why? page.

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(09/14/2019) FBC SD 1.0 Course page added.

(02/04/2019) Test Evangelism pages here.

(05/14/2018) Expanded Navigators Scripture Memorization.

(09/17/2016)  Here is info on the movie The Atheist Delusion.  I got carried away, so the page has some additional info on atheism in general.

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Merry Christmas

(07/04/2019) The eternal meaning of Independence Day.  PowerLine posts this every year.  It is a speech by Lincoln, and he describes better than anyone what it means to be an American - a real American.  Here is a close number two.

(01/01/2019) And it is a new year.  Make it a good one.

(12/20/2018) Here is some Christmas Stuff.

(10/25/2018) The Psychology of Progressive Hostility.  I have a blog post on The Morality of Liberalism vs Conservatism.  I've added a link to this article because it adds a lot to the topic.  If you want to get a good understanding of how those on the Left think, and why they are so hostile to conservative ideas, read the blog post and linked references.  They will explain a lot! 

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