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FAT (Faithful, Available, Teachable)

We Will Not Be Silenced

(last updated 10/28/2021)



The FAT LIFE group at CFC will is doing a study of The Book of Romans, beginning 11/13/2022. We were considering doing Genesis.  Perhaps inspired by CFC's sermon series on "True North," which focused on basic doctrine, we decided to go with Romans, which is a very organized presentation of fundamental Christian doctrine.

Though much material will be available in PowerPoint presentations (see below), participants are encouraged to do some research in preparation for each Sunday - or at least to read the chapter we are currently studying!

We are not using one particular study guide for this series.  Our slide shows will draw upon several different commentaries, and participants are encouraged to spend some time in other resources, contributing what they have learned.

Resources?  Here are some ideas.

Commentaries - there are many, many commentaries on Romans.  Of course, few are free.  If you are a Logos user like me, many are available in electronic form from Logos.  Some are available from Amazon, either hard copy or Kindle.

Video Series - RightNow Media has several video series on Romans. 

For any who just plan to do this study online:

Best viewed with a screen larger than a phone!

As they become available, there will be a PowerPoint slide show for the introduction and for each chapter of the book.  We will not be completing a chapter each week; most chapters will take several weeks.


Romans 1:1-15

Romans 1:16-17

Romans 1:18-32 (part 1)

Romans 1:18-32 (part 2)

Romans 2 (part 1)

Romans 2 (part 2)


Romans 2 (part 3)


Romans 3 (part 1)

Romans 3 (part 2)

Romans 3 (part 3)

Romans 4 (part 1)

Romans 4 (part 2)


Romans 5 (part 1 - under construction)

Romans 5 (part 2 - not yet available)


Romans 6 (not yet available)


Romans 7 (not yet available)


Romans 8 (not yet available)


Romans 9 (not yet available)


Romans 10 (not yet available)


Romans 11 (not yet available)


Romans 12 (not yet available)


Romans 13 (not yet available)


Romans 14 (not yet available)


Romans 15 (not yet available)

Romans 16 (not yet available)


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