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God or Government

Most of you have probably heard about the New York Daily News headline pictured here. There seems to be a concerted effort on the part of a number of liberal politicians and pundits to suddenly denigrate prayer in favor of 'action'. In this case, that 'action' would be 'sensible gun legislation.' I am less concerned with the proposed action - though I am opposed - than with other implications.

The Daily News and those politicians and pundits, whether they realize it or not (I suspect they do) have declared war on Christianity and a total rejection of God as any sort of factor in our lives. What they are saying is 'do not put your faith in God, put your faith in us.'

I posted earlier about a Shadow of Evil (see link at right) and rather than repeat what I wrote, please give it a read. There is a shadow of evil on our land and we really are in a war whether we realize it or not. The attack on prayer (and God) is just the latest manifestation.

As Christians we need to ask ourselves where we are going to put our faith? In God or in government? Perhaps we should thank the Daily News for making the choice so clear. I encourage everyone to do everything they can to see that we have the best government possible, but only God merits our faith.

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