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War Room - The Power of Prayer

I went to see War Room today with some of the family. In summary, it was a powerful movie and I enjoyed it a lot. Be sure to bring tissue with you when (not if) you go. Here are my thoughts, without giving anything away:

The movie is intended for Christians. I doubt it will convert any non-believers unless they are already on the verge. The goal seems not to be evangelism but to motivate all of us wimpy Christians who know we are not the Christians we can and should be (see next item).

If this movie does not inspire you to work at improving your prayer life, then nothing will. And although the focus in the movie is on prayer at a very personal level, it seems pretty clear that the intention is to motivate us to pray beyond our immediate circle and in particular for national revival. Am I simply interpreting according to my own desires? I don't think so.

Although quite a bit of the plot is predictable, it is well done. And I think most people will be surprised here and there in that what seems to be obviously coming turns out to be just a bit different than expected.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the acting. No George C Scott or Katherine Hepburn, but they did a good job. Tony Evan's daughter played the lead female role.

Speaking for myself, I really enjoy this kind of movie. I don't mean that I think it is good for me to see Christian movies like this, I mean that I really do enjoy them. Yes, there are other kinds of movies I like, but I am so grateful that Christians are capable of producing high quality movies that are a joy to watch. I just wish more were produced. But fear not - there are a couple more mentioned in this article that will be coming out shortly.

If you have seen War Room and have anything to add, please contribute to the discussion below.

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