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Planned Parenthood Videos

For those of us who oppose abortion, the two videos of Planned Parenthood executives discussing organ harvesting and the like are not all that surprising and to be blunt, is organ harvesting worse than killing babies? Of course, there is more in these videos. For example, PP pretty much admits doing illegal partial-birth abortions in order to 'preserve' organs.

But for those who don't oppose abortion, or who don't have strong views on the subject, these videos (and the additional ones likely to come) are having an impact. Defenders of Planned Parenthood are rushing to make all sorts of less than persuasive arguments (they did nothing illegal, the videos are 'heavily edited', it is just the anti-abortion crowd). Their arguments are so unpersuasive that corporate sponsors are rushing to be disassociated from Planned Parenthood, multiple states are opening investigations of PP and legislation has been introduced in the House to defund PP.

What is the lesson to be learned from this? Christians need to take the offensive. On multiple issues we care about, the Left, with the full cooperation of the MSM, has successfully surrounded the issue with euphemisms and other language that hide or minimize the reality from the public. Other examples include 'assisted suicide' and same sex marriage. We need to expose the public to the truth - that is to reality.

In this case of the Planned Parenthood videos, this requires resources, a plan and some courage. When it comes to SSM, the activists have themselves overplayed their hand by admitting that much of what they said leading up to their 'victory' were lies and that one of their big objectives is to marginalize religion (Christianity). In both cases, while others started the process of exposing the public to the truth, the rest of us need to jump on board and help things along.

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