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Recently I was doing some research on evolution. Pretty much everyone accepts the concept of 'micro-evolution' which is simply variation in a species within the framework of the existing gene pool. 'Macro-evolution', on the other hand (creation of entirely new species) is not so widely accepted.

So imagine my surprise when I found that those in the field now make the claim that there is no such thing as 'micro-evolution' and 'macro-evolution' - they are one and the same. This is a classic bait and switch - to take something that people readily accept and then make the claim that by accepting the one you are also accepting something else. In this case, the claim is that if you accept what we think of as 'micro-evolution', then you also are accepting 'macro-evolution'. This simply is not true. One can be scientifically observed and validated, the other cannot.

The same sort of legerdemain is being done when it comes to discrimination against homosexuals. Christians, and I am sure many others, see a distinction between discriminating and participating. Most Christian bakers, florists and photographers would never deny homosexuals their standard services and products. In short, they are not discriminating. They simply draw the line at being asked to take the extra step of actually participating in an event that they are morally opposed to. The homosexual and other activists refuse to make a distinction and assert that refusing to participate in a homosexual wedding is refusing to serve someone because they are gay - discriminating. The sole purpose of conflating the two is to demonize those that do not discriminate but also choose not to participate. This is being done even in cases where the 'accused' has a history of non-discrimination but draws the line at participation.

Be prepared to see a lot more of this.

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