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Responding to 'Trolls'

On a comment thread I mentioned an article that compared U.S. Christians to ISIS. Consider the response I got:

from 'Chase': Christians are readily compared to ISIS. They want to impose their weird superstitions on the rest of us.

In another comment, 'Chase' said that 'we ALL know where he got his news' meaning the Charleston killer getting his news supposedly from Fox News.

Normally I do not repsond to trolls. As they say, 'don't feed the trolls' . But today I felt called to respond, so I did. My response is below, but note that I have added 'Chase' (and other anti-Christian internet trolls) to our prayer concerns under 'america', so please pray for him (and them).

Here is my response (let me know what you think):

Impose? Think about it. When it comes to SSM, who is imposing? When it comes to transsexuals using public bathrooms, who is imposing? In fact, when you actually think about it, on pretty much any social issue, it is not Christians 'imposing' on anyone, it is people on the Left who are doing all the imposing. People on the right are simply trying to preserve that which has been for literally hundreds or thousands of years.

But I know you folks have a notion that resisting your imposition of your values by us is us 'imposing' on you, just as your total intolerance of people who disagree with you, you label as 'tolerance'.

Concerning 'weird superstitions', my morals and values come from God. Can I safely call your morals and values 'made up'? Probably, but I don't want to be too presumptuous.

Of course, it probably isn't worth asking you to compare how ISIS treats women and gays and for that matter anyone who not only isn't Muslim, but anyone who isn't their particular branch of Islam. Just like Christians, do you think, or perhaps not quite the same?

By the way, when you said below 'we ALL know where he got his news', you in fact know nothing of the kind. You imagine it, so it must be so. Kind of like superstition, if you think about it.

I don't normally waste time with trolls, especially when they confirm everything negative I always thought about them. But I was just thinking in my superstitious house of worship this morning that I should try to shed a little light where there is darkness. Think about what you've said on this thread and I presume elsewhere and ask yourself if your comments reflect the kind of person you want to be. It really is something to think about.

In the meantime, I'll be praying for you. In fact, I'll be putting you up on our website specifically by name so lots of Christians will be praying for you. What will we be praying for? That God will open your eyes and you will know the Truth (God's Truth!) and the Truth will set you free. Remember, God loves you no matter what.

revival in america

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