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  • Tom C

Silence Should Not Be An Option

While working on this website I have visited a LOT of other websites. It can be very discouraging. When I look at articles on 'mainstream' websites pertaining to Christianity, I always take a look at the comments. In general, the most popular comments are extremely negative towards Christians and Christianity, even if the article itself was favorable. Of course, many of these 'mainstream' sites in fact lean left (e.g. The Washington Post), but based on the sheer volume of comments, they are heavily read.

I am not suggesting that we all start commenting on such websites - if you do you can expect to get attacked quite viciously - but we do need to start speaking out more, a lot more. And if you feel comfortable taking on the naysayers, by all means do so. We should all consider first, to speak out more at a level we are comfortable with, and then perhaps move on to a level that causes some discomfort. But remember that whenever we speak out, we are representatives of our faith and of Jesus Christ and must speak accordingly.

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