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Apr-Jun 2015

(06/28/2015)  Not to depress anyone, but consider the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.


(06/26/2015)  College teacher: I chose not to have children, because they’d be white.  Pretty funny, but on a serious note, the 'privilege' that white people have rests primarily on their values.  Not all white people share those values and at the same time, those values are available to anyone.  'White' they are not.


(06/25/2015)  U.S. confidence in cops hits 22-year low.  Not very surprising, is it.


(06/24/2015)   5 ways churches inflicted pain on themselves.  Interesting, but these do not all apply to all denominations.  But something to think about, especially since while these issues may not all apply to other denominations, some additional issues do.


(06/23/2015)  Pope’s New Inquisition: You Can’t Make Guns & Call Yourself a Christian.  Sadly, for the first time in my relatively long life, I have a real problem with a Pope.


(06/23/2015)   Three Things Charleston Taught Us About Evil.


(06/22/2015)   George W. Bush wins 'Father of the Year' award.  I dfon't know how good a dad he is, but he certainly wrote a wonderful book about his own dad.


(06/22/2015)  Huckabee: Christianity Is The Means To Achieving ‘True Racial Reconciliation’ In America.  I think I can agree 100% with Huckabee on this one, but friends, if you want to see what we are up against, look at the comemnts on this article.  Note that this is typical, not unusual at all.


(06/22/2015)   Seven Liberal Pieties That Only the Right Still Believes.  This is a great article and is very amusing in the sense that the title is correct.  These are seven beliefs that liberals used to expound, but today liberals have abandoned them, but conservatives have not.


(06/20/2015)  He Wanted a Race War but What He Got Was a National Christian Testimony.  There are a lot of articles on this, but it is apparent from comments on some articles that a lot of people do not understand Christian forgiveness, including some professed Christians.


(06/20/2015)   The College Board’s sabotage of American history.  Their new AP American History guidelines are a travesty and push a Left-wing agenda.  Surprise, surprise.  There is a cultural battle going on on many, many fronts and most of us don't realize it.


(06/19/2015)   KillerAlmost Didn’t Do Shooting Because Victims “Were So Nice To Me.”  And Families of Charleston Shooting victims ‘forgive’ Dylann Roof.  More here.  Brothers and sisters in Christ, we have no better example of what it means to be a Christian than what we are seeing here, both from the victims and from their families.  Pray that we ourselves can be such good examples for Christ and that God will use this terrible crime for good.  Dare we pray that this is the spark that ignites revival?


(06/19/2015)   What to Make of Southern Baptists’ Declining Numbers.  Interesting and probably pretty accurate.  All the news is not bad, however.


(06/19/2015)  The Nietzschean Concept That Explains Today’s PC Culture.  Interesting Jonah Goldberg column.  All the more reason to fight against cultural decay.


(06/18/2015)  Vets told they can 'buy back' 2nd Amendment rights.  It really doesn't seem possible that thuis story could be true, yet it has reached the point where pretty much any story coming out of Washington is believable.


(06/18/2015)  Cultural Marxism: Nobel Scientist Sacked for Making Innocent Joke about Women.  It just boggles my mind how willing feminists and homosexuals are to get people fired from their jobs over every slight?  Imagine if Christians responded to petty insults in the same manner?


(06/18/2015) Public School Teacher Doesn't Teach Shakespeare because He's White. 
And apparently not relevant to non-whites.


(06/17/2015)  Interesting 'discussion' between James Madison and Alexander Hamilton concerning President Obama.  Remember that Hamilton favored a strong executive, Madison not so much.


(06/17/2015)  America’s Ongoing Era of ‘Ineptocracy’.  This refers to our government.  And we really do need to be concerned.  If all the OPM's personnel data was hacked is there any reason to think that Social Security is immune?


(06/17/2015)  Are Journalists Afraid to Challenge Liberal Black Leaders?  Yes.


(06/16/2015)  Woman murdered while waiting for gun permit approval.   Protection orders are not very effective without something more to back them up.


(06/16/2015)  The “What’s Next” of Homosexuality and Transsexuality is here, and it is Worse than You Thought.  It used to be that significant deviations from the norm were considered - well, deviations from the norm.  Compassion and treatment might very well be in order.  Who knows where we are heading today.


(06/15/2015)   Scientists ‘Crack Code’ to Happiness.  Do they think they have discovered something new?  Probably, but they have only 'discovered' that which the Bible has told us all along.


(06/15/2015)  And don't forget.  It is the 800th anniversary of the original Magna Carta. 


(06/14/2015)  How Liberals Distort American History.  Is this uniques to liberals?  I don't know, but it seems that virtually all distortions are oriented to the left.  Please send in your recommended reading for American history.  Karen and I are history buffs, so we'll probably start a 'resource' page for History, with a focus on American History.


(06/08/2015)  Good article on the 'propserity gospel'.  Here is another one, specifically concerning Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria.


(06/07/2015)   Cuba cracking down on churches AFTER 'normalization' of relations.  Please remind me why we have rewarded this dictatorship and gotten nothing in return.


(06/07/2015)   Are all 'professing' Christians true Christians?  Probably not.


(06/06/2015)   ‘We Have a Spiritual Crisis If You’re Looking for Government to Be Your Savior’.  We certainly have a spiritual crisis.


(06/04/2015)  Most Americans look so kindly on churches, they might even go sometime.  Don't be shy about inviting people to church - they won't bite your head off.


(06/04/2015)  Cultural cleansing of Christian males?  Well, it does seem to be happening.  Should we be doing anything about it?


(06/03/2015)  Marijuana-Worshipping 'Church' Gets Tax-Exempt Status From IRS.  Yet Tea Party groups have to answer such intrusive questions as to what the content of their prayers are.  Can the IRS get any more ridiculous?  Probably.


(06/03/2015)  Is American more respected in the world than ever before?  The President seems to think so.  On the other hand, the Russians do not.


(06/02/2015)  Only Madisonian Civil Disobedience Can Turn Back the Tide of Intrusive Government.  Is it really going to come to this?  I am afraid it is entirely possible.  Has the time already arrived?  This article highlights abuses of OSHA, but we already see similar governmental abuses against Christians.


(06/01/2015)  Carly Fiorina and a Tale of Two Magazine Covers.  The title is not very helpful, but the subject matter is interesting - the inability of so many to achieve anything like their potential in today's America.


(06/01/2015)  Are Obama and the hard left of the devil?  You can't get much more provacative than this.  But for those of us who sometimes recognize Satan's work in our own lives, why should we not admit to the possibility that he is working in the lives of others as well?


(06/01/2015)  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse proposes using federal RICO statues against people and institutions that disagree with him about global warming.  We really do need to be concerned about efforts to destroy the first amendment.  It is clear that many are just fine with disposing of it, and without bothering to actually change the Constitution to do it.


(05/31/2015)  For those interested in the implementation of Obamacare and the 'administrative' changes to that law.


(05/30/2015)  Creationist Finds Fossils, Washington Post seems amazed he remains a creationist.


(05/30/2015)  ‘The New National Crime Wave’ explores the consequences of the ‘Ferguson effect’.  Crime is up all over the place, not just in Ferguson and Baltimore.


(05/29/2015)  China Warns of 'Inevitable' war with U.S.  As if we didn't have enough other things to worry about.


(05/29/2015)  Federal Incompetence at the IRS.  Many now think the federal government should regulate 'hate' speech.  Even if you feel they should (I don't) is there any way you could feel confident in their ability to do so?


(05/28/2015)  Concerning women in front-line combat.  That is definitely the direction we are heading, sacrificing both male and female lives on the altar of political correctness.


(05/26/2015)  Are we really free?  Another post from the Fire-Breathing Christian.


(05/26/2015)  Summoning Demons??  It's not that social media cannot be put to good use, but ....


(05/26/2015)  What does it mean to be an American?  Interesting discussion on the subject at Ricochet.


(05/23/2015)  This is a (long) article on John Jay, the first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Learn a bit of history and you will get an good idea how much our thinking has changed since the days of the founders.  No question that we have strayed far from our roots.


(05/22/2015)  Dem's new agenda hauntingly similar to communism.  The title is a little misleading as this is specifically the 'progressive wing' we are talking about.  A number of items may not be of concern to committed Christians, but some no doubt are.


(05/20/2015)  Fracking might not be Cause of Those Earthquakes After All.  I'm posting this primarily because it shows that in many cases the 'narrative' is more important than the truth.


(05/18/2015)  5 lies about the IRS scandal.  Remember that not just Tea Party organizations were targeted, but organizations supporting traditional marriage.


(05/18/2015)  Teacher's Union Dues Used to Keep Illegals in US.  This article included because of apparent NEA hostility to Christian values.


(05/18/2015)  Interesting article on identity politics.  Where does it stop?  Christianity and aren't mentioned in the article, but when we engage on the political battlefield, let us avoid some of the mistakes of others.


(05/15/2015)  3rd grade teach who had pupils write get well notes to convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal is fired.  Claims she had the broad support of the community.  What was she thnking?


(05/15/2015)  In case you've forgotten all about the IRS scandal, here is one of the reasons.


(05/14/2015)  Howard Dean: Jesus Probably to Left of Democratic Party.  Hmm. Interesting.


(05/14/2015)  Millions want to move to the U.S.A.  From Gallup, this probably isn't much of a surprise.


(05/13/2015)  No free college education for prisoners is akin to slavery?  You would think that with all the real problems we have, he could come up with something a little more important to complain about.


(05/13/2015)  Excellent article about dishonesty (lying) among those at the top.  By Victor David Hanson.


(05/12/2015)  State Dept Approval of Clinton Speeches.  Controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the State Department during Hillary Clinton's tenure are primarily political in nature.  We should be concerned about corruption in government, however.


(05/11/2015)  More caving in to environmental activists.  Now where can I shop for home improvement stuff?


(05/07/2015)  It looks like the Labour in Britain is doing much worse than expected in today's elections.  Labor party leader Ed Miliband has advocated criminalizing criticism of Islam.  I kid you not.  Update (05/08/2015):  Conservertive Party wins absolute majority - no coalition required to form government.  Here are final results from the BBC.


(05/02/2015)  Is the administration declaring war on Christian schools?  Very likely.


(04/30/2015)  So you thought only US citizens were supposed to vote?  Think again.  Basically, the Justice Dept is demanding that states permit non-citizens to vote.


(04/29/2015) Judge won't dismiss lawsuit from band director fired over sexual assault accusations.  This case does not involve what we would call a 'Christian' situation, but it does show that there is segment of our society that is willing to use the force of law to destroy people's lives to support and promote a 'narrative' that cannot stand based on facts alone.   Unfortunately, many of those doing this are in positions of power and we are clearly on their target list.  Fortunately, it is looking like this particular case may have a happy ending.


(04/27/2015) Concerning Christian law professors on campus.  I don't suggest that they become literal martyrs, but a little more courage - and a little more support from the rest of us - would be helpful.


(4/21/2015) The administration should stop hectoring Christians and start protecting them.


(4/21/2015) Christian service in the military.  Should Christians join the military under the current president?


(4/18/2015) Catholics against Catholics having to follow Catholic teaching.


(4/6/2015) The Left wages total war and then plays victim.  Title is self-explanatory (submitted by Ken).


(4/6/2015) Judge orders IRS to release list of targeted conservative nonprofit groups. Some of which were Christian organizations.

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