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The Navigators have put together 60 great verses for memorization in what they call the TMS or Topical Memory System.  This is a good way to start memorizing Scripture for several reasons.

  • The verse selection provides a good mix of verses to have available on demand - that is, in memory.

  • The verses are categorized by topic.  This helps with both mental and physical (cards) organization.

  • The Navigators provides a workbook, along with 60 verse cards in each of 8 different translations and a card holder, available here.

For those of us who simply need verse cards, we have them available in downloadable Microsoft Word documents.  The cards are two-sided. meaning the Word documents are 12 pages.  Printing duplex yields 6 sheets of ten cards each.


I print on card stock, but alas, my printer sometimes jams when printing duplex with card stock.  So I first print all the odd numbered pages.  I then take those sheets, put them in reverse order, printed side up, insert the printed pages, top of page first, into the paper feed tray, then print the even numbered pages.   It works on my printer, but you better run a test on your printer before printing all the pages.


I then use a paper slicer to cut out the verse cards.  They are standard business card size (2 by 3.5 inches).  Note that you can purchase perforated card stock for business cards and print on that.  It is easier to separate the perforated cards than to cut them out, but I am a glutton for punishment.  Besides, messing up the alignment on the perforated stock is more expensive!

Click on one of the following to download Word documents:

Topical Verse Cards for ESV

Topical Verse Cards for NASB

Navigators Discipleship Training - This page contains information about the Navigators 2:7 course and more, along with more downloadable verse cards.

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