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for you are a people holy to the LORD your God.  Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the LORD has chosen you to be his treasured possession. 

Deuteronomy 14:2 (NIV)


He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant he made with Abraham, the oath he swore to Isaac.  He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as an everlasting covenant: “To you I will give the land of Canaan l  as the portion you will inherit.” 

Psalms 105:8-11 (NIV)


Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.  For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many."

Matthew 24:4-5  (NIV)

Christians about to be beheaded

Stoning in Somalia

Homosexual executed by throwing off building

A pretty harsh indictment of Islam.

Islam and Israel

 Jan '19 -Jun '21

(05/29/2021) Rutgers University Chancellor Christopher J. Molloy Condemns the Rise in Antisemitic Violence; and then Apologizes for Doing So.  One should never apologize for speaking the truth.  Sadly, our culture is being dictated to, not by those who speak the truth, but by those who can't handle the truth.

(05/28/2021) Ami Horowitz Video: Raising Money From Woke Students for Hamas to Kill Jews.  The fact that this is relatively successful is very disheartening.  To be fair, our youth, given that they tend to be totally lacking in critical thinking skills, will go with the latest left-wing narrative without giving it a second thought.  If they ever learn to think, they might change.

(05/01/2021) Miami Imam: If You Love Jesus, Islam Is the Religion for You.  Not even close.

(04/26/2021) Biden’s Team of Israel-Haters.  Biden says he is a friend of Israel, but then Biden says whatever he think you want to hear at the moment.  What he says is meaningless.

(03/23/2021) Boulder Shooter is ISIS Sympathizer, Leftists Hardest Hit.  And don't forget the Trump hater bit.  The problem is, no matter how much evidence there is that is counter to their narrative, the vast majority of Leftists will not change their thinking one iota.

(06/11/2020) Iranian Father Beheads 13-Year-Old Daughter In ‘Honor Killing.’  No biggie, Islam is a religion of peace, after all.

(04/30/2020)  New York mosque still open for daily prayers while churches across the country face mandatory shutdowns.  Under circumstances like this, you can shut down churches and Christians are not going to riot in the streets.  Muslims are a different kettle of fish.  Christians better be prepared to take to the streets if this kind of thing keeps up.

(04/29/2020) New York City Giving Out 500,000 FREE Halal Meals To Muslims For Ramadan.  Is that not unconstitutional?  Giving out free meals to any and all would not be a problem.

(04/16/2020) Muslims deny aid to Christians and 'infidels' during COVID-19.  This is hardly surprising.  One problem is that a lot of people on the Left assume Christians are the same.  That is, they (Leftists and Muslims, etc.) are quite willing to withhold aid to those they disagree with.  So it is logical for them to think Christians do the same.  Why else is Samaritans Purse getting flack for their field hospital in Central Park?  The MSM does a very poor job (deliberately?) of informing people what genuine, Bible believing Christianity is all about.  But that doesn't mean we can't do a better job ourselves. 

(12/26/2019) Unhinged Leftists Storm Church on Christmas Eve and Disrupt Service Over Pastor’s Harsh Words on Islam.  Leftist rightly see Christianity as being the biggest short-term roadblock to their agenda.  They fail to see that while Christians will never kill them for their beliefs, Islamist will be only too happy to.

(11/06/2019) Video: Outspoken Critics of Islam Discuss the Possibilities of Islamic Reform.  Islam cannot reform unless they reject much of the Koran.  Not going to happen.  The best reformation is to convert Muslims to Christianity.

(10/03/2019) Islam's Inferiority Complex: Why the Religion of Peace resorts to death threats to keep members from leaving. 

(09/20/2019) Baptist Church In Michigan Cancels 9/11 Event To Appease Terror-Backed Group. No, Really.  We have to stop letting ourselves be intimidated.  Do what is right.  The entire objective of the Left is to intimidate us into silence.  Don't let them do it.

(09/19/2019) Ilhan Omar Discovers the Real Victim of 9/11: Ilhan Omar.  We shouldn't be surprised: "It's all about me" seems to be all the rage nowadays, especially among the progressive victimology cult.

(09/11/2019) New York Times Says ‘Airplanes’ Killed Thousands On 9-11 — Forgets To Mention Islamic Terrorists.  I believe they have sort of corrected this, but ....

(09/06/2019) 'Nothing More than a Slut, a White Whore!'  How the Left validates Islam’s sexual fantasies and victimization of Western women.  In Sweden, Germany and elsewhere in Europe, Western women are getting blamed for getting raped by Muslim men.  I'll be blunt: Islam and the associated culture is rotten to the core and we should have nothing to do with it.  Europe is suffering the consequences.  It is obvious, so we have no excuse.  Yet many simply turn a blind eye, for fear someone might think they are not tolerant enough.  Islam is an existential threat to the West and America.  It is worth asking: which political party in America is the mostly likely to address this issue and which is most likely to allow it to become much worse?  Figure it out.

(09/05/2019) Palestinian terrorists murder Jewish teenager. Rashida Tlaib rushes to blame 'Israeli occupation.'  When conservatives do bad things it is because they are bad people.  When liberals do bad things, it is because those bad conservatives made them do it.

(07/13/2019) U.S. school lets Muslims interrupt classes to 'convert' students.  This is typical of the idiocy that results from desperately trying to show how tolerant you are.

(07/10/2019) Linda Sarsour’s Jesus Claim Is Ugly Attempt To Separate Jewish History From Holy Land.  Just more of the "Jesus was a Palestinian" nonsense.  Sort of on par with "Jesus was a homeless refugee."

(06/08/2019) But ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’! Iran to deploy 2,000 ‘morality police’ in response to hijab protests.  So while feminists in the USA run no risks whatsoever in protesting whatever they feel is oppressing them at the moment, women in Iran are risking a lot.  Yet few American feminists show any concern at all about Islam's treatment of women.  Quite the opposite, in fact.

(06/08/2019) Jihad's Infiltration of the Movies.  "Movie theaters" might be a better description.  I suspect that here in the USA,  Christians are more likely to be discriminated against than are Muslims.

(05/11/2019) Walz’s iffy Iftar.  In brief, many of our politicians are desperate to show that they aren't "Islamophobic."  Lenin said that the capitalists would sell the communists the rope they would use to hang the capitalists.  Is this not similar?  Do any of these clowns believe that Islam is a friend to democracy, freedom, rule of law and Western civilization? 

(04/16/2019) Diabolical: Islam’s Past and Present Attacks on European Churches.  While there is no reason to think the Notre Dame fire was deliberately set, churches in Western Europe, and Specifically, France, have been under assault for some time.  One guess as to the source.

(04/08/2019) Muslims in Germany Call for “Islamophobia Czar” to Crack Down on Free Speech.  We don't have the Muslim problem that Germany has, but this is the direction they push once they have a critical mass.  And there are plenty in this country advocating for the same kind of policies that got Germany (and Swenden and France and ...) into this mess.

(04/06/2019) Swedish Family Flees to Poland after State Hands His Daughters Over to Muslim Family.  Isn't it amazing that former communist East European countries align more with our Christian values than Western Europe?

(03/30/2019) Brunei Defends Islamic Laws that Punish Homosexuals with Whipping, Stoning to Death.  But Christian conservatives are the bad ones.

(03/18/2019) Robert Spencer: So Long, Everybody.  There is a big push to ban "Islamophobia" - that is, criticism of Islam - in non-Muslim countries, and some Democrats - including the party chairman - seem receptive.

(03/18/2019) The Persecution of Christian Women.  Of course, it isn't just women.  Christians are the most persecuted group in the world, and yet how many people are aware of this?  People are unaware because it don't not fit the MSM's progressive agenda.  Most of the persecution (but not all) is in Muslim majority countries.  Easter is coming and there is one thing we can be sure of: there will be church bombings.

(03/07/2019) Cenk Uyger calls out the REAL anti-Semites: Right-wing evangelical Christians, that’s who.  Of course!  Unfortunately for Uyger, he probably can't find a single evangelical who believes what he claim.  But that won't stop Uyger's followers from believing his bs.

(03/07/2019) Pelosi Caves to Unhinged Party Radicals — Will Allow Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar to Edit Dem’s Anti-Semitism Resolution.  In short, in addition to being the pro-infanticide, anti-Christian, anti-free speech party, the Democrats have firmly declared their intention to be the part on anti-Semites.  Here is more on Democrats defending anti-Semitism within their party: Clyburn: Omar’s Experiences Are ‘More Personal’ Than Children Of Holocaust Survivors.  And here is more.  Yet again, when Democrats do bad things, the story is not about Democrats doing bad things, it is about the GOP unfairly trying to take advantage of the situation: THERE IT IS! Reporter for the @TheHill says the @NRCC ‘pounces’ on Jim Clyburn’s Ilhan Omar comments

(02/14/2019) 'We understand why people in this country don't want her back': Mother weeps after speaking to ISIS bride for first time in two years today - amid calls for unrepentant pregnant teenager, 19, to be banned from Britain.  I believe in repentance and forgiveness.  This "ISIS bride" wants the benefits of the West while actively trying to bring about its destruction.  There is no repentance on her part, and there should be no forgiveness.  She made her bed, now let her sleep in it.

(02/14/2019) Andrew McCabe Says He Opened Trump Probes in Case He Was 'Fired,' Confirms 25th Amendment Talks.  What is remarkable is that McCabe, CBS and others think all this reflects badly on Trump.  The FBI knew their Trump dossier was phony - yet they proceeded with this nonsense.  Why?  To protect themselves and promote their own fantasy that they are the guardians of our republic and are above the law.  The fact is, it reflects so poorly on the FBI that perhaps the FBI should be rebuilt from the ground up.  Not only was the FBI leadership involved in gross misuse of power, but it seems that none of the rank and file saw fit to step forward and shine a light on what was going on.  For shame!

(02/13/2019) The apology this time: Finale.  Ilhan Omar "apologized" for her anti-Semitic tweets, but is was yet another non-apology by a politician.  The facts are simple: she is a Muslim and an anti-Semite.  The two go together, I hate to say.  She isn't changing her way of thinking one iota.  The MSM and the Dems will, of course, let her off the hook.  But the rest of us should not.

(02/10/2019) Judge Calls on Muslims to Disavow Violent Qur’an Verses.  This is in Australia, and Muslims, surprise, surprise, have declined.

(01/28/2019) “Scholar of Religions” Says Allah is “More Merciful” Than the God of the Bible.  Good thing that we have "scholars" such as this looking out for us.

(01/26/2019) #RecognizeRadicalization.  I was a Muslim - but I learned there is a more loving and compassionate way to live life.  I don't know whether she has become a Christian - it isn't mentioned in the article - but suffice it to say that there is little good that can be said about Islam.  Giving Islam a pass on everything that is contrary to what America stands for is bad, bad, bad.  Yet that is what we often do.  "It is just their culture," we say.

(01/03/2019) New Muslim Congress members 'deceived' voters.  To be fair, this just shows that they are typical politicians.  And their views - in this case, on Israel - are not actually out of line with the views of many Democrats in Congress.

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