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for you are a people holy to the LORD your God.  Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the LORD has chosen you to be his treasured possession. 

Deuteronomy 14:2 (NIV)


He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant he made with Abraham, the oath he swore to Isaac.  He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as an everlasting covenant: “To you I will give the land of Canaan l  as the portion you will inherit.” 

Psalms 105:8-11 (NIV)


Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.  For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many."

Matthew 24:4-5  (NIV)

Islam and Israel

Oct-Dec 2015


(12/31/2015)  A Christian is Martyred by Muslims Every 5 Minutes; Obama says “There’s Nothing We Can Do”  

(12/31/2015)  Man arrested in Christmas Day firebombing of Houston mosque 'attended the storefront mosque for five years.'  Note that virtually every 'hate crime' reported turns out to have been committed by member of the 'victim' group, whether it be blacks painting racist slogans or Muslims burning mosques.  You would think that our elites would be happy that hate crimes are so rare that activists have to make them up.  But our progressive elites have a vested interest in promoting the notion that ours is a racist. sexist and everything -phobic society.


(12/30/2015)  Officials Order Church Groups to Remove ALL Crosses from Their Facilities That Will Be Taking in Muslim So-Called ‘Refugees’  This is in Norway.


(12/30/2015)   Democrats Officially Condemn Americans Who Speak Out Against Muslims!  We already know that in Canada, speaking the truth doesn't protect you from their speech laws.  And we know that all the Democrats in the Senate voted to change the First Amendment to allow Congress to decide what is actually OK under it - namely to restrict it.  Democrats may disagree with what you say, but they will defend to the death their right to make you shut up.  Given that some Democrats are actually floating the idea of gun confiscation, we may be in for a rough ride ahead.

(12/30/2015)  Pat Robertson flays plan for Quran as 'law book',Slams famous American college he graduated from.  Take a glance at Sharia law and then try defending to notion that Islamic law is 'respectable.'

(12/29/2015)   Miss Puerto Rico Blasts Michael Moore & Islam – PC Police Suspend Her Indefinitely.  Of course private organizations are free to do as they see fit, but it does seem that people are punished for departing the left's preferred line far more frequently than for departing the conservative Christian preferred line.

(12/28/2015)   Why Thomas Aquinas Distrusted Islam.  Good read, but the title is a little misleading - Aquinas more than merely 'distrusted' Islam.

(12/28/2015)   American Freedom or Sharia Compliance.  Our Sharia law page shows the horror that is Sharia law.  This article, by putting a human face on just some aspects of that law, brings out that horror more vividly.


(12/27/2015)  Berlin, Germany: “I Am Muslim What Are You?” Muslims Beat Christians for Christmas Fun.  But, but our screening process will protect us.  And more:  

Czech President: Wave of Migrants Entering Europe Is “Organized Invasion”

(12/27/2015)   Taqiyya: Muslim Cleric Denies Ties to San Bernardino Killers.  The phone records seem to tell another story.

(12/27/2015)  Woman falsely accused of burning Koran ripped apart by Afghan mob.  Sounds barbaric and it is.  But equally barbaric is Sharia law, under which this was an appropriate penalty were she actually guilty.

(12/25/2015)   Muslim Religious Leader says Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder. 

(12/24/2015)   'They don't speak for me': New Muslim groups reject CAIR representation.  This is good.  Let us hope and pray that more of the moderate Muslim crowd actually starts taking an active role in opposing the extremists.

(12/23/2015)   US Muslim Group Announces Campaign to Fight ‘Islamophobia’ After San Bernardino Slaughter.  Natch.

(12/23/2015)  Christian Concerns about Islam in Public Schools Are about Truth and Fairness, Not Fear.  But, but Islamophobia sounds so good.

(12/23/2015)   New FBI Study Proves Liberal Narrative on Racism and Islam WRONG!.  In short, there are far fewer 'hate crimes' against Muslims in America than there are against Jews.


(12/22/2015)   Massive worldwide support for sharia law among global Muslim community.  In all fairness, 51% of American Muslims merely say they would like the 'option' of living under Sharia.  But of course Sharia is simply not compatible with American law.  If you haven't already, check out our page on Sharia Law.


(12/21/2015)   Immigration and Our Founding Fathers' Values.  Michelle Malkin column.


(12/21/2015)  Kerry: 'We Know Who's Coming Into Our Country for the Most Part.'  How many of us have a feeling of confidence after reading this?

(12/21/2015)  Judge orders U.S. landlord to learn Islam.  I believe that this ruling has been overturned, but it is pretty shocking that a judge could order such a thing in the first place.


(12/19/2015)   DHS chief promises to protect Muslims from 'McCarthyism.'  Sheesh.  How about protecting Christians from either being forced to participate in events they are morally opposed to or face fines and / or jail?  Should not the head of homeland 'security' be primarily concerned with security of our homeland?

(12/18/2015)   The Christian suicide cult.  Let us all resolve to not be a part of it.


(12/18/2015)  Backlash against homework assignment to copy Muslims statement of faith closes schools in VA.  The author thinks the parents are 'over-reacting,' but I do not.  For far too long we have been silent about this sort of thing.  And given that parents expressed their anger and outrage but did not threaten any violence, it is clear that the school district is over-reacting by closing the schools.


(12/18/2015)  Liberal Feminist Joy Brighton: Deport Entire Families of Terrorists from U.S.  I may have a big problem with Islam, but I also believe in due process.  Still, Islam is a problem and we need to be doing something about it rather than letting it get worse and worse.

(12/18/2015)  'Walk a Mile in Her Hijab' day at public high school.  So why, exactly, is this permitted at a public school while voluntary prayer after a football game is prohibited?

(12/16/2015)  The Quran of leftists' dreams.  This is a new 'study' Quran, which interprets the Quran in the least threatening manner possible.  I think Islam needs to be judged based on its fruits. 


(12/15/2015)   ISIS 'issues fatwa ordering suffocation of babies with Down’s syndrome.'  I realize this is ISIS, but suffice it to say I can never 'respect' Islam.

(12/13/2015)   After San Bernardino, America shrugs.  Well, the administration shrugs.  Given the record gun sales, I suspect that many Americans are wising up to the fact that they may have to defend themselves and not rely on our government.


(12/13/2015)   ‘Three Little Pigs’ banned from classroom for potentially offending Muslims.  This is in the UK, but ....

(12/09/2015)   Pew: Muslims 'fastest-growing religious group in the world,' 70% Democrat.  For 'fastest growing', shouldn't we Christians be doing something about it?  For '70% Democrat', doesn't that explain a few things?


(12/09/2015)  Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban Should Touch Off a Badly Needed Discussion.  Indeed.  We need to stop hiding our heads in the sand.  Here is more on the topic:  For Good and Ill, Donald Trump Has Brought Discussion of Political Impossibilities into the Open, though I will argue that there is no 'ill' involved in bringing up the subject of Muslim immigration.

(12/09/2015)   The Danger in Islamic Prayer.  Some say that the deeper you dig in to religions, the more they are the same.  What nonsense.  The more you dig, the more they are different.  And it would behoove Christians to learn more about Islam.  I am thinking about adding a page of such information along with links to other good sources.  Please send along any good info and links you may have on the subject.

(12/08/2015)   One Way or Another – We Are The Cause of Terrorism.  One thing is for sure: the Left certainly does not want to risk blaming terrorism on those who might actually retaliate by committing terrorist acts against them.

(12/07/2015)   American Muslim Groups Band Together To Call Out Extremists.  It is a start.


(12/05/2015)  Muslim invaders spreading HIV across Europe at an alarming rate.  Although HIV and other STDs are 99.9% lifestyle related, the director of the World Health Organization balmes 'social exclustion.'  Is there nothing that white Westerners (particularly Christians) and 'climate change' cannot be blamed for?


(12/05/2015)  Saudi-Born Singer Shams Bandar Drops Truth Bombs on Arab TV: “Why do we Pin all our Problems on the West? - For 1,400 years We have been Slaughtering one Another”  

(12/05/2015)  Loretta Lynch more worried about anti-Muslim sentiment than jihad terror.  Oh how I pray for some adult leadership in this, the greatest country on God's green earth.

(12/03/2015)   Mainstream Media Bashes “Ex-Muslims” as Islamophobic!  Most of these ex-Muslims have become atheists.  Think of the reaction if they had become Christians?  That said, as Christians we should be doing everything we can to convert Muslims to the Christian faith, both for their sake and our own.

(12/02/2015)   Muslims kill gays, liberals blame Christians.  Naturally, though it is more like 'Christians will do the same if given the chance.'  The article is definitely worth reading.

(11/27/2015)   Another Week of Israeli Victims – One Wedding, Two Funerals, and a Stabbing.  The media has more thanone topic they don't consider worth reportingon.


(11/25/2015)  The Strange Case of the Secular Progressive-Islamist Alliance.  It has always boggled my mind that progressives are not in the forefront of the battle against Islamic extremism - or just Islam itself - given Islam's treatment of women, homosexuals and pretty much everyone else.  I've assumed that the progressive's hatred of America and conservatives is so strong that they will take any allies they can get.  That is part of it, but his article digs a little deeper.

11/25/2015)  Paris Muslims claim terror attacks were work of 'magical shape-shifting Jews.'  At first I found this pretty unbelievable, but ....


(11/23/2015)   Hillary, Islam, and Christianity.  Interesting article.  Focus on the differences between Christianity and Islam.  False equivalencies see to be all the rage these days, but they are just that - false.

(11/23/2015)  Exposed: Obama's Love for Jihadis and Hate for Christians.  Is this overwrought?  Probably not.  We Christians have possibly been too tolerant of - or possibly just ignorant of - our president's anti-Christian actions.

(11/21/2015)   Why Does the Left Continue to Insist that Islamic Terrorism Has Nothing to Do with Islam?  Good question, but the most basic answer is that there is a problem (Islam) that they do not want to deal with.

(11/20/2015)   University of Minnesota Students Reject 9/11 Remembrance as Islamophobic!  Remember that your tax dollars are paying for these institutions. 

(11/20/2015)   Non-Muslim Terrorists Seize Hotel In Mali, Take Hostages.  The article is funny, but the situation is not.  The point, of course, is to make fun of the Democrats refusal to associate terrorism with Islam.


(11/20/2015)   Are Christianity and Islam equally violent?  There are certainly some who would have us think so, but they really have no case.  Update:  relating to this -Dear Whoopi, the Quran Justifies Violence, the Bible Does Not.

(11/16/2015)  Democrats’ PC Refusal to Name ‘Radical Islam’ Betrays a Deeper Weakness.  Christians need to consider whether the problem is not just 'radical' Islam, but Islam itself.  Here is more: Franklin Graham: ISIS Terrorism Is at Our Doorstep. 


(11/14/2015)   ISIS Genocide Victims Do Not Include Christians, the State Department Is Poised to Rule.  No comment necessary, but this is related: Obama leaves 'Islam' out of Paris terror statement. 

(11/03/2015)  Who is Asia Bibi and why should we care?  This is just one example of what is happening to Christians throughout the world.  Our governemnt could do a lot about this sort of thing but chooses no to.  There is at least one private organization that is on the front lines - the Be Heard Project.  Please follow the link, sign their petitions and consider donating.  

(11/03/2015)   Journalist Stoned by Muslim Gang on the Streets in… SWEDEN?  Yes, there really are 'no-go' zones in Europe for non-Muslims.  This is an issue that needs to be dealt with, but instead we are sweeping it under the rug and it will only get worse. 


(11/02/2015)   Natural Selection Among Jews.  It looks like the Orthodox population is growing at the sepense of the secular.


(11/01/2015)   Muslim Religious Leader says “Muslims have the Right to Kill anyone who does Not Respect Islam.”  And we're supposed to play politicly correct and support the notion of a Muslim president?

(11/01/2015)   Muslim Students Walk Out on National Anthem!  This is in Australia.  May I be blunt?  I welcome immigrants who come to America because they want to become Americans.  Others should be kept out.

(10/26/2015)   In case you still had any doubt about Obama and Israel.  Two pictures tell the story.

(10/23/2015)  Muslim Children Told How to ‘Stab a Jew’ During ‘School Lessons.’  

(10/21/2015)  Video Shows Knife-Wielding Muslim Girl Say: ‘I Want to Stab a Jew.’ 

(10/20/2015)  Entitled Muslim ‘Refugees’ DEMAND That Norway Become an Islamic State! 

(10/19/2015)  Prime Minister Netanyahu adopts a rescue dog, and the left goes ballistic.  You see, Hitler loved dogs and there are many photographs of Hitler with his German Shepherd Blondi.  I suppose it is stuff like this that keeps the Left from getting outraged over the little things, like the way that Islam treats women, homosexuals and pretty much everyone else.


(10/16/2015)   ‘Are you kidding?’ CNN’s headline about fire at Joseph’s Tomb site leaves heads shaking.  It seems that Joseph's tomb just happened to catch fire, according to CNN.


(10/16/2015)  State Department refuses to list examples of Israeli 'excessive force.'  Not that this should surprise anyone, but then why did the State Department accuse Israel of terrorist acts?

(10/16/2015)  Shocking Map Shows How Many Mosques are in Each States.  Actually, it is not 'shocking' at all.   One would expect a correlation between number of mosques and level of Islamic terrorist activity.  One thing should be clear to all - committed Muslims do not come to America to become Americans; they come to make America Islamic.  Of course, some Muslims who come to America are hardly 'committed,' and they, of course, are not the problem.  But the 'committed' crowd certainly seems to dominate.

(10/12/2015)  Liberal Police Want to BAN Ham Sandwiches So Muslims Aren’t Offended.  This is not a government group, but still.... 


(10/12/2015)   Muslims conquering the heartland.  Chapel at Wichita State concerted into 'Muslim-friendly prayer space.'  Why, exactly, are we caving into pretty much every demand made by Muslims these days?

(10/10/2015)  Former U.S. Diplomat Says Amb. Powers Instructed To Skip Netanyahu’s UN Speech.  I am speechless.

(10/06/2015)   “Christian Civilization” and Mass Muslim Migration.  Not long, definitely worth reading.

(10/06/2015)  16 States Just Banned Shariah Law – Is Your’s on the List?  Sharia law is 100% incompatible with the Constitution.  It should not be necessary to ban it, but better safe than sorry.

(10/03/2015)  Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology.  A new video from Prager University.


(10/02/2015)   Netanyahu stares down UN in intense ‘moment of silence’.  I rather wish we had a leader like this.

(10/02/2015)   Obama Pulled John Kerry and Samantha Power From Netanyahu UN Speech.  Did he really?  Was it deliberate?  If so, it is amazingly petty.

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