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for you are a people holy to the LORD your God.  Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the LORD has chosen you to be his treasured possession. 

Deuteronomy 14:2 (NIV)


He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant he made with Abraham, the oath he swore to Isaac.  He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as an everlasting covenant: “To you I will give the land of Canaan l  as the portion you will inherit.” 

Psalms 105:8-11 (NIV)


Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.  For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many."

Matthew 24:4-5  (NIV)

Islam and Israel

Jan-Mar 2016

(03/16/2016)  Swedish rape crisis boils over as media stay silent.  Could this happen in America?  I hope not, but ....


(03/08/2016)  Obama FAILS Again says Muslim Terrorists Killing Christians is NOT Genocide!


(03/08/2016)  'Allahu Akbar!': Migrants storm through border fence.  Visit our Islam pages to learn more about Islam.

(03/04/2016)  U.S. Muslim planned to massacre Christians in church.  Yawn.

(02/25/2016)  Muslim Leader Demands that Western Countries Allow Muslim Child Brides because “It’s Part of their Culture”!  Just face it, Islam is generally incompatible with the West.  In the West , if Muslims wish to conform to Western standards, fine.  But  it is not the responsibility of the West to accomodate incompatible Islamic standards.


(02/20/2016)   Nancy Pelosi Quotes Mohammad and Pushes Islam at the National Prayer Breakfast.  Pelosi seems to be saying that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are basically the same - or at least similar.  I guess the fact that Pelosi is a pro-abortion Catholic gives us a little hint as to whether her faith or her politics come first.

(02/20/2016)  Atheist Says Christianity is a ‘Bulwark Against Something Worse,’ and that Something Worse is Islam.  Well, it is certainly a cinch that secularism isn't going to do the job.

(02/20/2016)   White House Rejects New Trade Bill Because It Is Too Pro-Israel

(02/12/2016)  Tempers flare over loud Islamic prayers in 'Muslimville, USA'  There are several issues involved here, including whether an 'Islamic Community Center,' by its very nature, is a mosque.

(02/11/2016)   ISIS Says Spain Will Pay For Crushing Muslim Rule 500 Years Ago…Threatens Horrific Attack.  I keep hearing that ISIS does not represent all of Islam, and it certainly does not.  But how many Muslims support ISIS (directly, indirectly, financially, politically or otherwise)?  Estimates seem to range from 15-25% worldwide.  Even a much smaller proportion would be cause for concern.  That said, there is quite a bit of evidence that American Muslims are much less radicalized overall than Muslims in most other countries, so always keep that in mind. 

(02/01/2016)  Sunni Cleric Tortured and Murdered Saturday After Denouncing ISIS and Al-Qaeda Friday.  This could be a factor in Muslims being reluctant to denounce their radical co-religionists.


(02/01/2016)  Guess What a Mob Did When Police Rescued a Raped Boy?  This is in Sweden.  I keep hearing about 'just a few bad apples,' but it certainly seems like more than a few.


(01/30/2016)  Islamic rage erupts over Christian march. Muslim mob swarms group: 'We're taking over.  This is in Britain.  I have never been a fan of 'in-your-face' activism, but if the alternative is timidity and silence, I'll have to go with the former.  Muslim activists have been adept at using the heckler's veto and there needs to be some push-back.

(01/31/2016)  Colorado Government School Enforces Sharia Dress Code For Non-Muslim Schoolgirls.  Is a field trip to a mosque really necessary?  It certainly strikes me that there should be an opt-out for trips like this.  Better yet, require an opt-in.  On the other hand, learning what Muslim females have to put up with might be a good lesson if the school sought to reinforce that message (unlikely).

(01/22/2016)   Pakistan: Bill banning child marriage fails after it’s deemed un-Islamic. 

(01/20/2016)  Who's really more dangerous: Right-wingers or Islamists?  The report that claims that more Americans are killed by right-wingers than Islamists is total bunk and the people that produced that report know it.  But to them, their agenda is far more important than the truth.

(01/20/2016)  Female Muslim Professor says it’s Okay for Muslims to Capture Slave Girls and then Rape them to “Humiliate” Them.  This isn't in the US, but is does give you an idea of Islamic thinking.

(01/19/2016)   Is Islamic Indoctrination Being Taught in LA Public Schools?  More than Christian or Jewish indoctrination, it seems.

(01/12/2016)   The Specter Of Islam.  But as the author notes, Muslims in America do seem better assimilated and far more law-abiding than those in Europe.  Is this simply a matter of numbers or do we simply do a better job here?


(01/09/2016)  Mayor echoes Hillary after Muslim shoots cop:  'It does not represent the religion in any way, shape or form.'  Hmm.  Just how dumb do our politicians think we are?


(01/09/2016)  Mass Muslim Immigration Will Bring Islam’s Problems Here.  Islam certainly is in the news a lot recently. 

(01/09/2016)  Poll: Nearly 50% of Democrats Believe Christians are More of a Threat to America than Muslims.  I'm not sure I can buy into this, but it is food for thought.

(01/08/2016)  To avoid inciting anti-Muslim sentiment, the press and government overlook repeated, vicious riots targeting women.  In short, the real danger is not Muslim extremism, but our possible reaction to it. 


(01/08/2016)   Horrifying details emerge of Cologne attacks.  It simply gets worse and worse, but not to worry.  We have a great screening process in place.  Given all these recent events involving Muslim 'migrants', I have a serious question: do Muslims feel any obligation to obey infidel laws that are contrary to what Sharia allows or demands?  Update:  Here is more:  ‘Widows and orphans’? Report: Over half the suspects ID’d in Cologne attacks are ‘asylum-seekers’  Update:  German Minister: Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric as Bad as Immigrants Committing Sexual Assault.  Really?  Update: Finland, Too: ‘Unprecedented’ Sexual Violence on NYE


(01/08/2016)   Australian School Allow Muslims to Leave the Room When National Anthem is Played.  Is this a good thing?

(01/08/2016)   Muslim migrants charged in beating death of gay man who offered food, clothing.  Although this might pose a dilemma for progressives trying to decide whose 'side' to take, it poses a more serious dilemma for the rest of us.  I have argued that Islam is incompatible with Western society and democracy, but that begs the question as to how incompatible individual Muslims are.  Of course it depends on the individual, but surely we should take care as to who we admit into our country.

(01/07/2016)   But “Mrs. Merkel Invited Me” according to one of the sexual assaulters in Cologne, Germany.  Draw your own conclusions concerning importing tens of thousands of Syrian 'refugees.'


(01/06/2016)   Islamic State Executes Teachers for Refusing ISIS Curriculum in Mosul.  Not that we need any more evidence.


(01/06/2016)   A Muslim Leader from Florida Praises Terrorists, Calls Jews “Monkeys” and “Pigs”  This is another case of Muslim clerics saying peace and love in English and murder and hatred in Arabic.  Just how much confidence can we have in 'moderates,' even if they talk moderate?  Here is more on the subject:  Does the 'Moderate Muslim' Exist?


(01/06/2016)  Cologne New Year gang assaults: Mayor says women should have code of conduct to prevent future assault.  Mayor Henriette Reker enraged people by focusing on women’s actions instead of the men who carried out the assault.  I hope and pray that we are not heading down this road, but we certainly seem to have started on it.

(01/06/2016)   Islam in our schools.  It is hard to tell how common this is, but one thing is clear: a fair number of school districts are exposing children to Islam under the pretense of multi-culturalism (or calligraphy!) when they would never risk doing the same for Christianity or Judaism.


(01/05/2016)   Police in Norway proclaim 'Oslo is lost' and you will never guess why.  OK, you probably will, but we can give no thanks to our MSM and most of our politicians who wish to 'protect' us from this kind of news.

(01/05/2016)   Syrian colonizer in Germany would sell his parents to advance the Caliphate.  Is this another one of those moderate Muslims we keep hearing so much about?


(01/04/2016)   US military drafting 'new narrative' for ISIS war.  That should do the trick.


(01/04/2016)  Mayor Who Called Obama a Muslim Asked to Resign.  I am curious.  Why are the same people that have nothing but good to say about most Muslims demanding a mayor's resignation for calling the president a Muslim?  Just asking.

(01/03/2016)  ISIS Throws 15 Year-Old Boy Off Building for Being Gay. 

(01/02/2016)  Why ‘Draw Mohammed’? The Artist Explains.  The article covers quite a bit of territory.  The artist is an ex-Muslim.  We could all use similar courage in standing up for our own faith and beliefs.

(01/01/2016)   Sweden rouses itself from a coma.  Starts to at least.  Now let us hope and pray that we do not fall into a coma ourselves.  Europe is giving us the example we need to wake up.  The question is, will we choose to ignore it? 

Did he really?  Was it deliberate?  If so, it is amazingly petty.

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