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Stand in the Gap - 1997

if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14   (NIV)


Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?

Psalms 85:6   (NIV)


There is some debate as to whether there have been 3, 4 or 5 'Great Awakenings' in America, but there is no doubt that we need a new Great Awakening now.  Please pray for Revival.


I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.  Ezekiel 22:30 (NIV)

Inspiration and Music

   -Dec 2016


(10/31/2016) President Dwight D. Eisenhower: Principles Worth Remembering.  Especially since we seem to have forgotten many of them.

(10/15/2016) Police and firefighters go above and beyond for bullied boy’s 11th birthday.  This is what America is all about.  Let us do our best to keep it that way.

(09/11/2016) A Day to be Proud.  A story of one of many 9/11 heroes.  A day to be proud of an America that produces such men.  There were many heroes on those planes that day 15 years ago.  

(09/10/2016) Check Out What Kiss Just Did to Honor the Military at Their Concert.  Apparently they haven't gotten the message that it is not cool to love your country.

(09/06/2016) Little Boy Saves Allowance for 7-Months then Buys Lunch for Local Police Department.  We should all be doing more to show our appreciation of and support for our local police.

(09/01/2016) Upbeat story of the day: FSU football player joins autistic child for lunch.  I am so glad to see stories like this.  Such incidents may be more common than we think, but just don't get reported.

(08/19/2016) Jesus in Rio: Christian Olympians Share Their Faith During Games.  However, based on the coverage, you might not be fully aware of this.  The good news is that the coverage hasn't totally ignored it, either. 

(08/13/2016) Pastors' Daughter and Olympic Sprinter Drops to Track to Praise the Name of Jesus.  Perhaps the rest of us should be a little more "public" regarding our faith.  See our easy evangelism page for some ideas.

(07/31/2016) Amazing letter of support for police in liberal Ithaca, NY.  From a Muslim from India, no less.  There is some good news floating around out there.


(07/11/2016) Kids sell lemonade, raise thousands for officer ambushed and shot during traffic stop.  Sometimes bad things bring out the best in us.

(07/11/2016) Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter Allyson Felix: 'I Try to Live My Life for Christ.'  She's on the team for Rio, but she missed a 200m spot by .01 seconds.

(07/11/2016) BLM Protesters come across #BlueLivesMatter Protesters in Dallas. No shouts. No fights. Just this…  And "this" is the way it should be.

(07/10/2016) An Ex-Cop Organized a Black Lives Matter Protest — and Protestors Got More Than They Bargained For.  Basically he told them that if you are black and you care about black lives (including your own), here is what you need to do.  And he nailed it.  Too bad our 'leaders' care more about maintaining racial division for partisan purposes than they do about genuine racial healing.

(07/08/2016) How about a positive story?  Texas Inmates Break Out to Save Jailer’s Life.


(07/04/2016) America’s Founding Changed Human History Forever.    


(07/04/2016) The “Miracle” of the U.S Constitution.  Many of us believe that God did have a hand in it.  May He have a hand in America today.


(07/04/2016) Charlie Daniels: America Is Still the Greatest Nation the World Has Ever Known.  It appears that Charlie Daniels and I think alike.


(07/04/2016) Ronald Reagan’s Independence Day Radio Address to the Nation (1983).  


(07/04/2016) How The Woman Who Wrote ‘The Battle Hymn Of The Republic’ Influenced America.     

(07/04/2016) Happy 240th birthday, America.  


(07/03/2016) General Washington’s Standard.  A good read as we approach the Fourth.

(07/02/2016) Learn a lot about America The Beautiful.  I thought I knew most of what there was to know.  I was wrong.  I found this at National Review's Independence Day links.  Good stuff!

(06/30/2016) How about something positive for a change?  NFL's Ben Watson: 'Man Is to Be the Priest, the Provider, and the Protector of His Family.'  

(06/28/2016)  Need some feel-good after all the bad news we've been hearing?  98-Year-Old Grandmother Walks On Stage During Country Singer’s Performance, No One Expects This. 

(06/25/2016)  History Teacher Does the Most Inspirational Thing on First Day of Class.  This is a pretty inspiring story, even if it dates from 2005.

(06/04/2016)  Ohio high school graduating class sings the Lord's Prayer even though it had been deleted from the program due to one atheist's complaint.  One complaint!

(05/31/2016)  The illustrated Memorial Day edition.  Have your hankie handy.

(05/19/2016)  Holocaust Survivor Reunited With World War II Soldier Who Freed Him.  You'll shed a few tears, but they are good tears.

(04/22/2016)   Thoughts from the ammo line.  Some serious thoughts with some serious laughs.  This is a weekly feature (Fridays) at Powerline.


(04/04/2016)  If you need a feel-good story, check this out.

(01/17/2017)  Sunrise 'angel,' cross in sky photographed same day!  Pretty nice pictures.

(01/11/2016)   The Way This Pastor Prevented a Mass Shooting Might Surprise You.  Here is another article on this incident.  Inspiring and a lesson for us all.

(12/27/2015)   Billy Graham on Christmas: ‘When I Look Into That Crib, I See The Greatest Teacher That Will Ever Live’ (and more).

(12/12/2015)   Flash Mob: USAF Band at Smithsonian. 


(11/26/2015)   Thanksgiving Proclamation 1789.  Definitely worth the read.  And of course it was Abraham Lincoln that made it a national holiday.  Abe Lincoln Thanksgiving 1864:‘It Has Pleased Almighty God to Prolong Our National Life Another Year.’ 


(11/06/2015)   Here is a feel-good story you should enjoy.  Note that the fans at the play-off foortball game did the sort of thing that we should be doing at every opportunity.  We have an action related to this.

(10/06/2015)  Feel good story of the day:  Mom Driving Behind School Bus Hit the Breaks When She Saw this. 

(09/08/2015)   Here is more on War RoomWar Room: A rebirth of values.   Go see it.  Am I repeating myself?  Go see it anyway.  Blog post here.

(09/01/2015)  New Christian movie 'War Room' stuns at box office.  Perhaps there is a bit of hyperbole in the headline, but the article contains a lot of interesting info about the movie.  A must see.  If it does not inspire you to improve your prayer life, nothing will.


(08/27/2015)  Famous Actor Chris Pratt Just Took a BOLD Stand for God!  It is a little mind-boggleing that refusing to do a sex scene should be considered bold, but in this day and age, it really is.

(08/21/2015)   Peter Schramm: ‘You Americans Invented Freedom’.  Good read and inspiring in its own way.  America is much more than just a country.  We are an idea, though many are working hard to try to make us 'just another country'.


(07/29/2015)   Unplanned Parenthood.  A bit of an antidote to the latest news about Planned Parenthood.  Have tissue handy.


(07/25/2015)  Officer Stops While Busting a Woman For Shoplifting When He Sees Her Children’s Feet.  Others pitch in as well.  There are lots of good people in theis country.  Too bad we don't hear more about them.


(07/21/2015)   Evangelicals should return to core beliefs.  Interesting column by Cal Thomas.


(07/11/2015)   A Time For Choosing.  Perhaps we have reached that critical time.  "The Speech", as Ronald Reagan's TV address supporting Barry Goldwater in 1964 came to be called, may seem dated but much of it is still relevant today.  Watch the video or read the text.


(07/11/2015)   Mormon Tabernacle Choir gives private concert to girl with brain cancer who cannot attend their regular concert.  Get your kleenex out.


(07/09/2015)  Manager Makes Startling Announcement at Waffle House, Shocked Woman Quickly Snaps Pic.  The manager and staff pray together when there is a shift change.  Quite refreshing, yet many would object to this and would like to forbid any business to be run on explicitly Christian principles.  Perhaps we should all openly pray when we eat out.  We really need to demonstrate that there are a lot of believers in this country and we are not shy about our faith.


(07/04/2015)   Star-Spangled Banner by combined Service Academy Choirs at the Super-Bowl.  It is sad how many thumbs down our National Anthem gets on various youtube renditions.  I checked out a number of them before settling on this one.


(07/04/2015)   The eternal meaning of Independence Day.  Powerline publishes this every year for the Fourth and I read it every year.  Lincoln at his best!  Update:  Also at Powerline, Calvin Coolidge also had some very profound things to say about the Declaration of IndependenceUpdate: Check out what John Quincy Adams had to say (long).


(07/03/2015)   Dear Lord, I confess the sins we Americans, including myself and my house, have committed against you.  We have acted very wickedly toward you. We have not obeyed the commands, decrees and laws.  O Lord, in keeping with all your righteous acts, turn away your anger and your wrath from America, your city, your holy hill.  Amen.   And now, buck up your spirits with this rendition of America the Beautiful.


(07/03/2015)  Pastors called to adopt Declaration of Dependence - on God. 


(06/26/2015)   Put not your faith in men.  4 Ingredients in the Recipe for Revival is an old but good article on what is needed for revival - and do we ever need revival.  From CharismaNews, which has a lot of really good articles that non-Charismatics will have no problem with.


(06/23/2015)   Let John Wayne and Red Skelton provide you with a little uplift and inspiration.


(06/22/2015)  Grace: It Comes with Jesus, True God and True Human.


(06/17/2015)  NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala has some good words to say about God and NBA chaplains.


(06/16/2015)  Except the Lord build the house.  We are rebuilding our foundation on sand, alas.  Check out our 'revival in america' page as well.


(06/15/2015)   A one minute sermon that is actually a tad over a minute.  It is worth the extra seconds though.  Check it out.


(06/07/2015)  Does God Belong in America?  Fortunately some people still think so.  Need a little boost?  Watch this video.


(06/07/2015)  Are Evangelicals Winning the World?  Good question.  I certainly hope so.


(06/06/2015)  D-Day remembered.


(05/27/2015)  Saluting Marine at the Rolling Thunder parade.  Stood at attention saluting the parade for over 3 hours.


(05/26/2015)  Photo of Marine praying with bride-to-be goes viral.  I looked a comments about this at London's Daily Mail.  Most were supportive but there were a lot bashing prayer, marriage and the Marines.  Don't let those voices drown us out!


(05/26/2015)  Man up, Buttercup.  This is a teaser from a new 'favorite site' - Fire Breathing Christian.


(05/26/2015)  Don't be a sideline Christian.  This website was created to help people be something other than sideline Christians, but alas it cannot get people off the sideline by itself.  It needs your help.  See 'how to contribute'.


(05/25/2015)  A moving Memorial Day Tribute.  Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. (John 15:13).  Or his country.


(05/22/2015)  Victory in Jesus.  For this youtube video, I was sort of meh at the beginning and I was in tears by the end.


(05/20/2015)  For some inspiration, Jack Nicklaus sinks 102 foot putt.  It is even more amazing than it sounds.


(05/13/2015)  10 Inspiring Quotes From Winston Churchill.


(05/14/2015)  A Father Gives His Daughter Away in Marriage (video).  Grab a Kleenex.


(05/08/2015)  With Mother's Day rapidly approaching here is an excellent and inspiring column.


(05/07/2015)  Warning from 'America's prophet' (Rabbi Jonathan Cahn) goes viral on this National Day of Prayer.


(04/26/2015)  Sunday Relections from Hot Air.  Hot Air is a political site that often has commentary of interest to Christians.  They also have 'Sunday Relections' each week and here is today's.  They are written from a Catholic perspective and in reading them I see that there is a lot more than holds Catholics and Protestants together than separates us.


(4/22/2015) US Marines singing 'Days of Elijah'.


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