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Jul '17 - Dec '20

(12/29/2020) Clergyman tweets that Christmas season is about God choosing a woman to lead a revolution of reorganizing the structures of societal power.  Just because one can call himself a clergyman does not make one a Christian.  I wonder how many faux Christians there are?


(08/05/2020) Women Abandoning Trump and the Church Have Embraced a Culture of Lies.  To be fair, they aren't the only ones embracing lies.

(07/24/2020) Conservatives Have an Idolatry Problem: Thoughts on Tucker Carlson’s Plight.  When it comes to sexual "misconduct" in the workplace, my own experience is as follows.  At work, we were all required to watch a video and it provided all sorts of examples at to what qualified as unacceptable behavior and what was considered acceptable.  I was appalled because much of what was deemed acceptable, I would never have tolerated in my presence.  I just find it astounding the kinds of behavior that take place in the workplace.

(06/02/2020) Feminist Defends Joe Biden Over Tara Reade: “I Would Vote For Joe Biden If He Boiled Babies and Ate Them.”  We've known this for decades - Democrats are free to commit any sins whatsoever in their personal behavior, and long as they toe the progressive line in their politics. Republicans, on the other hand, ....

(02/15/2020) What is a Woman?  Simple, no? But those on the Left cannot give a coherent answer.

(11/20/2019) Feminism as Gender Terrorism: The Mortal Vendetta Against the Male Sex.  Are there any people in the world less happy than feminists?  Probably.  But the feminists are definitely in the thick of it.

(10/25/2019) Swedish Newspaper Laments That There Aren’t Enough Female Taxidermy Animals in Museums.  It isn't that the world doesn't have plenty for real problems that need to be dealt with, it is just that it is so much easier to deal with "problems" that don't exist.  Very little effort is required and you can pat yourself on the back and feel morally superior to everyone else who is struggling with the real problems of the world.

(09/07/2019) The Cure for Confused Male/Female Relationships.  It all begins with recognizing that God knew what he was doing.

(09/03/2019) Abortion Activist Claims Pro-Life People Oppose Killing Babies Because They’re Woman-Hating Sexists.  There was a time when I would have yawned at this kind of thing.  The problem is, the Left is perfectly happy to impose their views by law.  Consider this: Canadian single dad faces human rights complaint for asking about babysitter’s gender (and age).

(05/07/2019) Feminists, Conservatives Join Forces to Oppose 'Equality Act.'  The "Equality Act" is a total disgrace.  It has cleared committee in the House and the Dems there will probably pass it.  I doubt the Senate will, and Trump will surely veto if they do.  But the very fact that it is even being considered shows that a great many are working hard to continue our societal and cultural decline.

(04/14/2019) The Plague of Radical Feminism Descends upon the Nation.  I cannot disagree.

(04/10/2019) Are Women Malcontents?  Well, certainly today's feminists qualify.

(04/08/2019) How Testosterone-Fueled Trans Athletes Are Erasing Women in Sports.  What appalls me is how quickly the progressives, the MSM, the Democrats and our "elites" jumped on the bandwagon.  Besides conservatives, the only people standing up to this are a handful of feminists who have some integrity - though most back down when attacked by the Left.  Unless this nonsense is reversed, you can simply kiss good-bye to women's sports.

(02/07/2019) Neomi Rao Is Right: Women Shouldn't Get Blackout Drunk Around Men.  We taught our daughters a number of things.  Not just avoiding excessive drinking, but don't walk alone in dark places at night, and other obvious things.  Apparently, giving this kind of advice is "blaming the victim."  Well, as I pointed out to all my kids, when it comes to driving, you have to watch out for the other guy and react accordingly.  A lot of good "but I had the right of way," will do if you are dead.  It looks like common sense needs to be added to the list of things that the Left wants to ban.

(01/20/2019) The Women’s March is Melting Down … and it Makes Perfect Sense.  But the Women's March still got as much or more coverage in the MSM than the March for Life, even though the crowd was much smaller.  But then, Life gets the short shrift every year.

(12/18/2018) Kentucky radio station plays ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ on repeat amid backlash: 'We're not afraid to play it.'  One could argue that the Left is turning into prudes.  They aren't.  You won't see them advocating for restricting sex to marriage, for example.  What they are doing is attacking men and masculinity, and indirectly they are attacking femininity as well. 

(12/18/2018) Students who say 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' is 'suggestive' are asked if misogynistic rap should be banned. The hypocrisy is glorious.  Rap lyrics are typically horrible.  If rap was primarily a white genre, it would almost certainly be under attack.  There is a dirty little secret that the media, politicians, entertainers and academics will not talk about.  There are many negative influences and habits in the black community that are extremely damaging - treatment of women, out of wedlock births, criticizing fellow blacks that work hard in school as "acting white," and more - and these are never to be discussed for fear of being labeled racist.  Sadly, the very people that won't bring them up because of that fear are the very ones that scream "racist" at those that do.

(12/07/2018) Disgusting: Broward County Sheriff’s Office “Diversity Hire” Cost Parkland Students Their Lives.  What is tragic is that "diversity hires" are in over their heads.  They are not fully to blame for their failures since they should not have been put in the positions they were in, in the first place.  In this case, we are referring to the Captain that ordered officers to "stage" outside, rather than entering the school when the shooting was still going on.

(12/04/2018) The #MeToo Era Has Its Own Version of the Bible Now.  Progressive "Christians" have been re-creating God in their own image for a long time.

(10/22/2018) Kyrsten Sinema Reminds Us That Democrats Hate Housewives.  To be fair, Democrats hate pretty much everyone who refuses to toe the progressive party line.

(10/22/2018) The emptiness of the sexual revolution.  I don't think the article really lived up to the title, but the title certainly is correct. 

(10/20/2018) GOP Women’s Group Attacking Trump Funded Solely by Male Democratic Donor.  Maybe it should read "GOP" Women's Group.  Every election, someone trots out a "lifelong Republican" who is voting Democrat this time.  Every time, the lifelong Republican turns out to be a lifelong Democrat.  Corporate advertisers are held to a much, much higher standard than political advertisers.

(10/19/2018) Libs Attack Prince Charming for Kissing Snow White Without Permission.  There are many, many aspects of today's culture that are bad, wrong, damaging and dangerous.  This is not one of them.

(10/08/2018) Chelsea Handler Characterizes GOP as “All White” Rape-Lovers.  It probably hasn't escaped your notice that the Left only complains about lack of civility in politics when they aren't the ones being uncivil.  They feel we conservatives are so horrible that incivility and worse against us is justified. 

(10/03/2018) Scientist Suspended, Put Under Investigation For Arguing Physics Isn’t Sexist. 'Truth does not matter.'  This is in Italy, but don't think for a minute it can't happen here.  Actually, it already has.  Larry Summers, anyone?  We have gone from seeking truth to rationalizing lies.  Satan is winning and will continue to do so if we won't stand up for truth.

(09/24/2018) The Feminist Cult of Victimhood.  Today's feminists are making a very strong case for a return to the patriarchy.  They claim that they are unable to stand on their own two feet because of male oppressors and the only way they can succeed is if men just go away and put them in charge.  Am I exaggerating?  Hardly.

(09/22/2018) No matter how low the Democrats go, I'm not ashamed to be a man.  Not a bad attitude.

(09/18/2018) Hollywood’s #MeToo Hypocrisy on Full Display With Hiring of Accused Director.  Is anyone surprised?

(08/19/2018) Middle school removes sexist, misogynistic, woman-shaming quote after image goes viral.  The headline is being sarcastic.  Apparently this sign was over the girl's lockers.  What does the sign say?  "The more you act like a lady, the more he'll act like a gentleman."  Progressives are horrified!  Women are being held responsible for men's behavior!  And what is the reality, besides the quote being objectively true?  That women have power and influence over men (and each other).  They can use that power for good or for bad.  Apparently feminists and progressives neither wish to be good nor to influence others to do the same.

(07/14/2018) Female Colleagues Defend Kavanaugh Against Feminist Group’s ‘Smear.’  I'm not sure 'smear' should be in scare quotes.

(06/24/2018) Planned Parenthood VP: Being Pro-Life Is Anti-Woman.  Unless you are a conservative, white, Christian male, if you don't sign on to the progressive agenda, you are anti whatever it is you happen to be: woman, black, etc.

(06/15/2018) Feminist Bookstore Closes From Lack of Sales, Blames White Men.  Feminism used to be "I am woman, hear me roar."  Now it is "I am woman, hear me whine."  I wonder what the next stage is going to be. 

(05/31/2018) The deafening silence of feminism.  The author mentions an actual case of discrimination against her daughter.  I don't think a case can be made that this is at all common in America, especially since there is a tendency to blame discrimination when we, ourselves, are to blame.  But the author is spot on about the hypocrisy of the feminist movement.  Quite simply, today's feminism has nothing to do with the rights of and fair treatment of women, and everything to do with pushing a leftist, progressive, big government agenda.  For example, feminists can't even be bothered to give lip service to women being oppressed (yes, oppressed) under Islam.

(05/08/2018) Nolte: Women’s Studies Professor Files Complaint over ‘Lingerie’ Joke on Elevator.  I see and hear things every day that are offensive, or at least in poor taste.  It never occurs to me that I should file a complaint or try to have people punished.  I think I am commenting on every other article that it is the Left that is trying to impose their values on others.  By impose, I mean force.

(05/04/2018) Ana Navarro jumps on the bullying Sarah Sanders bandwagon, makes an a*s of herself.  Isn't it interesting how feminists stand up for women - except for conservative women, who they attack.  And Black activists stand up for blacks - except for conservative blacks, who they attack. Etc.

(04/28/2018) University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a 'Mental Health' Issue.  Everything the Left gets control of, they turn political and destroy.  This has happened with the MSM, with most of the entertainment industry, with the bulk of education and academia, and they are hard at work destroying science as well (see next item).  This article just shows that their efforts in higher education are continuing to move briskly along.  Since conservatives and Christians have little foothold in these "industries," reform from within is virtually impossible.  Starving the beasts financially would be a good start.  And don't leave God out of the picture.  What is impossible for men is possible with God.

(03/26/2018) Stop Diminishing the Men.  In recent years, the feminist movement has done practically nothing to build up women, since their focus has been on tearing down men.  This is just another example of what happens when humans decide they are smarter than God.

(03/18/2018) What’s Happening to Men is Alarming for Everyone.  Well, it should be alarming, but instead all we hear about is what men need to do to make life nicer for feminists.

(03/14/2018) Liberal journalist to Tucker Carlson: Hey, let’s jail men who engage in sexist thought and speech as felons.  I keep asking who it is that wants to stomp on the rights of others.  It isn't who the MSM claims it is.

(03/11/2018) The Boy Crisis, the Man of Strength, and the Bible.  Feminists have done a great job abandoning their old roles as well as booting men out of theirs.  Unfortunately, their old roles haven't been taken over by others, nor have the feminists done a decent job of replacing the men they "replaced."  The result?  A society in chaos and turmoil. 

(03/04/2018) "Men, You Were Not Made For Comfort ... You Were Made For Greatness."  Then we better start taking back that which we have largely thrown away - and which has not been taken up by feminists, the homosexuals or the gender confused.

(03/01/2018) Why Can’t a Woman Be Less Like a Man?  Can I just say that "feminism" has totally gone off the deep end, and to the total detriment of society?  Yes, I can.

(02/15/2018) Ruth Bader Ginsburg offers a new excuse for Hillary's loss.  Apparently it was the  macho atmosphere.  I'd be more inclined to blame it on Hillary's sense of entitlement and her ongoing habit of blaming others for everything and refusing to accept personal responsibility.  But hey, maybe that is just me.  

(02/07/2018) My Sister Kate: The Destructive Feminist Legacy of Kate Millett.  This is a great, great interview and is there is a lot of meat there worth some serious thought.  Example: "My thesis is this: when men ran the world and women ran society we had a chance to conduct our lives in some semblance of balance, but women have abdicated their running of society and thus, it has collapsed dramatically. Women forced their way into the running-the-world deal and now we have a world gone mad. And the beautiful society which we Western women built is in tatters." 

(01/24/2018) Feminist Event Encourages Scientists to Only Pursue 'Socially Just' Research.  Wait, wait.  I thought it was the conservatives that are anti-science and those on the Left are the people of science and reason.  Today's feminists make me think there might have been good reason for the old "patriarchy." 

(12/30/2017) How the ‘feminist’ left let women down in 2017.  Feminism used to be all about "I am woman, hear me roar."  Now it is "I am woman, hear me whine."  

(12/23/2017) Women's hearts may be more vulnerable to stress.  I think I'll stick my neck out here and declare that the biblical view of male and female is superior to our post-modern view.

(12/23/2017) “Freshmen” No Longer Politically Correct, To Be Replaced With…  Is anyone surprised?  

(11/22/2017) Don’t Ask Feminists What Women Really Want — They Haven’t a Clue.  Excellent article.  From the comments: Feminists don’t really want equality. They want all the things men have, all while keeping their female privilege. Sounds more like female supremacy instead of equality. The careerist feminists have been pushing the idea that women need to be “better represented” in the workforce, but they want better representation in the prestigious jobs. We need more women at Goldman Sacs or Google. I never hear the feminist complaining about the amount of women in sanitation or construction.

(11/21/2017) Why Have Liberals Been Such Horrendous Hypocrites on Women's Rights?  While the article is good, here is the answer to the question in a nutshell: personal behavior is not important; the only thing that is important is to do whatever is necessary to gain power and push the progressive agenda.  Doing so absolves you from any and all personal shortcomings, indiscretions and even crimes.

(10/14/2017) Are you weak if you make your man a sandwich? This is why real men don’t marry feminists.  Note that feminists aren't likely to marry real men, either.  If they did, the question begs itself: how long would they remain a feminist? 

(10/05/2017) Mom’s March Launches National Movement to Counter ‘Women in the Pink Hats.’  Now this is a women's  "march" I can get behind.  Here is a link to their website: Mom's March for America.  Consider donating and participating.

(08/30/2017) Leading Feminist Finds Way to Attack White Male Texan for Carrying Minority Woman and Child to Safety.  Of course.  Do I need to add a "Feminism" category for archiving stories like this?  Feminism has been going off the deep end for some time, but Trump seems to have brought the total crackpots to the fore.

(08/25/2017) Why Aren’t We Hearing Feminist Wails Against 'The View'?  The point is that the women on The View do not do a very good job representing strong, rational and capable women.  They are probably setting women back 50 years. 

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