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The Atheist Delusion

The official release of this movie was Oct. 22.  You can view the trailer and download the pre-release version at the official website here: The Atheist Delusion.  


Here are some articles and commentary on the movie:


While these reviews are favorable, many of the comments to the reviews are not.  Typically, they are written by self-avowed atheists.   I saw no commenters claiming that they have actually watched the movie, so I think the comments can safely be ignored.


This is a good example of how atheists look at themselves.  Using Westboro Baptist as their example of "Militant Christian" does damage their credibility a little, however.  Rather than use Christopher Hitchens as an example of "Militant Atheism," I thought of a few better examples to display below.

I have seen many quotes from atheists blaming all war on religion.  If the above image doesn't disabuse them of that notion, how about this: which of the following wars were religious wars?  WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the 1st Iraq War?  That's right.  I have listed all the major wars the United States was involved in during the 20th century, and none were religious in nature.  In fact, the United States has never fought in such a war.


These days, atheists seem to be working so hard to proclaim and justify their atheism that I have to wonder if they are primarily trying to persuade themselves.  We should all pray for atheists and treat them gently so that they may, if I may paraphrase, "know the truth and the truth will set them free."

I know we can all be rather selective in our quotations, but the creators of the above image seem to have neglected the following quote from Einstein:

Now I have to be honest.  Einstein did not believe in God, the father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  He did not believe in a God that actively involved himself in human affairs.  But he did believe that only God could have created the ordered universe we all (hopefully) enjoy.  Einstein was not an atheist.


Since atheists love to proclaim their love of science and reason, I thought I'd conclude with the following:

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