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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. First Amendment to the US Constitution


Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:31b-32 (NIV)

There are some in this country that would be happy to forbid praying in public.  Yet what better example of people using their first amendment rights than this?

That said, 'Saying Grace' recently set at auction record for a Norman Rockwell painting at $46M.

First Amendment

Oct '17-Mar '18

(03/26/2018) A naked attempt to repeal religious rights.  Nothing new, but does that mean we should just ignore this kind of stuff and let it happen?  Why is it that LGBT activists are much more willing to stand up for what they believe, however misguided they may be, than Christians are?

(03/12/2018) Canadian Journalist Lauren Southern Banned From UK, Questioned About Her Christianity.  This story doesn't present enough information to draw any firm conclusions, but we have definitely seen, not only in the UK, but right here in the USA, that holding on to standard, biblical doctrine can get you in trouble with the law.  Will the pendulum start swinging back, or will things get worse?  I firmly believe that things would be getting much worse had Hillary Clinton been elected.  She lost, but we still need to pray for revival and a renewing of religious freedom in America.

(03/12/2018) EEOC and Left_Wing Judges Strike a Blow Against Religious Freedom.  Unless we can succeed in replacing a lot of judges, this will only get worse.  Basically, a lot of judges have ruled that Congress can pass laws (and in some cases, not even bother to pass laws) that override the Constitution.  I've seen many times judges and other progressives arguing that anti-discrimination laws do, in fact, override religious freedom.  I think a much stronger case can be made that anti-discrimination laws - which create special classes of citizens (and non-citizens!) - are themselves unconstitutional.  Anti-discrimination laws, in fact, destroy the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.  Laws to not apply equally, and some people can be discriminated against with impunity while others cannot.  What a travesty, all brought upon us by judges who consider themselves far wiser than the founders and not to be constrained by the Constitution.

(03/01/2018) Famous Bible Verse Too Sizzling for Facebook.  People of Leftist persuasion decided long ago that they were smarter than God.  And they also decided that censorship - as long as they were doing it - is a good thing.  Here they have a two-fer.

(02/28/2018) Same Far Left Group That Designated Singing Nuns as Hate Group Is Censoring Content for YouTube.  The SPLC itself is a "Hate Group."  

(02/22/2018) The Price of Kicking God Out of the Schools.  Of course, we are very actively working on kicking God out of a lot more than the schools.

(02/19/2018) Pastor: School District Told Us To Remove Cross From Sanctuary.  District schools used to hold graduation at the church because of its size.  The church (SBC) has refused to remove the cross, so graduations will be held elsewhere.  Really, the First Amendment in no way shape or form requires that atheists be accommodated at the expense of everyone else.  I think a better case can be made that such trends in modern America are more responsible for school shootings than guns.

(02/16/2018) Losing My Religion.  This is mostly about the 4th circuit court's total misuse of the First Amendment.  Just for starters, the First Amendment does not apply to foreigners who are not in America.  You would think even a progressive judge could figure that out.

(02/15/2018) After Atheist Group Got Prayers Before Sports Cancelled, Students Are Fighting Back.  Yes, yes, yes.

(01/24/2018) Evergreen Doubles Down on Crazy.  Presumably there are some views (many that are held by evangelicals) that are too dangerous to be allowed public expression.  My gosh!  If conservatives spouted this nonsense ....

(01/24/2018) A Canadian professor questions a key tenet of current Leftist thinking.  That is, he questions the notion that there is a right to not be offended - one of the most absurd notions in all of history.  And yet  this "right" is not only being pushed by the Left, but is being successfully used to silence people they disagree with.

(01/08/2018) Brand-new online 'hate-speech' law snares 1st victim.  This is in Germany.  I believe in free speech.  Even if I got to define what qualifies as "hate-speech," I would still oppose such laws.  Unfortunately, our friends on the Left are not so restrained.  As a practical matter, we have already moved significantly in the direction of Germany.

(12/29/2017) Appeals Court Rules Bakers Must Pay $135,000 for Not Making Wedding Cake.  Note that this is not the Colorado case that is before the Supreme Court and that this is a lower court ruling, which I assume will be appealed.  Nevertheless, the rot goes high and serious Christians are going to be attacked for trying to live according to their faith.

(12/29/2017) Religious Liberty Is Eroding in Canada. Here’s What Americans Should Learn.  There are many in the USA that wish for us to do exactly what Canada is doing.

(12/24/2017) Pennsylvania family ordered to take down Jesus Christmas display after neighbor said it was ‘offensive.’  If we were to remove everything that someone or other found "offensive," there would be nothing left in the world.  Giving in to the perpetually offended is leading us down a very dangerous path.  We already see it in the many encroachments on the First Amendment.

(12/23/2017) Are Christians Crying Wolf About Mistreatment and Marginalization?  The arguments of those that think we are should persuade us that we are not.  One example is their claim that we are free to worship - but we are not free to act on our faith in public.  

(12/20/2017) Secularists Blast GOP Senator for ‘Overtly Christian Mission’ of Salvation Army Bell-Ringing.  If you don't think that the Left wants to shut down all public demonstrations of Christian faith, think again.

(12/11/2017) A Framework for Analyzing the Colorado Wedding Cake Case.  I have two points to make.  First, that having "protected classes" in America is obviously unconstitutional, since that makes us not all equal under the law.  Some are "more equal" than others - a clear violation of the 14th Amendment.  But that hasn't stopped the courts from ruling otherwise.  Even so, the second point applies.  If a straight couple ordered a cake specifically designed for a gay wedding, they would have been refused as well.  The order was refused, not because of who was ordering, but what was being ordered.  Sadly, four justices on the Court, along with a possible fifth (Kennedy) are more inclined to rule on the basis of their politics, their feelings and their perceived superior intellects rather than on logic, reason, the law and the Constitution.  Pray that Kennedy rules correctly.  I don't think there is much hope that any of the four progressive justices will do so, but I suppose we should pray for them as well.  Who knows?

​(12/07/2017) Rev. Graham: No President in My Lifetime Has Defended the Christian Faith Like Trump.  As shocking as it may seem, I think Rev. Graham is correct.  I had hopes for President Trump, but they have been far exceeded.

(12/05/2017) Supreme Court Hears Masterpiece Cakeshop Arguments.  Pray that the Court upholds Freedom of Religion.  If not, we will have moved into very dangerous territory (as if we haven't already).

(12/05/2017) Nancy Pelosi goes on smug rant about #MasterpieceCakeshop, gets OWNED by gay Catholic.  The Democrats are doing everything in their power to divide this country, on any grounds they can think of - race, religion, sex, sexuality, class and more.  And all the while they are screaming that we are the people doing it.  Sad.

(12/03/2017) Left-Wing Media Bash Trump over ‘Merry Christmas’ Message.  If you don't believe there is an anti-Christian movement in this country, think again.  But at least some are fighting back. 

(11/29/2017) Students to atheists: Don’t mess with Texas Christian flag.  Some are fighting back.  How about the rest of us?

(11/18/2017) Senators: Why is Air Force Punishing Colonel Over His Religious Views on Marriage?  Good question.

(11/17/2017) 400 Students Turn Out to Pray at Georgia High School After Atheists Silence Their Coach.  I object to the fact that the coaches themselves stopped participating because of the "law."  I will happily concede that the First Amendment does not prevent states or localities from passing such a law.  But guess what?  None would dare do so.  Instead, they turn the First Amendment upside down, relying on progressive judges to do their dirty work.  That said, we need more students, parents and other spectators to voluntarily pray at HS football games.  No judge could stop them.

(11/03/2017) Hungary Asks ‘Is Everyone Entitled to Religious Freedom Except for Christians?’ After Anti-Cross Ruling.  The ruling is in France, but this sort of thing is already happening here in the USA.  There is a systematic effort to dismantle Christianity, all in the name of a judicially perverted First Amendment that has been decreed to protect us from religion (Christianity, at least).

(11/01/2017) Court Cites Free Speech in Ruling that Student May be Expelled for Quoting the Bible on Facebook.  This is in Great Britain, but it is working its way here already.  The student quoted the Bible in opposing SSM.  Expelled.  There is but one true gospel, and sadly we are letting society replace it with a false one.

(10/31/2017) As Usual, Patty Murray Doesn't Get It.  This is regarding the "free speech" part of the First Amendment.  There is no question that Democrats are trying to eviscerate that part of the First Amendment.  And why not?  They have already done a pretty good number on the freedom of religion part.

(10/23/2017) The Anti-Christian Barrage You Dare Not Ignore.  Sure, lots of the attacks on Christianity are nonsense (e.g. Jesus is a myth, the Bible calls for homosexuals to be stoned to death), but they serve a purpose - the marginalization of Christianity and its total removal from the public square.  It is a lot easier to let such attacks go unanswered than to say anything.  But not speaking out in response is the wrong thing to do.

(10/20/2017) Kneeling Students in Trouble After What They Were Caught Doing With Opposing Team.  They were praying, of course, and trouble follows.  Bravo, I say, and don't let the school shut you down.  But I will add one thing: fans should come down from the stands and join them.  In fact, I would encourage fans to come down immediately and start the whole process.  This would be a great movement to start.

(10/20/2017) The Iconoclasts Come For World War I Memorials.  The Court ruled that because this memorial cross is on public land and is maintained with public funds, it has the effect of the government "endorsing religion."  Simple question for the court: how does "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" transmogrify into the government cannot "endorse" religion.  Did Congress pass a law?  Has a religion been established?  Note also that almost all the founders "endorsed" religion, believing that our Constitution would only work for a moral and religious people.  I continually marvel at how modern judges can discover that the Constitution "really" means something totally different that what the founders clearly stated.  Sort of like some modern biblical "reinterpretations."

(10/19/2019) Catholic Archbishop: ‘Methodical Effort…in Mass Media to Recast Biblical Truths as a Form of “Hate”.’  This is pretty undeniable and I'm glad to see the Archbishop speaking out on it.  This is an issue that we need to all be speaking out on - forcefully.  The Left has already succeeded in treating many biblical truths as "hate."  Don't think for a minute that their ultimate goal is to ban the Bible and persecute Christian who hold to biblical truth?  Why is it not too farfetched to believe that to be their goal?  Because they are already doing it!

(10/19/2017) The Campus Shout-Down Movement Takes Its Next Logical Step.  In this case, the Leftists claim that “dialogue is violence.”  Can I say it bluntly?  College is creating a bunch of idiots and one of the biggest reasons is that many of our colleges are run by idiots.  Here is more on the story: Leftist Agitators Crash College Republicans Meeting — Demand Safe Space! 

(10/18/2017) Dear Christian baker, let's celebrate Satan.  The case to be made that artists should not be forced to produce art that violates their personal beliefs (whether those beliefs are religious in nature or not) seems so obvious that it should not even be necessary to defend that position.  And yet, here we are.

(10/17/2017) 'To Kill a Mockingbird' removed from school reading list because it 'makes people uncomfortable.'  That is, the n-word appears.  Whether Harper Lee did the yeoman's work on her novel or whether it was her editor (as has been claimed), it is a great book with a number of great role models.  It is a very uplifting book.  I think I'll read it again (I've probably already read it 5 or 6 times).

(10/16/2017) Sen Collins: Steve Bannon Is ‘Not Helpful,’ American People Tired of His ‘Over-the-Top Rhetoric.’  I link to this only because it is an example of one thing I hate (and Collins is hardly the only guilty party).  Politicians routinely declare that the "American people" think this or that, when the politician is simply stating what they themselves think.

(10/15/2017) University Won’t Sponsor Debate because of Harmful Conservative Views.  This is just another reminder that no matter how wrong people can be, they are always able to justify themselves.

(10/11/2017) Majority of college students self-censor, support disinvitations, don’t know hate speech is protected by First Amendment.  What does this mean?  It means that our education system and our media are doing a great job indoctrinating our youth in progressivism, but they are doing a lousy job of educating them.  But since they consider their jobs to be indoctrinating rather than educating, nothing will change unless the rest of us do something about it.  And we can.  Just ask the NFL.

(10/10/2017) Wisconsin School Would Like A “Special Plaque” For Their Statue Of Abe Lincoln.  It is a shame that so many college students can't be bothered with actually studying, learning and making an effort to become a genuine contributing members of society, the kind of people that can help make America great again.  But why should they bother when they can have so much more fun doing this: U. Oregon Students Shut Down Speech by University President.

(10/09/2017) Trump Administration Rolls Back Contraceptive Mandate.  I cannot complain.  When I (and I presume other evangelicals) voted for Trump, this was the sort of thing we were voting for.  Seriously, does any evangelical believe that Hillary Clinton would have been better from an evangelical perspective?  Only liberal evangelicals, and I consider that to be an oxymoron.

(10/09/2017) Backlash spreads against Black Lives Matter shutting down ACLU free speech event.  I guess shutting down conservative speech doesn't merit much backlash, but liberal speech, on the other hand ....

(10/09/2017) Prayer under Attack.  Amazing how these progressive mantras catch on, almost as if they were orchestrated.  This one is that prayer is useless and that what we need is "policy."  And what kind of policy might that be?  Progressive policies, of course, including repealing the Second Amendment.  


(10/09/2017) Most Country Musicians Support the Bill of Rights.  And most progressives seem to think that every time there is a shooting, all people should come out in favor of tossing the Second Amendment.

(10/06/2017) Here is some good news: Trump DOJ and HHS Issue Major Religious Liberty, Pro-Life Protections.  

(10/06/2017) Here’s the 1 Word Roy Moore Said That Had MSNBC Producers Cut the Feed.  The word was God.

(10/05/2017) Bring Your Bible to School Day.  That is today, so I'm a little late posting about it.  Hopefully we will have something positive to post about it in the next couple days.

(10/05/2017) Our Moronic News Media, Part 12,176.  I have reached the point where my default assumption is that a "news" story is fake, until proven otherwise - especially if the source is anonymous.  

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