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of the Gospel

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Romans 1:16 (ESV)


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(Revised and updated: 01/20/2024)

Why Should We Evangelize?


Why We Don't
Why Should Christians Evangelize?

First, we have to be clear about just what evangelism is.  Simply stated, evangelism is delivering the gospel message of salvation to the lost.  Another way of stating this is: telling others about Jesus.  There are many things we can do to prepare ourselves and / or our "targets" for evangelism, but many consider that we have not truly evangelized until the gospel is presented.  That said, most Christians take their first steps down the road to evangelism long before actually presenting the gospel to anyone.  And it is important to get started even if you don't start presenting the gospel right away.  Preparation and laying the necessary groundwork is important.  Ultimately, we need to reach the point of being able to comfortably present the gospel to those that need it.  And everyone who has not already accepted Christ needs it!  Never imagine that anyone is doomed and can never be saved.

Here is an interesting article.  What is the biblical method of evangelism?  It really is more about the key components of the gospel message, rather than a definition. 

Why We Should: 

Here are some articles on the subject with my comments.

Why should we witness?  Brief and to the point.

John Calvin’s 6 Reasons Why We Should Evangelize.  Apparently, John Calvin was also brief and to the point.

Why Should We Evangelize?  Of all the articles I have looked at, I thought this one did the best job of listing and elaborating on the reasons that we, as individual Christians, should evangelize.

What Does It Mean To Be a Witness for Christ?  This is a long article which contains much more than just why we should witness.  It includes some what, some how and more.

7 Reasons Why Evangelism Should Be a Priority in Your Church.  While many opportunities for evangelism come to us as individuals, that doesn't mean evangelism is only for individual Christians.  Churches can and should evangelize and they can and should help their members do the same. 

Ten ways to keep your church focused on evangelism.  The preceding article focuses on the why, this article is more how oriented.

Why We Don't:

There seem to be more articles on why we don't than on why we should.  Perhaps it is because the reasons that we should are somewhat limited and obvious, while the reasons we don't are infinite!

9 Reasons Christians Don’t Evangelize.  I found this to be very interesting and enlightening, as many of these reasons are ones that never even occurred to me, yet seem obvious is retrospect.

5 Reasons Why Christians Struggle to Evangelize.  This article includes broad categories such as "fear."  Very little overlap with the preceding article.

Five Reasons We Don’t Evangelize.  Amazing how many reasons there are!  One new one: we simply don't know people who aren't Christian.  Or we don't know they aren't.  We live in a Christian bubble.

8 Common Excuses Christians Give To Not Evangelize.  A variation on the theme, this covers quite a bit of new territory.

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