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For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Psalms 139:13-14  (NIV)


Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;

Jeremiah 1:5a

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.  Now choose life, so that you and your children may live

Deuteronomy 30:19  (NIV)


Jul-Sep 2016


(09/27/2016) Gloria Steinem Supports Abortion Because: “Forced Childbirth is the Single Biggest Cause of Global Warming.”  I am curious as to just what percentage of pregnancies are "forced."  Perhaps the most critical problem facing American (and world) society is the abdication of personal responsibility.  Rather than holding people responsible for their own actions and letting them suffer the consequences (and learn their lesson), we do the opposite.  It is appalling how many government programs reward poor decisions and punish good decisions.  In the context of mortgages, that is exactly what lead to the rise of the Tea Party.  Would that it rise again.

(09/24/2016) Huffington Post Complains New Movie “Bridget Jones’s Baby” Doesn’t Promote Abortion as an Option.  Remember folks, it is only Christians that are trying to impose their values on others!  /sarc


(09/22/2016) Omaha School Board Caters to Planned Parenthood Over Parents’ Objections.  This is exactly why public education is a problem - it is one size fits all, and unless we are willing to really, really get involved that size will definitely not fit conservative Christians.

(09/22/2016) 39-Year-Old Defends Aborting Her Baby for Birth Control: “Hard to Accept” Not Going on Vacation.  When we do bad things, it is only natural to be defensive and come up with excuses and justifications.  But it is sad.

(09/21/2016) Democrats walk out of ‘witch hunt’ targeting Planned Parenthood fetal tissue customer StemExpress.  Never forget just how committed the Democrat party is to abortion.


(09/19/2016) Gloria Steinem: Women Aborting Their Babies is a “Fundamental Human Right.”  This is hardly surprising.

(09/19/2016) Catholic College Cancels Talk by This Abortion Activist After Pro-Life People Protested.  I am not in favor of shutting down campus speakers, but as long as the Left does it on a regular basis, I can't get very upset when those on the right return the favor.


(09/17/2016) Abortion Activists Complain Young Women Aren’t Buying Hillary Clinton’s Abortion Agenda.  How tragic.  Just kidding.  Abortion is a battle we are starting to win.  And there are other battles we can win as well, if only we persevere.


(00/17/2016) Professor: It’s Okay to Kill Newborn Babies With Birth Defects From Zika Virus.  Well, that certainly makes it OK.  After all, a professor says so.

(09/17/2016) Everyone is pro-life.  That is, everyone is pro-life when it comes to their own life.

(09/11/2016) The New Pro-Life Movement: Neither New nor Pro-Life.  I find it genuinely deplorable that there are those who are willing to pervert a deep-felt moral conviction for political gain.  Deplorable but hardly surprising.

(09/11/2016) A Team of “Radical Doulas” Wants to Help Women Kill Their Babies in Abortions.  Sad.

(09/10/2016) Texas Christian University Offers School Credit for Internship at Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz.  How nice.

(09/07/2016) 430 Groups Want United Nations to Create a Special Day to Promote Abortions.  Sad.

(09/02/2016) The attacks on Mother Teresa and her legacy commence.  One would have thought that Mother Teresa would be immune to this sort of thing, but she was strongly pro-life, after all.  I've seen old Stalinists get treated better by the MSM in their obituaries than she is being treated now that she is being canonized. 

(09/02/2016)  California Set to Criminalize Video 'Stings' of Planned Parenthood.  Of course. 

(09/02/2016) Complaint-Ridden Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood Botches Abortion, Kills Young Black Mother.  Naturally the MSM feels no need to cover stuff live this.  The mantra used to be "safe, legal and rare," but the new mantra is "legal."  There is some good news.  While abortions are hardly "rare," they certainly are declining. 

(08/30/2016) Sad: Abortion Survivor Tries Explaining Why Her Mom was Right to Try to Kill Her


(08/30/2016) Hillary Clinton’s Religion Contradicts Her Abortion Stance.  Actually, the real problem is this that Hillary does not live a life that in any manner indicates what her religious beliefs are.  Hillary tends to be labeled a "lifelong Methodist," but if we were not old this how would we know?  Hillary isn't the only person who claims to be a Christian, yet based on their actions alone we would be forgiven for thinking otherwise.  Sadly, there are many church-goers for whom we could say the same thing based on their actions outside of Sunday morning.

(08/30/2016) Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Closes Because It Can’t Find Anyone to Kill Babies in Abortions.  One good piece of news that we rarely hear about is that there are not many doctors willing to perform abortions.  If more doctors drop out of the abortion business, what will the pro-abortion politicians do?  Mandate abortion training in medical school? 

(08/26/2016) A Celebration of Death - Pro-abortion concerts are planned for 30 cities.  The aim is to reduce the "stigma" of abortion.  I believe and certainly hope that it will have the opposite effect.  Many people who call themselves "pro-choice" are uncomfortable with abortion and would rather be able to just ignore it altogether.  The in-your-face tactics of the activists may well backfire when it comes to those that are more moderate.

(08/26/2016) Abortion providers: $1.6M grant to pro-lifers 'lunacy.'  The progressives fight - and they keep fighting, even when they lose here and there.  We social conservatives need to do the same.  We need some General Grants, people that will actually get out there to lead and to fight.  We are doing pretty well when it comes to fighting abortion.  We are not doing well when it comes to other social issues.

(08/24/2016) Hey, ‘Pro-Choicers’ Drop the Euphemisms. You Champion Live Dismemberment of Humans.  "Pro-choice," "women's health," "reproductive rights."  We all know why these folks are reluctant to use the word "abortion."  It doesn't poll well, and to be blunt, some are actually embarrassed to admit just exactly what they are supporting.

(08/24/2016) This Woman Brags About Her Abortion: Aborting My Baby “Was Very Freeing.”  This article is about a "study" more than just a particular case.  Abortion advocates would have us all believe that the only reason that a woman might feel bad about their abortion is "social stigma."  Get rid of social stigma and everything will be just fine.  Sort of like the fact that we have gotten rid of the social stigma associated with having children out of wedlock.  That has worked out really well, hasn't it?  /sarc

(08/24/2016) Catholic Nun Applauds Activist Who Bragged About Her Abortion at Democrat Convention.  THis is not to bash Catholics in general, because the Catholic Church has been on the pro-life frontlines for years.  What strikes me the most is that this nun said "I think what was touching and compelling was her speaking of her reality.”  "Her reality."  It used to be that when one's "reality" did not conform to actual reality, we called them crazy.  Now that might have been too strong a term but nowadays it seems you can define your own personal reality to be absolutely anything and everyone else is just supposed to accept and even applaud it.

(08/23/3016) Jewish Hospital Criticized for Not Aborting Healthy Twin Baby in a “Selective Reduction.”  It used to be that you were praised for standing up for your principles.  But it isn't just Christians that sometimes have their rights trampled on in the West.  Consider: French Threaten to Shut Down Muslim Supermarket if They Refuse to Sell This (pork and alcohol).

(08/22/2016) Woman Regrets Not Aborting Her Twin Babies After She Became Pregnant “By Mistake.”  As a kid, what would you think if you knew your mother wished she had aborted you? A lot of women regret having an abortion.  What kind of society are we turning into where women regret not aborting their babies?  This is in Ireland, but still ....

(08/21/2016) Abortionist: “How My Christian Faith Inspired Me To Become An Abortion” Doctor.  I have a seeming non sequitur here.  After taking a preaching course last semester, for me the biggest takeaway was not the "how" of preaching, but rather how critical it is to "get it right."  As Baptists, we are going to be preaching from the Bible, and we have to be absolutely sure that we are speaking for God and not ourselves.  This lady has not gotten it right.  If she wants to show compassion and help women in need, perhaps she should volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center.  But her attitude is not unusual.  There are plenty of Christians that try to make their faith conform to their worldview rather than try to make their worldview conform to their faith.  Years ago a Christian lady told me that abortion was OK because God loves us and want us to do whatever we feel we need to do.  Fortunately, she has changed her mind concerning abortion.  I hope and pray that this doctor does the same.

(08/21/2016) Singer Sia to Headline Event to Promote Abortions: “I’m Proud to be Part of This.”  I have no clue who Sia is, but I feel strongly that the recent push on the part of Planned Parenthood and others to glamorize abortion is going to backfire.  Even many pro-abortion people are uncomfortable with it, and to have people bragging about their abortions and saying how great they are will play well with the die-hards, but not anyone else.  I think this campaign is a sign of desperation.  Here is more: Wait WUT? Hulk GLAD his mom have abortion.  I sometimes wonder if celebrities and others really believe what they say or do they simply have an advanced case of PC-itis.

(08/20/2016) Still 'pro-choice' after this? Then you have no soul.  Take a look.  This is NOT a PP video!

(08/20/2016) Authorities wield 'noise ordinance' to silence pro-life speech.  It is hard to discern the facts from this article since it primarily quotes a defense lawyer.  But the ordinance, which bans “any sound which annoys or disturbs,” is overly broad and can apply to almost anything.  I suspect it is very selectively enforced.  It should be tossed.  Update: There are other questionable means authorities use to hobble the pro-life movement: N.C. Pregnancy Center Sues City of Raleigh for Right to Open Next Door to Abortion Clinic. 

(08/18/2016) Nancy Pelosi: We Need to Fund Planned Parenthood to Stop Zika, “It’s for the Babies.”  

(08/16/2016) Soulless: WaPo sinks to twisted new low with slobbering profile of Cecile Richards.  Soulless, but hardly surprising.  Remember that Cosmo did a slobbering profile of Marilyn Mosby and that ended in disgrace for Mosby, so ....

(08/10/2016) Planned Parenthood tweets that killing blacks with guns is bad but killing black children with abortion is perfectly acceptable.  Well, they didn't word it that way, but that is what they said.  Planned Parenthood is doing a lot of PR in an effort to paint themselves as life savers rather than life takers.  I hope we as Americans are not that gullible.


(08/06/2016) God or Abortion? Choose One because You Can’t be for Both.  One of my recent themes is that for the most part we have lost our fear of God.  We fear the opinions of our fellow man more than we fear God.  That said, the battle over abortion is a battle that can be won.  And while we need to fight in the courts and the legislatures, one of the most important things we can do is to bring more people to Christ.


(08/05/2016) No, Rachel Held Evans, Voting For Hillary Clinton Is Not Pro-Life.  She is using the tired old argument that to be truly "pro-life" you must support all sorts of government programs: anti-poverty, "affordable health care," etc.  Actually, strong families are the most effective "program" to alleviate poverty.  How many people are aware that the rate of poverty was falling rapidly right up to the implementation of the "great society," yet has changed very little since?  Not coincidentally, the health of the family has gotten much worse since the "Great Society."  Maybe the "Great Society" isn't so great and we should rethink that approach to reducing poverty.  End of rant.


(08/04/2016) Mexican State Votes to Ban Abortions and “Protect Life From Conception.”  Of course, in America states don't get to do this.  Everything the left favors must be enforced nationwide.  Whatever happened to federalism, to experimentation among the states?


(08/04/2016) Media Quiet About Dismissed Charges Against Planned Parenthood Whistleblowers.  OF course the MSM is quiet about it.  They spread a false narrative - that the PP videos were "heavily edited" to make PP look bad - from the beginning.  These charges against the video-makers supported that narrative.  Dropping the charges does not.  The narrative must be maintained at all costs.

(08/02/2016) Ashley Judd Speaks About Rape and Abortion.  She is for it, at least the abortion part. 

(08/01/2016) We all know - or should know - that Tim Kaine is not pro-life.  But did you know this?  He’s Had 5 Positions This Month on Forcing Voters to Fund Abortions.  

(07/29/2016) More on the Democrats pro-abortion platform.  Democrats Adopt National Platform Forcing Americans to Pay for Free Abortions.  

(07/28/2016) Here is more on the so-called pro-life Tim Kaine: Tim Kaine and the “I’m Personally Opposed to Abortion” (and Slavery) Cop-Out.  These is no progressive value that is too trivial for the Democrats to try to force upon everyone else, but heaven forbid that they should impose abortion restrictions on anyone.


(07/27/2016) Since God Hates the Shedding of Innocent Blood, Can a Christian Vote for Hillary?  Michael Brown's answer: they should not.  But many will. 

(07/27/2016) Boxer Trots Out Tired 'Back Alley Abortions' Nonsense at DNC.  What else is new?

(07/27/2016) Charges dropped against pro-life reporters behind Planned Parenthood videos.  Prosecutors really need to suffer serious consequences (prison) for abusing their authority.

(07/27/2016) Group That Supports Abortion on Baby Girls Up to Birth Calls Donald Trump “Anti-Woman.”  Stop trying to be reasonable.  If you do not support the progressive agenda, you are anti-women, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic and just a bad person in general.  Did I say bigot and hater?  Trump's position of abortion isn't exactly clear, but having Emily's List oppose him is a positive sign.


(07/26/2016) Democratic Platform: Killing the Unborn Is Fine with Us. This is more info on the Democrat's platform.  Many individual Democrats are even more extreme.  If you are pro-life you should never, never vote for a Democrat again.  Am I being too harsh?  There used to be room in the party for pro-lifers, but they have all been purged.  Try naming a single pro-life Democrat in political office.  Update: For those that claim Tim Kaine (Hillary's VP) is pro-life, it simply is not so: Tim Kaine and the Myth of the “Pro-Life Democrat”

(07/24/2016) Microsoft, Google and Hyatt: Women Need Abortions to Promote Their “Economic Interests.”  These are the same people who rant about conservatives and capitalists being greedy and selfish.  I guess they think that murdering your child because it is economically inconvenient is neither.


(07/23/2016) Black Pastor: If Black Lives Matter, Why are More Blacks Killed by Abortion Than by the Police?  Actually, a black is more than 20 times more likely to die at the hands of other blacks that they are from police.  Black lives do matter and until we start doing something about the rampant crime and absentee fathers, it is not going to get any better. 

(07/15/2016) Dignity for the 'Fetus' in Texas.  Suffice it to say that the pro-abortion crowd will never be satisfied until there are no rules or restrictions that could in any way, shape or form, get in the way of a woman getting an abortion at any time under any circumstances.  The 'religion' of the Left is far more dogmatic yet unconstrained than Christianity - we are limited by what God syas, through the Bible.

(07/14/2016) Democratic Party Platform is Even More Pro-Abortion Than Ever Before, Here’s How.  As I said below, you cannot vote Democrat if you are pro-life.  You will be hard pressed to find a single Democrat politician that is not strongly pro-abortion, much less pro-life.


(07/13/2016) Democrats Want to Force MD Participation in Abortion.  To be blunt, you cannot be both pro-life and vote Democrat.  Democrats have burned all the bridges.  Friends, the time for sitting on our rears and doing nothing is past.

(07/13/2016) Depraved NARAL Video: Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions.  I don't think 'depreaved' is to strong a word. 

(07/13/2016) Hillary Clinton is Sure Abortion is a “Constitutional Right” But Can’t Say if the Second Amendment Is.  It follows that she doesn't believe that the Tenth Amendment is in the Constitution either.  

(07/11/2016) Socialism’s Support for Abortion Drove Whittaker Chambers to Faith.  If you don't know who Whittaker Chambers was, consider reading his book Witness, listed over on our American Politics page.

(07/11/2016) Four ways academia, elected officials, and activist judges protected the abortion industry in June.  To say nothing of the fact that the Democrat party platform is the most extreme it has ever been concerning abortion (see below).

(07/10/2016) Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Sends Its 60th Botched Abortion Victim to the ER.  Certainly there is no need for any of those Texas type lase that the SCOTUS struck down. /sarc


(07/09/2016) Democratic Senator Says Proposed Democratic Platform on Abortion Is 'Crazy.'  The platform calls explicitly for unlimited taxpayer funding of elective abortions for Medicaid recipients.

(07/09/2016) Planned Parenthood POUNDED for their #BlackLivesMatter hypocrisy.  Be sure to scroll down to see the PP poster that simply boggles the mind.

(07/09/2016) Right to Life President Promises Victory as Abortion Proponents Launch Two-Front War.  Do NOT read the comments unless you are prepared to get outraged.


(07/07/2016) College counselor: Being pro-life an 'assault.'  Just more of the Left's effort to silence all opposition.  The problem is that they are pretty successful.  How many conservatives on campuses are willing to speak out?  Most try to keep a low profile, either in order to keep their jobs (faculty and staff) or to avoid being slandered and punished via their grades (students).

(07/07/2016) Whole Woman's Health: Justice Thomas Exposes the Court's Corrupt Abortion Jurisprudence.  More on the SCOTUS decision.


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