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From Francis B:

Monday evening and Tuesday many folk from across Arkansas will join together to pray for revival in our great country.  I believe that “All God’s Children” would agree that revival is needed. God’s Word calls for revival. Jesus was moved with compassion for people He saw . So too must we be moved with compassion.

Years ago, I took with me, to visit a lady who had a broken hip, our then two and a half year old son.  He was greatly impressed and later that afternoon I took him with me to the pond to try to catch our “meat” for the next day. As I paddled the small boat along, fishing close to the cypress trees we saw a tree that had recently fallen into the water.  Our son said, “Look, Daddy, that tree fell down and broke its hip. Mr. Segars Mill will have to help it up.”  We were fishing at the mill pond owned by Mr. Henry Segars.
This was concern, real concern.  Such compassion is needed today!

Then there was the time I stopped by to visit one I had not seen for awhile, my grandfather Lyons. He sat by the fire and we talked about several things.  He looked at me and said “Wasn’t that bad about all those people dying over yonder in that country because they had no food”.  I told him I had not seen that.  He pulled his ninety one year old body slowly out of his chair and hunted until he found the paper and the article for me to read. Thousands were dying every day in Ethiopia from starvation.  With a quiver in his voice he said “ I sat here and cried when I read that”.
That was concern, real concern. Such compassion is needed today.

Join with me in praying that we may have the concern and compassion that is needed so that God will pour out His blessings, forgive us of our sins, and heal our land.

Why Does America Need Revival?


This page is devoted to individual's reasons for praying for and dedicating themselves to revival in American.  Please send in your own thoughts for inclusion.

From Tom C: 

Surveys show that there is not much difference in the behaviors of Christians as compared to non-believers.  For example, Christians are just as likely to divorce and to view pornography.  According to a Barna survey, the only category of Christians that distinguishes itself from the rest of the population are evangelicals.  But evangelicals, according to Barna's definition, make up only 7% of the population, while close to 80% of Americans identify as 'Christian.'


So the life we lead as Christians does not distinguish ourselves from 'the world.'  Consider just one area:  out of wedlock births.  40% of births in America are to umarried women - many of them Christian.  Equally shocking, according to Gallup, 61% of Americans say that having a child out of wedlock is 'morally acceptable,' meaning that at least half of American Christians agree.


Revival, both personal and national, is sorely needed.  But national revival cannot occur until Christians see the need for and seek their own personal revival.  Don't sit around waiting for national revival to being - it begins with us.

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