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Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Proverbs 1:8   (NIV)

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV)


Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.  The commandments, “Do not commit adultery,” “Do not murder,” “Do not steal,” “Do not covet,” and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Romans 13:8-10  (NIV)


Other Social Issues

Jan-Jun 2018

(06/24/2018) Dear America, The LEFT Has Declared War On You.  They certainly have.  With the Left, there is no compromise.  And they keep moving the goalposts.  It really is time to take a stand - to stand in the gap, as it were.  America is the world's last best hope - and possibly Christianity's last best hope.  If America doesn't take a stand against the Left (and Islam) it is highly unlikely that anyone else is going to do the job.

(06/22/2018) Patrick Buchanan: Has the West the Will to Survive?  I don't always agree with him.  But without the USA, the West can be written off - it doesn't have the will to survive.  Look at Europe.  And if we had elected Hillary instead of Trump, it is possible there would be no hope left for Western Civilization.  We are hanging on by a thread, and we need very much to strengthen that thread.  The MSM, the Democrats, academia, entertainers, and others are working very hard to cut it.

(06/22/2018) Berkeley, California City Council Passes Measure Calling for “Humane Population Control.”  Would it not be better if local government focused on local issue - and Berkeley has plenty of issues - rather than pontificate over broad issues over which they have no control? 

(06/21/2018) The Folly of Multiculturalism.  A good read!  E pluribus unum - no society can sustain itself if there is not some general agreement about the fundamentals.  We have a significant percentage of our country, including a major political party, who are hard at work trying to destroy those fundamentals.  Rather than create one out of many, they are working hard to keep the many separate and apart, each with their own set of grievances and claims to entitlement.  Sad.

(06/13/2018) Campus Insanity Hits High School As Teachers Protest ‘Eurocentric’ ‘Imperialism’ Of History Classes.  Will the idiocy ever end?  Not as long as the Left exists.  Much of our public school history focuses on how bad America is and yet they still complain.

(06/07/2018) ‘A true indictment of the LEFT.’ Dartmouth political survey PROVES who is TRULY intolerant and bigoted.  I posted about this survey before, but it bears repeating.  The fact is, that those on the Left, if they are willing to admit to intolerance at all, claim that their intolerance is totally justified.

(06/06/2018) Cecile Richards’ swipe at the Trump admin is her most shameless yet.  Can the Left really be so un-self aware?  Or are they just totally dishonest?  I suppose they can be both.

(06/06/2017) Kathy Griffin Defends Calling First Daughter ‘C*nt’: ‘I’m Putting TBS on Notice.’  My memory may be faulty, but wasn't it just a couple years ago that those on the Left were calling for "civil political discourse?" 

(06/02/2018) Chuck Todd: Isn’t Trump sort of responsible for Samantha Bee’s tone?  I know that it is human nature to blame others and make excuses for our own failings.  But why is it that when conservatives mess up, the MSM declares conservatives to be at fault and when progressives mess up the MSM declares conservatives to be at fault?   Related: Tucker Carlson: Trump Has Driven Entertainers ‘Completely Off the Edge.’ 

(06/02/2018) Millennials Answer: Would You Rather Date A Trump Supporter Or MS-13 Gang Member?  They're going with MS-13.  Isn't it interesting how progressives - and Millennials lean progressive - are rarely what they claim to be, in this case, tolerant and open-minded.  I'll throw in smart as well, but what they are really lacking is any degree of wisdom.  They claim to be smart, I'm not sure they actually claim to be wise, though they certainly imply it.

(05/31/2018) Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures.  This is a good essay.  Also read Part 2

(05/31/2018) College Freshmen’s Self-Reports Of Psychological Disorders Doubled Since 2010.   I would argue that the prime contributing factors are political correctness, the cult of victimhood, the me, me, me sense of entitlement, and turning away from God.

(05/30/2018) Is Christian Activism Biblical?  I suppose it depends on the definition, but yes.  We are to be witnesses, and not just on an individual, one-on-one basis, but on a societal basis.  But at the same time, we must be careful not to inappropriately mix our Christian activism with that which is purely political activism.  The fact is, in general, we Christians are not nearly as activist as we can and should be.  Would American culture be as degraded as it is if we had done a better job as "activists?"

(05/29/2018) People Told Me To Live My Dreams, But Never To Dream Of Having Kids.  Ever notice that?  Most of the "dreams" involve a high end lifestyle with plenty of time off to drive your fancy car and go on exotic vacations.

(05/25/2018) Condoms required at Scouts' 24th World Jamboree.  Some of my best memories from childhood are from Boy Scouts.  Not only that, I learned a lot of skills that I still use today.  And the Scout Law is a good set of rules for everyone.  I can still recite if from memory over 50 years later: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.  My troop especially learned outdoor skills.  We had the two best Scoutmasters in the world, I am convinced.  Today?  I could not recommend to parents that they have their boys (or girls) join the Scouts.  It is very sad that so many once great institutions have been destroyed by political correctness, with politics and the latest fads taking the place of truth.  Will we ever be able to reverse this tide?  I pray every day that God help us do so.  we certainly have shown ourselves incapable of doing it on our own.

(05/24/2018) While Kids Wait For Homes, Philadelphia Bars Catholic Social Services From Serving Foster Children.  Sigh.

(05/23/2018) Dangerous Times for the Constitution and Freedom.  The cracks in our constitutional order continue to multiply and widen.  Indeed.  But while we have a battle on our hands, we have a chance at victory.  Dare I say if Hillary Clinton were president, I'm not sure our Constitution would be able to recover.  Did God have a hand in this?  For the first time in my life, I'm starting to believe that he may well have been involved in "politics," though our current national situation goes far beyond politics.  Consider joining up with our challenge to pray daily - at the same time - for our country, for our leaders and for revival - Pray for America.

(05/22/2018) Why the Left Won't Call Anyone 'Animals.'  Key quote: Leftism consists almost entirely of moral-sounding platitudes -- statements meant to make the person making them feel morally sophisticated.

(05/21/2018) University Suicide Watch, Chapter 4.  When people start screaming about "principles." always be sure to check whether it is their finances or their principles that are at stake.  The other story covered just has to do with the fact that all it takes to get action is for one progressive to whine.  Those on the Right don't tend to make such whining demands and even if we did, we would be unlikely to get a response, unless our numbers are overwhelming.  So be sure to participate in doing some overwhelming, where appropriate.

(05/21/2018) The Left And The Right Aren’t Hearing The Same Jordan Peterson.  The question is, whose hearing is more accurate?  The Left simply does not understand how conservatives think, so they have to substitute their own explanations, namely racism, sexism, etc.  I have yet to see someone on the Left accurately explain the thinking behind a conservative position and then proceed to explain why they disagree.  All they have are the various "cards" to play.

(05/19/2018) Our Republic’s Greatest Threat?  Excellent column.  I'll just define it as the state of America today.

(05/18/2018) Dennis Prager: God-Free College Campuses ‘Produce Stupidity.’  I have started reading Prager's The Rational Bible: Exodus.  I believe that God is the source of truth and reason.  And Prager certainly thinks so as well.  I would challenge atheists to try reading the book, and then make their case that the Bible and believers in God are irrational.  Sadly, they won't - unless they see the light first.  Note that the atheists are out in force in the comments to this article.  It is funny how they simply declare that belief in God is irrational - it is a given to them.  They feel no need to back it up, just to declare it.  I've been around for a while and with each passing year, God's wisdom becomes more and more clear, and man's (that is, those without God) becomes more and more ridiculous.

(05/18/2018) 5 Ways America's Success is Ruining Our Culture.  One amazing fact is that so many people do not work - that is, do not have a paying job.  People are bored.  What to do, what to do?  I've found plenty to do in retirement - maintain this website, take the occasional seminary course, try to become a more active Christian.  There is no reason to slow down in retirement, and if more Christians took advantage of their free time to work on God's behalf, perhaps our country would not be in the sorry shape it is in.

(05/16/2018) University Suicide Watch, Part 3.  I hate to say it, but the more universities that get into trouble, the better.  They are not going to clean up their act until they are forced to.  For some, that make mean closing.  Maybe some new colleges will rise from the ashes.

(05/12/2018) Doctor: Starving Alfie Evans to Death “Is Not the Killing of A Child,” It’s Just “Redirecting Care.”  Sometimes euphemisms are OK.  It is very clear what they mean and we are just avoiding vulgar-ish language.  Cases like this are bad, bad bad. They are excusing sin by calling it something else.  We are all quite capable of doing this, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't resist it.

(05/12/2018) ‘This Is America’ Is The Epitome Of Preachy PC Art.  I have been "preaching" on the following: Everything the Left gets control of, they turn political and as a result, ruin it.  They have done this with the news media, academia / education, entertainment, art, sex, and the judicial side of the legal system.  They are hard at work on science and the criminal side of the legal system.  Can you imagine if the "Bible-thumpers" did the same?  We keep being warned that it is going to happen.  But it never does.  I might add that if it did, the results would probably be a lot prettier than what we are seeing as a result of the Left's politicization.

(05/10/2018) Tucker Carlson: ‘Modern Liberalism Is a Religious Movement’ to Replace Christianity.  That is why the Left wants to silence or water-down Christianity - they are actively working on both.  They wish to be in charge of defining what truth is, and Christianity is the biggest obstacle in their way.

(05/10/2018) Cultural Marxism's Long Happy March Through the Institutions.  Marxism hasn't had any success economically speaking, but they sure are succeeding culturally.

(05/09/2018) Before and After Welfare Handouts.  I would also add that immediately prior to the implementation of the "Great Society," the poverty rate had been declining steadily and rapidly.  I believe it fell almost 10% in the preceding decade.  It has been basically flat in the 50 years since.  Trillions of dollars down the drain, all sorts of social pathologies growing like cancer (decline of marriage, lack of work ethic, fatherless kids, victim and entitlement mentality, etc.), and no significant reduction in the poverty rate.  Total failure.  And we keep doing it!

(05/08/2018) The War on Wisdom.  The evidence against "social evolution" is overwhelming.  Can anyone make the case that we are wiser today than 2000 years ago?  Or 50 years ago?

(05/08/2018) Teacher Bullies Student for using Fox News on Assignment, Claims Fox is ‘Fake News.’  For all their claims of tolerance, the Left is far more likely than the Right to try to impose their values and views on others.

(05/05/2018) Kathy Griffin curses up a storm on ABC's 'The View' during profane Trump rant.  Well, "curing up a storm" is an indicator of a small mind, so ....  But the fact that so many "entertainers" and others feel free to talk like this on TV is another indicator of our downward cultural spiral.  If we stay silent, it is only going to get worse.

(05/04/2018) Wanna Join Us for Cultural Appreciation Day?  This is not politically correct.  Of course, the whole concept of "cultural appropriation" is nonsense.  Any culture that does not beg, borrow or steal good stuff from other cultures is a failing culture.  That is one of the things that has made America great.  So naturally, progressives want to put an end to it.

(05/02/2018) Australia praying for you, mate.  Tomorrow (5/3) is our National Day of Prayer.  We need all the prayers we can get, and that means we need to pray for our country.

(05/02/2018) “We are entering revolutionary times.”  Be sure to read the linked article as well.  On the one hand, it is quite depressing.  But I believe that if we, as a nation, turn back to God, he will take care of us.  The problem is, we in the church have to lead this effort.  We cannot expect others to turn back to God if we don't first accept and act upon the fact than the church itself is guilty of turning away from God.  We are in the midst of an 8 day revival at our church.  We do this every year or two, but so far, this year looks like the biggest response ever.  I pray that it continues and that is spreads.

(04/28/2018) Parents enraged over school's sex vids for 14-y-o's.  At least they are fighting back rather than rolling over and playing dead.

(04/25/2018) Public Education: Trapped by the Progressive Agenda.  Churchill may have said that if you are not a liberal at age 20, you have no heart and if you aren't a conservative by age 40, you have no head.  But the fact is, our kids are being taught to be progressives (not merely liberal).  They are being taught it throughout 12 or more years of public school and they are being taught it in our colleges and universities.  And we just sit back and put up with it.  We don't have to.  Homeschool or send your kids to private school.  Oppose public sector (i.e. teacher) unions, support charter schools and school vouchers, attend district board meetings.  Even little things like publicly praying at high school football games can have an impact.

(04/24/2018) Respect Unearned.  One of the big complaints from America's "elites" is that the great unwashed do not properly respect them.  This column not only explains why they aren't respected, but why they do not merit respect.

(04/23/2018) Nobody Tells You How Long a Marriage Is.  For a NY Times column, it is actually pretty good, if you read the whole thing.  But the title is wrong.  When my wife and I got married (and this is before I became a Christian), we both agreed that divorce was never to be considered.  Period.

(04/23/2018) Franklin Graham Urges Parents: ‘Let Your Voice Be Heard’ on Sex Ed.  There is a lot of sex ed going on in our public schools (including by Planned Parenthood) that teaches the latest in progressive thinking.  In some cases, parents are not even given the option of opting their kids out.  Many of our public schools are indoctrinating our kids in Leftism with no accountability or consultation with or approval of the parents.  Imagine if a school district tried to teach biblical values.  The MSM would raise such an outcry!  But teaching transgender nonsense to our kids is just fine.

(04/23/2018) When GQ is Long Forgotten, the Bible Will Still be Revered.  Amen!  I've mentioned before that I finally grew up when I accepted the fact that God is a lot smarter and wiser than I am.  Lots of people still think they are smarter and wiser that God.  I pray that they grow up as well, or they will be in for a rude awakening.

(04/17/2018) New AP U.S. History Textbook Implies Christians Are Bigots, Reagan A Racist.  The Left dominates public education, and they are indoctrinating our kids with values diametrically opposed to our values.  Are we going to let them do it?  So far, we are and show few signs of fighting back.

(04/15/2018) The Modern Vacuum of Ethical Restraint.  Good food for thought.  Some think this is a good thing.

(04/14/2018) Stunning! Attorney Argues It was Fault of Trump Supporters That They Were Beaten, Cold-Cocked, Egged, Bloodied After San Jose Rally.  We are talking about a lawsuit against the police for not doing anything when Trump supporters were attacked leaving a Trump rally.  Apparently, the police attorney is arguing that the Trump supporters should not have departed the arena after the rally because they should have known they would be attacked.  Wow.  Everything progressives touch is corrupted and turned to political ends: the MSM, academia and education, entertainment, and now science and the legal system. 

(04/12/2018) Planned Parenthood Tells HIV-Infected Kids They Don't Have to Disclose Status to Partners.  Wow.  And we finance them to the tune of half a billion dollar per year and the COP Congress can't find the intestinal fortitude to do anything abou

(03/29/2018) It’s Time To Teach The Bible In Public Schools.  I believe it is time to get rid of the public schools and have a universal voucher system.  Many public schools are literally indoctrinating our kids.  Environmentalism, the LGBT agenda, moral relativism, it all adds up.  Conservatives believe that parents (even liberal ones) should be able to determine what kind of school their children attend.  Liberals do not believe conservative parents should have that choice because they will not make the correct choice (from the liberal's perspective).  Remind me again just who it is that wants to impose their values and their will on others.

(03/27/2018) Leftists Are the Attackers, Not the Victims.  The other side is fighting a war.  We are losing and most of us have yet to even figure out there is a war going on.

(03/26/2018) Darkness at Penn.  I've posted on this before.  It is another example of individuals being punished - not merely for holding traditional views, but views which are backed by plenty of evidence.  Why?  Because people who don't like those views - however true they may be - complain.  Their intimidation tactics work.

(03/26/2018) Leftists Love Humanity and Hate Humans.  I've seen people point this out before, but it is an excellent essay.

(03/22/2018) Harvard and Stanford Study Proves That Fathers Matter.  Funny how it seems to require a study persuade some that what is obviously true is, in fact, true.  What is worse, many will still declare that fathers are not important, because it conflicts with two major portions of their worldview: 1) the feminist view that there is nothing wrong with the world that is not the fault of men, and 2) There are no problems in the black community that are not the fault of racism.

(03/20/2018) Whacking Wax.  An Ivy League law prof is punished for speaking home truths.  I posted about this before, but this is a great followup.  Note that sheer common sense has been discarded in favor nonsense.  Note that no critics of Wax argue against the points she made; they simply resort to pejoratives.  It is funny how all the drivel that is coming out of the media, academia and entertainment is strengthening my faith in God rather than weakening it.   The true state of man, as described in Romans 1-3, is on display for all to see.

(03/20/2018) Homeschooling: The Best Hope for America's Future.  I really don't like to cry wolf, but the fact is, the public schools are indoctrinating our children in some very bad things.  Indoctrinating is not too strong a term.

(03/20/2018) A ‘Higher Loyalty’ to Their Inflated Sense of Virtue.  I don't want to come off as a cynic, but unless one's higher loyalty is to God, one's higher loyalty tends to be very self-serving.  If there is one thing we humans are great at, it is claiming that when we do things that benefit ourselves, we are really motivated by and are doing good for others.


(03/19/2018) Why Muslim Persecution of Christians Has Escalated.  It certainly has, yet Democrats think Muslims in America are treated worse than Christians in Muslim countries.  I really believe that those on the Left have thrown away all pretense of reason and have turned everything they think and do into the political.  Yet what, exactly, is the benefit to thinking like this?  None, other than the fact that the Left has developed a terminal hatred of America, Christianity and Western Civilization.

(03/19/2018) ‘Who are you to judge?’  I've have long thought that this (Matt 7:1) is the most misused verse in the Bible.  This article is just confirmation (an entire class cannot bring themselves to condemn human sacrifice, because who are they to judge?).  What is appalling is how many people who claim to be Christians buy into this.  Somehow, people fixate on v 1 and don't manage to get to v 5.  Of course, I suspect most people that spout off about "judge not" couldn't even find it in the Bible without Google and haven't a clue about the subsequent verses.

(03/16/2018) The Reducto Ad Absurdum of Diversity.  Suffice it to say that diversity for the sake of diversity is not only not good, it is positively bad.

(03/11/2018) I Woke Up One Day and the Whole World Had Gone Crazy.  It has gone crazy.  The "woke" people are cramming nonsense down the throats of everyone; nonsense that just a few years ago would have been treated as such, but today has become orthodox.

(03/11/2018) Professor Supports Euthanizing Disabled Children Because “Parents are Harmed Seeing Their Child Suffer.”  Isn't it amazing how we humans can rationalize what used to be unthinkable?

(03/05/2018) Grave Consequences of the Deinstitutionalization Movement.  One of the biggest problems we have today, and while not limited to the Left, it is dominated by the Left - is to press boldly and universally forward with social experimentation without having ever put it to the test on a small scale.  Those that were responsible never admit that they were wrong.  The same is true of the politicians who implemented these grand schemes, since they are never willing to undo the damage they have wrought.  To do so would be to admit they were wrong, as well.

(03/03/2018) The Ignored Correlation Between Fatherlessness and Mass Shooters.  Fatherlessness is correlated with a lot of bad things.  And yet we refuse to even talk much about it, much less do anything.  

(03/03/2018) Delusion: More Dems Think U.S. Muslims Mistreated Than Think Islamic World Mistreats Christians.  A significant percentage of Westerners have decided that Western Civilization is bad, without having a clue as to either what Western Civ actually is nor to just how bad the alternatives are.  If we let them have their way, they will learn, but only after it is too late to do anything about it.  Do not let them have their way!

(03/02/2018) Humming economy doesn't fix broken culture.  I am happy to see that a large majority think we (American society) are on the wrong path culturally, politically and morally.  You can't fix it if you won't admit it.  Of course, it looks pretty unfixable, so hopefully people will turn to God.

(02/26/2018) James Gunn Defends Chris Pratt Against Backlash Over Prayer Tweet for Kevin Smith.  So Pratt, a Christian, tweets that he is praying and he gets attacked and needs to be defended?  What?!??!  But it is the "woke" thing now - hopes and prayers are to be scorned and attacked.  One must DO something, like attack the NRA or whatever.

(02/25/2018) A Public School Is Telling 6th Grade Girls They Can’t Say No To Boys Who Ask Them To Dance.  Well, it may be in poor taste to say no, but this is a bad message to send.

(02/23/2018) Cheaters Prosper on CBS.  Basically the idea is that adultery is OK and we have to put aside our judgmental attitude towards people who cheat on their spouses.

(02/17/2018) Neil deGrasse Tyson drops science on ‘thoughts and prayers’ and it lands on his own foot.  There is definitely much stronger evidence that gun-free zones attract mass shooters and that "common sense gun laws" do nothing to discourage them - not that we really know what "common sense gun laws" are since the people that advocate them never explain what they are.  

(02/17/2018) Cornell Professor: The American Dream Is a 'Hallucination.'  I'm not sure whether the professor is seeking attention or pushing an agenda.  Probably both.  

(02/16/2018) What's Oozing out of Campuses Is Polluting Society.  He is absolutely correct, though I have to disagree with the author when he claims that SSM has strengthened family values. But don't let that detract from the rest of the article.

(02/16/2018) The Daily Wire goes PC on immigration - by calling an illegal alien an "undocumented citizen!"  By relabeling things we change people's thinking about them.  When it comes to illegals, the job is almost complete with the new labels 100% false.  But this approach can be done with great success when you control the media.  It is sad and pathetic that conservatives that know better should succumb and go along.

(02/15/2018) And the Devil Smiled.  And sadly, the devil has been smiling a lot for quite a few years.  And the more we turn from God, the happier Satan is.

(02/15/2018) From Parkland to Princeton, America's Adults Abdicate Responsibility.  Well, in the Parkland case we need to know more.  But there is no question that the whole business of taking personal responsibility has taken a big hit in recent decades.  We have the cult of victimhood, the tyranny of the experts, to whom we are to turn things over to, etc.  Most stuff is, apparently, someone else's responsibility.

(02/12/2018) Desperately Seeking Peter Rabbit: Sony Pictures Misses the Mark.  Misses the mark is an understatement.  And the first paragraph about the (mis)treatment of Anne of Green Gables is really sad, especially since I just read that book for the first time.  Destroying classics to make them more "relevant" is not only sad, it is a disgrace because the original classics are far more relevant to our fallen culture than the revised ones.

(02/09/2018) John Podesta's Cure for Climate Change: A Government in Charge of Your 'Family Planning.'  How nice.  Funny how Christians are accused of trying to impose their values on everyone, but it is the Left that is actually doing it.  They are pretty upfront about it, but it OK for them to do it because it for our own good, after all.

(02/07/2018) A Liberal Doesn’t Quite Get It.  No, Trump is not turning you into a bad person.  You are making a choice, and not the right one.  But it isn't too late to get back on track.

(01/28/2018) Are the Democrats Fighting a Civil War?  Maybe this article (speech, actually) is hyperbolic, but the more I think about it, the more I am afraid that it is not.  And just as many Christians sit passively on the sidelines while our culture degrades, many conservatives are sitting on the sidelines while the Left is taking over institution after institution irrespective of who is winning elections. 

(01/26/2018) Doctor Secretly Euthanizes Nursing Home Patient, Says She Did Nothing Wrong and Will Kill Again.  Contemporary culture seems to be sinking lower and lower.

(01/22/2018) Mythologies of Illegal Immigration.  And there are plenty.

(01/20/2018) The Scourge of Multiculturalism.  All "cultures" are not alike and not all cultures are "just as good" as any other culture.  At the core of what used to be American culture was the work ethic, the can do attitude on the part of both individuals and society as a whole,  the importance of a good education as the primary vehicle for pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, that our values were largely (if sometimes loosely) biblical values, and much, much more.  I say "used to be" because we have been chipping away at this for decades.  Multiculturalism is just part of the latest line of attack.  The American spirit may still exist among many and it looks like it may be undergoing a bit of revival, dare I say it, under that most unlikely of leaders, Donald Trump.

(01/19/2018) The Furious Fake News of Feminist Novelists.  Feminists and other assorted Leftists need to see conservatives as horrible, evil people in order to justify their own irrational worldview which apparently includes weeing themselves as victims and martyrs.  How else to explain their claim that novels that these novels depict a future we are moving towards when they con't even find a single person that advocates such stuff even if they seek out the crackpots?

(01/14/2018) Intolerance at Cornell: After my Fox News appearance, bullying and threats began. It got so bad I sought counseling.  I ask myself over and over: Does anyone on the Left see that they are far less tolerant than those they accuse of intolerance?  I guess not.

(01/10/2018) The Virtue-Signaling Anti-Virtue Crowd.  It really is pretty disgusting that the very people who knew very well what was going on in Hollywood, and possibly even participating, get up in front of the cameras and proclaim their moral superiority over everyone else.

(01/10/2018) Dirty College Secrets.  The news isn't all bad, just most of it.

(01/03/2018) The Black Redneck Version of Respect.  Although not unique to blacks, a new notion of "respect" boils down to "I'll respect you, but only if you prove worthy of my respect by respecting me first."  The backup version seems to be that to respect someone means to fear them.  Neither version is biblical and is yet more evidence that the more we stray from biblical values the more our culture goes downhill.

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