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For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

Genesis 2:24  (NIV)


“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’?  So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

Matthew 19:4-6  (NIV)


Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.  Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”  So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”

Hebrews 13:4-7  (NIV)


Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.  For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.  Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.
Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.

Ephesians 5:22-28  (NIV)

LGTB, Homosexuality & Related Issues

Jul-Sep 2016

(09/29/2016) Liberal Mother Pushes Her Little Son into Masquerading as a Girl.  This really is child abuse, and to be blunt it is a result in having liberals dominate certain professions such as psychology, and using said professions to further their progressive agenda.


(09/27/2016) Target Corporation’s transgender bathroom pander costing its shareholders billions.  The boycott has certainly made Target suffer, although they haven't changed their policy yet.  Which says a lot about the CEO of Target - the LGTB agenda is more important than the shareholders.  Will the board ever act?

(09/27/2016) Doctors Fight Federal Rule Forcing Them To Perform Hysterectomies On Men.  Will this nonsense ever end?


(09/24/2016) Fed Report: Amend Laws so 'Gay' Rights Trump Faith.  Seeks to limit First Amendment's Free Exercise Clause, Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Of course, the free exercise clause has already been severely restricted and many Christian have already limited their expressions of faith to houses of worship.

(09/23/2016) Why Political Correctness Is Political Cowardice.  A majority of Americans oppose progressives’ agenda on race and identity.  Why aren’t they speaking out?  This is the big question.  Why aren't we speaking out?

(09/22/2016) Navy to Begin Mandatory Transgender Behavioral Education.  This is a serious problem.  Liberals use the government to indoctrinate - and we do not have representatives that are either willing or able to do anything about it.  This has got to change, though I am not sure how.

(09/20/2016) Another State Issues Transgender Rules for Churches.  This is Massachusetts (surprise, surprise) and the rules include churches when they include "secular" events open to the general public.  Does an outreach event that does not include worship qualify as "secular?"

(09/17/2016) Backlash Against Transgender Locker Rooms in Clovis, California.  The backlash needs to occur everywhere.  What is remarkable is that we have a class of people who are willing to cram this kind of thing down the throats of everyone else in spite of its overwhelming unpopularity.


(09/16/2016) Memo to the Washington Post: The Bible Does Reject ‘Transgender’ Behavior.  If the WashPo doesn't like what the Bible says about transgenderism, they should say so rather than distort the truth to peddle their ideologies.  This is just another case of claiming that the clear words of the Bible don't mean what they say.

(09/16/2016) Fed Report: Amend Laws so 'Gay' Rights Trump Faith.  Seeks to limit First Amendment's Free Exercise Clause, Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  The idea is to replace 'freedom of religion' with 'freedom of worship.'  And 'freedom of worship' means, among other things, keeping your faith out of your public life.  The First Amendment is the biggest obstacle to excessive government power and those that seek such power are doing everything they can to restrict the First Amendment.

(09/14/2016) 8 Steps The Catholic Church Could Take To Approve Gay Marriage Like Tim Kaine Expects.  I don't expect the Catholics to fold on this, but Catholic or not, serious Christians should pray that all denominations not only hold the line (though many have already crossed it) but turn back to the Bible and to sound biblical doctrine.

(09/13/2016) Child, 4, World's Youngest-ever 'Sex Change' Patient. Activists push agenda to lower transgender age despite dangers.  This is insane.  It is also in Australia, but ....


(09/12/2016) ‘Devout’ Catholic Tim Kaine Butchers the Bible to Embrace Gay Radicalism.  For years I have been stuck by the number of Democrat politicians who support abortion (and SSM) and yet are described as "devout Catholics."  I am not sure the word "devout" means what they think it means.  Update: Tim Kaine's biblical justification for his position is total nonsense.  Let this be a warning.  In the preaching class I took, the emphasis was on getting it right.  Don't make the Bible say what you want it to say, make sure you are understanding what the Bible actually says.  Lesson: when you back your position with the Bible, make sure you get it right.  Do not pull a Tim Kaine.  Update: A Challenge to the Title of Most Clueless Catholic™   

(09/11/2016) Kaine Predicts Catholic Church Will Approve Gay Marriage.  Kaine is a "devout Catholic."  It is amazing how many Democrat politicians are "devout Catholics" yet oppose church teaching on such issues as abortion and marriage.

(09/10/2016) When ‘Liberty’ Forces 18 Girls Into a Single-Stall Shower Room.  Can anyone buy into the notion that the LGTB agenda doesn't harm anyone else?  Well, those bigots deserve to be harmed is their answer.

(09/08/2016) EPA to Collect Employee Data on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity; Pilot project aims to make LGBT employees ‘feel included.’  In the old days we simply didn't care much about this stuff.  Now we are being made to care.

(09/06/2016) How A Cakemaker Became An Enemy Of The State.  A long but very good article about Masterpiece Cakeshop and its battle over a wedding cake.

(09/04/2016) West Virginia University: Calling Someone The ‘Wrong’ Pronoun Is a Title IX Violation.  But remember, it is only conservative Christians who are imposing their values on others.  This is just "unimposing" those male patriarchal pronouns limited to he/she/it.


(09/01/2016) So how would the LGTB crowd respond to the study (actually a survey of some 200 other studies) that does not conform to the party line?  As Predicted, Gay Activists Attack the Messengers, Ignore the Evidence.  Naturally. 

(09/01/2016) With LGTB issues being in the news so much it seems like it might be a good idea to be reminded that there are other sexual sins that should not be ignored.  How about adultery?  Here is what Billy Graham has to say.  

(09/01/2016) “Pastor” Says the Bible is Not the Final Authority on Sex and Ethics.  We have always had people - even in the clergy - who have considered themselves wiser than God.  God is faithful and will forgive us our sins.  But that seems to include the condition that we confess our sins, at least in a general sense.  Denying our sin is going to be a problem.

(08/31/2016) Gay Rights – The Left’s Club to Smash Religious Liberty.  I don't always agree with Bill Donahue, but he is right about this.  Beware of checking out the comments.  As is often the case, the comments are dominated by the pro-LGTB crowd.  I often wonder if there is a network of activists that are notified of articles so they can rush out, comment on and add "likes."  Progressives make their presence felt on other articles, but nothing like the LGTB ones.

(08/29/2016) Team Obama’s new low in the name of ‘trans rights.’  From the article: The Department of Health and Human Services recently issued rules telling doctors they can’t decline to perform gender-reassignment surgery on kids if it’s recommended by a “mental health professional.” Refusal could be a career-ender.  And yet, it is supposedly conservative Christians who are imposing their values on others.  This stuff is insane.

(08/28/2016) Backlash Builds Against Gender Bender Bullies.  Good!  And we need a lot more of this.

(08/26/2016) CDC says: Gay Men are 2% of the Population but 55% of HIV Cases, 67% of New Cases!  This article underscores the negative health consequences of the homosexual lifestyle.  If we did not try to discourage smokers from smoking, we would be considered remiss.  Homosexuality (in males, at least) has a bigger effect on life expectancy than smoking.  I submit that we are doing homosexuals no favors when we, as a society, not only accept homosexual behavior as OK, but actively celebrate it.

(08/23/2016) How Gay Activists Will Respond to a Major Scientific Report That Refutes Their Talking Points?  With the two standard tactics - first attack the messenger, then having done so, ignore the study.  Sadly, political correctness and a constant drumbeat from the MSM on this issue (and others) lead people to believe things that they instinctively know to be incorrect and wrong.  How many people today are willing to say that, hermaphrodites aside, there are only two sexes or genders - male and female? 

(08/20/2016) Gender oppression is not a joke, xe told zie.  The nonsense is accelerating.  Is there no end to the new "standards" that are being applied by administrative fiat?  Imagine the outrage if conservative, traditional standards were being encouraged or imposed.

(08/17/2016) On Marriage, the GOP Platform is Solid. The Democrats Just Don’t Care.  Is anyone surprised?

(08/17/2016) Muslim Leader Calls for Legalization of Polygamy, Compares to Gay Marriage!  Again, this is the sort of thing conservatives said would happen if SSM were legalized.  And to be honest, once we've opened the doors with the "love wins all" mantra, is their any justification for prohibiting polygamy?


(08/16/2016) When Incest Became ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction.’  Good grief.

(08/16/2016) Obama’s Sex-Driven War on Science.  The article is pretty sound and straight-forward.  But if you want to be shocked, scroll down to the comments. 

(08/14/2016) “Progressive Education”: Children Color a Unicorn to Match Their “Gender Identity.”  The American College of Pediatricians calls for an end to promoting gender ideology in schools.  At least not all experts are intimidated by the progressives.

(08/11/2016) The Sexual Revolution and Cultural Marxism: Ideology over public health.  Did you know that AIDS is transmitted by sexism, racism, poverty and homophobia?  Neither did I.  It is a good thing that we have the "pro-science" crowd to inform us of these things.

(08/11/2016) Connecticut Department Of Children And Families: Believing There Are Only Two Genders Is ‘Genderism.’  We certainly wouldn't want any genderism, would we? 

(08/11/2016) You Won’t Believe How Much Taxpayers are Paying for Condoms for “Men Who Have Sex With Other Men.”  Oh, what is a mere $50 million?  Snark aside, our government spends a lot of money rewarding people for poor behavior.  When you reward such behavior, you get more of it.  Apparently those in government have never taken the course Human Nature 001.


(08/08/2016) Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum: I Smell the Marks of Transgender Activism.  If Christians and conservatives worked as hard at transforming society as the progressives do, we would never have reached that sorry state of affairs that we find ourselves in today.

(08/07/2016) Schools push disturbing 'gender unicorn' on your kids.  Well, not necessarily your kids.  Yet.  Update:  Here is more: War on NC schools transgender 'brainwashing' waged by Franklin Graham


(08/06/2016) LGBTQ Contradictions: Truth is not the principle that the LGBTQ movement and their allies stand on.  

(08/03/2016) This School District Just Suspended its Transgender Bathroom Policy.  It is nice to know that some are having second thoughts about the new current "expert" direction we have been taking.

(08/02/2016) Gay Hookup Ads on DC Metro ‘Conform with Our Board-Approved Ad Policy.’  Christian ads are out, but that conforms to policy as well.  Don't these clowns understand that the policy is the problem, not an excuse?

(08/01/2016) The Latest in Transanity: More Male Mothers and the End of the Male Body.  It is pretty clear that the "party of science" does not believe in biology.  Not as a science, at least.

(07/26/2016) Now even breasts become part of political debate.  Breast-feeding may be natural, but we shouldn't refer to as it as such since to do so would reinforce the notion of biologically determined roles for men and women (and whatever).  This from "the party of science."

(07/24/2016) Genderfication.  The progressives continue to try to cram their values down the throats of others, even in total defiance of science - in this case, biology.  Will there be a backlash?

(07/24/2016) The NBA enters the bathroom wars.  I can't boycott the NBA since I never watch in the first place.  But do they seriously think this is a wise move?  Note that the city of Charlotte passed a law mandating that people could use the bathroom of their choice.  The state passed a law saying that private firms could allow it, but were not required to.  Which is imposing their will on others?   Not only that, Charlotte did what the NBA apparently thinks is right and the state overruled it.  So the NBA punishes Charlotte.  Of course, the point of all this is not to do what is right, misguided or not, but to send a message.  Here is more: Outrage over NBA yanking All-Star Game from Charlotte. 

(07/24/2016) New Study PROVES Children Do Better with Heterosexual Parents!  I posted a different article on this study earlier.  It is amazing that what used to be seen as so obviously true - and it is obvious - should now be doubted by so many, thanks to what can only be called propaganda. 

(07/24/2016) Governments To Christians: Don’t You Dare Speak Out Against The Sexual Sin In Society.  This seems further along in some other countries, but it is happening here to.  The whole concept of "hate Speech" is an anathema to g\the First Amendment.  Of course, we as Christians should never be hateful in the way we speak.  But since when was speaking the truth classified as "hateful?"  It is starting to be, and once "hate speech" is outlawed, its definition will expand and expand to fit the progressive agenda. 

(07/21/2016)  Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘There Is No Gay Gene.’  This is so politically incorrect.  It is probably so true as well.

(07/21/2016) The LGBT Community is NOT Going to Like This New Study on Same-Sex Parenting.  For the "party of science," the "party of reason," "truth" is whatever confirms or affirms the liberal worldview.  Actual facts which do not conform - such as this study - are rejected and ignored.

(07/21/2016) Seven: In California, the Right Age to Begin Learning about LGBT History.  And yet in some public schools, teaching the Declaration of Independence is considered 'racist.'  What are older people more conservative that younger ones?  Well, life's experiences teach a lot.  But in addition, for the most part our public schools as well as most of our colleges teach our kids to be liberals.

(07/20/2016) Teachers Forced to Trade 'He' and 'She' for 'Zie' and 'Zir' to Please LGBT Agenda.  This is in Great Britain.  

(07/20/2016) United Methodist Church Defies their Own Laws, Elects Lesbian Bishop.  Here is more on the subject: Married Lesbian Ordained as Methodist Bishop, 'Led by the Holy Spirit.'  Note that the Bible tells us we need to test the spirits.  The Holy Spirit can never direct us in any manner contrary to what Scripture tells us.

(07/16/2016) Connecticut officially redefines all language dealing with “gender.”  Not only do people get paid to come up with this nonsense, the taxpayer foots the bill.  And worse, it isn't just a waste of money for no useful purpose, the effect of this is harmful.

(07/15/2016) Billboard Depicting Cruz and Trump MAKING OUT Goes Up Near RNC after God Billboard was Rejected!  This is a perfect illustration of the downward trajectory of America.

(07/14/2016) Pentagon's transgender policy steamrolls religious liberty.  It seems that the new primary role of the military is to serve as a mandatory laboratory for liberal social policies - all without any kind of voter approval or accountability.  Lincoln's government of the people, by the people and for the people is a thing of the past.

(07/09/2016) Criticizing homosexuality now 'crime against humanity'? Judge asked to rule on lawsuit against American pastor over his speech.  This is not as bad as it sounds, but it certainly indicates a trend.  I will be shocked if within a few years, American pastors are not sued over what they say from the pulpit.


(07/09/2016) 10 More States Sue Over Federal Transgender Bathroom Mandate.  The Federal government continues to cram decrees down the throats of the states, ignoring the Tenth Amendment.  It is high time the states fought back.

(07/09/2016) SecDef Carter’s Clueless Transgender Announcement Not Based on Scientific Fact.  Of course not.  The "party of science" is actually the party of ignoring science when it is inconvenient and politicizing it otherwise.

(07/03/2016) John Kerry joins in rainbow of joy as UN Human Rights Council creates gender identity expert.  We should all be embarrassed.

(07/01/2016) Dr. Dobson: Obama's LGBT Agenda Is Designed to Fuel Social 'Chaos' and Impose a 'Tyranny.'  Do you buy this?  It wasn't many years ago that I never would have, even for a moment.  But today?

(07/01/2016) Pentagon’s Transgender Policy Defies Common Sense.  What else is new?  It is all politics (and political correctness) all the time.


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