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LGTB, Homosexuality & Related Issues

Apr-Jun 2015

(06/30/2015)  Teacher, administrator resign amid gay fairy tale flap.  The teacher read a 'gay' fairy tale (avoid the jokes , please) to 3rd graders.  I have mixed feelings here.  What he did was totally inappropriate and parents were right to be outraged.  But I am uncomfortable with people losing jobs - especially since in a couple years it will be teachers that mention anything about Christianity that are likely to get fired.


(06/30/2015)   Pro-Lifers Didn’t Give Up After Roe v. Wade. Here Are 3 Critical Steps to Take on Marriage. 


(06/29/2015)   Some advise retreat and surrender.  I don't.  Check out The Wildfire Burns for some analysis.


(06/29/2015)   Franklin Graham blasts Obama for 'gay marriage' ruling.  Of course we expected nothing less.  One thing I love about Graham is that I have never seen him interviewed where he did not present the gospel message.  Fellow Christians, we are crying out for leadership.  Where is our Nehemiah?


(06/29/2015)  Here are a bunch of articles relating to the SSM decision:

James Dobson:  I fear judgment befalling America. 

Mark Horne:  What It Means for You, Christian.

Alito Warns: Defenders of Traditional Marriage Now Risk Being Treated as Bigots by Governments, Employers, Schools. 

Ted Cruz:  Innovative ideas for fighting the gay marriage diktat. 


(06/28/2015)   ‘Court is not a legislature’: Roberts rips gay marriage ruling, day after he backed ObamaCare.  Well, just because he was wrong on Obamacare doesn't mean he is wrong here.


(06/28/2015)  Millionaire gay couple is suing to force a church to hold their wedding.  This is somewhat old news from England and I do not know whether the case has been resolved yet.  But it is pretty clear that the first amendment may no longer protect us from this.  Be prepared.


(06/28/2015)   The need to get our minds right.  Unless the Bible-believing Christian community acts we are going to find that the SSM decision is only the beginning. 


(06/28/2015)  Gay rights supporters push beyond marriage to broader legal protections.  Just evidence that the article above this one is correct.


(06/27/2015)  Doc faces boot for citing 'gay' health dangers.  Of course, everything he says is true, it is just that we are all supposed to pretend that the negative consequences of homosexual activity do not exist.  Imagine if we treated smoking in this manner.  Homosexual sex, the narrative goes, is neither unhealthy nor sinful and anyone that says otherwise is a bigot.  And unless we start acting, things are going to get significantly worse.


(06/27/2015)  The Supreme Court Has Legalized Same-Sex Marriage: Now What?  Here is a collection of opinions.


(06/26/2016)   Evangelical Leaders Respond to Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage.  Keep the faith.


(06/26/2015)   More Companies Pushing the Gay Agenda.  Certainly companies are far more concerned about opposing the gay agenda than they are about offending Christians.  Why is this?  Because we Christians have given them nothing to be concerned about.


(06/26/2015)   Same-Sex Marriage Won’t Bring Us Peace.  Other contries are already seeing some of the 'unintended consequences' of SSM.


(06/26/2015)   SCOTUS Mandates Same Sex Marriage Nationally.  This article includes a number of exerpts from the Court's decision.  Take particular note of the dissents.  Our country is in serious trouble.


(06/26/2015)   Supreme Court Forces Gay Marriage Upon All 50 States: Federalism Is Dead.   Tenth Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  This may be the final nail in the coffin of the tenth amendment, but rest assured, the first amendment is next, having already suffered some grievous blows.


(06/26/2015)   Anthony Kennedy Discovers a Right to Gay Marriage.  Note supporters of SSM promote 'marriage equality', but a more accurate term is 'marriage redefinition'. Justice Kennedy Contradicts Himself considers the total destrution of the Constituion and rule of law as a result of three Supreme Court decisions in the last two days.  The impact goes far beyond believers, though many do not realize this yet.  Pray for our country.


(06/26/2015)   Judicial Activism From Supreme Court on Marriage. Here’s How to Respond.  For one thing, support the First Amendment Defense Act.  But bear in mind that a Court that can find that the Constitution mandates SSM is a Court that can find that standing up for your religious beliefs is not permitted by the First Amendment.  We cannot rely on our politicians to get us out of this mess.


(06/26/2015)  So the Supreme Court, in its widom, has redefined marriage - supposedly based on the Constitution.  Some polyamorists were already demanding 'equal treatment'.  Logically, if the Court's SSM decision is correct, then their demand is valid.  Is there any limit whatsoever?  Links to follow.


(06/22/2015)  300,000 Christians Gather Together To Combat The Antichrist Attack Against Christianity.  The MSM loves to publicize the Pope pontificating on issues dear to liberal hearts, but they avoid events such as this one that occurred in Rome.  We Christians in the USA need to start taking public stands like this.


(06/21/2015)  Tracing the Marxist Roots of the Assault on the Family.  Those on the left have been trying to destroy the family for many years and they have never ceased their efforts.  SSM is just another step along the path, trivializing marriage and trying to turn it into something that has little to do with family and everything to do with feelings.


(06/21/2015)   School Bans “Offensive” Chick-fil-A Sandwiches.  One thing is clear - those on the Left bring politics into everything.  And this includes public school principals, who really should be fired for bringing a political agenda into school.


(06/20/2015)   America’s Openly Gay Ambassadors Boast: ObamaTrade ‘Will Export’ LGBT Agenda.  Apparently the administration thinks differently than most about just what 'trade policy' is supposed to mean.


(06/20/2016)   Transgender student sues school, citing restroom policy.  The obvious solution is that your chromosomes determine the bathroom you use.  Relabel them XX and XY.


(06/19/2015)   Another business bites the dust.  Fearing Another Lawsuit, Christian Business Owners Stopped Hosting All Weddings. Now Their Business Is Dead.


(06/18/2015)  Nude lesbians cavort in bed in 'sinful' TV commercial.  This ad really is excessively 'in-your-face', and I would submit that it is far more offensive than the above 'joke' by the Nobel winning scientist.


(06/17/2015)  Mike Lee: Liberals won't stop at same-sex marriage victory.  They certainly didn't stop with civil unions.  They seem fixated on punishing anyone who disagrees with them.


(06/16/2015)  Southern Baptists take their stand on same sex marriage.  It sure would be nice if more Christian denominations would stand up for God's Word rather than find excuses to run away from it.  View the comments with some caution.


(06/15/2015)   Legislators in NC override governor's veto of bill allowing magistrates to opt out of issuing marriage licenses for same sex couples.  Let us pray that we can have more such victories.


(06/15/2015)  The Same Sex Marriage Bait and Switch.  Is anyone actually surprised?  Lie in order to achieve your ends?  No problem for those on the Left.


(06/14/2015) Dobson, Graham to Supremes: We'll choose Bible.  May we all do the same.


(06/14/2015)  PBS gives lesson plan for gay marriage constitutional amendment and despotism.  When people far wiser that ourselves did something, we should be very cautious about trying to 'improve' it.  And when God tells us something we need to be aware that we simply cannot 'improve' it.  Did I just define what it means to be conservative?


(06/14/2015)  ABC/Family Announces Transgender TV Series.  A new 'reality' show.  Remember when TV shows actually reflected sound values?  We definitely need a revival in this country.  Don't expect others to take care of it - revival begins with us!


(06/12/2015) There’s One BIG Problem with the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Case that No One’s Talking About.


(06/11/2015)   Pastors: We Will Resist A Supreme Court Decision that Overturns Man-Woman Marriage Laws.  I certainly hope they are asking their congregatons to do the same.


(06/10/2015) Patrick Stewart Backs the Beleaguered Bakers Crucified by Liberal Media.


(06/10/2015) It's Time for Pastors to Enter the Battle Against Tyranny.  Yes, but there is no need for the rest of us to just sit around waiting for others to do the job.


(06/10/2015)  Tony Campolo Calls for Acceptance of Gay Couples in Church.  The Washington Post decides that this means that evangelical pastors are 'divided' over gay marriage.


(06/09/2015)  Franklin Graham goes to war against 'gay'-friendly companies.  As far as adding 'gay friendly' companies to our boycott list, there are probably too many to deal with.  But if you feel that any really go over the top, we can add them.  There is a difference between being 'friendly' and actively promoting a sinful lifestyle.


(06/05/2015)  Transgender Employees Get OSHA Backing on Bathroom Access.  About 10 years ago an employee where I worked was going through hormonal treatment to 'become' female, and he was allowed to use the ladies room.  He was on the first floor.  All the first floor ladies started using the second floor ladies room.  Personally, I'll go with XX and XY bathrooms - your chromosomes determine the bathroom, not your feelings.


(06/05/2015)  A Pastor Responds to “Will I be Fully Accepted at your Church as a Gay Man?”  The fundamental issues is, do you accept what the Bible has to say regarding homosexual behavior as being a sin?


(06/03/2015)  Is transgenderedness something we should humor with irreversible surgery, or is it a mental disorder that should be treated?  I go for the latter, especially, especially when it comes to children.  But the APA would rather play political correctness than help people who truly need help.  Perhaps the same applies to homosexuals.


(06/02/2015)  Public School System Tries to Ban Christian Event After Homosexual Outcry.  Do Christians try to shut down homosexual events?


(06/01/2015)  Evidence of bias in case against Oregon bakers.  Of course, the government working hand in hand with homosexual activist organizations should be of no surprise to anyone.


(05/31/2015)  Learn more about Ireland's vote to legalize same sex marriage.


(05/31/2015)  At least one homosexual activist says objective is to declare sodomy to no longer be a sin.  Is that the ultimate objective, or is there more?


(05/31/2015)  'Catholic' Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stands firmly in favor of same sex marriage.  I don't think that is the position of the Catholic Church.


(05/30/2015)  Meet Princeton's Robert George, defender of traditional marriage.  George is also well known for his pro-life views.  As an ex-Princeton employee, it is nice for me to be able to brag about Robert George, especially when another Princeton professor writes an entire book on how 'Christian America' is nothing but a corportate invention.


(05/30/2015)  More demands being made on Christian ministries on behalf of the LGBT agenda.  Among several lessons, one is to not accept government money in the first place - strings will always be attached.


(05/29/2015)  Alabama takes a unique approach to same sex marriage.


(05/29/2015)  Should Justice Ginsberg be impeached?  I'm not sure, but she should certainly recuse herself from ruling on same sex marriage.  She won't and the MSM will definitely not demand it of her.


(05/27/2015)  LGBT legislation takes effect in Maryland after no action by governor.


(05/26/2015)  Marco Rubio: We’re at the water’s edge of mainstream Christian teachings being branded “hate speech”.  Alas, it is already happening and this is why the battle is so important.  I am afraid that a lot of Christians didn't oppose SSM after a while because they didn't want to be disagreeable and didn't want to be called 'intolerant'.  Unfortunately, the objective of the other side goes far beyond SSM - that is only the first step.


(05/26/2015)  Hang on to your hats.  The worst is yet to come.


(05/25/2015)  Would that we had more politicians like this when it comes to same sex marriage.


(05/24/2015)  Do not give up on the fight over same sex marriage. This article is really good - it gives us some hope, encouragement and some things we can do.


(05/24/2015)  Society turns a blind eye to the probelms associated with children raised by same-sex couples.  Studies had been churned out claiming such children are just fine though others show the opposite.  See blog post concerning 'studies'.


(05/23/2015)  Exodus from PCUSA continues.  I am a former member.  We left the denomination almost 20 years ago, in part because the handwriting was on the wall - at that time it concerned practicing homosexuals as clergy.  Anyone who thinks they are doing homosexuals a favor by not merely accepting their lifestyle but actively promoting it should think again.  See my blog post on the subject.


(05/22/2015)  Canadian jeweler threatened for opposing gay marriage — after providing service to gay weddings.  This is the direction we are heading.  It isn't just what you do or don't do that can land you in trouble, it is what you think.  


(05/22/2015)  More on Franklin Graham and the potential Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage.  A decision in favor could have major ramifications.  Graham is not being 'chicken little-ish' here.


(05/22/2015)  33% of Americans think the homosexuals account for over 25% of the U.S. population.  The actual number is less than 5%.  This misconception can certainly influence people's opinions on same sex marriage and other homosexual related issues.


(05/20/2015)  Study that claimed people's minds could be changed to support same sex marriage after a single brief conversation is retracted.  The data was faked.  When you hear that 'science' supports this or that, a little skepticism is in order.  See my new blog post today.  Update: More here.


(05/20/2015)  Federal law proposed to ban “gender identity” reparative therapy.  This bill is named  “Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act” (TFPA) and was introduced in the House today.  Consider contacting your representative to express your opposition.


(05/19/2015) The Supreme Court has No Authority to Re-Define Marriage.  Whether they have the authority or not, they may well do it.


(05/19/2015)  Girl scouts to allow boys who identify as girls to join.  Are we turning into a depraved society or what?  Far too many of us will just go along to get along, not wanting to be called bad names.  See actions.


(05/18/2015)  A Great Sermon on Marriage.  From our own (First Baptist Church of Black Forest) Pastor Bob.  I missed this sermon last week because I was snowed in.  It makes for good reading.  FBCBF sermons (and some other sermons) are available via 'favorite sites'.  Check them out.


(05/16/2015)  Coming Soon to a Middle School Near You: ‘Gender Fluidity’ Studies.  I hate to say it, but many of our public schools are not our friend.  Note that I have promoted this website in the comments.


(05/16/2015)  Homosexual activist admits objective is to destroy marriage.  Believe her.  Remember when nobody wanted to mess with traditional marriage and 'Civil unions' were all they were asking for?  If we do not let our representitives and others know where we stand, we are going to lose this battle.  Many have given up because they feel lijke no one stands with them.


(05/15/2015)  Some parents upset that controversial book on homosexuality is read to their 3rd graders without their knowledge.  Alas, it is not very surprising that a school would do this.  On the positive side, neither is it a surprise that parents are angry.


(05/13/2015)  Texas To Ban Officials From Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses.  Some are fighting back.


(05/13/2015)  Franklin Graham calls for intercessory prayer regarding the same sex marriage case before the Supreme Court.  Please do so.  Cross-listed in actions and prayer.


(05/12/2015)  12 Reasons homosexual marriage will wreck the nation.  This is from 'American Vision', newly added to our 'favorite sites'.


(05/05/2015)  UK Green Party open to polygamous marriages.  Who says there is no slippery slope?  SSM doesn't merely tweak marriage, it redefines it.  If re-defined for SSM, why not polygamy?


(05/03/2015)  James Dobson on same sex marriage now before the supreme court.    Note that even at a 'conservative' site, there are a number of dissents (see the comments) to what should be Christian dogma.  A lot of folks have given up the fight.


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