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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. First Amendment to the US Constitution


Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:31b-32 (NIV)

There are some in this country that would be happy to forbid praying in public.  Yet what better example of people using their first amendment rights than this?

That said, 'Saying Grace' recently set at auction record for a Norman Rockwell painting at $46M.

First Amendment

Oct-Dec 2016


(12/28/2016) Indiana School Caves To Atheist Group, Bans (Student-Led) Prayer.  Although this is clearly a violation of the First Amendment, our courts often rule otherwise.  This is just another example of why government needs to shrink.  The courts are allowing everything the government touches to become religion-free.  Our founders would be astonished.


(12/19/2016) Public School District Bans Christmas Decorations.  The "War on Christmas" is not over.  There is more: War on Christmas: Atheists Threaten to Sue Ohio Town for Nativity Scene.  How about this: School Cancels Production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ Due to Complaints About Famous Line, Education Concerns.  The famous line is "God bless us, everyone."  But there is some good news: A Cartoon Character is Smarter than Christmas-Denier Atheists.  The cartoon character would be Linus van Pelt. 


(12/13/2016) Air Force Academy Coach Continues Tweeting Salvation Message Despite Complaints.  Good.


(12/08/2016) Arizona Artists Face Jail Time for Refusing to Make Gay Wedding Invitations.  The epidemic of Christians being punished for their beliefs has not ended.  I hope that Donald Trump realizes that this is the biggest reason that evangelicals voted for him overwhelmingly.


(12/02/2016) Virginia School System Considers Banning 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' and 'To Kill a Mockingbird.'  Unbelievable.  Please note that these days most of the book banners and censors are from the Left. 


(11/29/2016) U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito: Religious Freedom in ‘Greater Danger’ Than Free Speech.  To many, this is what the election was all about.  Clinton appointments to the SCOTUS would have been a disaster.


(11/29/2016) Washington AG Claims that Religious Expression Must Remain Inside the Person.  So apparently we are free to believe what we want as long as we don't express those beliefs in the public domain. 


(11/25/2016) The snarling contempt behind the media's fake news hysteria. "Fake news" is going to be used by the MSM to reduce the influence of their competitors.  The "real" news media has been, and always will be, full of fake news.


(11/25/2016) U.S. Army: Christmas is 'Too Religious.'  'The fact that soldiers cannot play Jingle Bells on a banjo inside a church is absurd.'  Absurd, but the new administration may have a different attitude.

(11/07/2016) University of Alabama removes pro-Trump chalkings over 'hostile language.'  The Left dominates academia, the media and entertainment.  And make no mistake about it, they are working hard to shut down political speech that they disagree with.  Labeling it as "hate speech" or somehow an infringement of "separation of church and state" are just two of their means.  Microagressions, safe spaces and intimidation are other methods.  The First Amendment is truly in danger.  If you haven't already, watch this short video from Prager U on political intimidation.  As noted before, YouTube has restricted access to it, which just proves the point.

(11/01/2016) Despite Investigations, Obama’s IRS Has Never Stopped Targeting Conservatives.  This is hardly surprising, but that doesn't make it right.  People should have gone to jail over this and obviously should still.  Christians often are accused of being self-righteous, but it hard to beat the self-righteousness of those who are willing to lie, cheat and break the law because they know their cause - progressivism - is righteous.

(10/30/2016) Secularists demand Air Force punish colonel who expressed Christian beliefs.  


(10/29/2016) Obama May Veto the Defense Bill, Again.  Why?  Because there is a religious freedom amendment attached - and amendment the merely re-affirms rights we already have.  That is, supposedly have, since the Democrat party is working hard to take those rights away. 

(10/29/2016) The Dark Art of Political Intimidation.  This is a short video from Prager University.  While it isn't addressed specifically to Christians, it could be.  Progressives have been working hard to just get those on the right to shut up - especially evangelicals.  Please note that youtube has put this video on restricted access - thereby validating exactly what this video is all about.  And friends, if we don't start speaking out - individually and collectively - then the progressives and anti-Christians will have definitely succeeded in their intimidation game.

(10/28/2016) Black Women for Trump Catch a Sign Thief.  This is just funny.  They set up a tempting string of Trump signs and put a "stop stick" (a board with a bunch of nails poking up) in front of the first.  Sure enough, someone ran over the signs, and ....  OK, so "vandal" is a more appropriate word than "thief," but perhaps a little more frontier justice would be in order these days.  Of course, the vandal was infringing on the free speech of others.

(10/27/2016) Pastors, They’re Coming After You!  And not just pastors.

(10/26/2016) Liberal in-sign-ity.  This is about liberals in Maine stealing Trump signs - about 40 of them.  They manage to justify it in their own minds, which is why I am not willing to dismiss the notion that the left is willing to cheat when it comes to actual voting - the evidence is pretty strong that some do just that.

(10/14/2016) Are YouTube Heroes using their powers to flag Factual Feminist videos as objectionable?  Suffice it to say, many videos with conservative content are being given restricted access and flagged as "inappropriate" at YouTube.  Among the videos flagged are many from Prager U, a great source of information and a source heartily endorsed by your webmaster.  Please sign the petition demanding YouTube unblock these Prager U videos. 

(10/10/2016) Crucifix, Trump chalkings reported as 'hate incidents' at UW-L.  Actually, the majority of "hate crimes" are hoaxes.  When it comes to "hate Incidents," the problem is not hoaxes, it is what is considered to be legitimate.


(10/06/2016) Attorney: Football Coach Fired for Prayer Won’t Back Down.  If you want to offer your support for Coach Kennedy, our actions page will tell you how.


(10/05/2016) Caught on Camera: Student Rips Down Conservative Posters.  Isn't this the norm on college campuses? 



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