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Oct-Dec 2015

(12/27/2015)   Billy Graham on Christmas: ‘When I Look Into That Crib, I See The Greatest Teacher That Will Ever Live’ (and more).

(12/27/2015)   Poll: Keep Christmas, increase religion in schools.  So why exactly do we let a relatively small minority dictate to the rest of us?  At the very least we need to stand up and make ourselves heard

(12/25/2015)   Christmas: The Greatest Revolution in Humanity’s History.  An interesting take on Christmas.

(12/25/2015)   Mary -- Did You Know?  Food for thought.


(12/25/2015)   Christmas: A Very Merry Progressive Whatever?  Aren't you grateful that we have something truly worth celebrating which includes the greatest gift ever given?

(12/24/2015)  The World's Greatest Gift Meets Humanity's Most Desperate Need.  

(12/23/2015)  Christian Concerns about Islam in Public Schools Are about Truth and Fairness, Not Fear.  But, but Islamophobia sounds so good.


(12/22/2015)   LGBT Group Calls on Government to Address ‘Disturbing Trend’ on Religious College Campuses.  Well, I have certainly noticed some 'disturbing trends' but they probably don't overlap with these.

(12/22/2015)  Nativity Scene Replaced with Atheist Display at Nebraska Capitol. 

(12/22/2015)  Parents at Kentucky school pushback against political correctness.  The school may have banned religion from "Charlie Brown's Christmas" but that did not prevent some in the audience from reciting from Luke.  Friends, we need more pushback like this.


(12/19/2015)   Good News for Religious Liberty: Court Refuses to Dismiss Atlanta Fire Chief’s Case.  

(12/19/2015)  School District Casts Out Bible Verses From ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas.’  You've no doubt already heard about this.  Did you know that way back in 1965, CBS did not want to include Linus quoting Luke - which, after all, is the whole point of the show.  But Schultz insisted, and not only was it shown 50% of TV viewers tuned in.  Also note that when Linus quotes "Fear not," he drops his security blanket.

(12/10/2015)   3 Myths about “Irreligious” America, Busted.  If you have been fretting over all the news stories about the decline of religion in America, perhaps there is less to see there than meets the eye.


(12/10/2015)   Tim Tebow Mocked for Remaining a Virgin Until Marriage.  Pretty remarkable that not only have we discarded many of the old values that served us so well, but we mock them as well.  Good response by Tebow.

(12/10/2015)   Obama Celebrates 50th Anniversary of ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ Totally Leaves out Part About Jesus.  Well, we wouldn't want to offend anybody would we?  Christians don't count when it comes to offending.

(12/09/2015)   Pew: Muslims 'fastest-growing religious group in the world,' 70% Democrat.  For 'fastest growing', shouldn't we Christians be doing something about it?  For '70% Democrat', doesn't that explain a few things?

(12/06/2015)   Biblical History Gets Significant Boost with New Discovery.  Of course, this has been going on for some time. 

(12/06/2015)   ‘Seek help’: NY Daily News columnist helps paper sink to disgusting new lows.  If you thought the Daily News could not sink any lower, you would be wrong.  The columnist thinks that a Messianic Jew killed in San Bernadino was just as bad as his killers.

(12/04/2015)   Kids seized over family's 'Christian indoctrination.'  Social media campaign to reunite parents, children surges worldwide.  It is hard to really tell what all the facts are in this case, but something is definitely not kosher.

(12/03/2015)  The Left’s Assault on ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Revealed Its Anti-Christian Bigotry and Rank Political Posturing.  Dare I hope that we are reaching the tipping point where revival becomes not only possible, but likely?


(12/03/2015)  Prayer shaming: They know not what they do.  Guns are not the disease, sin is, and prayer is the cure.  So now we have a bunch of progressives denigrating prayer.  And people wonder why things aren't going so well?

(12/03/2015)   The Left Prays After San Bernardino Shooting, To Its God Of Government.  Let us pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Here is more on the subject: The left's disgraceful reactions to San Bernardino shooting.

(11/25/2015)   Devoted Christians Divorce Less.  You've probably heard otherwise, most likely because an awful lot of Christians are not 'devoted.'

(11/23/2015)   Lord’s Prayer Banned As Offensive.  In Great Britain.  Note that this story is definitely legitimate.  Here is more


(11/23/2015)   Hillary, Islam, and Christianity.  Interesting article.  Focus on the differences between Christianity and Islam.  False equivalencies see to be all the rage these days, but they are just that - false.

(11/23/2015)  Exposed: Obama's Love for Jihadis and Hate for Christians.  Is this overwrought?  Probably not.  We Christians have possibly been too tolerant of - or possibly just ignorant of - our president's anti-Christian actions.

(11/22/2015)  Pew study: More Americans reject religion, but believers firm in faith.  The atheists have come out in hordes in the comments.  They certainly promote their lack of faith with confidence - but not always the facts / turth.

(11/21/2015)   The Purpose of America.  Interesting article about the Christian basis for the founding of the colonies and our country.  Don't forget our own America's foundation page.


(11/20/2015)   Are Christianity and Islam equally violent?  There are certainly some who would have us think so, but they really have no case.  Update:  relating to this -Dear Whoopi, the Quran Justifies Violence, the Bible Does Not.

(11/19/2015)   The Christmas Story Is About Christ, Not Obama’s Syrian Refugee Policy.  Good read - about far, far more than Syrian Refugees.  Always be a little suspicious when non-believers claim to know how Christians should act in a particular situation.  Strangely, it always seems that the Christians should act in the same manner the non-believer wishes to act.

(11/17/2015)   Nationalizing American Churches and Institutions.  Most of us are aware of attacks on freedom of religion, but perhaps we haven't been aware enough.


(11/14/2015)   ISIS Genocide Victims Do Not Include Christians, the State Department Is Poised to Rule.  No comment necessary, but this is related: Obama leaves 'Islam' out of Paris terror statement. 

(11/13/2015)   A ruined generation (or two).  Can we turn this around?  With man it may not be possible, but with God all things are possible.  Please pray for revival, and don't neglect your own personal revival.

(11/10/2015)   Interfaith Dialogue: Increasing Understanding or Compromising Faith?  Jesus did say that no one comes to the Father except through him.

(11/03/2015)  Who is Asia Bibi and why should we care?  This is just one example of what is happening to Christians throughout the world.  Our governemnt could do a lot about this sort of thing but chooses no to.  There is at least one private organization that is on the front lines - the Be Heard Project.  Please follow the link, sign their petitions and consider donating.  

(11/02/2015)   How Do You Know What’s Right and Wrong? Left-Right Differences, Part VII.  Another in Denis Prager's series on the subject.  This should be of particular interest to religious Christians and Jews.

(10/28/2015)   Seventh Grader Reports Teacher Instructed Class God Is a Myth.  Any other answer (is God fact or opinion) would be marked incorrect.

(10/26/2015)  City slapped, fined $290,000 for discriminating against church. Settlement ends years-long litigation over building plans for sanctuary.

(10/25/2015)  Destroying God in the Minds of Men.  Well, certainly if man is to rule without hindrance, a higher power cannot be tolerated.

(10/19/2015)  Carson calls on Christians: Get in the game. 'It is time to bring God back into our country.'  

(10/08/2015)  Franklin Graham Launches the Decision America Tour.  Consider signing up for prayer support.

(10/08/2015)   100,000 students bring Bibles to classrooms.  This is the sort of action we need to push for and support a lot more than we do.  Bravo. 

(10/06/2015)   “Christian Civilization” and Mass Muslim Migration.  Not long, definitely worth reading.

(10/06/2015)  Watch What Happened to this Football Coach Right After He Thanked God on ESPN.  Deliberate or not?  You decide.


(10/03/2015)  Liberals Trash Christianity Non-Stop, Then Blame The 2nd Amendment When Someone Murders Christians.  

(10/02/2015)   Will Roseburg Prompt a ‘National Conversation’ on Anti-Christian Bigotry?  Of course not.  But that doesn't mean we Christians need to be silent.

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