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After the downpour and shortly before Dr. Carson was scheduled to speak, we had a partial double rainbow.  If you look hard you can see them.

Congressman Doug Lamborn and Dr. Ben Carson.

Ben Carson Rally - Colorado Springs (Aug 27, 2015)


Wanting to be able to park close to the rally at America the Beautiful Park, what with the threat of rain, we planned to get there about an hour before the scheduled starting time of 6:00pm.   We succeeded, but the parking lot was almost full when we arrived.  Good thing we got there as early as we did.


And good thing we brought an umbrella and rain gear.  Not long after we set up our chairs, the skies opened up for 10 minutes or so, followed by another 15 minutes or more of drizzle.


By the time Dr. Carson arrived (right on schedule at 6:00pm) the rain had stopped.  Unfortunately, the rain knocked out the sound system.  After the usual photo ops for the media, Bishop Michael Sheridan gave the invocation and Congressman Doug Lamborn gave a brief introduction to Dr. Carson, both using a bullhorn - not incredibly effective.  Dr. Carson then began, using the bullhorn and lo! within a few minutes they got the sound system working again.  Dr. Carson wrapped up his 'speech' (more below) moments before it began to rain again.  Good timing!


From the Gazette: Hundreds turn out for Ben Carson event in Colorado Springs.  I would have said closer to two thousand, but I guess 'hundreds' isn't far off the mark.


Random comments:

  • We didn't notice any police at all except for traffic control at the end of the rally.  This was a bunch of conservatives, after all.

  • Carson's speech was a bit of an introduction to Carson the man and covered a lot of general themes  - our national debt, over regulation, American exceptionalism and the like.  The lack of specifics doesn't bother me this early in the campaign; they will come later.

  • Faith was a factor.   Our country was largely founded by men of faith and faith is critical today.  The signs handed out by the campaign said 'revive' on one side.   Certainly that could be interpreted in a secular fashion, but for a Carson rally, it is obviously referencing revival as well.  Good!

  • As has always been the case when attending a rally of conservatives, the crowd was friendly, well ordered and well mannered.

  • Personally, I have not picked a favorite candidate for President yet.  But Dr. Carson certainly shows level-headedness, wisdom and humility that we need.  He is in my top tier and I would support him enthusiastically, if he is nominated.

This photo does not do justice to the size of the crowd..

Dr. Carson speaking with a working sound system (thank goodness!)

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