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For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Psalms 139:13-14  (NIV)


Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;

Jeremiah 1:5a

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.  Now choose life, so that you and your children may live

Deuteronomy 30:19  (NIV)

For more on Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger, visit our Planned Parenthood page.


Oct '19 - Jun '21

(06/02/2021) Planned Parenthood CEO: It’s “Cruel” to Protect Babies From Abortion.  Given a voice, I suspect the babies would beg to differ.

(05/23/2021) Catholic Archbishop on Biden and Pelosi: You “Absolutely” Can’t be Good Catholics and Promote Abortion.  Given that practically speaking, you can only be Catholic by choice, then you shouldn't choose to remain Catholic if you won't subscribe to Catholic teachings.  I realize that many politicians are using their Catholicism for political purpose, but the church is not obliged to play along.

(05/21/2021) “Christian” Pastors Join Planned Parenthood Clergy Board: We Will “Speak Out Loud” for Abortion.  Whew.  The big question is this: do you try to bring your beliefs and lifestyle into alignment with God, or do you try to bring God into alignment with your beliefs and lifestyle?  If the latter, do you actually qualify as Christian?  Just asking.

(05/21/2021) HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra repeatedly denies existence of law banning gruesome partial-birth abortion.  The approach of the Left is simply to ignore laws it finds inconvenient.  Which is why the Biden administration will refuse to enforce any and all federal laws it doesn't happen to like.  Rule of law means nothing to the Left.

(05/11/2021) Globalist Pope Francis Defends Joe Biden Over Abortion Policies – Says Plan by US Bishops to Rebuke Him Might Look “Divisive.”  Oh, my!

(03/25/2021) Top Biden nominee claims taxpayer-funded abortion is necessary for 'racial justice.'  Being woke means holding views that are totally in conflict with each other.  But critical thinking skills are nonexistent, so cognitive dissonance apparently does not come into play.

(03/24/2021) Seventh Circuit Ban On Parental Notice For Underage Abortions Tees Up Supreme Court Review.  Those below the age of consent are presumed to not be able to make informed decisions.  Who should make such decisions, then?  The Courts seems to be leaning towards pretty much anyone but the parents.  What a disgrace.

(03/23/2021) Priest Would Refuse Joe Biden Communion Because He’s Pro-Abortion: “Over My Dead Body, Not Until He Repents.”  It seems to me that if you are going to be Catholic, you have to play by Catholic teaching and rules.  Of course, this goes for the clergy as well as parishioners.  If you can't do so, nothing prevents you from leaving.  So why do so many flaunt the rules while claiming to be Catholic?  Is this the Catholic equivalent of cheap grace? 

(03/17/2021) ‘Abortion monopoly’ Planned Parenthood now the second-largest provider of trans hormones in the US.  And to think we thought they only focused on one evil.

(03/10/2021) Feminist Upset That TV Character Didn’t Have Abortion: “I Was Hoping” She’d Kill Her Baby.  One reason people on the Left have this kind of attitude is that they are seeking confirmation for their views wherever they look.  They get upset over anything that shows the opposite of their views in a favorable light.

(02/26/2021) Hillary Clinton: We Need to Protect Abortion “For Our Grandkids”.  I keep thinking of all those kids and grandkids that never saw the light of day.  What about them?

(02/23/2021) New Poll Shows Majority of Americans are Pro-Life, Oppose All or Most Abortions.  Abortion is far from the only issue where the view of a majority of Americans is more in line with the GOP than with the Democrats.  Why is it then, that so many vote Democrat even when the Democrats do not represent their views?  Part of it is surely the vilification of the GOP by the media.  I shouldn't discount out education system, which does more indoctrinating than educating and promotes feelings over thinking.

(02/07/2021) Planned Parenthood Action rep: Calling abortion anything but health care ‘puts us all in danger.’  It disturbs me that people resort to blatant falsehoods to push their agenda.  It disturbs me even more that so many are so weak in their ability to think (either critically, or to even think at all!) that they simply buy into so much of the lies, deception, misinformation, and worse that is promulgated.  And they refuse to recognize the truth, even when it is clearly presented with plenty of supporting facts and documentation.  The narrative takes precedence over truth.  Sad.  And alarming.

(02/06/2021) Liberal Catholic Nun Defends Joe Biden’s Radical Pro-Abortion Views.  It does bother me that people are willing to abuse the "authority" of their position to push politics totally contrary to said position.  This person should simply not be a nun.  If she wants to promote that which is totally contrary to the teachings of her church she should do the honorable thing and leave the church.  But then, she would get no publicity if she did the honorable thing.

(01/28/2021) New Jersey Wants to Allow Nurses and Midwives to Kill Babies in Abortions.  Is it not remarkable how the Left is always in favor of regulations to "save lives."  Except, of course, when it comes to abortion.  But here is the dirty little secret that you don't hear about.  Why do the Democrats in NJ feel the need to pass such legislation?  Because far too many doctors refuse to do abortions.  Why might that be?  Clearly, you don't need to know.

(01/27/2021) Unity Watch: Biden's Radical Abortion Policies Alienate Americans, Even Democrats.  For Democrats, "unity" is only a buzzword.  Well, they favor a monolithic press that supports them so that might qualify as a form of unity.

(01/27/2021) Kentucky Gov Andy Beshear Vetoes Bill to Hold Abortion Centers Accountable for Breaking Law.  In other words, Democrats are in favor of all sorts of safety regulations to "protect" us, unless those regulations limit access to a progressive sacrament - abortion.

(01/26/2021) Biden spokeswoman refuses to answer abortion policy questions, whips out the 'devout Catholic' card instead.  One thing we can be sure of is that a genuinely devout Catholic - one that opposes abortion - would be attacked, not defended, by the Democrats and the media.  In fact, this is a general rule: the Left loves devout religious people - as long as said "religious" people have aligned their religion with left-wing politics.  Those who have tried to align themselves with Scripture are going to be condemned by the Left as bigots and right-wing extremists. 

(01/19/2021) President Trump Issues Executive Order for January 22, Two Days After Biden’s Planned Inauguration, Proclaiming the Sanctity of Life.  By hook or by crook (I vote "crook") Joe Biden will officially be our next president.  But Donald Trump has done more for America and the American people than any president in my lifetime.  And he is still doing it.  Yet he has been more vilified than any president in my lifetime - far more than even Richard Nixon.  The state of our nation is not good, but the source of our troubles is not Donald Trump.  But one benefit from the hatred of Trump is that the true character of the Democrat party and the Left - whether it be in the media, academia, entertainment, sports, the judiciary, wherever - has been exposed.  And in the very near future we are going to see their agenda being furiously implemented.  The question is, how will we respond: we and the rest of America that is not committed to the progressive agenda?  Are we going to take a stand - in the gap, so to speak - or are we going to just be sheep without a shepherd?

(01/08/2021) Finally some honesty from 'Abortion Incorporated.'  Honesty is of value.  For years Planned Parenthood has pretended that their abortion business is no biggie.  The fact is, without abortion, Planned Parenthood would not exist.  It is kind of ironic that for all her vast number of faults, PP's founder, Margaret Sanger, did not actually support abortion.  But that is PP's primary mission today and it is nice to see them actually admit it.

(12/30/2020) Judge Makes Sandra Merritt Pay Planned Parenthood $13 Million in Attorney Fees.  We have a major problem with our judicial system.  Liberal judges make rulings on the basis of what they wish the law were rather than what the law actually is.

(12/10/2020) Claiming to be a Pro-Choice Pastor is Like Claiming to be a Moloch-Worshiping Christian.  That sounds about right.

(12/05/2020) Protesters Condemn Radical NJ Abortion Bill Backed by Gov. Phil Murphy.  Abortion at any time for any reason, no restrictions whatsoever.  Oh, and taxpayers get to foot the bill.

(12/03/2020) The True Source of Catholic Democratic Confusion.  My experience at pro-life rallies is that there are far more Catholics than Evangelicals.  So why do Catholics favor the pro-abortion party so much more than evangelicals?  My own best guess is that the Catholic heirarchy sees the Catholic church as being more heavily impacted by politicians, political decisions and government policies.  Hence a reluctance to come down heavily on politicians who claim to be Catholic but largely ignore Catholic teaching.  And that requires a certainly reluctance on the part of many in the church to emphasize certain aspect of the church's clear teaching. 

(11/21/2020) Planned Parenthood Endorses Raphael Warnock, Who Says the Bible OKs Killing Babies in Abortions.  Nothing like preachers who twist God's Word to conform to their political and cultural views. 

(11/18/2020) Biden presumptuously vows exec. order killing Trump's pro-life gains.  While I am still convinced that Biden's apparent victory is a result of fraud, we have to ask ourselves: did we work hard enough to support Trump and oppose Biden?  Did we educate ourselves?  4.6% of Biden voters say they would have voted against Biden had they known about his son's scandals.  Why didn't they know?  Sure there was a coverup by the MSM and social media, but the information was out there.  And Biden pushing a far left abortion position?  No one should be surprised by this.  But how many are?

(11/18/2020) Why did efforts to ban late-term abortion in Colorado fail?  You mean besides the fact that they were outspent 18 to 1 and that almost all with a those with a "microphone" were opposed?  It is a sad fact that while a great many Americans oppose abortion, we apparently oppose it with a lot less passion that those who favor unrestricted abortion support it.  Being right does not carry very much weight these days.

(09/11/2020) D.C. Police Arrest Pro-Lifers for Chalking but Ignore BLM Spray-Painter.  Sadly, this kind of stuff is not surprising.  The question is, are we just going to sit back and let things get worse and worse?

(08/10/2020) Feminist Says Joe Biden Supports Killing Babies in Abortions Because He’s “Deeply Compassionate.” 

(08/01/2020) Two Students for Life Members Arrested in Washington DC After Attempting to Chalk “BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER” Outside Abortion Clinic.  Has anyone been arrested for painting (not merely chalking) "Black Lives Matter?"  I don't think so.  The authorities seem to be mighty selective, at least in cities run by Democrats.

(07/20/2020) Nancy Pelosi: It’s an “Injustice” That Americans are Not Forced to Fund Abortions. 

(06/29/2020)  Chief Justice John Roberts Joins Liberals in Striking Down Abortion Safety Law.  Roberts is a disgrace.  It isn't merely siding with the Left, it is the fact that he is overriding the opinion of the state legislature solely on the basis that he has a different opinion.  Who gets to define "compelling interest?"  According to our Supreme Court, only the court and not legislatures.  The Court should always defer to legislatures except in the most extreme circumstances.  Roberts has become just another progressive who think it is his job to "correct" any "mistakes" legislatures make by passing laws that don't conform to his way of thinking.  Either that, or he is being blackmailed.  If that is the case, he is a disgrace, willing to sacrifice the good of the country for his own sake.

(06/14/2020) Chris Cuomo: Christians Only Care About Babies Before Birth, “Don’t Have the Same Feelings” After.  Lots of people only see what they want to see, and that includes seeing a lot of things that just ain't so.  While all people are prone to this, I think the evidence is strong that those on the Left are far more prone to it.  Nowhere is it more in evidence in how they view Christians - the ones that take their faith seriously.  Never have I seen any evidence that anyone in the MSM either knows any evangelicals or has a clue about what evangelicals believe and do.  Crisis Pregnancy Centers don't abandon mother and child as soon as the baby is born.  It would be easy for Chris Cuomo and others to check this out, but why bother?  It would only mess up their distorted view of what the world is like.  There is more in the article, including Jesus as "protester."  

(06/03/2020) Federal Appeals Court Again Upholds Trump’s Pro-Life Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz.  This is the 9th Circuit, so it is a bit of a surprise.  But Trump has had several judges confirmed to the 9th, so it is not nearly so insane as before.

(05/20/2020) Planned Parenthood Affiliates Received Millions in Coronavirus Relief Funds Meant for Small Businesses.  Not good.   For starters. PP is not a small business.

(05/02/2020) Catholic Politician Supports Killing Babies in Abortions Because She “Hates to See People Mistreated.”  A lot of "Catholic" politicians support abortion.  Not being Catholic, perhaps I misunderstand.  But isn't being a Catholic also mean submitting to the teachings of the church?  And if you refuse to do so, aren't the sacraments supposed to be denied?  And if that is the case, do you really qualify as Catholic?  Just asking.  Here is another article: Washington Post Falsely Claims Abortion Up to Birth Doesn’t Exist and Democrats Don’t Support It. 

(04/07/2020) Planned Parenthood Stops Dispensing Birth Control, Now Only Open to Kill Babies in Abortions.  The other "women's healthcare" stuff was really just cover for the abortion business.

(03/09/2020) Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: Protecting Babies from Abortion Infringes on Religious Freedom.  One of the biggest problems in America today is that our education system is churning out "products" that have been indoctrinated to the degree that they can think neither critically or rationally.

(02/18/2019) Pete Buttigieg Says Infanticide is Not a Thing, CDC Shows Hundreds of Babies Left to Die After Failed Abortions.  Why are the Democrats totally in opposition to the infants born alive protection bill if it never happens?  Just as in dealing with voter fraud, if there were no fraud then the Democrats should have no problem putting protections in place.  If there were no infanticide, they would have no problem putting protections in place.  Their opposition tells you everything you need to know.

(02/14/2020) Senate Democrats Insist Babies Born Alive After Abortions Should Be Left To Die.  Is there any reason that a pro-lifer should vote for a Democrat?  Just asking.

(01/24/2020) Pro-Life Group Launches $52 Million Campaign to Support President Trump, Activate Pro-Life Voters.  We need to devote mote time, treasure and talents to this election than we ever have before.  Much to my surprise, Trump is the most pro-life president ever.  If you thought 2016 was critical, just consider that every potential Democrat for 2020 is significantly to the left of Hillary.  And today's impeachment tactics are just a taste of what is to come should they regain power.

(01/24/2020) ‘Gaslight much?’ Sorry, media firefighters, but Donald Trump didn’t repeat ‘a dangerous lie’ about Ralph Northam at the March for Life.  When a Democrat says something outrageous, the media covers for them.  When a conservative points out what they said - and it is even on video / audio - the media attacks the conservative for having the poor taste of telling the truth about Democrats.  This country is in serious trouble, and if we had anyone else as president, I'd probably think we were doomed.

(01/24/2020) Donald Trump at March for Life: ‘Every Child Is a Sacred Gift from God’.  Bravo!

(01/20/2020) Pro-Life Leaders Condemn Study Saying Women Do Not Regret Abortion: ‘Deeply Entangled With the Abortion Lobby.’  The study claims that 99% of women who have had abortions do not regret it.

(01/08/2020) Pregnant Michelle Williams Says She ‘Wouldn’t Have Been Able to Do This’ Without Abortion.  Sigh.

(12/28/2019) 'Messy process' of learning cited in denial of pro-life group.  This is at a Christian university.  I'll state it simply: if a Christian university submits to culture and refuses to promote biblical values, it is no longer a Christian university.  Sadly, there are few genuine Christian colleges and universities left.

(12/21/2019) Pete Buttigieg Tells 7-Year-Old Girl It’s Okay to Kill Babies in Abortions.  I pick on Mayor Pete because there is so much to pick on.

(12/14/2019) 5 Pro-Abortion Tweets That Will Leave You Horrified

(12/03/2019) Grandmas for Abortion Group Promotes Killing Grandchildren in Abortion at Taxpayer Expense.  Given how many mothers are willing to kill their children, I don't see this as a surprise.  Sad, though.

(11/28/2019) CDC: Record Low U.S. Abortions Since Roe v. Wade.  Still too high, but this is still good news.

(11/27/2019) University Wants to Censor Pro-Life Students, Pass Motion Calling for Campus to be Pro-Abortion.

(11/22/2019) Democrat Group Will Only Endorse Candidates Who Support Killing Babies in Abortion.  No one who is truly pro-life should ever vote for a Democrat.

(11/21/2019) Christian College Blocks Display of Crosses to Memorialize Aborted Babies. It’s “Too Divisive”.  Well, it is a Christian college, but the denominations it is affiliated with are not exactly staunchly pro-life.

(11/18/2019) Teen Girl and Her 6 Month-Old Unborn Baby Murdered Because She Refused to Have Abortion.  So sad.  This is a direct result of the culture that the Left has established regarding abortion.

(11/10/2019) University sponsors 'Abortion Access Is Love' event.  Is it not amazing how gladly people accept lies when doing so allows them to do what they want rather than what they should?  Satan is the Father of Lies, and he has fertile soil to work with. 

(11/09/2019) Lesbian Priest Promotes Abortionists as ‘Saints’.  How many pastors and priests are not actually Christian?  How many denominations?  How many who consider the selves "Christian" are, in fact, lost?  We need to bring Christ to the lost inside the church as well as the lost outside.

(11/07/2019) Abortion Activists Think It’s Better if Disabled Babies are Aborted Rather Than Live With a Disability.  Hardly surprising.  Yet most disabled people don't consider their lives not worth living.

(11/06/2019) Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Trump’s ‘Conscience’ Rights That Allow Doctors to Refuse to Perform Abortions.  I cannot believe that this ruling will stand up.  But who knows?  If it does, it means that the government is free to force you, under the threat of law, to do that which your conscience (and religious faith) forbids.  Friends, I hope you understand that there is a significant portion of our population and of our government that is not only will, but desirous of taking away all our religious freedom.

(11/04/2019) She Loves Out Loud: Abortion Survivor and Her Mom on Prayer, Adoption and Depending on God.  "She Loves Out Loud" is a women's prayer movement culminating on Feb. 15, 2020.  But it is also ongoing up until then, and I suspect - if successful - that it will continue.  Consider signing up:  Men are welcome, too.

(10/31/2019) State Lawmaker Calls A Miscarriage ‘Just Some Mess On A Napkin’ As She Scoffs At Bill Protecting Bodies Of Aborted Babies.  Sheesh.

(10/17/2019) 'Hail Satan!': Spitting, twerking, violent pro-abortion mob descends upon pro-life group at college.  It has been clear for some time that a colleges are cesspools and that the objective of the progressive, "tolerant" Left is to silence everyone that disagrees with them.

(10/17/2019) “Christian” Pastors Hold Ceremony to Bless Abortion Clinic, Say Killing Babies a “Joyous Focus.”  I get annoyed at cults and sects that claim that theirs is the only valid version and everyone else is a heretic.  That said, there seem to be a lot of heretics running around claiming to be Christians.

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