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Apr-Jun 2015



(06/24/2015)   Doctors, midwives revolt over mandatory abortions. This is in Sweden.


(06/20/2015)   McConnell: 'We're Failing as a Country' When We Refer Young Moms to Planned Parenthood.  Two lessons from the comments.  First that a lot of conservatives feel the need to attack people they don't care for (McConnell) even when those people are in agreement with them.  And second, plan to be attacked and ridiculed if you stand up for traditional values.


(06/08/2015)  Since 2010, Abortion Rate Has Dropped 12%.  Nice to have some good news.


(06/06/2015)   Supreme Court to decide whether to wade into thorny abortion issue.


(06/04/2015)  Suddenly liberals oppose over-the-counter birth control.  For people who proclaim great concern over women's 'health', this seems strange.


(06/03/2015)  Planned Parenthood's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy victimizes children. 


(06/02/2015)  It looks like a bill to allow birth control pills to be sold over the counter is being opposed by all the usual suspects, probably because the bill was introduced by the GOP.  Supporting the bill would interfere with the 'War on Women' narrative.  The very people who were demanding this just a few years ago are now opposed.  Interesting.  Go here for details.


(06/02/2015)  Methodist Pastor Justifies Abortion by Saying Unborn Babies Have Original Sin.  Note that the article references the following, which you may recall: United Methodist Church Leader Mocks Pro-Lifers at March for Life.


(05/31/2015)  Salon writer lies about Scott Walker's position on ultrasound before abortion.  Walker supports Wisconsin law requiring ultrasound before abortion and also thinks ultrasound is cool.  Salon writer claims that Walker thinks mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasounds are 'cool'.  Wisconsin law does not require that kind of ultrasound and Walker neither mentioned nor was asked about it.


(05/27/2015)  Judge rules that pro-life license plate are 'patently offensive'.  Apparently pro-abortion folks will cause road rage incidents.  More here.


(05/25/2015)  The administration considers the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to be 'disgraceful'.


(05/18/2015)  'Tolerant' Sweden not so tolerant if you are pro-life. 


(05/17/2015)  Did you know that the abortion pill RU-486 can be reversed?  Neither did I.


(05/16/2015)  If you were really 'pro-life' then you'd do all these other things.  Mike Adam's column shoots down one of the standard arguments used to discredit pro-lifers.


(05/15/2015)  Planned Parenthood thinks a 20 week abortion ban lacks 'compassion' and 'respect'. 


(05/13/2015)  Pain capable abortion bill passes House.  The vote was 242-184.


(05/13/2015)  Article on the Pain Capable Abortion Ban Bill currently being debated.  See actions.  This article is not written from a pro-life perspective, but includes all the relevant facts.  Note when the article says the bill won't pass the Senate, what they mean to say is that the Democrats will probably filibuster, if necessary.  Here is the act itself (H.R. 36).


(05/11/2015)  Planned Parenthood's Salute to Mother's Day.  Hard to fathom.  It would be nice if they had the decency to keep quiet for the day.


(05/09/2015)  Pain Capable Abortion Ban Bill back on the docket.


(05/06/2015)  Abortion is just birth control.  Abortion advocates let the mask slip a bit.


(05/06/2015)  Mega abortion clinic being built in Texas.  Apparently buing built in defiance of local zoning laws with the coorperation of the government.  And it gets worse.  Please read.  This is the sort of thing we are up against.


04/29/2015) The ACLU wants Catholic Charities to Fund Abortions for Illegal Immigrant Children.  There was a time when this sort of thing was unheard of.

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