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Fighting the Good Fight

When I checked out the article on Rush Limbaugh declaring that the number 1 enemy of the American Left is Christianity, I was shocked by the fact that almost all the top rated comments were personal attacks on Limbaugh and had little or nothing to do with the subject.

I view a lot of articles on issues that are of concern to Christians. And virtually no article, no matter how conservative the website, has no comments from people opposing Christians and the Biblical world view. Those most active in their opposition appear to be gay activists and their supporters. Some of these comments are from people who are simply are expressing their opinion and making their case, but often they descend into simply hate-filled diatribes such as seen for the Limbaugh article.

But hate-filled or not, gay activists and their supporters are getting out and fighting for what they believe. I don't agree with them, I strongly object to their tactics, I think they totally misrepresent Christians and lie about us. But as Lincoln said about Grant, "He fights." These people rally their troops and they are going out and doing battle, even in enemy (that's us) territory.

And we should be fighting as well. I don't suggest that we use the same tactics as our opponents, but unless we get more involved we are going to lose this war. Remember when 'civil unions' were the moderate position when it came to extending marriage benefits to homosexuals? Well, we got civil unions and was that the end of the matter? Not by a long shot. Does anyone seriously believe that if SSM becomes the law of the land that will be the end of the matter?

What can we do? Send in your suggestions, but for starters go 'actions'. Today (5/28/15) we have a couple of online petitions you can sign.


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