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Procrastination - Is it Satan's Work?

Have you ever told yourself 'I really ought to do this' or 'I really should do something about that?' But then do nothing. Perhaps we are just too busy or we just aren't really aren't in the mood right now. Or maybe we don't really need to because we think someone else will take care of it, or that what we do won't matter.

Maybe for some things these excuses really are valid. But have you considered that Satan may be working on you to prevent you from doing God's work? More than once I have been discouraged when working on this website - too few people visiting, too few offering help, too little feedback.... And I ask why I am 'wasting' hours every day. I may possibly push myself to keep at it because there are some regular visitors and I'd be letting them down if I stopped. But far more important is the feeling that I've been called to do this work - God has a purpose - and any discouragement is coming from Satan. The notion that I might be doing Satan's work by quitting or by taking it easy and putting things off is what really keeps me going.

And we all need to consider. Is Christianity really being attacked in this country? The evidence is overwhelming that it is. Are we doing our part, not merely so save Christianity from destruction but to save people from destruction by bringing them to Christ? The evidence is that Christains, as a whole, are not doing their part. Are you letting Satan persuade you that there is nothing you can do or that you can always do it later? Don't.


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