Companies We Support or Boycott

We are compiling a list of companies that we either support or disagree with based on their public stance on Christian values and religious freedom.  We do not want to be adding companies to either list willy-nilly and for both lists include an explanation as to why the company is worthy of inclusion.

Please note that so far, we are only including on the boycott list those companies that have shown hostility to religious freedom.  To be honest, if we were to include all companies that support SSM, for example, the list would simply be too long.  If I can find a good list of such companies, however, I will include a link.

Companies to Support


Hobby Lobby - Hobby Lobby is a privately held company owned by committed Christians and run on Christian principles. They made big news by fighting the Affordable Care Act's (aka Obamacare) contraception (and abortificient) mandate and winning.  See a sample of the insane reaction to this decision and follow-up rulings here.  Visit Hobby Lobby's web site here.


Chick-fil-A - Another company run by Christians on Christian principles.  A boycott was organized against Chick-fil-A after the company co-sponsored a pro-marriage conference in January, 2011 and after its chief operating officer, Dan Cathy, stated his opposition to same sex marriage in a June 2012 interview.  The boycott had the opposite of its intended effect, but that doesn't mean we cannot continue to support Chick-fil-A. Update: (4/24/2015) Attacks against Chick-fil-A continue on college campuses.

Patrons respond to calls for boycott

Companies to Boycott


Apple - Apple CEO Tim Cook feels that religious freedom is dangerous but Apple continues to expand in countries where women have virtually no rights and the punishment for homosexuality is death.  See Cook's Washington Post op-ed here.


Angie's List.  Was one of the first companies to threaten Indiana over their RFRA law.  Cancel your membership and write them a letter.  Here is a reasonably balanced article on the subject.  Note that Angie's List continues to lose money while their main competitor - Yelp - is making a profit.


GoFundMe.  After shutting down fundraising for Christian businesses harmed by their refusal to provide services for gay weddings, GoFundMe then re-wrote their policies to justify the exclusion.  Christian business will need to fundraise elsewhere and Christians should not contribute to GoFundMe campaigns as the company takes something like 5% off the top of every dollar raised.  Update: GoFundMe now rejects raising funds for the Kentucky clerk sent to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses.  Continue to Give is a Christian fundraising site.


PepsiCo.  Pepsi is heavily promoting their 'rainbow Doritos', calling them 'inspirational.'  I would use a different term to describe encouraging people to engage in activity which is harmful in both this life and the next.  Here is an article on the subjsct.  You can contact PepsiCo here.


Planned Parenthood.  Of course, Planned Parenthood is not a company, but 41 companies have donated directly to PP.  You may not be able to boycott them all, but take this list into consideration.  Some may be reconsidering right about now.  Update: The list shortend to 39.  Did two drop their support?  They say they simply do not support PP.  Note that Coca Cola is on the list.  I used their online from to communicate my displeasure and it kept telling me I was 'inelligible' to submit the form.  Since I had completed all the relevant info and tried multiple times, I can't help but wonder whether the words 'planned parenthood' in my message made me inelligible.  Update:  More companies indicate that they haven't given to PP in years.  Hopefully none will in the future.


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