Spiritual Readiness

(Spiritual Warfare)

(New 08/11/2018)

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While we may not be aware of it, a spiritual battle is going on in America.  We need to join in that battle.  Don't use lack of readiness as an excuse.  You can join the fray now, but don't let that stand in the way of getting "readier."  The worst is yet to come.  Don't go into battle unarmed.


Articles posted here are from a weekly series posted at The Stream, beginning today (Aug 8, 2018).  They will be posted in chronological sequence, rather than latest first.  Since I am missing some of the articles (they aren't always labeled), you can go here for links to all: Spiritual Readiness.

(08/11/2018) What Do We Do, Now That We're the Enemy?  The Stream is going to have articles on this topic every Saturday going forward.  This is important and I strongly encourage you to read this article.  And here is the first in the new series: You Have a Purpose. He Needs You Ready

(08/23/2018) The Crisis We Can Do Something About.  Simply put - we need to pray for our country, for our leaders, for those that agree with us and for those that don't. 

(08/23/2018) Does the Younger Generation Want to Burn Us at the Stake?  Well, as one put it, they might not actually light the fire, but they'd watch and applaud.  The biggest issue appears to be homosexual "rights," but God's directives for our lives are being attacked on many fronts.  The LGBT+ is just at the forefront.  Going along to get along is not the answer - it is just digging us deeper and deeper in the hole.

(09/09/2018) Walking in God’s Wisdom: Proverbs 12:33.  Good idea.

(10/13/2018) J. Warner Wallace, Cold-Case Detective: Evidence Led Him to Faith.  Interesting.

(10/14/2018) Walking in God’s Wisdom: Psalm 5:8.  Quite applicable to our current events.

(10/20/2018) Ready for the Coming Hostility? Go to Church!  Church attendance and Christian fellowship is critical for all believers.  For those who claim that individual or family "worship" is just as good as going to church, I ask one question: How often do you actually do it?

(01/13/2019) Christians Can!  Yes, we can.  The secular news may be bad, but we have the good news.

(04/17/2019) Why We Cannot Be Silent.  This is specifically in reference to the whole transgenderism and LGBT agenda.  But we have been silent for far, far too long over the fact that our culture - and our laws - have turned further and further away from God's Word.  The result is pretty ugly.  Are we going to get our act together now, or are we going to continue to roll over, fearing to be called a bad name?

(05/30/2019) How You Can Equip to Fight the Spiritual Culture War.  The is a battle that needs to be fought, yet most of us are sitting on the sidelines, expecting others to do the fighting.

(06/08/2019) Decoding Our Culture, Discovering Our Mission: New Book Charts Clear Course