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Controlling the Language

With the help of the media, the Left has tended to control both the narrative and the language when it comes to social issues.

Same sex marriage becomes 'marriage equality' although 'redefinition of marriage' is a better description. Abortion becomes 'reproductive rights', 'pro-choice' or 'women's health', rather than just 'abortion', or more accurately, 'killing babies'. You'll note that in the image rather than marching for abortion, they are marching for 'women's lives', which polls much better.

Fatherless children and the associated pathologies both in the inner cities and elsewhere are simply ignored since it is hard to come up with benevolent euphemisms, though 'single-parent household' is used when the subject cannot be avoided. Even 'fatherless children' is a bit of a euphemism. 'Children abandoned by their fathers' is a much more accurate description.

I'm sure you can come up with many more examples. And what is the point of the euphemisms and the narrative pushed by the MSM and the progressives? It is to hide reality from the less informed, so they don't get outraged and opposed the approved agenda.

We cannot fall into the trap of using the terms of the left and accepting their narrative. We need to describe things as they are and we need to counter the narrative. Carly Fiorina gave a good example of how to do the latter (article here) when asked about the 'extreme' position of Scott Walker in opposing a rape and incest exception to allow abortions after 20 weeks. She countered that such a position was not extreme and pointed out that the truly extreme positions are held by those who favor abortion. Fight the 'narrative' and speak God's truth in love.

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