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Responding to SSM Decision

Over on the 'actions' page I suggest that we should 'act like Christians, only more so.' I'd like to elaborate.

I've included an image of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in King Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace along with one who 'looks like a son of the gods' who we believe to be Jesus himself.

These are trying times. Who is to say that we are not being tested, put through the refiner's fire, so to speak? Three sons of Israel were put through a much more difficult test long ago and not only did they pass with flying colors but, and this is the most important part, their witness remains with us today.

Many 'LGBT' activists accuse Christians of being hateful bigots and worse. But whatever they may say, we are witnesses for Christ and we must act accordingly. And the 'act' part is important. We cannot just hide. Would the forgiveness of the Charleston families been so powerful if they had not forgiven in public? What a powerful witness it was.

And we must do the same, returning love for hate. I saw an image of a man at a gay pride rally in Toronto here (note that not all the responses are very Christian). He wore a shirt that said 'Ask Me About Jesus'. He was being mocked by several very flamboyant homosexuals. He was stoic in the face of their ridicule. But he was reaching out to them. He didn't mock them, he didn't ridicule them. He was showing Christ's love. And we must do the same. Certainly the 'LGBT' community needs Christ as much as anyone today, and not all in that population are in-your-face activists. But everyone needs Jesus - even those activists.

And a topic for another day: the Court's SSM decision was also a blow against the Constitution and the rule of law. The Constitution had nothing in it to end slavery or to give women the right to vote - that is why it had to be amended. According to the Supreme Court, a right to same sex marriage has been in the Constitution all along. If they can do this, what can they not do?

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