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Islam and the Activists

Consider Islam, and do not limit yourself to just 'radical' Islam. You probably have some idea as to just how badly women are treated in the Islamic world, but in case you need a refresher course, go here. And if you need a reminder of how homosexuals are treated under Islam, go here. What about Christians and Jews and other religions (or no religion)? Check this out.

The image I have included with this entry is not pleasant, but it reflects reality that many in Americans want to deny.

Given the history of Islam and the behavior of current day Islamists, why is it that in the West the 'activists' that represent two of the groups most oppressed by Islam (women and homosexuals) are either silent or sympathetic to Islam?

Here a feminist addresses the issue. She is one of only a few willing to tackle it.

I did not have any luck finding anything from a homosexual activist struggling with the issue, though I am sure some do.

Jews and Christians have been more vocal concerning the Islamic treatment of their brethren, but our government and even our churches and synagogues have been pretty quiet.

Why? Feminists are focusing on trivialities like microaggressions. Gay activists seem focused on SSM and stomping out Judaism and Christianity - or at least having us re-write the Torah / Bible. American society seems intent on watering down or dropping the first amendment altogether - Democrats in Congress voted overwhelmingly for a constitutional amendment to do just that.

In short, we are not only avoiding dealing with what I'll call the 'problem of Islam', but we are attacking and, on the part of some at least, attempting to destroy the one thing that has the best chance for dealing with the problem, namely Christianity.



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