For he vigorously refuted his Jewish opponents in public debate, proving from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah.  Acts 18:28 (NIV)


We are not up to Jesus or Paul in our debating skills, but we should keep informed so we can defend our faith with confidence.

How to make your case:


For various issues being debated in the public sphere, here are some links to articles that may help you make your case and win the debate.


Please send suggested topics and articles to include here.  This page is for specific articles on specific topics with good debate ammunition.  Websites for general Christian apologetics will be put under 'favorite sites' -> 'defending the faith'.

Traditional Marriage vs Same Sex Marriage (SSM)


What is Marriage?  A scholarly article, long but good.  If nothing else, it will convince you that the traditional view of marriage is the correct one even if the Bible did not tell us so.


An Evangelical Defense of Traditional Marriage.  A good article, in Time of all places.  Food for thought.


Why not SSM?  Q & A from Family Research Council.



Pro-Life Arguments for a Secular Audience.  From the Family Research Council.


The Wrong of Abortion.  This is an academic article by Patrick Lee and Robert Geroge, and it is long.  But if you want to defend your pro-life position without resorting to the Bible and your faith, this is the place to go.  Robert George is a rarity - a staunch pro-lifer in academia (Princeton).