F.A.I.T.H. Evangelism

Strictly speaking, FAITH Evangelism is an entire course on evangelism (12 sessions).  Included is a gospel presentation method using the acronym FAITH, but the course goes far beyond merely offering a method.

Resources for FAITH Evangelism are available from LifeWay Resources

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Memory Verse Cards 

A wide variety of verses can be used with "FAITH Evangelism."  Our regular set of Evangelism cards covers some of the bases.   As always, you can download the following Word document(s), print two-sided, flip on long edge.  If your printer can handle card stock, use it.

Memory Verse Cards - Evangelism (ESV)

Memory Verse Cards - Evangelism (NASB)

If you would like additional translations or additional verses, notify the webmaster via the Contact Us page.  Note that the verses cited in the FAITH Evangelism image are only partially represented in our standard set of evangelism verses.

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